Hi Luidgi!


Hi Luidgi! Where are you from?
I’m from Martinique which is a Caribbean not far from st.lucia but I grew up in Paris.

What do you do?
I’m working for Dr.martens in the Spitafield Market store  and also I’m studying tailoring.

Tell us about your first pair of Dr Martens:
My first pair of Dr martens was the Arthur made in England in black size 7 and at first they were a bit hard but now they are my most comfortable pair of boots.

Luidgi is wearing DM’s Lite Newton by Dr Martens

(London, August 2016, shot by Maria Pizzeria)


Maria Pizzeria


Hi Alex!


1. What are you

Hi Alex! What are you up to this week?
I’ll work as hard as I can & then relax in Paris for a long week-end.

Whats the best thing with London?
The best thing in London is London.

What do you stand for?
I stand for doing my very best on what I like to do.

up to this week? 2. Whats the best thing with London? 3. What do you stand for? x
Alex is wearing DM’s Lite Newton by Dr Martens

(London, August 2016, shot by Maria Pizzeria)

Maria Pizzeria


Hi Innocent Mugenga!


Innocent, 25 , Founder and creative director of ESC Agency

Hi innocent, what do you do?
I run the Stockholm based creative agency by the name of ESC Agency. I jokingly say that we sell ideas when trying to explain our business but in actuality we work with building and strengthening brands with both strategic/analytic tools and creative contributions. Since I have a history within fashion the majority of our clients today are in this field which is really fun but we are looking to widening our client range to working with more tech start ups and other exciting companies. What I love most about doing what I do is connecting people and experiencing what you can achieve with the power of collective efforts.


What inspires you?
The process of learning new things. I’m really inspired by the moments where you put yourself out there in the unknown with the risk of failing and falling hard. I believe we need to endure moments like this to really grow as creatives or even just as human beings. It’s like how I have always sucked at painting but I do it anyways from time to time and I get really frustrated during the process and come really close to throwing everything out the window. But when I’m finally done and can step back to take a look at my masterpiece, I get a sense of fulfillment. It still looks like shit, but I made it.


What do you stand for?
My friend David Nzinga who runs a production company has the genius slogan, Talent Knows No Ethnicity. I have stolen this at numerous occasions and really believe this is something that needs to be spread. We are motivated to help drive diversity forward and want to open doors for people where they otherwise would find a wall. I will be holding lectures about this and other subjects of interest in schools all over Sweden this fall/winter together with Demokrateam which I’m really excited about. I’m also lobbying for longer summers in Sweden!


Innocent is wearing DM’s Lite Cavendish – Dr Martens, Mouli, Blench, Elvine and G-star.

(Stockholm, August 2016, shot by Maria Pizzeria)

Maria Pizzeria


Hi Robin Douglas Westling!


Robin, 20, Stylist & writer at Plaza Magazine

Hi Robin! What are you up to this week?
I have some shoots and interviews to finish off, but it will be fun! I’ll also make sure that I will be spending some time with my friends. There are many of them who will study in other cities or other countries, so I need to spend as much time with them as possible.

Tell us about your city, Stockholm!
The best thing about Stockholm is that it’s my home, I grew up here, and all my friends are here. However, I think the outside and the hypothesis of Stockholm is beautiful and stunning for the eye, but if you examine the inside you’ll see that it’s not so very rare to retrieve. Most of it is very unattractive and unfashionable. We got sick talented and creative young people that the state dosen’t invest a single penny in, and it feels like the voices of young people certainly not count in many areas. It feels like the city diminishes us and it is no wonder that so many people are leaving Stockholm to be able realize their dreams.

Tell us about your first pair of Dr Martens..
I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens when I started in high school –  late compared to others. I didn’t like the boot first, but then I realized that it’s a very sleek, clean and stylish boot. I made myself comfortable with them and was very surprised how much I liked the boot. Today will Dr Martens always be an option when I choose what to slay the day with in the morning.

Robin is wearing DM’s Lite Newton – Dr Martens, Pigalle, Dior & Bow Label 

(Stockholm, August 2016, shot by Maria Pizzeria)

Maria Pizzeria


Hi Oliver Kumbi!


Oliver is wearing the Swedish federation away jersey and trousers by NEUW.
Read the interview with Oliver about football and fashion here.

(Stockholm, June 2016, shot by Maria Pizzeria)

Maria Pizzeria

Mode, Mode/man

Hi Tyler! Pt.2


 is wearing Fuct, Wood Wood, KR3W and Vans.

(London, shot by Vicky Grout, styled by Leila Afghan)


Maria Pizzeria

Mode, Mode/man, Musik

Come chill with me

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The very good homie Erkhal at Fathers listening party.

Check him out here!

(London, March 2016, shot by Maria Pizzeria)

Maria Pizzeria


Hi Lukas Phunck!


Will you stay live in Copenhagen forever?
- No! I would love to live in Berlin.

What do you do?
- I am in school, but it is almost over!

(Copenhagen, February 2016, shot by Maria Pizzeria)

Maria Pizzeria


Hi Tyler! Pt.1


Tyler is wearing wearing Stussy, Wood Wood and KR3W.

(London, January 2016, shot by Vicky Grout, styled by Leila Afghan)


Maria Pizzeria

Mode, Mode/man

Hi Gosha FW16 by Milo Black


Gosha FW16 
See the all photos here.

(Paris, January 2016, shot by Milo Black)

Maria Pizzeria
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