Planet Mother…

There is a planet we live on, that we all share one way or another, she is called planet Earth and is our Mother! I have been away from my blog sooo long and before I return with some more fashion related stories I will give my attention to the planetary awareness and the climate change. It´s time we all wake up to our personal consumption in our consumer society, by starting with ourselves. There is one very good way I know about and it is both extremely simple and complex. All it takes is to find out about everything we buy: Where does it come from? (the origin of the materials, the colours, how it´s been produced, how far it has travelled etc…) Where does it go to? ( when we give it back to nature, how does it compost, leave traces behind etc…) If we really do our best to answer those questions we will get a somewhat bigger awareness about how we can make a difference, each one of us, with our choices. That is one good step to take. Avaaz is a non political, greatly involved organisation working for human rights and climate change. Through their passionate commitment and engagement they have inspired thousands and thousands of people all over the planet in many important issues and made huge differences in many cases. Here is some of the results from their engagement in Climate change

Paris shoes

The Climate march was forbidden in Paris  because of the terror attacks just weeks before but the most beautiful and creative result of that became an even stronger manifestation, thousands of pair of shoes placed all over place de la Republique and people holding hands in a 3km long line. Never give up! Always find new and better ways together!

I was 6 weeks in Paris before, during and after fashion week s/s-16. Kenzo had a great party, hosting over 700 guests, to thank everyone for his 50 years in Paris. Knowing that his success was not due to him alone but to everyone who had somehow been connected to him he wanted to thank everyone. Thankfulness and gratitude is also about awareness. This is where we will make the change. In the connection and the co-creation. Both built on trust and creativity. It`s awesome , challenging and totally wonderful to be a human being. My next post will be from the Kenzo party! Then some more Paris and fashion stories from my own life…after that we shall see…I have some other plans in the making.

Ingmari Lamy


The most important movie…

TOMORROW  for me is the most important movie documentary. It gives HOPE and POSSIBILITIES for the future. And it´s a future we can start today, we don´t have to wait for tomorrow.MY heart said YES as I watched the movie. IT´s so easy and still complex, to plant a healthy seed…and then another…and another! To watch it grow and care for it with good soil, some water and many loving thoughts. I woke up this morning after a very late night and felt bad about not caring for my energy, then this voice inside said “you can plant a new seed, you can start now. All that which you did yesterday does not exist any more other than in your minds energy field, so plant a new one” Immedeately a great smile from within! Yes! I know how to do that! So my day was whole and good again. Cyril-tomorrow-press-photo-CarlaOrregoVeliz

Ingmari Lamy


I give up. I surrender. I restart…

I give up and I realise that giving up is deeply embedded in me. I give up when my computer is full and almost collapsing. I give up when my extern hard disc is broken. I give up when my camera is lost on my way home from LA with 6 months of photos on the sim card. I give up when someone I thought was a friend, someone I really liked, said some really nasty things to my face, without explaining why she felt that way about me (as if it was really about ME and not her own whatever…). I give up when I have no money to buy myself the clothes that I want, the ones that suit my excellent taste. I give up to post on Instagram the great shows I went to in Paris, because I didn´t want to take time from the moment to post them…and then it was to late…or something else. I give up to clean my home when I came home from 6 weeks in Paris, because everything feels overwhelming right now. I spent 6 weeks in paris giving up. Giving up seeing everyone. Giving up going to the different showrooms to see the collections after the shows, which I usually find such a joy in doing. I gave up lots of phone calls . I´ve given up sending in the papers to get reimbursed for the purse that was stolen from me in Paris with everything in. I have given up my blog though I love it. I give up because I´m not a young blogger and I want to do it my way and because my story is worth something. I give up because I`m worth something and I don`t know how to create that worthy platform for myself. I give up because it all seems too much and I don´t know how to direct my time in the right direction, the GOAL direction. I give up because  my goal is so big and I don´t know how to reach it. I give up the goal because I love to be in the moment, meet the moment, meet the people I meet in the moment and relate in the moment. I give up because I need to give up. I must give up. I give up to give my heart to surrender. I surrender it all. I surrender. I surrender. And then I restart. I restart. Just as I say that the sun shines in through my window and I give up all the incomplete above. I surrender. I restart! Today I will make order in my priority list. But first I give it up and surrender. OH, it´s delicious! And there are so many delicious ways to live my life right now.

