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DANSK behind the scenes…

FASHIONWEEK IN STOCKHOLM is over! It was wonderfully intense seeing all the shows and being at most of the parties meeting new and old friends from the fashion networks. GLAMOUR Paris is out! A Whole issue with FRIDA GUSTAVSSON. I`m in it as well, as Fridas guest! I have lots of photos to share from the day of shooting in the beautiful northern archipelago. My own Inner retreat in untouched Swedish forests, swimming in beautiful hidden lakes has happened and I have a story to tell…5 intense days in Dalarna going through 20 big boxes full of papers before bringing them home in 6 boxes only has also happened, while having breaks swimming every day in a beautiful big lake in 17°C. AND NOW a few days ago, the greatest show ever in Sweden, the celebration of LINDEX 60 YEARS in fashion a collaboration with JPGAULTIER happened in Gothenburg and I was on the catwalk. That and the catwalk I did for JPGAULTIER in Paris in mars this year I have a treasure of backstage photos from…so…in due time it will ALL come out here. Being who I am, living my life full on from day to day, it takes some time to get all my impressions out on the blog.  It`s all about time! And I like to do it step by step, one story at a time. SO first I want to complete the DANSK photo session story with my own pictures from the day at work, behind the scenes…here they are… _DSC7188

Back to Dansk and Ninja Hanna the photographer. Loved this young hip sweet tattooed woman. She was very easy going to work with and I love her photography, which is always a good way to start the day, curious how the pictures would be with me and the young men. A special story based on the story of me with Sarah Moon in the early 70s. In my imagination the men would be feeding and caring for me but it was the other way around as you have seen in the earlier story. We were working in a beautiful apartment in the middle of the city on a hot hot summer day.


Dan was Ninjas super assistant, a photographer himself but now assisting this day. I still don`t understand all about memory cards and backups, erasing the pictures from the cards to take new ones, mine are always full and my computer is always on the edge of being full. Maybe it`s my age after all, not learning new technology. Happily I´m getting an assistant now…


Robert best stylist ever, I love how he mixes styles together, whether it´s all white or ethnic and wild. Here it is mens Fashion. Robert Rydberg is a stylist icon in Sweden.


The heat outside. The heat inside. Them smoking in the windows. Light through the smoke. Working. Posing. Drinking lots of water. Calm day  a calm feeling in the middle of working. The heat. The people. The talking. Eating together. Togetherness. Never mind being inside this great summer day. Working with this team was worth it all.


Robert! Love you…


Hanging in the window was the favourite place. The heat this day! And still hair master Kalle Eklund was wearing his french beret most of the time. Kalle is special, talented, creative with hair. That is a special art as well. So many artists in collaboration for a fashion shoot.


Kevin did his first job. He just finished school, got discovered on the street and now he’s a star working with the big ones, like Prada. In this story with hair coloured red, also the skin on the forehead red. And lipstick. I wonder how the young men use their time as models to connect them to the rest of their lives. As I could use the travelling to get to know other cultures and to know myself, which was my purpose. All experience I have access to today in everything I do. It´s of course different for everyone but I just want to say that everything around modelling can open so many new doors. Used well it is such a great thing to do. Good luck to you Kevin Carlbom. May your light shine on many you meet.


Waiting. Passing time.


And Oskari! From Finland! Dear Oskari such a beautiful friendly being. Dancer at the Opera in Helsinki ( if my memory serves me well)


Purple nails on Oskari Nyyssälä fits his playful personality well. Give us a dance Oskari! We love to see you dance! To share your joy of dance.


Shoes on a pile of magazines. The woman living in the apartment has good taste…


we used them for the photo shoot.


On the screen. Getting an idea of what it will look like. I like it.


Styling. Fixing.






Ninja laying on the floor shooting…comfort and ease or not? very concentrated.


photos: Ingmari Lamy

A full day at work. Another blessed day. Why do I see it this way? All the connections with people first of all. That comes first for me. The wonderful meetings and the creativity that happens. Can not say it often enough CO CREATION is the drive of all life on the planet. I LOVE IT!

