För ett år sedan hände något fruktansvärt.

Felicia befann sig i Paris. Det började brinna i huset, men hon lyckades inte ta sig ut levande. Hon hoppade, men inget tog emot henne.

Felicia och jag hade bott i Berlin samtidigt (jag bodde där 2007-2009, hon var där ungefär samtidigt) och ibland fick jag agera lite storasyster. Felicia drogs alltid mot något… jag vet inte hur jag ska beskriva det bättre än… Det var alltid något som hade hänt. Något i henne var alltid….mörkt…. Ibland satt vi på min balkong och pratade om livet och jag sa att det blir bättre sen…. Men….

Felicia drömde om att gå på fotoskola i Glasgow. Men det skulle inte bli så.

Nu har vår gemensamma vän Clement (som själv är fotograf) arbetat ihop en utställning med Felicias fotografier, som ska visas på Galleri Flesser i hennes hemstad Båstad under hela december 2012.

Det känns så fint att hon äntligen får visa sina bilder.

Jag minns när jag såg Felicias fotografier första gången, det var alldeles vid vattnet på numera nedlagda (?) Bar25 i Berlin. Hon visade några bilder hon tagit samma dag.

En sak till: jag skrev en novell, som delvis bygger på Felicias liv. Hon älskade den (tack och lov). Man kan läsa den här.

Har ställt några frågor till Clement om utställningen. Svaren kommer efter bilderna:



The project is about the photography work of my friend Felicia Ava Bolm. It is mostly self portraiture through which she recorder her moods while traveling and living in different cities such as Barcalona, Berlin, London and Paris.  Unfortunatly She passed away a year ago from an apartment fire that happened in Paris.

She was a very talented 23 years old photographer before her death she was accepted to glasgow school of art. Which was a big accomplishment for her since she tried  two years prior and got rejected. So this project (don´t really like to call it a project it´s more of a retrospective) is really about sharing her talented work, continuing and  accomplishing her personal goals as an artist which was taken away from her as such as young age. From an art point of view, the body of work which she created the last year of her life is extremely strong and unique. It raises a strong individual statements about sexuality, identity and human emotions. Now that she is not longer around, the work even takes another dimension, raising questions about death and states the importance of self-discovery and the freedom of self expression while living.



Since we both shared the same passion for art and photography. From the start,  Felicia came to me for advise about her work, We both felt that we could trust each other´s opinion,  to push herself further in her work. I was also in the fire and survived, as hard as it sounds  Felicia died close to me.  A few months after this happened I just had a though that came into my head, this was to gather her work and make a retrospective show in all the cities she lived in.  During her life not a lot people payed attention to it, I feel that it needs to be shown. So I got in touch with Felicia´s father Rainer Bolm and proposed him this idea. Since Felicia´s father is also an artist and photographer, he understood the  importance of it and welcomed me into his home to work and make it happen.


Felicia and I met for the first time in Berlin in 2008. From the first day I met her she showed me her very first portfolio she was going to present to glasgow school of art. Then things happened naturally, we grew closer and closer. Finally becoming more then best friends but not quite enough to be in a romantic relationship. It was one of the very few people in this world that really understood me for who I truly was with no judgements, she accepted all my different sides and she felt I did too. She almost drove me crazy at times but we both loved one another. I think what we really made our relationship grow close is that we had a similar perspective on life.



Well it’s not really a personal goal for myself but as I mentioned it earlier, it´s more about continuing and accomplishing her personal goals as an artist. But the main goal in terms of concrete matter is to be able to make a retrospective shows in all cities she lived in to share her work with her close friends and people. By the we are having the very first show in one of her hometown in Båstad, Sweden for the month of December at Galleri Flesser. The vernissage will be Saturday the first all day long with an evening party. If it all goes well the next step to do a show in Berlin during spring time.

Se Clements bilder på: www.clementmartz.com



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