As time goes back…68

Trees heavy with white snow outside my window. Soft snowflakes falling. It is beautiful in a true sense of Beauty, all the different aspects of beauty, all the different forms of beauty that nature gives to us endlessly, from moment to moment. In my left hand I`m holding a white cloth pressed against my left nostril where red blood is pouring out. I know that I`m alive and I love it. A day like this would be nice to stay in bed, rest, recover energy and just let time go by, watching moment to moment from the peace within.

In past time, -68 for Harpers Bazaar with Bill King, time stood still for a moment, gazing into the camera holding golden time. I knew my life was precious even then but I did not know how to fully trust it and give it out from within. It was more like a hidden pearl within the heart. I was extremely shy…AND…I loved my life. I remember jumping around in the snow in Central Park together with Gerald Malaga, poet and part of the Andy Warhol gang that I hung out with from time to time. Then we would go ice skating at the skate rink in the park. It was great fun! With him I could be myself, young, shy and playful. Now my nose stopped bleeding and it`s time for me to go out, into the snow, into my day.

Ingmari Lamy
  1. Siri writes

    Again Dear Ingmari, lovely to gaze back in time, and get the sense of moments in your biography… more more! Joy n love! :)

  2. Ingmari Lamy writes to Siri

    Tack Siri! Det är verkligen härligt att få dela med mig av modehistoria, livshistoria, reflektioner…allt. Det roliga är att minnen kommer då jag skriver så jag får uppleva på nytt. Annars är det inte så att jag går runt och tänker på och minns den tiden. Kul! Hoppas vi ses snart.

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Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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