Ingmari Lamy

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Inspiration from the 70s…Sarah Moon

This story was the inspiration for the fashion shoot I did for DANSK magazine (see my last blogpost) according to Robert Rydberg. He also told me that it has inspired many photographers and stylists the last 40 years. I did not know but of course it makes sense that beautiful creative expressions from the past inspires the future. SO I`m reposting! I have to do this again! Love this series with Sarah Moon for Harpers Queen early 70s. It was her first ever story for a magasine and it was such an important one. Her and I had already done some jobs together by then but just one or two so when she asked me to model this story I was thrilled. I Always loved to work with Sarah. Her poetry, her very special atmosphere and poetic being, working almost in total silence, an aura of deep meditative stillness in the room with an edge of intensive creativity. She had this apartment painted in gold for this shoot. It belonged to friends of her, overlooking the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris. They kept the gold. Thank you Sarah this will always stay in my memory as one of the most precious jobs ever. The contact with the young boy was part of the magic. Since it was so intimate it also needed to be held within deep boundaries. Creating a fairytale movie. in between shoots we were just playful and ordinary, talking, laughing, eating…a good day at work. Unforgettable!



Photos: all by Sarah Moon for Harpers Queen

Ingmari Lamy

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Modelling for DANSK…changing roles

I am a model! Am I a model? I´m just Me a human being on earth right now, very happy and grateful to be HERE. Sometimes I do modelling and I love doing that. I get to work with the most amazing people. Everyday working is different from any other day. So I`m blessed and I know it. This special day was a job for the danish magazine DANSK, with stylist ROBERT RYDBERG and photographer NINJA HANNA

I was extra extra, the story was mens fashion and based on a story I did with SARAH MOON early 70s , then it was me being cared for by a young boy. This time it was the other way around, I was caring for the young men in the story.  Actually… adoring them was the theme!



Ingmari Lamy

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Music and Arts part 1…

What a day! SUNSHINE at  Stockholm Music and Arts festival! Pictures first then I`ll ad the story…full on in the middle of it now!


GOLDFRAPP. I was carried along the suggestive waves of her singing and the music

IMG_0213IMG_0211  IMG_0218

YouTube Preview Image


Total fans! Rocking the place in the hot sun. A very young public…and who knows Goldfrapp here in Stockholm. Well those two for sure and of course LUGER who hosted them.


Bob Dylan was present


Walking around the art in the area.ANASTASIA AX.YouTube Preview Image This is a passion of mine, this kind of , sustainable, re-use, re-make, undo, see the beauty in everything…kind of art.


It really kicks me! Totally opens my own creative heart. I have tons of pieces of fabric like this, small pieces, left overs from making clothes, great ideas how to use them…will it happen or will I just keep them and give them away to someone with more go than me. A great idea in my mind can be a reality in someone else’s hands…


and great people are everywhere! (outfit day one, t-shirt by Acne, dress Tsumori Chisato, silk skirt Khadi and Co, bag How to Live, water bottle Klean Kanteen in a net made by my friend Petra


LINNEA HENRIKSSON entering the stage with lots of energy, power and inspiration! WHO RUNS THE WORLD!

IMG_0267 IMG_0273 IMG_0275IMG_0511  IMG_0311IMG_0314IMG_0319 IMG_0320  IMG_0326CHRISSIE HYNDE I stand by you YouTube Preview Image



Ingmari Lamy

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Music and Arts…2014

Here we go again…! I don`t go  Way Out West I go to Stockholm Music and Arts, starting friday until sunday, for me a very well balanced festival, just my size, in the middle of the city. Good music coming up! Join me! Come and meet up! Share the moment and the music! Here a taste from the last two years…Patti SmithTinariwenLalehRodriguesLuneSofia JannokFirst-Aid-KitCocoRosie.Looking forward to meet. Greet me if you see me and I`ll greet you right back. This year NEIL YOUNG. Oh memories from early 70s. A HEART OF GOLD.”To live a love you`ve got to give a love”YouTube Preview Image






Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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Three white beauties! Flown in to a casting in Hamburg for a hair job. There was about 30 of us. Oh I was taken by the extraordinary personalities and would have loved to sit at a dinner table for hours with them hearing all the magic life stories. This  has been an extraordinary day. Grateful #love #modelling #meetings #friendships #adventure #agingwithgrace#wusdom#whitehair #lovethebeautyofitall