A tree loving, shaking, dancing, kissing day! The video is out…!

Here comes the video we did in Paris october -12! What a day that was! One day of sunshine between many rainy ones. I shared the photos from the day on my blog 5/11-12. I KNOW that both Elin and Linus and are sitting there in Paris eager to see it coming up. So Here it comes! FLIMSY…! THANK YOU! LOVE YOU! Superteam: Linus Ricard and Elin Bjursell and Nobu Fujiwara.

The day was calm, the whole shooting was calm and quiet. In my imagination it would be a very quiet video…with focus on the trees…what turned out is FLIMSY…they thought I laughed a lot and wanted me to be more serious…but I felt so HAPPY, really happy to be there. My love for trees is HUGE. They are the lungs of the earth and as lungs help us breathe, give us oxygen…my heart was braking when I saw the first clean-cut woods in the north of Sweden, early 70s. That was then. It is so much worse now. The platanes in the south of france are all dying…! No trees no earth! Where do we want to go with it all? Love what we have is a good way to start. Julia Butterfly Hill  is such a clear and beautiful inspiration. She lived over 700 days in a redwood tree to protest against clean cutting. Well, both sadness and joy in my heart. And DEEP LOVE and gratitude for being here. Thank you life! And here`s another one of Julia in the tree. TOTALLY moves me!

a million thanks to my friend and super coach Torkel Stalhand who helped me with all the links.

Ingmari Lamy
  1. Gita skriver

    Wow!!! :-)

  2. pernilla skriver

    wiiiiii fiiint

  3. carlotta skriver

    cute flimsy treedance…love the gray arabic pants <3

    Thank you for Sharing.

    <3 Carlotta

  4. Marie-Louise skriver

    Gud vad kul! Så härlig Ingmari! Ler och fnissar rakt igenom. Och du är såååå vacker!

  5. Ingmari Lamy skriver till Gita

    Kära fina Gita. Tack!

  6. Ingmari Lamy skriver till pernilla

    Tack Pernilla! Vi kan ju också göra en film nästa gång…!

  7. Ingmari Lamy skriver till carlotta

    Grey pants are Issey Miyake. Really cool to wear.

  8. Ingmari Lamy skriver till Marie-Louise

    Ja Gud vilken härlig dag det var! Tack…:-)

  9. Sharon skriver

    Tack Ingmarie, fint att dela den vackra dagen med dig och våra kära!

    Kram Sharon

    Här är länken till min dotters blogg

  10. Ingmari Lamy skriver till Sharon

    Tack Sharon, det var en underbar dag. Så viktigt med kära vänner och och att fira tillsammans år efter år vid havet, framför elden, i delandet av det enkla.

  11. Filippa skriver

    Åååååååååååh!!!! Vilken underbart fin film ljuva du, kramar från Australien!!

  12. Ingmari Lamy skriver till Filippa

    ÅÅååååååååH! Tänk om en dag jag kan komma och hälsa på. Älskar din resa och det du delar fina du. Kramar :-)


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