The Pilgrim…

This deep longing to walk in total silence  just connecting with nature and  my inner being takes me on very special walks sometimes, like this one to St Guilhem le Desert one of the stops on the road to St Fransces ( Santiago) de Compostella. It has been two weeks now since I was there and I`m still on the pilgrim path…even now at the fashion week in Paris. I totally Loved being there and I will be back to do the longer walk, something I know to be life transforming… and it is just the being with ME that makes the difference really, taking the time to listen within and the effort of walking, of giving yourself to the walk… it is soo good! Being here in Paris is also soo good….!

The sun telling the time of the day…

the pilgrim shell showing where there is eau potable- drinking water,

everywhere along the streets of St. Guilhem….

there is drinking water for the pilgrims, from the river l`Herault with it´s fresh water from the mountains

flowing through the village. There is a street  going from the square in the centre to the bottom of the village folloving a little stream….like the sweetest music walking there, very slowly, enjoying every moment step by step.

Le Bout du Monde…the path to the end of the world!

Climbing up….

many beautiful spots on the way…

healing herbs…

Going down….

Coming back into the village…

Into the church…

ending the day in silence while the nuns are singing the evening prayers. What a beauty! I`m not a religious peson in the sense of belonging to one religion but my whole being is in prayer of gratitude and I gratefully visit all the praying places of the different religions on the planet and feel the longing of the inner peace and contemplation there. A place to rest before going out into the world again. The weave between the inner and outer. In St. Guilhem the night falls fast, I talk to people and find a hike home to Aniane. Now it is pitch black and only the crickets are awake.

foto: Ingmari Lamy


Ingmari Lamy

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Ingmari Lamy
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