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In between…moments of magic

I`m having such a magic time in both sorrow and joy filled moments and one way to share this is with this perfection of impossible yet possible co- creation of life  which is so much greater than we can ever imagine

Ingmari Lamy

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This is the story I told at the VESTOJ event, by Anja Aronowsky Cronberg for la fondation d`entreprise Gallerie lafayette. Of course it was something else when told but I still like to share it with you:

I like to share with you a moment of fashion, which was in fact my very first, the meeting with the iconic photographer Bob Richardson and our first shooting together. Our path crossed and our first glance at each other, an intense moment, took place the first time I was brought into a model agency in Paris. He booked me there and then for a job in London, the following week, for the magazine Harpers Queen. I was 19. At that time, when I was discovered, I was visiting Paris, together with my boyfriend, before I would start art school in Stockholm. My boyfriend went home alone. I stayed. It was my first time in Paris and a week later my first time in London.

As I walked into the studio there was an air of mystery, very silent but at the same time tense, not a bad tension, a deep concentrated tension (as there can be moments before something important is about to happen). Bob was there and his wife Norma. There was also a smaller crew but more in the background. The clothes were specially selected, a fashion take on sport, very androgynous, body tight suits, overalls…the kind used for fensing, equistry, aviation…for instance an overall in brown leather with a tight belt


an all black suite with a bowl hat


and a white fensing suit.


All felt very much like wearing a second skin, being restrained in a second skin but at the same time that was adding to the mystery. Nothing fashionable at all, more a feeling for the story…

The photo session…it was like meeting a lover, through the intermedia of the camera and the clothes. I would feel the presence of the clothes on my body, their body tightness and qualities of cotton, wool, leather…I felt the beauty of them, the dramatical, unusual style…and my make up was dramatically black around the eyes. More than anything I could feel his presence, the touch of his eyes, the touch of his hands as he was guiding me to be the peace of art he was creating, and eventually we were creating together. It was electric…and he hung his own jewellery around my neck…a very intimate gesture.

This erotic moment…it was…an erotic moment, very deeply sensual, not at all vulgar…it was an energy moving between us, between artist and model, creating. I did not feel shy although all of this was new to me. I felt guided and held in this moment of ecstasy where it was safe to express something from deep within, a dept I´d only known between lovers before.

As Bob guided me I came deeper and deeper into this feeling, this abandonment of the personality and the opening up of something else, something like a secret space. And it was not personal. At the same time it was deeply personal as he kept guiding me how to move in the clothes, crouching down, opening my body to express that emotion and movement. I was taken by him,  although I never saw him as a man. It was a pure moment of creation.

I knew then the secret of modelling, the giving not just of my face but of something else. How to open inside, the inner nature of the body, through the sex, through the belly, the heart, the throat…eyes… and to let the mind go free. The clothes were holding me, he was holding me, the room was holding me and when he wet my hair with water and said ”and now cry”, I cried, tears wetting my eyes, rolling down my cheeks.


I had just experienced my first moment of fashion, a surrender so deep that the clothes were something I felt but not of importance at all, I was carried beyond me to something I knew, another dimension and I was moved, deeply moved.Many times followed working with Bob during a time span of a year or two…we never met privately but one day, a few days after he had booked me, as the only model, to do the whole collections for french Vogue, he called me, said it was urgent, then came to see me and told me he had left his wife and wanted to live with me. That he loved me. I was not at all prepared for that, for me our relationship was professional, in this deep way, still professional.

He cancelled the whole collections and I never saw him again. As a young model I was devastated, to model the collections for Vogue was the most prestigious thing one could do…as a young woman I was not ready to meet that emotion. Today I would have done it very differently. Remembering this I feel so much gratitude to the moments we share together.

Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Livsstil, Mode, Reportage, Skönhet

”and now cry..”

…And when he wet my hair with water and said ”and now cry” I cried, tears wetting my eyes, rolling down my cheeks…


Iconic photographer Bob Richardsson to me as we did a shoot for harpers Queen 1966…part of a talk I will have tomorrow in Paris at the Fondation Galleries Lafayette, a totally new event venue, an event imagined and curated by Anja Cronenberg, founder of Vestoj. The complete story will follow…

Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Livsstil, Mode, Skönhet

More Lowe…

We did a video as well…I`m looking forward to see it. It was against white background in white Ts so all we will see is the jewellery and our faces.


DSC_0963DSC_0961DSC_0960to be continued…

Ingmari Lamy

Inspiration, Livsstil, Mode, Reportage, Skönhet

Love Lowe London…

I LOVE to document with my camera. And I Love to do the blog. I really LOVE it and feel I have much to share, I just can not do it every day! So I do it my way!  London was january 25. I already shared the photos we did for jewellery designer Michelle Lowe-Holder that day and here comes ”behind the scene”. As soon as I walk in on a job shoot like this one where I`m the only model, all the attention is on me and all MY attention is on everyone in the room. So here I was relating to 8 women of different ages, with the intention to give them the best of me, some of my history that might inspire the younger ones to dare to go their own way, my face and presence to the camera and my presence to everything. I`m in this job to share everything I`ve got to inspire everyone to get a real connection to their self worth and to know their mission in life. To know that they are important and have a true, real beauty. Beyond the pictures.That is part of my mission. I love giving back to life as a creative gift in whatever way it may be. My feeling at the end of the day was really good and full of gratitude. I know they felt that way too. I LOVE that and… I LOVE London…

DSC_0902Arriving at the studioDSC_0905the first star is little Phoebe…DSC_0910a precious beauty with much integrity.DSC_0911I had to get a picture with the two of us…DSC_0913exactly 60 lifetime years between us. The ageing skin of mine I find beautiful next to her untouched skin.DSC_0925I`ll try not to show my tits. I have some amazing photos where I`m more naked  but decided not to…DSC_0939One shoot after another. Entering magic inner space5 (2)The choiceDSC_0944Michelle Lowe-Holder, the jewellery designer and make up artist Hannah LockeDSC_0951Polly checking out what we`ve done so farDSC_0965we both liked this6.cthe choice

DSC_0980End of day. Thank you

Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari Lamy
Ingmari är modell och konstnär samt håller i events och kurser i inre skönhet. Hon har varit omslagsmodell för magasin som Harper's Bazaar och Vouge, jobbat med fotografer som Bob Richardson, David Bailey och Gil Bensimon och gått visningar för Jeal-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto och Kenzo. Här delar hon med sig av anekdoter från förr och inblickar i de projekt hon driver idag.
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