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And another…

I don´t remember the designer here but I think it was Abraham and an ad for Italian Vogue. I will ask Gian Paolo. By the way did I already tell the story about what he so often said to me as we worked together ? ” Ingmari if you dressed and looked like this off work as well you could get any man you want…(meaning husband)”. He could not understand that I would immediately take all my make up off and put my jeans and a t-shirt on. I was just very before my time in a time when most models looked like models even after work. For me it was my job, a job I loved and still do but my private life was with the arty crowd and they were more bohemian then. Besides I´ve never felt comfortable with make up on except in front of the camera or on the catwalk, where it is more like an artistic expression and my face the canvas, rather than a life style. I wonder what my life had been like had I listened to him then? Hm, I could still explore that!

P1040134All the original prints on the tableIMG_5668the photo for Abraham-Italian Vogue

All original photos: Gian Paolo Barbieri

photo story by Ingmari Lamy

Ingmari Lamy

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Chanel again…

another from the Chanel story…for Italian Vogue…by Gian Paolo Barbieri, early 70s.

P1040195I just Love this style. I love everything about it, the  casual elegance, the hat…coat, necklaces….maybe I´m turning into classic now. I was more like that then…sometimes… I also love my smile here. It´s not like, oh I´m beautiful…it just makes me smile….that´s it

IMG_5674and I love the lighting, the shadows and the direct light. Very much old time movie lighting here. Gian Paolo is the master of light.

IMG_5675another outfit. Of course it is real authentic Chanel.

IMG_5659From the original prints on the table. The one on bottom right was more of the Garbo style that we often did together.

All prints by Gian Paolo Barbieri

photo story: Ingmari lamy

Ingmari Lamy

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The greatest gift…

… the precious gift which is connecting the past with the present through my meeting with Gian Paolo Barbieri. 40 years have past…40 years of a full life, modelling, marrying, divorcing, mothering two children, walking in nature, connecting inner and outer beauty, re-modelling…This is me 4o years ago seen through the lens of and in collaboration with GianPaolo. The greatest gift is all of it, the memories, the meeting and the prints…this is one of them…


This photo was from a series on Chanel for Italian Vogue. The set was already there as I came into the studio, the long chair and the backdrop. I usually did my own make-up and it looks like this is done by me, I can recognise the way I did the eyes, going out a bit on the sides, smudging very delicately. I had plucked my eyebrows then, something I wish I had not done, they never grew back in their full shape. The foundation was very important to me as I had learnt through practising that I could change the shape of my face by lighter and darker shading and I took my time doing it. Then testing the lighting with the photographer to get the maximum out of what he wanted to achieve. GianPaolo was a master with his lighting, very millimetre precise as to where and how the light would fall so once in the position that he wanted I could only move my eyes and the expression on the face. It was all about millimetres. And my inner feelings, my thoughts and emotions were as important as the outer expression. A good way to meditate, letting all thoughts pass and enter into inner stillness. Being on the inside, attentive to the outside. Gian Paolo would guide the body movement to perfection. My hair was long but pulled back in a soft style with a bow on top. The garments I don´t remember, if they were actually contemporary Chanel or not. I do remember the feeling of being inside them, how good they felt on the body and how beautiful I thought they were. I was also connected to my grandmother here and the clothes in her wardrobe that I used to love wearing as a child. All in all this is a precious memory and I´m very grateful to actually have an original photo now. It is being framed to hang in my home. And that is really connecting the past with the present for me. Thank you from the deepest of my heart GianPaolo.


