Today! And Paris earlier…

TODAY! Here is what I did today! Spent a few wonderfully inspiring hours with The Brave Brand who just opened their Pepshop.

And earlier in Paris

Bill Cunningham, a friend since over 40 years in fashion. Himself 84, never misses a show.

Read more about this extraordinary man

i eagerly look for him when I arrive to Paris fashion week and…OH JOY, there he is!

Always so friendly with everyone. We had a friend in common late 60s, Antonio Lopez, the designer.

Yvan is another of the faithful street photographers and his Facehunter. See here

I will remember her name as well.

So many of them everywhere.


Ingmari Lamy

Yohji Yamamoto…

Right now a weave between being back in Sweden at a healing training and sharing my time in Paris fashion week with you. Here at the  Yohji show:

This very beautiful woman Carla Sozzani I have met for over 20 years now at all the shows and in her space. She is one of the upmost fashion people on the planet…and look …she is wearing no make up. She has THE fashion store in Milano  10 Corso Como.

1990, September: Carla Sozzani, former fashion editor and publisher,opens Galleria Carla Sozzani for photography, art and design in a converted garage at n° 10 Corso Como in Milano.Sozzani and American artist Kris Ruhs spend the next twentytwo years creating a space and a lifestyle like no other.The Galleria is soon joined by a bookshop, a fashion and design store, a garden cafe and eventually a boutique hotel of three rooms for guests. Abandoning all accepted retail practices, 10 Corso Como promotes slow shopping through a succession of spaces and events that reflect lifestyle over object acquisition.10 Corso Como becomes the nexus of a global network of cultures and exchanges through fashion, food, art and photography that galvanizes marketing through the 1990’s and sets the vocabulary for international style into the 21st Century.

Yohji is the master of black and the master of shapes. This time he was absolutely true to himself and made a very strong collection.

All black with some white details…

and some exceptions like this colorful one

and this Bonnie and Clyde grey suit.

Yokji himself. Always a precious moment to meet him after the show…

and his sweet mother…

niece and son.

This girl had her own colorful show, more of the japanese Kawai, cute style.


Ingmari Lamy

What´s hidden…

This is the most beautiful of all pictures taken of me. One is, you don´t see me really and the other is, you can totally feel the space I`m in and it is a deeply beautiful one. So often in this world of fashion we are asked to give up ourselves, to give up who we truly are, to fit into a picture. And other times  it can be the most incredible experience of direct inner contact with the true beauty, a real moment of meeting that within. This was a moment like that. The set up of a photograph taken is often like going into a space of meditation, there are preparations being made that allows this, like hair getting done and place set up… it can so be quiet. This one was extremely quiet and I was very quiet. So the moment of the photo was like a moment of prayer, really a moment of prayer.

Foto: Anna Bloom for Bloom

Ingmari Lamy

Paris mix…

I have all these pictures…and I feel so ambitious to just share them. Here we go:

A crazy happy Isabel Marant after show…

models posing outside

wild photographers shooting everyone of interest to them…and as soon as one starts all the others follow…to not miss out just in case it is someone famous…


and this sweet girl…

Here we sit at hotel Costes, the Rodeo gang. What a luxury moment we shared there.

And outside Colette

Never went inside this time. I like my style actually, haha…


Ingmari Lamy

Les Tuileries…

Les Tuileries…at one end musee du Louvre at the other, Place de la Concorde ,which is the beginning of Champs Elysee, ending at l`Arche de Triomphe. Everything is very historical in Paris and built on very precise lines. I am fascinated by this and very aware of it when I walk. Where I am, where the directions are and where I am going to, even when it seems random there is like an inner map I follow. There is also a specific way to move to add all different events in the time/space schedule during the fashion week. After a show in les Tuileries for instance, it is a natural thing to go into the half a kilometer long tent which holds the fair of Premiere Classe…

The first spring flower in the cold soil.

Love this text: (Placed) at a fixed point…

(Taken) from a fixed point.

The different fairs in the tent. Jewelry, shoes, clothes, scarves etc…accessories.

I loved this golden necklace…

which is a copy from a mountain (sorry don`t remember which). It just feels so wholesome!

And wisdom is exposed as well for the eyes that see and the ears that hear…

from the inside looking out.

One of the creations I really liked, a tree made of black rubber cables with lightbulbs at the end like leaves. Nature inspired technology.

Here I am in the middle of it ALL…

Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
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