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The most beautiful day…

I love working adventures! And this was a real one, with sunshine in the archipelago, a whole lot and  good mix of creative people from France, England, Sweden and Germany…some a good mix of backgrounds in themselves…I love it! Proffesional, heart full, creative! Best best photographer  Stefan Heinrichs, who was present and dynamic in a way I have not met since Bob Richardson  and early 70s. And then  working with superbest model Frida Gustavsson. I found out that Frida was the one who asked for me to be in the photo shoot. She was the star and only model of the 50 page story. I feel so happy and honoured by that! Because she is the best, sweetest model ever. We had a moment on set together which was far beyond fashion. A deep love moment that left us both amazed. I love this girl, this tall immense beauty! I totally fell in love with her…heart to heart. This is all I will tell about this day for now, more will come in september when it`s not a secret any more.


After an hour and a little more in a van going north we arrived by the Baltic sea and were fetched in a small boat…


Helin Honung was with us, she is also doing a blog for Rodeo and we had never met before so that was great to meet her as well


as I came ashore on the little island, I was met by some images, here some prop for photos


I walked on a discovery tour and far back in the garden was the studio, a photo studio outdoors


Stefan, in all kinds of positions, taking photos of…

_DSC7888Frida who was posing with lightness and ease. We met in a hug after the shoot.

_DSC7907Hair and make up team Cynthia Baligan and  Philippe Baligan, a couple since 18 years (if my memory serves me well), wonderful beings and great talents

_DSC7908mesmerizing surroundings


all these flowers


and more props


Cynthia in a working mood


Young handsome men, looking like a painting by Nils Dardel


enjoying the sun and each other. Helin was also there


And Alma. We met for the first time as well…


Frida before a shoot all ready to go ( I think I can share this, I hope so)




Stefan and the team looking at my mini history of pictures


and all this green and all these flowers, a paradise world all around us and joy within


joyful lunch hangout with many story tellings




getting fixed for the camera


Frida hanging out talking with me. Having a moment free while I get fixed


She is soo sweet! Can you see?  So natural and heart full!


All around things going on all the time

_DSC8066 I`m on set for a portrait

_DSC8071Crouching down, moving around, giving it all. What a great day! And it continued with sauna and a swim, then dinner, fresh fish from the neighbour and a rare glass of red wine, before the sun set and I was driven back home. Blessed  blessed blessed!

Photos: Ingmari Lamy and the crew


Ingmari Lamy

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Back to the -70s…

Look at this shirt collar! I found it large even back then! Loved the knitted sweater and cardigan! Really loved the day of photo shooting in Richmond park,London, with photographer Terence Donovan (help me if the name is wrong). We only worked once but the way he just let me be myself, at a time when fashion and photo shoots were very highly styled, was so relaxing and wonderful. Loving to just BE in nature, with my back against this tree.  All together the best kind of working day and a memorable moment.



Ingmari Lamy

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A good hair day…

Since I let my hair be white, as it was, I have kept the hair from my hairbrush every day, sort of keeping my wisdom hair…to do something with it…honouring my age. The occasion showed up as I did a story for ODALISQUE magazine  where I was invited to co- create the styling, make up and hair. The night before the photo session I remembered my hair which was kept in a special drawer, took it out and washed it. It turned out to be a beautiful ritual with many memories from my life, like when I decided to stop colouring my hair and be a natural. Not knowing how the hair would turn out washed, I was to my surprise finding it looking like woollen balls, it had it`s very own life and expression which once washed I could not interfere with. I brought it with me to the photo shoot and although the others looked a bit strange at it, I asked  permission to put it on for one picture. I liked it a lot. This photo was never part of the story so I want it to have it`s own story here. The dress is from Marimekko.The place is Storholmen where I used to live. READ THE STORY HERE


photo: Sandra Myhrberg

Ingmari Lamy

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Everyday choices are what makes the body structure of your life…so choose the good, always the most good and know that it is your choice also to do good. Today time seems short to me for all my projects to be…so help me choose one of these pictures by MAGNUS FOND that he took of me a beautiful sunny day. To be printed!

Kontaktkarta II-001MFond


photo: Magnus Fond 

Ingmari Lamy

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Michele Lamy`s story…

She has a name of her own, Michele Lamy, the wife and muse of Rick Owens. The first designer garments he made were made specially for her and here she tells the story of a dress that was lost… She is definitely his all in all inspiration and muse. Now she does the furniture line for the brand. She`s the only woman I´ve ever seen with golden teeth. She`s intriguing and interesting. We had a moment after lunch sharing about our lives. I truly wish we could have stayed longer since we were just beginning to share some of our life passions when we were called back on set to tell our stories. Listen to her story about the ghost Indian dress here at 38 min


Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
Instagram: ingmarilamy
Photo of me for the SaintLaurent perfume Rive Gauche that was running for 5 years early 70s. This photo was posted by @olivierchatenet who found it. The photographer is the great GianPaolo Barbieri @gian.paolo.barbieri to whom I owe a lot of my 70s best work, a lot for Italian Vogue. His grand exhibit opened in Moscow last night. Wish I'd been there. So much love to you Gian Paolo. Thank you thank you thank you. #love #life #fashion #beauty#feminine #stlaurent#perfume#rivegauche#lovethebeautyofitall