Ardell WildLash “Fun”

The perfect winter lashes! *flutter flutter*


Viola, Killer Colours
  1. Leather & Ice Cream writes

    The name says it all! Fun for Christmas :D



  2. Doreen writes

    I have these and I like them! Some of the glitter always comes off when I remove the lashes so I just use glitter eyeliner to add some more on.


  3. Mamman writes

    Oh no, vilka glammiga! :) De där skulle man ju lätt göra succé med på Ica Maxi, fniss.


  4. Honi writes

    Jag älskar såna här snyggingar! Tror jag måste kika in dessa :)


  5. Johanna writes

    Ohh så fina! Måste nog ha dem till jul och nyår i alla fall ;D


  6. Megan writes

    So pretty! Are you gonna do a look with these?


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