Ingmari Lamy

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Of Monsters and Men…

The video is out! Of Monsters and men OMAM! I never met them. But I did meet Tabitha Denholm, the director and fell in love with her amazing dynamic energy. And I did meet the  crew of 34 people, all in Hollywood, LA, as we were filming. It was my first time there and I loved it! I loved meeting Tabitha and her idea for this movie, a Love transmission beyond gender, ageless and true. And I met Kate Miller! Love her! And Raffi! Love him! And of course I also met Erika Linder, swedish model and becoming actress, my acting partner. Love her.When you see her in this video you will be amazed by her beauty and natural talent for acting. As for myself, I loved being in front of the camera, acting comes very natural to me as well. If opportunity presents itself I´ll be happy to do it again.

YouTube Preview Image




By Kim Taylor Bennett

I’d like to address this up top: If you haven’t seen Harold and Maude it’s important that you rectify the situation at your earliest convenience. The 1971 film is one of best around: poignant, blackly humorous, and a fantastic reminder to live life by your own rules and sometimes, feelings are simply inexplicable.

In it the lead character, Harold (played by Bud Cort) meets Maude and it’s a marriage of minds between a 20-something who feels out of step with the world and a rebellious octogenarian, and the whole story boasts a kickass soundtrack by Cat Stevens. Truly: it’s a don’t miss movie.

Anyway, this leads us nicely to the video for “Empire,” by Icelandic quintet Of Monsters and Men, which we’re premiering below. Lifted from their second LP, Beneath the Skin, which dropped this past June, OMAM specialize in a rousing, warm brand of indie which occasionally embraces a folk-imbued delicacy and at other turns burst into full on baroque pop flourishes. “Empire” ticks all these boxes, particularly in its surging, heart-swelling chorus, meanwhile the video, captured in hazy, sun flared black and white, is a clear nod to the aforementioned cult film.

Director Tabitha Denholm—who’s conceived videos for Haim and Florence and the Machine—had this rather eloquent statement to convey with regards to her vision.

“We see the same fanciful ideas of women’s sexuality again and again in music videos which I find it hard to relate to. So when OMAM said they wanted to make a video about a forbidden relationship I was excited! I want to make videos with stories about women that we don’t usually see.
“This is a Harold and Maude type relationship. The older character actually has the more youthful, liberated spirit which inspires the jaded youngster. It’s a twist on the conventions of age that is often borne out in real life. The fact that they are both women has a magical dimension in that Ingmari the elder can see herself in Erika, but i think the profound effect one person can have on another is quite magical.
“From the inception I had the model Erika Linder in mind for the younger character. She is uniquely stunning, famously she modelled as a boy and a girl but foremost she is just Erika. The way she exists beyond convention made her perfect for this project. Then the moment I saw a picture of Ingmari Lamy I knew she had that luminescent quality it would take to make the relationship believable. She was a big model in the 60s discovered by Bob Richardson but if anything she has grown more beautiful with age. Spending time with her in LA I have never known anyone to get so much attention for their looks form random passers by.
“Coincidentally we had to fly both ladies in from Sweden (although it took a while to track Ingmari down because she was in a cosmic a retreat with no communication with the outside). There is something timeless about that Swedish aesthetic that helped to sell the idea that the characters were deeply connected.”
Ingmari Lamy

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All this time…

And time again…and again. Oh so much time…! I´ve been 4 days in LA playing in a music video…then one day at home…then 3 days in Istanbul during Ramadan, praying with women outside the Blue Mosque…then moving out of my little sweet  cultural house studio (with some time drama), since I had my best friend Bess visiting from Pari who came up with a bad cold and was ill all the time. Then I´ve  been to dear friends weeding ceremony on the west coast (oh how beautiful and deeply contained in sacred love, beyond words). There I fell  flat on my back in the forest and hurt my lower back…which has since then been my main concern. How pain can take up so much time and space! First all these outgoing activities even though they´ve been contained in stillness as well…then this ingoing healing time, AND I lost my camera!  With pictures from the last 6 months, including all the behind the scenes from filming in LA…I feel sooo sad about that. For now I post this photo, something in the mood of how I feel right now, crowned with flowers…and take a big step back into this blog space again.


Photo and flower head crown: Lina Michal 

Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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