Fashion week…and 70s!

Another David Bailey picture from  Italian Vouge early 70s. Today I´ve seen 3 great shows at the MBFW Sthlm, the first one was Beckmans school of design, I SO Love when the 2 nd year students have their material show, it is so outstanding creative and inspiring. The other one was Altewai Samoe, SOOO good! They have the skills of couture AND they are rising the level of their creativity for each show. I saw their first show and that was amazing! This one even more. It`s like every millimeter is right, right length, right width, right place…right shape…to me it`s one of those moments when it all falls into place and the stillness of beauty happens. Then came Diana Orving and AGAIN it was perfect, she has such a skill of draping and shaping, many times her shows are mostly that. This time it was highlighted by some very well tailored coats and jackets…and the music was just carrying the whole show to a dimension beyond…

Back to Milano early 70s. Grand hotel di Milano. How I loved to come to my huge hotel room there with this super twin bed, crisp linen sheets on duvet…and five pillows. Not to talk about the bathtub! Coming into the room, unpacking my few things, the clothes, the book, my writing book…and run a bath…a luxury I enjoyed so deeply. Then going out for dinner in the student and artist area around the corner, some good simple pasta and warm atmosphere. The more I remember about my early years as a model, traveling the world and building my whole bank of experiences, the richer I feel…the deeper my gratitude. And the deeper my gratitude, the richer my life.

Ingmari Lamy
  1. Lingon writes

    Snygging där!

    Tack för sist och det var jättekul att träffa digi Stockholm. Oväntat, roligt och jag hoppas att inte vi Odd Mollytokar skrämde dig, hihi.

    Många hälsningar

  2. jennifer larsen writes

    Looking good Miss!!
    Så trevligt att ses idag på berns!.(flickan utan smink)

  3. Ingmari Lamy writes to Lingon

    Inte skrämde ni mig inte! Det ska mycket till! Superhärligt och trevligt var det att möta er…på riktigt. En helt ny dimension öppnades upp i mig av hur det kan vara i livet. Bra helt enkelt!

    Kram, Ingmari

  4. Ingmari Lamy writes to jennifer larsen

    Verkligen söta du! Så söt utan smink, hurrah! Och så roligt att leka med smink ibland då man vet att man är söt utan, för det är du. WOW Livet! Tack!

    Varm god kram, Ingmari

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Ingmari Lamy
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