She could have been a supermodel…and she is

She is a role model of inner and outer beauty. So REAL in what she says and does. A true ambassador of awareness of life. She spent more than 700 days living in a tree to protect it and make a difference. And she DID make a difference! Imagine if all the models traveling the planet earth could bring some super knowledge from one place to another, about things we all need to know to preserve life and beauty here on this paradise Earth.  That for me is true use of fashion. Before I move on to fashion stories again I just have to share this again:




and there is so much more to see if you want…I`M inspired. I WANT this kind of total commitment. And somehow I DO have it.




Ingmari Lamy

Frida fashion

Frida Kahlo was more than fashion she was absolutely a woman of wild deep passion. Now her wardrobe is being shown for the first time.

See it HERE

Ingmari Lamy

Not a secret any more…

Now that the video is out the clothes we used are not a secret any more…! I love to do behind the scenes photos and would love  to share them at the very moment…to give a reality dimension…but most people I work with ask me to wait. I wait.

I was wearing skirt and top from Back by Ann-Sofi Back, blouse and shoes from Louis Vuitton

The branch was laying on the ground…

Blouse Damir Doma, top Rodier, pants Issey Miyake and shoes Louis Vuitton. Killershoes! I could hardly walk for a whole day after. Loved walking in them though…the feeling of surreal princess in nature.

Picknick brake with Nubu, Elin and Linus

Tree hugging in sweater and dress from Dagmar plus those shoes Louis Vuitton

Pants and sweater Back by Ann-Sofi Back, dress Rodier. Linus asked me to really touch the tree…touch it… love it…make love to it…

which I did. Felt slightly embarrassed and shy after. A very private moment. So easy to get carried away by the moment

Running in Issey Miyake…


Contemplating in Damir Doma and Back

A moment in silence. Inner nature and Inner beauty. Gratitude and stillness

Ingmari Lamy

A tree loving, shaking, dancing, kissing day! The video is out…!

Here comes the video we did in Paris october -12! What a day that was! One day of sunshine between many rainy ones. I shared the photos from the day on my blog 5/11-12. I KNOW that both Elin and Linus and are sitting there in Paris eager to see it coming up. So Here it comes! FLIMSY…! THANK YOU! LOVE YOU! Superteam: Linus Ricard and Elin Bjursell and Nobu Fujiwara.

The day was calm, the whole shooting was calm and quiet. In my imagination it would be a very quiet video…with focus on the trees…what turned out is FLIMSY…they thought I laughed a lot and wanted me to be more serious…but I felt so HAPPY, really happy to be there. My love for trees is HUGE. They are the lungs of the earth and as lungs help us breathe, give us oxygen…my heart was braking when I saw the first clean-cut woods in the north of Sweden, early 70s. That was then. It is so much worse now. The platanes in the south of france are all dying…! No trees no earth! Where do we want to go with it all? Love what we have is a good way to start. Julia Butterfly Hill  is such a clear and beautiful inspiration. She lived over 700 days in a redwood tree to protest against clean cutting. Well, both sadness and joy in my heart. And DEEP LOVE and gratitude for being here. Thank you life! And here`s another one of Julia in the tree. TOTALLY moves me!

a million thanks to my friend and super coach Torkel Stalhand who helped me with all the links.

Ingmari Lamy

Deep in my heart…

I am longing to share something more than just fashion…although in the world of fashion as well as everywhere else all of that what I`m longing to share exists as well, since it is deep in my heart. In now time I have been deep into nature, yesterday hours of ice skating in silence on a lake, like a mirror reflecting back to me my own deep longing to know the Love. In blog time I`m still in Paris fashion week, so here  is more…fashion

Junya Watanabe

Patches mixed with leather jackets

little bags

and pumps in bright colors

I loved this show

which also inspires to second hand recycling and patching oneself

Junya is so good at it

And sharing the show with my friend Anja was the best.

Next was Tsumori Chisato, another of my japanese favorite designers

Although this time it was not my personal taste I really love her work.

She had been in Argentina for inspiration…

and it was very strong colors and shapes influenced by that. I came to think of Carmen Miranda.

Really Haute Couture

Tsumori herself, wearing her happy ghost print dress. Such a fine being. Supertalented and very sweet


And my friend Georgio who hosts the sales and press for Tsumori.





Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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Sitting by the waterpond at Kensington gardens talking to those two women from Bronx about feminine energy and self love. So much precious life being wasted by not loving ourselves deeply. The ones closest to us. Great talk...then we walked on in different directions. Joy and gratitude #love #life #meetings #friendships #nature #walking #encounters#wonderful #london #light #lloveit #loveeverywhere #lovethebeautyofitall