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The Vestoj Storytelling event…

OH MY…the videos from the storytelling is out! They were only REHEARSAL from the day before and I didn`t know my story by heart by then, even less how to improvise with it…and WHAT am I doing with my hands! ANYWAY enjoy all the storytellers! The day before, not all the sets were done and…I promise MY story was so much better the next day, when I could share it without the notes, after a whole night of practise, part of that in a bathtub where I fell asleep practising. I loved to be part of it.

Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Kultur, Livsstil, Reportage

JC de Castelbajac

Participating in life. Being your own unique life, meeting other unique lives and the moment you get to share together, is true participation. I had the extreme joy of meeting so many beautiful beings, all unique…and some of their unique stories at the fondation d`enterprise Galleries Lafayette. Here a little taste of JC de CASTELBAJAC. He is this very colourful fashion designer with his own shows since years and years, I don`t know how many…and this is his PASSION, to crayon draw on walls, so he walks around Paris and wherever he is, with his chalks, and leaves angels behind. They are all over…This was just before the event, where we both participated, just on the courtyard outside my room. I looked out and there he was in full action…and as we spoke he included me, our friends in common Anthony and Coralie and also Kenzo of course…


a courtyard and a wall


a man , his passion and his chalks


drawing angels


sharing a moment ”we have common friends” ”who?” ”Anthony and Coralie” ”great people..!” and oops they`re on the wall


as we speak


Anthony and Coralie


Anthony+ Coralie

_DSC5469Anthony? Coralie. I love this people. I first met Anthony backstage at the Dries van Noten show this march and loved the jewellery he had around his neck, a gold popcorn, it turned out him and his girlfriend Coralie make them, METAMORPHOSE they call them, from blue corn seeds that they metamorphose. So I immediately ordered one for Kenzos 75th birthday, since I had a vision of a golden pearl, it became a corn instead. And then of course I met Anthony again and the next day Anthony and Coralie at cafe Merci where we sat for hours talking about inner and outer life, spirit and matter. So now we are friends and I love them and love to hang out with them. They both work creatively with a fashion brand…and so it goes…unique meetings…and new creations


like this new but old meeting with Jean Charles


drawing angels and fairy wolves


and me Ingmari 5.4.14


I LOVE the drawing of me, angel with a peace dove on my head holding a heart in its beak


”right on Ingmari” ”Voila!”


the wall completed. What a perfect wall to draw on, it was just waiting for it`s master to arrive and create the next perfect expression of participation in life


then we spoke about our other friend in common…KENZO…and there he was on the heating system


it was in 1967 they met. I met Kenzo a year later


at the end of the day, resting by my angel in the sun, after a full intense day performing my story inside


the sky is blue,the air is warm, time for a walk to one of my favourite gardens…gratitude

photos: Ingmari Lamy

Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Livsstil, Mode, Reportage, Skönhet

Storytelling…my story

Again at the fondation d`enterprise Gallery Lafayette event…I came there prepared but thinking ”no way I could remember the whole story by heart”. I had a few support words in my modelling book where I also had the photos by Bob Richardson that were the base of my story. It did go very well. I did have the story in my heart and could tell it in the presence of the moment itself. I felt it to be alive. The listeners were touched they told me and I could tell as well. This is just one story of many from my life as a model. Many more to follow…


The scenography in my storytelling space, was made by David (his last name?) representing my first little studio where I lived in Paris 67-68, a beautiful place.


telling the story, being in the emotion and the presence of the moment…


to a group of 30-40 listeners each time/ 6 times during the day/ the story becoming more vivid each time it was told, having it`s own life…


From my ELITE models book, the pictures by BOB RICHARDSON. read the whole story HERE





Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Livsstil, Mode, Reportage, Skönhet

Storytelling…the beginning

My story to tell started with a meeting in the square du Temple with Anja Cronberg, an early march day, bursting with spring. Anja is the founder of the unique investigating fashion journal VESTOJ and a friend of mine. She had asked me to be 1 of 7 storytellers at an event for the  Fondation d`Entreprise Galleries Lafayette, a new platform for artists and art/fashion expressions in Le Marais. A full day of storytelling by people all connected to fashion, each one telling a personal story based on a garment, not the garment itself but the story related to it. On our first meeting I was sure about my garment…a poncho in cashmere by TSUMORI CHISATO…and my story…that I have practically lived in it for several years, wearing it`s elegance to parties, using it as a  blanket wherever I would sleep and wrapping my naked body in it after a warm summer swim in a swedish forest lake…THAT was not my story! The two hours spent with Anja on a bench in the Square du Temple, revealed a totally different story, a story from far back, my first fashion story and the year 1967…my first meeting with the photographer Bob Richardson and our first shoot together. I was deeply moved by the feelings this memory brought up in me…and as I took a walk through le Marais down to l`Isle St Louis and sat down there at the quai, took off my shoes and rolled up my trousers to give my legs some sunshine, the story revealed itself to me clearly and the brown paper bag I had brought my pick nick in, had to serve as my writing paper. An hour later it was done and as I walked away from my place of inspiration among the fellow sunlovers, I felt good. The next day when I met Anja again and read her the story, in the same park on the same bench as the day before, she was thrilled…YES! THIS is the story! After 3 weeks home in Stockholm I was back in Paris…STORYTELLING.


Paris beginning of march


Anja, I just love her face


she has such intelligent listening and asking questions that reveals hidden memories


Oh, I love Paris

_DSC5183Our storytelling bench…me in my poncho by Tsumori…another story to be told

Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Livsstil, Skönhet

In between…moments of magic

I`m having such a magic time in both sorrow and joy filled moments and one way to share this is with this perfection of impossible yet possible co- creation of life  which is so much greater than we can ever imagine

Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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