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Fashion week Stockholm…3 months later


I woke up this morning wondering where the time has gone! It`s been three month now since Fashion Week in Stockholm…and this video  was ready  just one week after the shows…I have no reason really for not showing it at once  except I wanted to add  something about every person or designer that is in the video and also share the personal pictures I made during this time. It turned out to be too big an ambition for me  so…NOW is the time to share this short film that my very talented friend Leo V Aadland made  with the assistance of his twin sister Desideria. Leo and I met through the social media Instagram @leovaadland and became friends…his photos and also his very open, honest and vulnerable texts touched my heart. Then he came to Stockholm to visit together with a friend of his. The feeling I`d had from meeting him on Instagram got confirmed and our friendship deepened. I feel there are so many, especially young people out there who need to hear his words and dare to be as honest as he is about his feelings. There is always an open gate for Love to enter when we share our deepest heart. Always. Leo and Desi stayed with me during Fashion Week and then went back to school in Gothenburg. I had the best of time together with them.  Fashion Week is like a great moment of Creative Art where everyone is sharing the result of their hard intense work during the last six months and I´m very grateful to be invited to share it, see the shows, meet the wonderful people. Fashion week is also so much more than fashion. It´s a platform for many  meetings. The woman I met sitting on the street brought me to tears. She was singing straight out from her heart with the most incredible  voice. All I did right then was to buy her some sweet cakes and spend a moment fully appreciating her. I wish I´d done so much more. She was not a beggar. She was a giver. I went back to find her and she was gone. Every moment is a moment gone so let´s care for our most precious moments. I had mine with Leo and Desi here so enjoy this movie by them. It`s made with much Love and integrity.

Video by Leo V Aadland assisted by Desideria Aadland. Great thank you to everyone included  Ximon Lee for H&m Design awards, Roger Dupree, Qhris Magsino, Efva Attling, Altewai Saome, By the NO, Waldensten, House of Dagmar, JLindeberg, Johan Turinger, Holger bags, Snoopy& Belle in fashion, SO Stockholm, Cheap Monday, Kungsträdgården, Beckmans collaborations, Frida Zetterström, Lamija  and Berns-after the shows. Thank you. Maybe my ambitions will be completed later on.

Ingmari Lamy

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Love this one…

It may seem selfish to say that I Love an image of myself  but knowing that it is an outside image and  that the love of the image is coming from the love within, it is good. It is mainly recognition and appreciation of the love that life has given to me. I love and appreciate my life. I feel gratitude to all gifts given to me. I feel deep gratitude to all my life experiences, all of them. I see that darkness and light is part of the same Love. And I Love myself. I love this body  that´s been mine for  67 years now. That`s a considerably long time. During this time I´ve been both happy and unhappy. Knowing that it comes from the same source, one is as good as the other. I feel pure gratitude. Gratitude to my life here. Gratitude to the beauty in my heart that´s enabled me to feel and experience even deeper beauty. Deep beauty within. So when I say that I love an image I´m both part of it and not part of it. It comes from the gratitude given to me from the life given to me. Knowing that it will one day end gives me an even deeper total gratitude for the beauty I´m able to experience now, whether it is an image of myself or someone else,  a flower or a tree,  a bird or the ocean,  a mountain or a bee. Every little or big thing is made of the same particles of Love and I Am that Love. We Are that Love.


Photo: Gian Paolo Barbieri early 70s for Italian vogue

Ingmari Lamy

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And another…

I don´t remember the designer here but I think it was Abraham and an ad for Italian Vogue. I will ask Gian Paolo. By the way did I already tell the story about what he so often said to me as we worked together ? ” Ingmari if you dressed and looked like this off work as well you could get any man you want…(meaning husband)”. He could not understand that I would immediately take all my make up off and put my jeans and a t-shirt on. I was just very before my time in a time when most models looked like models even after work. For me it was my job, a job I loved and still do but my private life was with the arty crowd and they were more bohemian then. Besides I´ve never felt comfortable with make up on except in front of the camera or on the catwalk, where it is more like an artistic expression and my face the canvas, rather than a life style. I wonder what my life had been like had I listened to him then? Hm, I could still explore that!

P1040134All the original prints on the tableIMG_5668the photo for Abraham-Italian Vogue

All original photos: Gian Paolo Barbieri

photo story by Ingmari Lamy

Ingmari Lamy

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Chanel again…

another from the Chanel story…for Italian Vogue…by Gian Paolo Barbieri, early 70s.

P1040195I just Love this style. I love everything about it, the  casual elegance, the hat…coat, necklaces….maybe I´m turning into classic now. I was more like that then…sometimes… I also love my smile here. It´s not like, oh I´m beautiful…it just makes me smile….that´s it

IMG_5674and I love the lighting, the shadows and the direct light. Very much old time movie lighting here. Gian Paolo is the master of light.

IMG_5675another outfit. Of course it is real authentic Chanel.

IMG_5659From the original prints on the table. The one on bottom right was more of the Garbo style that we often did together.

All prints by Gian Paolo Barbieri

photo story: Ingmari lamy

Ingmari Lamy

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The greatest gift…

… the precious gift which is connecting the past with the present through my meeting with Gian Paolo Barbieri. 40 years have past…40 years of a full life, modelling, marrying, divorcing, mothering two children, walking in nature, connecting inner and outer beauty, re-modelling…This is me 4o years ago seen through the lens of and in collaboration with GianPaolo. The greatest gift is all of it, the memories, the meeting and the prints…this is one of them…


This photo was from a series on Chanel for Italian Vogue. The set was already there as I came into the studio, the long chair and the backdrop. I usually did my own make-up and it looks like this is done by me, I can recognise the way I did the eyes, going out a bit on the sides, smudging very delicately. I had plucked my eyebrows then, something I wish I had not done, they never grew back in their full shape. The foundation was very important to me as I had learnt through practising that I could change the shape of my face by lighter and darker shading and I took my time doing it. Then testing the lighting with the photographer to get the maximum out of what he wanted to achieve. GianPaolo was a master with his lighting, very millimetre precise as to where and how the light would fall so once in the position that he wanted I could only move my eyes and the expression on the face. It was all about millimetres. And my inner feelings, my thoughts and emotions were as important as the outer expression. A good way to meditate, letting all thoughts pass and enter into inner stillness. Being on the inside, attentive to the outside. Gian Paolo would guide the body movement to perfection. My hair was long but pulled back in a soft style with a bow on top. The garments I don´t remember, if they were actually contemporary Chanel or not. I do remember the feeling of being inside them, how good they felt on the body and how beautiful I thought they were. I was also connected to my grandmother here and the clothes in her wardrobe that I used to love wearing as a child. All in all this is a precious memory and I´m very grateful to actually have an original photo now. It is being framed to hang in my home. And that is really connecting the past with the present for me. Thank you from the deepest of my heart GianPaolo.


 All original photos by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Photostory:Ingmari Lamy



Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
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