I’m alive!

Hej hej! Känns som tusen år sedan jag skrev någonting här (tre dagar egentligen. jisses..) på grund av tidsinställda inlägg, just nu jobbar jag på att ta vara på väder och sällskap, och har därmed inte varit sådär superhaj på att blogga. Inte på att sminka mig heller för den delen. 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation från Pürminerals, bronzern Midsommar från Idun Minerals och rouget Orgasm från Nars har tjänat, och det var typ det!

Kort sagt ville jag väl bara säga hej, och att jag hoppas att ni står ut med en blogg som är light på sminkningar just nu. Ikväll eller imorgon kommer en video med min smink+parfym+nagellacksförvaring upp, hoppas ni gillar’t!


Hi there! It feels like a thousand years since I wrote here (three days to be honest. oh gosh..) because my last posts have been scheduled, right now I’m working on taking advantage of weather and company, so I haven’t been too interested in blogging. Not in doing interesting makeup for that sake either, Pürminerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation, Idun Minerals Midsommar Bronzer and NARS Blush in Orgasm have been my friends, and that’s about it!

In all I just wanted to dive in and say hi, and that I hope you’re okay with a blog that’s light on the makeup looks right now. Within a day I’ll have a video up where I show my makeup+perfume+nail polish collection, I hope you’ll like it!


Viola, Killer Colours
  1. Mamman writes



  2. Michou writes

    Never feel the need to apologize! You always provide such great posts, information and wonderful, creative looks. Hope you enjoy the summer with you friends, and hope to see you back soon!


  3. Marion writes

    Good to see how you look like almost without makeup ^^ You’re beautiful as always =)
    xxx <3


  4. Raquel writes

    ohhh freckles!! <3


  5. Johanna/Baraneon writes

    Wow, du är sinnessjukt vacker!


  6. VainGlorySinner writes

    I cant wait to see your collection video’s, I’ll be looking forward to it very much! Have fun soaking up the sun! xxx


  7. Hanna writes

    Snälla söta rara Viola, kan inte du göra en tutorial på hur du gör “tippar” längst ut på nageln?


  8. Sue writes

    I know how you feel! Relax :)


  9. Phyrra writes

    Enjoy your company :)


  10. Katariina writes

    Greetings from a reader from Finland! I was wondering/wishing if you could do a post on all your Lumene products! I would love to see what you have bought and loved/hated from our finnish brand! I would LOVELOVELOVE to read a post like that! So if you have time that would be great!

    Love your blog and your videos!


  11. Alexandra writes

    Your skin is the most amazing skin i’ve ever seen. Waw. You’re so handsome! :) Enjoy the weather, lovely!


  12. Charlotta writes

    Klart att du också ska ha semester! :D


  13. Quatrine writes

    Yahoo! I have some of your brushes!!!! Yes, I’m the best!!!! (sorry: it’s my birthday, I’am so coooool!)


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