What is your favourite makeup look of all time?

Just like the title says, what kind of look do you love the most? On yourself or on other people.

My answer: Metallic smokey eyes or dark lips and soft eyes, I can’t pick!


Links to the blog posts about the looks: Left, right

Viola, Killer Colours
  1. Simge writes

    Left one is more wearable, I think.


  2. Dess - Drömteori writes

    Jag är också mycket förtjust i metalliska sotningar, gärna blanda silver/stålgrå/lila, det smickrar min ögonfärg. Egentligen är dock min absoluta favorit matta röda läppar med ganska enkla ögon, men jag är för lat för att bära det särskilt ofta…


  3. Isabel writes

    On you definitely bright lips, like the second one! On myself I prefer a kind of “crazy” smokey eye look and on the rest of face something more natural.


  4. Ana writes



  5. Valens writes

    I prefer the left look.
    I usually point on my eye look, even if I like lipstick… since my smile isn’t perfect I wont see my lipcolour glued on my teeth
    eheheh :D


  6. Lisa writes

    Eftersom jag inte tycker att jag själv passar i mörka läppar så väljer jag sotade ögon. Men mörka läppar kan va sjukt snyggt på andra!


  7. Pearl Squirrel writes

    I can’t really pick, so i’d choose dark lips with metalic smokey eyes in one look. Sure it would be a bold look, but awesome too!


  8. Miriam writes

    I love dark lipstick but it absolutely work best on fuller lips like yours! On myself I love a metallic smokey eye as well, only I do it in brown-bronzey-tones to make my eyes pop. :)


  9. Eileen writes

    cat eye!!!! it’s simple and fierce, you can’t go wrong (:


  10. Sofie writes

    Gråa, mörka metalliska sotningar med ljusa/rosa läppar, känner mig alltid extremt snygg i det!


  11. Anna writes

    En tunn men välgjord bas med mycket lyster, rosa-rosiga kinder, mjuka röda eller rosa toner på läpparna, ett par naturliga men välvårdade ögonbryn och enkel ögon-makeup, mascara och eventuellt en diskret penna eller skugga för lite definition. Det är den enda looken jag verkligen trivs i och som väl egentligen klär alla. Dock kan de flesta looker vara snygga på rätt person, älskar dina sminkningar men skulle aldrig kunna bära de själv.


  12. Q writes

    I prefer more neutral eyes on myself. But instead of using a black liner, I’ll use a colored liner or something to keep it from getting boring. But just for fun, I also really love doing cut-creases. I love seeing more theatrical or editorial looks on others or something vibrant!


  13. Jen writes

    Both of these looks are great on you! They bring out different features and evoke different moods, but they both suit you well!

    My favourite look (and one I go for often) is neutral/warm contoured eyes, black winged liner, glowy cheeks, and vibrant lips. A close second would be dramatic coppery/bronze smokey eyes with soft, peachy lips. Totally depends on my mood! :)


  14. Isabell writes

    älskar båda men skulle gärna se en mörkare grå sotning på dig ;)


  15. Mia writes

    Sotade ögon :)


  16. Kim writes

    Nothing better then a bold lip!


  17. Polly writes

    Red Lips, definitely!
    I wear red lips pretty much every day :D
    And winged out liner also looks fabulous on anyone, I think.


  18. Snöfrid writes

    jag gillar alltid en klassisk 50′tals look a la marilyn monroe. men älskar att leka runt med vågad make up. Älskar att sminka mig med galna färger och experimentera. men till vardags brukar det få bli klassiska sminkningar m vingad eyeliner och matta läppar


  19. sellwins skönhetsblogg writes

    Svart sotning och ljusa läppar! Så snyggt.


  20. Frida writes

    Starka läppar och svaga ögon !


  21. Cherie writes

    Måste säga klassisk pin up make. Är en riktig sucker för det! Gärna variera läpparna i olika starka färger.


  22. Claire writes

    I love bright lips with minimal eye make up, such as Morange or Red Rose. I also do like soft brown smoky eyes !


  23. Jessica writes

    På dig, helt klart mörka läppstift! Jag älskar det på mig själv också men min absoluta favorit är solbränd bronzig hud, markerade ögonbryn, bara mascara vid ögonen och rödorange läppar, så underbart somrigt och fint.


  24. Nanethiel writes

    dark lips!!! looks amazing on you! :D


  25. AncalimA writes

    Left! Only left!!!


  26. Ra writes

    My favourite look from you is the mandarin lipstick and Illamasqua Lover blush one.. I think from March maybe?
    Generally I think pin-up make up is my favourite, followed by Victoria’s Secret show’s flirty make ups. But I don’t see pin-up make up as bright red lips and sharp eye liner. To me (Elvgren 50′s) pin-ups have a warm make up with reddish cheeks, red lips, long eyelashes a small flick of eyeliner… It’s not femme fatale but rather playful.


  27. Worshipblues writes

    The dark burned plummy lipstick is absolutely STUNNING on you!


  28. Bruna writes

    The right one! =D


  29. Liesbeth writes

    I love your soft smokey eye, wish I could make one that subtle. On myself I prefer soft smokey with a bright shimmery colour in the inner corner and centre of the eye. Soft lips and a natural-looking, slightly shaped face.


  30. Liesbeth writes

    Come to think of it, my all time favourite make up look that incorporates all those elements is simply the Audrey Hepburn look. Maybe not very exciting, but hard to get just right I find (especially if you want to skip the fake eyelashes!)


  31. Julie writes

    I was wondering – how many millimeters are your stretched ear? I’m having one myself, and I think your size is really pretty.




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