What can relate to the 70s…

At The Fashion week in Stockholm, day two now. Here at Rodeo you will get all the information and pictures from the shows…I am reflecting back in time and finding some oldies that can fit into some of the mood of the shows today…

like this one from Italian Vogue by David Bailey, early 70s. Staying at the Grand hotel di Milano, I remember well the sofas we were hanging out on before dinner, David always making his rude jokes and saying he was gonna get me laid…it didn`t happen, it was not for us at all. Him and me it was the camera, there was a lot going between him and me through the lens, that`s all. It was fun though to meet his attitude, play back and forth and then…BANG…the magic moment would be there when we GOT the picture! You can feel it. It doesn`t have to be looking a special way, that`s not it. It is a feeling, a knowing that the moment stands still and something has been transmitted, a moment of beauty, a moment meeting the moment in itself. Fashion is so much more than you can imagine. It is not what it looks like. It is something else. And catching that something makes the picture.

Ingmari Lamy


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Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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