Shoppingtripp till Mississippi

Filippa Berg
  1. Max Carlström writes

    Du verkar vara så jävla ball! Kan man följa din resa på twitter?


  2. Steve writes

    Elvis Presley Boulevard? Who not make a stop at Graceland?


  3. Carolina PK writes

    Vilken road trip du ser ut att ha, härligt värre! Åker själv till Staterna på fredag.


  4. Janey H writes

    Hey! I stumbled onto your blog by accident and really dig your travels! CJ Boyd is also a friend of a good friend of mine.

    It seems like you’re heading to the deep south…..If you come to Baton Rouge you can totally crash out at my place or I will show you bitchin spots around Louisiana.

    keep on keepin on!


    • Filippa Berg writes to Janey H

      Hi Janey!!! Happy you found me :) Thank you for the invitation! I’m in New York now but I def let you know when I’m heading south again!! Peace


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