För precis ett år sedan satt jag på ett flygplan och blickade ut över molnen. Jag var helt slut efter ett hektiskt arbetsår och såg fram emot den tre veckor långa semestern. Familjesemester. Till och med mormor fick åka med.

Almost exactly one year ago I was on a plane, looking out of the window at the clouds. I was exhausted after a hard year of work and was looking forward to the 3 week trip. A family trip. Even grandmother was with us.

Destination was US and first stop New York.

After a few days we flew to Denver where we headed towards the Rocky Mountains.

Second stop on our roadtrip was South Dakota where we climbed the highest peak to enjoy the view.

We said hello to our friends, the Buffalos... well as the presidents at Mount Rushmore.

After a long day of driving we came to the national park Yellowstone.

I was impressed by the power of nature.

The air was thin and the smell of sulfur didn't make my headache any better, but oh so beautiful!

I was stunned by the hot springs in the sulfur grounds in Yellowstone. I wanted to stay there forever.


After a few weeks we came to Kanab, Utah. The typical western village.

We went hiking in Zion and met many of theese.

We went south again, to Page in Arizona. There we where dazed by the Colorado rivers "Horse Shoe Bend".

We took a day of and spent it by the Colorado river, devoted to water sports.

Even grandma went jet skiing.

South again, my first sight of Grand Canyon.

Hiking in the heat, down towards the Colorado river in Grand Canyon.

After 2 hours of hiking we reach our goal, what we didn't know was that we were facing 3 hours of the worst hike evere to get back in the heat.

Totally exhausted after the 5-hour hike we watched the sunset over Grand Canyon and all pains just disappeared.

We were close to the end when we stopped by the Hoover dam.

After a day in Vegas it was time to fly back home again.

Det är inte svårt att säga att det var den bästa resan jag gjort. Natur-nörd som jag är så måste jag säga att det var helt enastående. Väl hemma igen var jag uppe i det blå flera månade efteråt. Vad jag inte visste då var att det här bara var en början…

No doubt that this was the best trip I’ve ever done. Nerd for the nature, I can only say that this was outstanding. I was walking on clouds several months afterwards. What I didn’t know by then was that this was only a start…




  1. Sheila writes

    Jättefina bilder! :)
    Kika gärna in på din mail, har skickat ett litet mail.

    Ha det fint!


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