Willy found this…

My friend Willy van Rooy found this picture of me on the internet…

it is by Guy Bourdin, for French Vogue somewhere early 70s. I`m so glad she found this because I have only a few of the pictures I made with him and I did not have this one. He was a very silent artist, working his details to perfection. The tightness of that belt around my waist was almost killing, I was almost breathless, unable to breath into my belly…and the photo session took a long time. Why is it so worth it? And is the result really worth it? Well, sometimes it is. The creative moment is ALWAYS worth it! Being a model is a co-creative work and working with so many different creative people is a tremendous  gift. Guy Bourdin was definitely one of them. When I met him he was already doing big campaigns, such as Charles Jourdan and was very well known.Here you can see some of his work

Ingmari Lamy

About me…!

From a womans blog, THE GOLDEN OYSTER   it was sent to me by Gudrun Sjöden and it moves me to get this beautiful words written about  me and the subject of fashion. The pictures on the right is my own private style. Notice how the light influences the way the face looks. A knowledge used by most photographers.

ingmari lamy & gudrun sjöden & age & fashion

1 & 4 - gudrun sjöden || 2 - advanced style || 3 - ingmari lamy’s own blog || 5 - the sartorialist
- deutscher text am ende des artikels -
whenever a set of photographies showing gudrun sjöden’s latest collection is published, i immediately start looking for pictures with ingmari lamy in them. among all the strong, inspiring and beautiful women, she has the most personality and seems to be very comfortable in her own skin (the blessings of age – i’m looking forward to it, too).

she also runs her own blog where she writes about her experiences as a model. she introduces friends, projects, presents after-show-pictures, but most of all, her short, open minded and simply happy notes add quite a spiritual, but authentic approach to the rather superficial world of fashion if you withdraw the factor of art. you can see her optimism in pictures of her, and she also dares to express some vulnerability.

well, i really don’t like that 99% of models look the same, resulting in a lack of diversity. gudrun sjöden doesn’t do that and i am thankful for it. in addition, i find ”appropriate dress codes for certain ages” ridiculous. clothes are about personality, and personality can only be achieved by free choice and not by compliance to rules other people have set up. to me, style is one of many possibilities to develop and share one’s personality (it is a skill that ingmari has obviously mastered – as well as designer gudrun sjöden herself). if you dress in accordance to your personality, you will always look appropriate.

in the future, i absolutely see myself as a shaman / herb woman / gardener – a personality that totally includes clothing from gudrun sjöden. as my wild flower and bee-friendly garden will need more time to grow, i will slowly grow into all of gudrun’s clothes. right now, i wear some of her pieces, but i chose them for being more urban and dynamic – a look that reflects aspects of my personality at this point.i’ll report about my diy projects as well as my gudrun sjöden clothes later this month! stay tuned~ a small preview:

And isn`t she really beautiful, strong and powerful! I can really see her as a shamanic woman teaching other women about the beauty and gifts of mother earth and themselves.

Some more reflections on your own Beauty and how deeply we see it ourselves…or not.

Ingmari Lamy

A little more Willy…

The more I write and share about my friends the more alive the past becomes present and here I am again…

I love this picture of Willy and her husband Salvador, with the portrait he made of her having the same pose.

Here the two of them, when they lived in Ibiza I believe. I used to live on Formentera, the very next island and recognize the kind of hippie life style from there. Willy was always creating something and Salvador painting.

I actually don`t know if these portraits are made by Salvador or Willy. I`d say Salvador…?

A more recent Willy. Still keeping her very personal style.

And this one she made.

It`s amazing how we see ourselves and how the camera see us. What is the image we want to give of ourselves and who we truly are. As I explore deeper into the realms of INNER Beauty I find so much beauty beyond description, very alive but without a face. The face can somehow portray that but not totally, since it is so beyond our ideas of who we are and how the world see us. Anyway…here we are…deeply enjoying being here.

And HERE some more fabulous images

Ingmari Lamy

A real treasure for you!

This is my friend Willy van Rooy! THE top model from the 70s! She worked a lot with Helmut Newton and many others of course…but she was a real favorite of Helmut, her amazing body and bone structure, her face, expressions, natural knowing how to  meet the camera and her kindness fitted him so well.

Here she is with her son Alejandro 1970. We were both friends and mothers back then. My son Josef a few years younger than her son. This is how she dressed! Every day very stylish, very 70s, very hippie chic. I know you will LOVE her site and blog. She has done some amazing artwork in creating shoes, jewelry, handbags, clothes, paintings…a very,very gifted and lovely woman. Well, I just shut up and give you THIS with all the JOY in my heart of giving a gift that I know will be so appreciated.



Ingmari Lamy

Susan Moncur 60-70s…

We were both Sarah Moon, David Bailey, Giaan Paolo Barbieri and Kenzo girls. For Kenzo we did the first shows together. Dancing out on the catwalk, hugging and kissing, drunk from the champagne we had moments before…we had lots of fun together but were also having deep philosophical talks about life and beyond. With Sarah we did photos, very doll like photos back then. Among my treasures still to be found! I have some that I will show as soon as I find them! I really love Susan and hope she is well. She is one of the friends from the past I like to meet again now.

Susan loved to write and was very bright. She wrote a book about her life as a model:

They Still Shoot Models My Age

In 1969, at a bus-stop, Susan Moncur is recruited by Eileen Ford, who runs New York’s most prestigious modelling agency. The next year she moves to Paris. Photographed by David Bailey, Sarah Moon, Helmut Newton, Serge Lutens, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Norman Parkinson and many others, Susan Moncur becomes one of the top fashion models of the decade. In 1983, her son is born and Susan Moncur very quickly discovers that, now as ‘thirty-four year old model with child’, she is no longer a hot property. Exposing and self-exposing, They Still Shoot Models My Age captures the precariousness of a profession desperate for young, new faces. Now a journalist and actress, ‘retired’ model Susan Moncur is also a witty, talented writer.

Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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Photo of me for the SaintLaurent perfume Rive Gauche that was running for 5 years early 70s. This photo was posted by @olivierchatenet who found it. The photographer is the great GianPaolo Barbieri @gian.paolo.barbieri to whom I owe a lot of my 70s best work, a lot for Italian Vogue. His grand exhibit opened in Moscow last night. Wish I'd been there. So much love to you Gian Paolo. Thank you thank you thank you. #love #life #fashion #beauty#feminine #stlaurent#perfume#rivegauche#lovethebeautyofitall