Et encore…? Paris!

A day of walking and completing projects before going home. Came upon a hole in the wall, a huge hole! It is the Picasso museum being restored.

The dandy painter in a gallery nearby that once was a squat occupied by a group of young extremely talented creative people. The place was huge, several floors, big windows and old walls. Today one of those white unpersonal galleries, this time showing these modern icons with real goldleafs just like the old ones. I do like them. Just liked the place more before.

At the corner of rue vielle du Temple and at the Forte Forte exhibition. Celebrating 10 years with an exclusive series of clothes all with some gold

All the walls full of messages of wisdom ( if you like) in the toilet at the cafè Merci, 111 bld Beaumarchais.

The Air France agency at la Bastille was closed! There was this man sitting on the sidewalk caring so much and being so proud about his dogs. The homeless often have dogs that are their treasures and protectors. I`m often meeting the great soul in them. This man had the warmest brightest eyes.

Walking down le canal St. Martin to Seine. I was looking for trees, trees that could be used in a fashion video the next day…

Walking the quai at Isle St Louis…looking for the right trees…meeting people

and swans.  Took my favorite ice cream, black currant and dark chocolate at the corner by the bridge crossing over to Notre Dame. Met up Johannes there on his way home after work . I was sad that moment and tried to get some sympathy from him. He just laughed at me! What a relief! All the sorrow left instantly as I became aware of the stories I had allowed to take over my better knowing… The young Russian girl came up to me and asked to take a picture with me. She told me I was famous in russia among young people because of my modeling history and I felt honestly surprised  Look how sweet she is! I don`t need to be admired but a meeting like this opens up how much I want to share the knowledge and wisdom I have about the Inner beauty and how much I want to share that with young people so they never have to waste time thinking they are not good enough.

Ingmari Lamy

Moments in Paris…more

The Paris marathon with iPhone pics continues…

Walking with Johannes Leijonberg now doing the mens collection for Khadi&Co. We started at Yohji Yamamoto showroom looking at the video and the clothes. I`m a fan always a fan! Some I talked with thought he had too many styles this time…honestly that`s what I liked!

Whenever I can I always look for the walks that are filled with nature and mindfulness so here we walked through the eglise St. Sulpice in les Halles before going into one of the fairs MEMY at la Bourse de Commerce, where we looked at Epicè cardigan collection, then crossing down over rue de Louvre …

to le Cafè Marly, where we met up with Bess, my good friend and designer owner of Khadi&Co and Epicè.

This is one of our good energy meeting places where lots of ideas have been born.


Then I went to the showroom of Minä Perhonen…the Japanese crew so sweet and Akira himself the sweetest heart of them all.

Ending the day with good company at cafè Charlot, rue de Bretagne.

Ingmari Lamy

Moments in Paris…first

First a little story; just before leaving Helsinki to Paris my camera fell on the floor and BROKE! Sitting on the front row at Ann Demeulemeester show I felt really strange, my camera is my work, my eyes! It could not be fixed and I could not buy a new one right there so all I had was my iPhone and honestly…not the same! So I was practically camera free during my whole Paris stay except for my iPhone pics that I share here. A Paris moments marathon…my longest story sofar. Lets see how far you follow me…

At the Ann Demeulemeester show…well let`s say the pictures are arty and that has a value

The famous bloggers outside the show.

Walking from St Germain to le Marais…very much in the silence and pilgrim state still…very much. Meeting Jennifer who had just bought THE Louis Vuitton bag that I for once like (with some exceptions) created by Yayoi Kusama. ( I was told her name…the Japanese dot artist it is, very well known)

The Issey Miyake show…

and backstage. The young designer (name?) passion is to create to make people feel happy. What a beautiful gift that is!

She creates fashion shows all over the world with different well known labels

and I have a beautiful rest in les Tuileries after the Tsumori Chisato show where I did not manage to get one single picture in frame…feel so bad about that, like letting my friends down almost.

Construction of the HUGE tent for the Louis Vuitton show. I SOOO wish someone will do it differently some day soon, like use all that crazy amount of money in a totally different creative way.

Me and Corinne from Corinne and Friends having a sunny meeting…then sitting in Kenzos car going for dinner at TOYOs restaurant, always so delicious! Must start a food blog!

At the Swedish Institute CCS Centre Culturel Suedois, where they served a Strindberg play and a real Swedish meal with ärtsoppa, Jansons frestelse, kräftor, sill…and all avec. It was a magical delicious fantastically generous moment! Det var en magisk ljuvlig fantastiskt generös upplevelse stund!

In the parks arty colorful recycling…I LOVE the parks in Paris…and this mix of fashion shows, walking and resting. The best! Very few shows this time. Focus on rest and other kinds of work…completing projects that was started a year ago.

Bill Cunningham does not miss one single show, not since I met him in 1972, I believe. He still has time for a hug and a smile. Thank you Bill!

Ingmari Lamy

Sky above Earth below

  • Window seat going from Helsinki to Paris, the sunset with it`s yellow orange deep red crimson colors playing on the beautiful white cloudy landscape above. I was totally emerged in the movie of flying over the cloud mountains and the bright white landscape…while the sun was doing it`s dance of colors. I could go on an airplane anytime just for that experience of beauty again. Then we dove down inside the water filled clouds and it was becoming more and more dense until we were below the dark clouds and heavy rain was a fact. I have never as clearly seen those two sides of reality…the sun being present in it`s totality as the rain is pouring down…like when I truly know that my Inner Being is as clear as the sun no matter what emotions are on the surface, like sadness (rain), anger (lightning) etc…all passing temporary states that I can wash away with the clarity of my mind…when I`m aware that I want to. Next morning in Paris I woke up to a blue sky and almost full summer heat. Delight! The fashion week had just started… colours like sunshine on clouds.
  • Greetings!
Ingmari Lamy

The Pilgrim…

This deep longing to walk in total silence  just connecting with nature and  my inner being takes me on very special walks sometimes, like this one to St Guilhem le Desert one of the stops on the road to St Fransces ( Santiago) de Compostella. It has been two weeks now since I was there and I`m still on the pilgrim path…even now at the fashion week in Paris. I totally Loved being there and I will be back to do the longer walk, something I know to be life transforming… and it is just the being with ME that makes the difference really, taking the time to listen within and the effort of walking, of giving yourself to the walk… it is soo good! Being here in Paris is also soo good….!

The sun telling the time of the day…

the pilgrim shell showing where there is eau potable- drinking water,

everywhere along the streets of St. Guilhem….

there is drinking water for the pilgrims, from the river l`Herault with it´s fresh water from the mountains

flowing through the village. There is a street  going from the square in the centre to the bottom of the village folloving a little stream….like the sweetest music walking there, very slowly, enjoying every moment step by step.

Le Bout du Monde…the path to the end of the world!

Climbing up….

many beautiful spots on the way…

healing herbs…

Going down….

Coming back into the village…

Into the church…

ending the day in silence while the nuns are singing the evening prayers. What a beauty! I`m not a religious peson in the sense of belonging to one religion but my whole being is in prayer of gratitude and I gratefully visit all the praying places of the different religions on the planet and feel the longing of the inner peace and contemplation there. A place to rest before going out into the world again. The weave between the inner and outer. In St. Guilhem the night falls fast, I talk to people and find a hike home to Aniane. Now it is pitch black and only the crickets are awake.

foto: Ingmari Lamy


Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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