Models at dinner brake…

To be a model in a show like this, the yearly Elle-gala, is a full day and full night at work. At Grand Hotel in Stockholm where this is taking place, breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner is being served. The models waiting for their turn of make-up and hair fix spend some time at the food area set up for this.  Some already know each other and some get to have a first meeting. In the modeling world meetings are often brief. Some meet once, others meet over and over again. It is so important to have an inner stability  in this changing job where nothing is stable. Often we get to know if we are confirmed for a job, a day or two before. There is no stable income and certainly no stable fame. What is, is a great opportunity for those who like adventure, creativity and the freedom to live life from moment to moment while working …and actually have a very good time.

This young model is only 15. Her mother told her that she was only allowed to do this show if she did her schoolwork during the day. I can assure her mum that shed did at least 2 hrs at the dinner table…

and she was very concentrated. It felt so good sitting next to her and see/ feel her concentration.

Such a Beauty!

Some other girls were watching funny cats on the mobile…giggling together …

and others choose a more quiet corner to sit…

The Elle gala, moments before the show…an hour later it was full on.

Ingmari Lamy
  1. Linda Morand writes

    Very enjoyable post. The girl is beautiful.

  2. Ingmari Lamy writes to Linda Morand

    Yes she is! And bright and gentle and a lot more…so many beautiful qualities in a being.

  3. Amanda writes

    Hi, my mom was wery happy when i showed here your blog! :) She never thaught i would actually study, but i proved her wrong.

  4. Ingmari Lamy writes to Amanda

    Isn`t that great Amanda! And so great that we met with your mum so I could say hello to her. Keep it up, the studies and you will be the best of models!
    Love to you, Ingmari

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