Et encore…? Paris!

A day of walking and completing projects before going home. Came upon a hole in the wall, a huge hole! It is the Picasso museum being restored.

The dandy painter in a gallery nearby that once was a squat occupied by a group of young extremely talented creative people. The place was huge, several floors, big windows and old walls. Today one of those white unpersonal galleries, this time showing these modern icons with real goldleafs just like the old ones. I do like them. Just liked the place more before.

At the corner of rue vielle du Temple and at the Forte Forte exhibition. Celebrating 10 years with an exclusive series of clothes all with some gold

All the walls full of messages of wisdom ( if you like) in the toilet at the cafè Merci, 111 bld Beaumarchais.

The Air France agency at la Bastille was closed! There was this man sitting on the sidewalk caring so much and being so proud about his dogs. The homeless often have dogs that are their treasures and protectors. I`m often meeting the great soul in them. This man had the warmest brightest eyes.

Walking down le canal St. Martin to Seine. I was looking for trees, trees that could be used in a fashion video the next day…

Walking the quai at Isle St Louis…looking for the right trees…meeting people

and swans.  Took my favorite ice cream, black currant and dark chocolate at the corner by the bridge crossing over to Notre Dame. Met up Johannes there on his way home after work . I was sad that moment and tried to get some sympathy from him. He just laughed at me! What a relief! All the sorrow left instantly as I became aware of the stories I had allowed to take over my better knowing… The young Russian girl came up to me and asked to take a picture with me. She told me I was famous in russia among young people because of my modeling history and I felt honestly surprised  Look how sweet she is! I don`t need to be admired but a meeting like this opens up how much I want to share the knowledge and wisdom I have about the Inner beauty and how much I want to share that with young people so they never have to waste time thinking they are not good enough.

Ingmari Lamy
  1. Gitte-Marike writes

    It’s not just Russia. Here’s me from The Netherlands also following you on this blog. I’m very happy that you share some moments of your life here with me :) It always cheers me up, gives me insight or inspires me to read/watch what you have been up to. Plus I love to see some beautiful pictures of beautiful Sweden. Jag tycker om Sverige!

    Tack så mycket!

  2. Ingmari Lamy writes to Gitte-Marike

    I must admit it makes me really happy to hear that you like to follow me on my adventures, Gitte-Marike!The Netherlands!You know i lived there for about half a year 1976 and my daughter was born there, in a stable actually. I will write about that one day. I even speak a bit dutch and like it a lot. Many warm greetings. Ingmari

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