Margiela and I

Martin Margiela and I met  when i did the catwalk for his show spring/ summer -96 ( or was it 99? ) in an old building at la place St. Sulpice in Paris. Me and the other models spent the day together, getting ready for the show and I took a lot of backstage pictures as we were hanging out, talking and sharing about our lives. I put the camera to Margielas face as well but was told not to…but I know that somewhere I have a picture of him and in time I shall find it. He made the dress I was wearing, on my body, draping and stitching it minutes before the show started.More about that later…Now I share my pics from the H&M release of some of his RE: EDITIONS…

Peter Siepen of course choose these pants…or they choose him.

My own Margiela coat on the floor while I was trying on some of the clothes (in a quiet corner and got some help finding what I was looking for).

Pablo, a pro tailor from the Opera…

and many others found their treasures.

The staff really helpful and friendly. As I was there taking in all the aspects of H&M, what I like and don`t like, I always come to the human being. That is what i like the most. The human beings! And I want them to be paid well. And have good homes. And time with their families. And know that they are honored for the work they do. Making garments is a BIG job, it takes lots of hours. And I must say that these Margiela garments are very well made even though it can not be compared to the originals. I just want the human beings making them to be well loved for it. So I say THANK YOU to each and every one involved. And I have some great economically beneficial ideas for the future.

LOTS of shopping done! The packaging is great. Wish I could buy the white boxes and use for other things. I fell in love with them. Most of these bags are filled with clothes for my god friend Olof who had no time to shop and I was happy to do it for him.

I wear my Margiela coat that I choose for myself after the show I did for him.

ONE of my absolute favorite coats. It is BIG, has no sleeves; BIG pockets where a lot can fit in and I can wear it over other coats. Great!

Ingmari Lamy
  1. Moa writes

    Jag minns ett möte med dig för ca. 6 år sedan på tunnelbanan, du satt mittemot mig och såg bara så genomgod & snäll ut. Jag hade nyss stigit på och var i stunden rejält jäktad och jag minns att din utstrålning liksom bara jordade mig där o då i stunden.

    Har nyss hittat din blogg här, det lyser igenom i den också. Det är fint!

  2. Ingmari Lamy writes to Moa

    Tack Moa! Jag såg säkert dig också! Tunnelbanan är en av dom platser jag ibland möter människor på och fina möten uppstår även med samtal. Jag tycker alltid att det är en sån gåva att SE varandra, att vi människor vandrar här sida vid sida och har möjligheten att verkligen se det unika i varandra och uppskatta det. Precis som i oss själva, att se och uppskatta det unika gör en sån skillnad. Om du möter mig igen klappa mig på axeln och säg hej det är jag som är Moa!

    Önskar dig en skön och fridfylld 1a advent idag. Kram

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