Just late 60s…

Very briefly tonight! I am building at home together with great carpenter. Great creativity is happening. Just want to stay with my mondays of sharing some old pictures…before going to sleep

and tonight I choose this one. From the New York Times, during one of my stays in N.Y. I just love this blouse and the whole outfit. No chance to remember who the designer was. My nose does not look like my nose and my eyes look very sleepy ( which is what I am right now). Other than that I like this portrait and wish you a good night! And I wish myself a good night!

Ingmari Lamy

Faces of supermodels…

At the Sockholm Film Festival I saw a few movies and two of them about the fashion and beauty world were very good documentaries. About the front and the back side of fashion. About faces: supermodels then and now, was one of them. Directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

At the metro station going in to town I met those two beauties. Maryn Diaye to rhe left is a performance artist.

The wonderful staff at the press center recieving me for the private screening in a room at Berns. I had missed the date the movie was shown and they were very helpful to let me see it after…and what can be better than to sit in a private room with a big screen Tv.

Isabella Rosselini, talked about her late start as a model and about being the face of Lancome for so many years…

and about being the daughter of the iconic actress Ingrid Bergman.

When she turned 40 Lancome ended the contract with her, she was then “too old” to be an image of beauty even though most of their clients were 40 and older the image of beauty as youthful had to be kept.

her naked face behind the make-up. can you image how many millions Lancome made with her face as their image.

Jerry Hall. She gives the impression of sooo much energy!

She really loved that time of modeling and has so many great stories to tell. I Once worked with her for Italian Vogue with photographer Jean-Paolo Barbieri. She was a beginner then with real diva manners which I thought was her insecurity. She hardly spoke to anyone at the set except the photographer and hair and make up. It was a strange day at work. Seeing her now feels really good. Diva or not her energy is Great!

Bethann Hardison was one of the first black models. That was very unusual then in the 70s. Black beauty was not yet really accepted. And that is not very long ago! She now has her own model agency in N.Y

Her mum…

a young Bethann.

Marisa Berenson was this upperclass high society model, who also became an actress. She talked about how she really had to prove herself as an actress because being a model she was not taken seriously. She was born into the world of fashion. Her auntie ( if I remember right) was the famous couture designer Elsa Schiapparelli.

Who found herself not beautiful but created an image of beauty.

Marisa as young. We would meet at different places and occasions. One was cafe du Theatre at av. Matignon (or Montaigne ?) Another at parties with Kenzo and Yves St. Laurent. Our life styles were very different though but I always felt a soul to soul infinity with her.

From one of her movies. Which one I didn`t catch…

Paulina Porizkova was after my time, in the 80-90s. She was this refuge who came to Sweden and she was famous as a child through her life story being in all magazines. She talked about the uncertainty in the model world, of never knowing whether you were good enough or if they liked you.

She was a beautiful young girl, with a special life story

turning into a super star never feeling loved until she loved herself.

Pat Cleveland! Pat was really my time, the 70s. We would hang out a lot! Always around Kenzo! We were the Kenzo gang! She was the wild one. I was the quiet one. She would write poetry and read it aloud at his house. She would dance the whole night and expose all her wilderness. I would also dance all night. My wilderness was of a different nature. She was very extrovert and i was introvert. I think modeling has been important for both of us, a way of expressing that which could not be expressed in so many other ways back then. It was safe somehow to be an individual personality behind the face of fashion.

I LOVE PAt! Her and I and so many of us from that time all came together, or rather Kenzo brought us together, for his 30 years show, which was also his last in 2001. We stayed for 3 days in the same hotel, preparing for the biggest show ever. later I spent a few days at her house, with her family at the lake Como in Italy. Her whole house was filled with her generous personality. The wild Pat had found a good platform in life where she could express her love.

Here she is from the 70s

And here is Eileen Ford. The model mama who took me into her home when i was 19 and came to N.Y. for the first time.

Seeing her like this brings up a lot of memories. And I look at her face and think, she has had a face lift…or more. So what! What does that matter! Everyone does as they wish and what makes them feel best. My question is just what IS BEST? Is it to look younger when age is catching up? Or is it to feel BEST inside? Or is it both? Age will come anyhow and no matter what I do to my looks I must accept that. And accepting with Love to myself, to who I am and my precious life is for me the Best. 

Christy Turlington! She stayed pretty natural and has today made a line of Ayurvedic natural beauty products.

This picture just happened. Two frames came together. Christy also stayed at Eileens house.

Some of the oldies today, in a photo shoot for the movie, looking great!

Carmen Dell`Orefice, the one and only supermodel who is 81 and still working a lot

She has quite amazing features…and she admits her lifts and other fix. But she has the features that can have that i think. Her face has already very great bone structures…hm, interesting!

She seems very interesting and is someone I would love to meet.

As I walked out from Berns to see the other movie, at Zita, it was already dark and the red carpet was rolled out to receive the celebrities and guests for the film awards later that evening. So being a guest I went straight back after the movie to the Party. What a day! And what a night! So many good meetings and so many good memories and so much good presence in just being me in the middle of it all. Grateful and blessed!


Ingmari Lamy

Margiela and I

Martin Margiela and I met  when i did the catwalk for his show spring/ summer -96 ( or was it 99? ) in an old building at la place St. Sulpice in Paris. Me and the other models spent the day together, getting ready for the show and I took a lot of backstage pictures as we were hanging out, talking and sharing about our lives. I put the camera to Margielas face as well but was told not to…but I know that somewhere I have a picture of him and in time I shall find it. He made the dress I was wearing, on my body, draping and stitching it minutes before the show started.More about that later…Now I share my pics from the H&M release of some of his RE: EDITIONS…

Peter Siepen of course choose these pants…or they choose him.

