Heart red happy Valentine -71

Since today is Valentine and my heart is sending love all over the planet, I want to give you the most heart red photo of them all

The lips can kiss. It is allowed this day to kiss strangers. The ones that are close to my heart I keep as my secrets but I can tell you that I don`t need red lips to kiss them. And maybe they are not just men…maybe it`s my daughter and my grandchildren and friends and lovers. Today I love secrets. With a big smile and a joyful heart I wish you a happy Valentine.

The photo is by David Bailey for English Vogue and I don´t know the year. A few years ago I was at Vogue house doing research in their huge library and found some treasures but I still have lots left to look through. Maybe this spring. Maybe springtime in London. I want to visit them photographers that live there and i also have some real wonderful friends in that city. That feels like a good thing to do. Love to all of you!

Ingmari Lamy

From dark to white…

How much of the one I am is the same from then to now? For sure the hair color has changed. That`s a natural thing. For sure I have more wrinkles. That`s a natural thing as well. And then? How about the inside? For sure I knew who I was then as well as now. Only then I could more sense it and doubt it and now I both sense it and know it. There is an inner reality that is so Real, more real than the outer because the outer is a reflection from the inner and it is so beautiful. And because that is so everything else is truly beautiful as well.

I was 17 then…or 18?

a year before I went to Paris, my very first photo shoot…so very open and shy. I could really  feel the beauty inside

Here a summer moment with a friend, a moment of joy and direct experience, 45 years later in time and life experience. The gift of life is to know and let go…surrender into the fullness of being true Beauty, which is there in each one of us, for Real.

Ingmari Lamy

Moments of fashion…

So what is fashion to me? Part of it is to catch a moment of beauty and know that it can be shared by many. The beauty can be in a garment, in a flower, in the soft snow falling outside…Wait a minute! That`s not fashion you may say, maybe so but everything can be turned into fashion. What inspires fashion is in all life, in the great nature as well as in the city, in a word or a mood. Fashion is like the platform that puts it together in a form that is appealing in the moment, mostly in a garment form but it could also be a chair form for instance. Be with me or oppose me! Fashion is a moment. A moment in time. An expression of beauty in a specific form at a specific moment.

Is this fashion? Same story by David bailey for English Vogue early 70s. Remember the security man walking away with the jewelry attached by a chain to his wrist (last story)? These were some of the really expensive diamonds…for whatever it`s worth I remember it being a real cool feeling to wear all of this…and then walk out of the studio as a free human being, a free soul…unattached.

Ingmari Lamy

Fashion 70s

What is fashion? Is it a garment, a time period, a certain style, a creative expression, a co-laboration between designer stylist photographer model and media…or something else? It would be interesting to hear some of your thoughts around fashion! I am definitely writing this blog on a site that is fashion orientated. I have lots of pictures of myself as a fashion model, that I share here, both from the70s and now. But what is fashion? For me it is so much more than clothes and style expressions. Lets explore it together! I want to open up the fashion box and put in some special treasures…

David Bailey  and me for English Vogue-early 70s. I remember coming into the Vogue studio early morning, David was there, clothes were hanging on a rack, the stylist, if my memory is good, was Grace Coddington. Her and David were going through their ideas of how to do this shoot. There was a security guard to watch the jewelry from theft, all pearls and other jewelry were expensive stuff…(my mind said I will never be that rich…true or not?) There was a softness this day, this working day with David, that was unusual with him. We went quiet and deep. I touched a beautiful place of Inner Beauty in me, a place of innocence, of not trying to bring something out but just resting in Me. That`s how I remember it. And I also remember feeling very soft at the end of the day. Walking away alone…to meet another moment. The jewelry walked away with the security man in an safe bag attached with a chain around his wrist. I was not rich…I was content and grateful for my day at work. So what is Fashion? Let`s explore…!!!


Ingmari Lamy

Some of my own…

After fashion week some of my own small creations

A little bag I made of scraps…I like to keep scraps when I do bigger things and create something small of them

the bag and an eagle feather…

my favorite scarf.

Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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