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I´m so sorry it´s taken me soooo long to get this article down. I got so sick right at that time after seeing the movie and stayed immobile for ten days…then travelling,working and just…unable to write. This movie is bigger than my words and that´s how it is. I had an amazing moment with Celine Sciamma and  I´m moved by how she´s been able to  capture the feeling of a community of black people living in the suburbs of Paris, with such an understanding of how they feel and what they are confronted with. The beauty of the movie goes way beyond the colour of skin. GIRLHOOD YouTube Preview Image took the price for best movie during the Stockholm Film Festival this year. The theme for the whole festival was HOPE. I was very honoured to have an interview with director Celine Sciamma  over a cup of tea at Berns veranda during the festival. We spoke french. It was my first interview ever and it was so interesting to actually get to speak to the creator of all the personalities in the movie. Understanding first of all that it is a creation. MARIEME is the girl. A black girl.  What happens to her? We se her playing soccer and  being good at it. We see her being in love with a young  boy, taking a detour on her way home just to see him. We see her  shrugging away from her big brother who is the dominant male figure in the family and we see the friendship with her young sister, the two of them holding hands as they go to sleep. And we see them taking care of their little sister while their mum works non stop cleaning in a hotel. We see gang fights between girls, shoplifting, dancing, sweet friendships …and so much more. This is a movie where all leading roles are black and that gave me flashbacks to a time when I was deeply in love with a black musician and went on tour with him and the group he played with, during 10 intense summer days. I spent all my days, evenings and nights emerged in the blackness of skin colour and felt so totally black myself. The special quality of the people, their music and culture, the way they move, express emotions, laugh…It is a time I remember with much gratitude and this time spent with them made me realise even deeper the illusion of skin colour. And yet the skin colour has been and still is such a major reason in the  differences of upbringing, culture, lifestyle and how people have been treated. So we spoke a bit about this, me and Celine  and why she choose to make a movie grounded in the black culture. She said ”it´s reflecting the french youth of today, their context of life and living in the suburbs of Paris. The sexism. ”Mysogenie” The secret more hidden levels and the more official ones”. We spoke about the theme of the festival. HOPE. And I asked her what she sees as hopeful where apparently it is not showing so much hope. Celine said that ”the hope is in the REFUSAL. Marieme refuses everything! She refuses the conditions that are set for her culturally, socially. That´s very COURAGEOUS! The HOPE is in the NO, in the courage to say no, in the courage to go her own way. It is a film where the women are strong and fight for their right to be free. The men are more like figures than personalities”. She believes in the movies as a media, believes in the pleasure of being a spectator taken on a journey and how to guide that journey towards insights. There is HOPE in inventing a form and beauty. We talk about how the movie ends and we as spectators are left with ”INQUIETUDE”, worry. What will happen to Marieme? Celine says that ”you worry about the people you love and that is the meaning. To feel the love. To care about someone”. We also know that she will be ok, because her strong decisions sofar have taken her to a place where she can only go forward. Celine grew up in the suburbs of Pontoise outside Paris and has good memories from there. it was not a difficult place to live in. Very socially and culturally mixed. A lot of emotions and aliveness. Her description made me want to go there. Next time I´m in Paris I will! We talked about feminism and I said that for me it is all inclusive and can not exclude men as it did so often in the 70s. And Celine said that she is a ”Feministe of TODAY! That men should not have to be afraid either. It´s not about VENGEANCE, it´s a progress for EVERYONE”. There I´m with her. Women, men, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, friends and lovers. Black and white. All the same rights. P1030804 P1030805 P1030803P1030800P1030805YouTube Preview Image



Ingmari Lamy

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Me, Barbieri and Uma Thurman…

A few days ago I met Uma Thurman  a woman who´s beauty always touched me somehow. I´m not the kind to have star idols though. I meet the people I meet and make personal connections. I love these personal connections, sometimes it´s a cab driver, sometimes it´s someone on the street and sometimes it´s a ”star”. We are all humans and as humans we have this love connections with each other. But with Uma…! It has always been special! I have been told a numerous times that I´m a look alike Uma thurman in my old photos. That is when I was 20 and she was not yet born. So I was curious to see if this woman had anything I could recognise myself in, between 20-40 years ago. She enters the room at the press conference, the first time I see her and I thought ” this is nothing like me, this is a super intelligent, high energy woman and she has this incredible facial bone structure that is nothing like mine”. I felt very neutral about the first meeting. Just listening. A press conference is like a very neutral situation. And then I asked a rather stupid question in the context: ” what is the difference between being in a role as an actress and to be in front of the camera as a model”? I expected kind of an answer like ”it´s from the same SOURCE just different expressions” but she was like ” in front of the camera it´s just a click…”! Afterwards I really got what she meant. I really got that acting is a whole other profession and skill. To play a role, get into the personality of a person, IS different than being in front of the camera.Then I went about my life, met a man outside the conference whom I spent a sweet moment talking to and he is the one who shared this video, thank you Rodrigo Rivas Ruiz . In the evening I went to Face2Face with Uma and THAT was something else. I was totally taken in by her…and her acting in Kill Bill 1 & 2 by Tarantino…more to follow…

GPB_FAC_Artificial_049Photo of me by: Gian Paolo Barbieri for Italian Vogue early 70s

Ingmari Lamy

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Horst, Chanel, Barbier and I…

I was recently in London doing a photo shoot for &other stories. I stayed a day extra, saw some dear friends and together we went to a wonderful photo exhibition by Horst…at the V&A museum. Stunned I stood in front of a picture of Chanel, the grand lady of fashion and realised that I had interpreted that same photo with the photographer GianPaolo Barbieri, early 70s for Italian Vogue. I didn`t know it at that time but what I do remember is the precision of the shoot, how he directed the exact position of my hands and body. It was taken to perfection! Then I was free to express myself through the eyes and the face. It gives an extra dimension to this photograph now to have interpreted the iconic Chanel herself, by Horst. It is an exhibition to go and see. Definitely! Master photographer. And so is Barbieri, still working. I´d love to work with him again today.



Photo: Top: Gian Paolo Barbieri. Bottom: Horst

Ingmari Lamy

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Wild pearl passion…

Put me in a lot of real pearls in black transparent silky tights and i go wild…passionate playful body reaction. I remember this total moment doing a photo shoot for Åsa Skogberg, No No jewlery, with photographer Max Brouwers. As a model I don´t always have to show my face. The essence is in moving with the inspiration of the moment, and right then it was happening.

P1110129 P1110130 P1110131 P1110132



Photo: Max Brouwers (from contact sheet)

Ingmari Lamy

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Always so much more…

When I look at the time given every day there is always so much more that wants to be done. Always…! Then this always feeling falls into a content feeling. Gratitude! Gratitude for the day! Gratitude for the moments! Gratitude for life! For the beauty of it all. Every breath filled with passion! Life! Always a new breath. Life! Every moment new… And since I don`t have time right now to make a new selection out of all the thousands of pictures I´ve got to make a good story here, I just say ”Hi, here I am in this moment of time”. Life! Gratitude! Smiling from my heart to you… By the way, I´m in London working right now! Having a wonderful time.


Photo: Tina Axelsson 2013. I LOVE Tina. She´s the best ever being and great photographer to work with. She also took the picture of me above, on my headline.





Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
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