Givenchy HC f/w 2012

Sin nya haute couture-kollektion för Givenchy har Riccardo Tisci hittat i Hubert de Givenchys gamla klassiska former från 50- och 60-talen (känns den inspirationen bekant?), men också i hur de romska kvinnor från Tiscis uppväxt i södra Italien klär sig (enligt Det kan man kalla ställningstagande.

Och wow. Det här måste vara Tiscis bästa hittills? I alla fall min favorit. Helt enastående.

Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm

ÅH: Frank Ocean


Russell Simmons:

”These types of secrets should not matter anymore, but we know they do, and because of that I decided to write this short statement of support for one of the greatest new artists we have.

His gifts are undeniable. His talent, enormous. His bravery, incredible. His actions this morning will uplift our consciousness and allow us to become better people. Every single one of us is born with peace and tranquility in our heart. Frank just found his.”

Update 2:

Läs dream hampton på Jay-Z:s sida Lifeandtimes:

”We admire the great courage and beauty and fearlessness in your coming out, not only as a bisexual Black man, but as a broken hearted one. The tender irony that your letter is to a boy who was unable to return your love until years later because he was living a lie is the only truly tragic detail about your letter. A million twirls on this spinning ocean blue globe in this vast endless blackness for you my love.”

Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm
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