Vegan Swedish cinnamon buns with saffron, christmas style!

Det finns lussekatter och så finns det kanelbullar. Jag är mer förtjust i kanelbullar så jag gjorde en liten mix som passar perfekt till julen. Saffranskanelbullar! Veganska såklart.

Förra året visade jag förresten hur ni gör tre olika sorters veganskt chokladgodis, kolla in det också! Klick.


100 g mjölkfritt margarin
3 dl sojamjölk
50 g jäst för söta degar
1 tsk kardemumma
2 pkt saffran
0,5 tsk salt
520 g vetemjöl
1 dl strösocker

100 g mjölkfritt margarin (rumsvarmt)
1 dl strösocker
1,5 msk kanel


Så gör du:
1. Smält margarinet i en kastrull på låg värme. När margarinet är flytande häller du ner mjölken, blandningen skall bli fingervarm (37 grader, samma som kroppen) och det blir den ofta på direkten. Annars värm/låt svalna lite till.
2. Smula jästen i en bunke och häll den fingervarma blandningen över. Rör runt tills jästen har löst upp sig, rör sedan ner kardemumma, saffran och salt.
3. Häll ner sockret, sedan mjölet bit för bit medan du använder elvisp med degkrokar. Lägg en bakduk över bunken när degen blivit slät och låt jäsa i 30 minuter.
4. Blanda ihop fyllningen i en skål. Knåda ut degen på bakbord och kavla till en avlång platta. Sprid fyllningen över degen, rulla ihop och skär i ca 30 skivor. Lägg på plåtar med bakplåtspapper, lägg en bakduk över och låt jäsa i 30 minuter.
5. Pensla bullarna med sojamjölk och strö pärlsocker ovanpå. Grädda mitt i ugnen, 225 grader i ca 7-10 minuter tills de fått lite färg.




In Sweden we’re awesome at making extra yummy cinnamon buns. We’re also awesome at making a special kind of S-shaped saffron bun called “lussekatt” for christmas. I like the cinnamon bun better than the lussekatt so I decided to make a cross between these two,  holiday appropriate cinnamon buns! And of course, vegan style. The measurements might be a bit off for some of you (mostly Americans I guess) but use google and find a measurement converter and everything will be allright!

By the way, last year I showed you how to make three kinds of vegan chocolate treats! Check it out too! Click.

Bun dough:
100 grams of milk free margarine
3 deciliters of soy milk
50 grams of yeast for sweet doughs
1 teaspoon of cardamom
2 packs of saffron
0.5 teaspoon of salt
520 grams of flour
1 deciliter of sugar

100 grams of milk free margarine (room temperatured)
1 deciliter of sugar
1.5 tablespoon of cinnamon

Soy milk
Nib sugar

How you make them:
1. Melt the margarine on low heat in a pot. When the margarine is liquid pour the milk in. The mix should be finger temperatured (37 degrees C, the same as your body) and it often becomes that warm directly. Otherwise keep warming it up/cooling it down for a while.
2. Crumb the yeast in a bowl and pour the finger warm mixture in. Stir until the yeast has dissolved, then stir cardamom, saffron and salt in there.
3. Pour the sugar in, then the flour bit by bit while working the dough with a handheld electric mixer. Put a baking cloth over the bowl once the dough is smooth, let it rise for 30 minutes.
4. Mix the filling in a bowl. Work the dough on a table and roll it out to an oblong shape. Spread the filling on the dough, roll it and cut it in about 30 slices. Put on a baking sheet and cover with a baking cloth, let rise for 30 minutes.
5. Brush some soy milk on the buns and put nib sugar on top. Cook in the middle of the oven on 225 degrees C for 7-10 minutes until they get some colour.

Viola, Killer Colours
  1. w writes

    im gonna try is this weekend!
    ps. today ive bought 376 eyeshadow from inglot because of ur recommendation and its amazing! kisses from Poland! xo


  2. bela writes

    Om du gillar att baka och gärna gör det veganskt, låt mitt tipsa om Hon är kanon på vegansk bakning!


  3. Sophia writes

    åh, perfekt, blir att göra dirr!!


  4. Jen writes

    These look absolutely delicious, Viola! Thanks for sharing :)


  5. Mamman writes

    Jisus så fina bullar! Så där fina blir aldrig mina…


  6. Umapuma writes

    nom nom! they are so pretty and look a bit healthier than our store bought ones in the USA, thanks!


  7. Dilan writes

    Hi there :)
    I’ve been following your work for about seven months now, but this is the first time I’ve commented on anything.I love the creative looks , wishlists,awesome nailpolishes, and outfit posts. Even though I rarely put on make-up on daily life,your blog is kinda daily therapy to me :) Also I’ve discovered an amazing photographer’s blog all thanks to you !
    Besides all that I really appreciate that you are respectful to living forms and you don’t want animals to be blind or tortured just so your hair would look a little softer or your skin would glow more.I live in Turkey and I am a vegeterian since a while.It is so hard to find CF products to a good price and even if you find your options are limited so these recepies are making me really happy :) Thank you for every piece you’ve written and every piece you will write later on.
    Just wanted to share.


  8. Hanna writes

    ÅHH, jag som precis letade efter ett recept till veganska kanelbullar!
    TACK! :D


  9. filmjolk writes

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll definitely try to bake some during my christmas holiday!


  10. Vegan holiday treat recipe – Knäck! - Killer Colours | Rodeo Magazine writes

    [...] Jag skrev även ett inlägg om saffransbullar i början på månaden, det kan ni läsa här! [...]


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