Strawberry Suede

Today I’m wearing the light red lipstick that you all seemed to like in this blog post! Natural eyes, strong brows and much focus on the skin. And to do another blog post reference, I used all three Pürminerals Rocks on my cheeks.




  • Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer – Porcelain
  • Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Flexible Cover Concealer – Vanilla
  • Meow Cosmetics “Purrrfect” Mineral Foundation – 1-Sleek Bengal
  • Too Faced Chocolate Matte Bronzing Powder – Milk Chocolate
  • Pürminerals Exotic Rocks – Hot Rocks, Glow Rocks, Lava Rocks
  • Meow Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow – Prophecy (for highlight)


  • MAC Eyeshadow – Mystery
  • Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel


  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Liner
  • Illamasqua Medium Pencil – Vow
  • Meow Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow – Prophecy
  • Lotus Organic Mascara – Brown


  • Revlon Matte Lipstick – Strawberry Suede
Viola, Killer Colours
  1. Isabell writes

    oj jävla vad vacker du är! *-*


  2. Dess - Drömteori writes

    Du har gjort ett utmärkt jobb med att se solkysst ut iaf, ser ut som att du varit på playan hela veckan!


  3. Malin writes

    Ååååh, vad bra du passade i det där läppstiftet!


  4. Malin writes

    Hur applicerar du läppstift förresten? Gör du det bara direkt från tuben utan primer eller nånting? Jag har en massa läppstift som jag vill använda men jag kan inte applicera det så att det ser normalt ut.. O.O Help me!


  5. Sue writes

    what can I say? You look beautiful, specially the skin :) Take care!


  6. Ann writes

    What did you do with your hair? Looks lovely :)


  7. Louise writes

    Du är så sjukt vacker! :)


  8. Pearl Squirrel writes

    I love the look of your skin! And that hairdo is really pretty on you :)


  9. Bria writes

    You’re so gorgeous. ♥


  10. Caroline - Carros Beauty writes

    Du ser riktigt sommarfräsh ut, annat gör jag som är äcklig och sjuk haha


  11. Constanze writes

    Beautiful look! Strawberry Suede is an amazing colour, love it! ♥


  12. Johanna writes

    Jag är helt glåmig och tråkig i hyn och skulle hemskt hemskt gärna vilja att du gjorde någon slags tutorial på det där :D (‘ven fast du kanske inte göra det så ofta) Så himla fint!


  13. Jen writes

    What a pretty look! The bronze cheeks and bright lips just scream summer! And that lipstick shade suits you so well… Well done :)


  14. Samiha writes

    You have the most perfect face!! You should be banned from being sooooo, freaking beautiful!!!


  15. Blowfish writes

    Du är så vacker Viola! :) Och talangfull.


  16. Linnea writes

    Jag blir alltid så sugen på att köpa läppstift när jag kollar din blogg!
    “Vill ha ett sånt där!” varje gång;)


  17. Mia writes

    ursnyggt! =)
    Gillar verkligen färgen på läpparna!


  18. Phyrra writes

    I love this lipstick. This was the first lipstick I wore after I got my labret pierced.


  19. Ra writes

    Impeccable! What is the blush?


  20. Tess writes

    wow you look so beautiful! I always love your looks, but this one is just perfect!


  21. Isabela (Fusels) writes

    You look so tan and your new(ish?) brown hair colour suits it so well!

    Gorgeous :)


  22. Jessica writes

    Åh, så snyggt! Läppstiftet ser ut att vara i en perfekt sommarnyans!


  23. mafi writes

    The lippie color really compliments your skin tone.


  24. Alimonia writes

    The skin is wow :-)


  25. Maria writes

    Beautiful! Love the lip color;-)


  26. Nagini writes

    Your skin looks a-mazing!


  27. Nina Irojiro writes

    Wow! Du ser fantastisk ut! :O


  28. Cupcake writes

    Love your eyebrows


  29. Ingunn writes

    Woah! Beauty! *.*


  30. Charlie writes

    Gorgeous as always!


  31. Alyssa Grace writes

    omg i love this color !! i have to pick up this lipstick.


  32. linnéa writes

    så jädra snygg läppfärg alltså, åh vill ha.


  33. bella writes

    o jag som undrade hur den rödbruna purmineralsen skulle se ut, ser väldigt fint ut! :)


  34. Dari writes

    This lipstick is gorgeous! I’ll buy it because I fell in love! Congratulations on the blog, follow him for some time now and it’s wonderful!


  35. Voodoo Blonde writes

    love the color on you and I think this is your best look ever.
    but doest Revlon test its product on animals? I have hear somewhere that they do, but I’m not sure. I have a bunch of their Matt Lipstick which I love but I’d have to stopp using and buying them if they test. you don’t use animal tested makeup, right? do you know the info about Revlon? thanks for the answer in advance :)


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