 All original photos by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Photostory:Ingmari Lamy



Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Livsstil, Mode, Skönhet

A precious meeting with Gian Paolo Barbieri…

You know those moments, when everything is like a precious gift, the way it happens, how it falls into place and the way you feel elevated both during the moment itself and for  a long time ever after. This was a moment like that! I was in Milano doing a photo shoot for the brand ISAIA and since I had not been in Milan for many, many years and it is a place related to the 70s and working as a model with GianPaolo Barbieri I had a deep wish to meet him. My past as a model has become very alive to me again, mainly through this blog and the wish to connect the past and present in various creative ways is active in me. I always loved working with GianPaolo, he was so generous and attentive. a brilliant photographer/guide who could get the best out of me. Our collaboration was perfect! The work itself was very special magic, sometimes hard body work moments in front of the camera, then super good lively lunches in the studio with the whole team and often dinners after in his home. I´ve had my best pasta and risotto ever there. It´s been about 40 years since we met and recently I had called his studio and spoken to his studio manager Emanuele who was thrilled speaking to me and connected me to Gian Paolo who was then in the Carribean. That was our first contact a few month prior to my trip to Milan. As I seem to be mostly last minute and very unprepared in one way but in another way kind of hold focus within, I didn´t call the studio to say I was coming to town but just had the intention of a meeting to take place. It was Emanuele who answered as I called in the morning, “OH, Ingmari! This is incredible! I´m just standing at the light table looking at dias of you! And you know who´s standing next to me?” Of course it was Gian Paolo and it was meant to be! We were all so happy and settled for lunch in the studio the following day. Filled with joy at such a great coming together of incidents I dashed off to work for ISAIA and had a great day at work, followed by a wonderful dinner with my friends Evan and Luisa. Next day, after a long loving breakfast at the hotel with my friends as well, I dashed off to the Studio Barbieri with butterflies in my belly and deep Joy in my Heart.  Meeting GianPaolo felt like it was yesterday we met last time. Such a thrill beyond words. He showed me around the beautiful studio full of objects from his travels and life in the Caribbean. A different studio than the one I knew, only the lights were the same, his photo lights. And then he took me to a big table in the photo studio itself, one side of it covered with prints of me. “These are all the original prints I have from our work together in the 70s. Take what you want Ingmari”. My heart at that point was so overfilled I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. Years pass and everyday, every moment is filled with new life, the work I did back then is not something I think of most of the time but right there, right then it just hit me with all the memories and this absolutely unexpected generous gift. No one has ever given me a gift like this before and I was totally humbled. By the man, my friend that I had spent so much precious working time together with and by the gift he just offered me. I didn´t know where to put all my emotions at that moment but felt like a glowing ball of gratitude. We had lunch, we spoke, we were in this moment of grace…then Emanuele took some pictures of us together. We looked at the photos that were going to an exhibition in Moscow and all his books. There are photos of me in four of them that he also gave as a gift. I didn´t even know they existed. After making my choice of prints Gian Paolo made a packeting for them and after great future plans and warm farewells they both followed me to the street entrance. In the taxi came the tears and I just let them flow from the source in my heart.  Now it´s time to make visions come to reality!


the dias on the light table show how precise the body movements were. It looks easy but it was quite some twisting and bending into position.


studio sitting room


wooden sculptures and objects from his life journeys


shells and snakeskins


the outdoors



pictures ready for a big exhibition. May the next one be in Stockholm! This one from the series Tahitian tattoos.


humour and excellence


GianPaolo making a cover for my pictures

P1040170 P1040179 P1040180 P1040178 P1040190



then sits down to sign the books he gave me



P1040211 P1040205

a great giver, a wonderful man


See you next time…very soon my friends.

Photo story: Ingmari Lamy

All photoprints in the story: GianPaolo Barbiero

Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Livsstil, Mode, Skönhet

Gianpaolo Barbieri and I…

I will not be able to attend but maybe you will! I so wish I could! We met again, me and Gian Paolo after 40 years almost and it was the most precious meeting. GianPaolo and I worked a lot together in the early 70s, mostly in his studio in Milan, for Italian Vogue. I love him so much. He is a true generous being. Now exhibiting in Moscow at the Multimedia Art Museum, opening today. As I visited his Studio in Milan dec -14 he had set up the light to take these portraits of us. Then he took a portrait of me and his assistant Emmanuelle. More about our meeting coming up soon. insert invitation f&s.qxdSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
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