My own Margiela coat on the floor while I was trying on some of the clothes (in a quiet corner and got some help finding what I was looking for).

Pablo, a pro tailor from the Opera…

and many others found their treasures.

The staff really helpful and friendly. As I was there taking in all the aspects of H&M, what I like and don`t like, I always come to the human being. That is what i like the most. The human beings! And I want them to be paid well. And have good homes. And time with their families. And know that they are honored for the work they do. Making garments is a BIG job, it takes lots of hours. And I must say that these Margiela garments are very well made even though it can not be compared to the originals. I just want the human beings making them to be well loved for it. So I say THANK YOU to each and every one involved. And I have some great economically beneficial ideas for the future.

LOTS of shopping done! The packaging is great. Wish I could buy the white boxes and use for other things. I fell in love with them. Most of these bags are filled with clothes for my god friend Olof who had no time to shop and I was happy to do it for him.

I wear my Margiela coat that I choose for myself after the show I did for him.

ONE of my absolute favorite coats. It is BIG, has no sleeves; BIG pockets where a lot can fit in and I can wear it over other coats. Great!

Ingmari Lamy

Bazaar aug. 1968

Such big challenges right now! My hard disk is absolutely full! I`m working for hours each day  to look through, sort out and restore lots of photos and documents. Meanwhile life is happening in all kind of ways. I have been to the Stockholm Filmfestival and seen some movies with the theme fashion and models. That comes soon. Right now some old stories…

Bazaar brought me over to New York to do this cover and  some more fashion stories. As I arrived in the studio, no make up on, they were quite upset somehow and i did not understand why until they sent for the previous cover (which I had done in Paris a few months earlier), showing the crew what I COULD look like. Relief! I was 20 then. Was picked up at the airport by a limo and brought to the house of Eileen Ford, the big model mama. It was an honor to stay at her house and I was greatly cared for, a beautiful room, fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning and a car bringing me where I needed to go for work or appointments. All of that because I was booked for Bazaar! It was good to stay there the first month. I was REALLY young and innocent and needed the protection of a home, even though their life style was so far from my own. The few previous months in Paris I had created my first own home and had a very creative life…The photographer here is Bill King. We were friends and had spent some holidays together on the island of Capri in Italy, together with his assistant Jessica who was also my friend. He had such a great humor and I liked him a lot! He was one of the friends in the fashion world who died of aids a few years later…

Jag bara längtar efter att skriva på svenska men har så många läsare utomlands…provar det  här med engelskan ett tag! Det blir lite staplande då jag skriver om dåtid, vartefter minnen kommer upp så finns det så mycket att berätta och jag känner mig lite osäker på hur mycket jag ska skriva här…och vad dåtiden har att berätta som känns viktigt på riktigt!?  Jag har inte riktigt hittat det än!

Ingmari Lamy

Peter Fonda in Stockholm

At Stockholm Filmfestival there was a face 2 face with Peter Fonda on stage when his movie Easy Rider was shown. He had humor, insights and said he wants to die in the middle of a shoot for a movie or on stage. He talked about acting as being like a drug and once you`re in it very hard to quit! Easy Rider was born as a vision one night and after 4 hours the script was ready and then it all started…the birth of an iconic movie about a time  with a rather rigid culture breaking loose into what so many were looking for: FREEDOM. In the end it`s a need of expressing something else, something longing deep inside and it was done in the movie by leaving the known and going out for the adventure. Peter Fonda was playing this very charming, reflecting, wise,handsome, caring character who in the end, in the last scene by the campfire ,said: ” We blew it. We failed” And then they were actually blown up by something so stupid as two men passing by in a car with a rifle, doing it for fun…

Peter eskorterades till biografen av ett helt mc-gäng

Jag ville få en autograf på handen mitt i autograf yran men la ner projektet.

Det var många som verkligen hade med sig något att skriva på. Jag hade bara kunnat fota av handen och sen minnas stunden då jag senare tvättade händerna. Ibland får jag släppa mina projekt!

Här i alla fall en början…

Intervju med TV och en glad Git Scheynius, festival director, i bakgrunden

På sin HD i filmen

och en delad joint…en av filmens många. Det var verkligen så stor del av kulturen på 70-talet. Jag kände mig som en ganska ensam betraktare på den tiden eftersom det fanns runtomkring mig hela tiden och jag deltog inte. Är det viktigt att vara delaktig för att få vara med eller går det att vara med utan? Var finns dom som är som jag var ofta min fråga då? Min egen värld var på många sätt fylld av inre starka upplevelser som säkert kan jämföras med drogupplevelser på vissa sätt men jag har inget att jämföra med. Jag blev bara en riktigt god betraktare. Och bra på att vara nöjd med mitt eget val och egen tid. Numera är jag otroligt mycket mer social än då. En Peter Fonda som i filmen hade jag gärna delat mycket med och idag  gärna fått ett samtal och möte med. Men jag känner mig nöjd. Något har fallit på plats. Utanförskapet har landat och känns helt. Undrar hur Peter lever idag?

Face 2 face , intervjuad av Caroline som skriver Fifty Scents här på Rodeo. Jag satt i salongen bredvid min dotter. En av våra mysstunder.

Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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