Let’s go through some questions, hmm?

Viola, Killer Colours
  1. Georgina writes

    Hi there! I have a few which may be too personal, but here we go:
    - When did you first start getting into makeup? Was it, like, watching your mother put on makeup as a child and enjoying that memory?
    - When you change your looks around do you feel like you have a bit of a persona to go with it? Or are they all “you”? I know when I do eg. red lips and cat’s eye liner, i feel like a more vampy version of myself. A bit like a costume!
    - How do you take it all off? Cleanser/shower/makeup wipes?

    Thanks, I adore your blog – it inspired me to start drawing my brows in (mine are sooo light and sparse) and to see makeup not as a chore to cover imperfections (or whatever) but as something to have fun with.

    xx G

  2. Attika writes

    hi, viola! i’m a huge fan of your natural looks, they look sooo pretty. my questions:
    - what’s your all time favorite blush to achieve a natural flush?
    - do you prefer dark reds or bright reds?
    - your favorite deep red lipsticks?
    - if you can only have three eyeshadows for the rest of your life, what would they be?

    thank you, lovely!

  3. Malin writes

    Hej Viola! Jag skulle gärna vilja veta lite mer om läppfärger som drar åt det orange hållet. Vem passar i dem? Hur bär man dem? Dom ser fräcka ut där i hyllan, men jag har ännu inte vågat testa dem.

  4. Mira writes

    Påverkar kost och träning ens skönhet på utsidan? Och hur äter, tränar, tänker du omkring hälsa och skönhet helt enkelt? Kram!

  5. Josefine writes

    Can you recommend a good and cheap makeup-routine kit? :) (foundation, concealer, powder)

  6. sara writes

    hi! j’adore your style? what’s your job?

  7. lipglossjunkie writes

    Is there any kind of makeup you’d never put on? Is there anything which is totally out of your comfort zone?

    how often do you go to a hairdresser? do you style your bang every single day?

    totally matte or dewy skin?

    when you switched to be a vegan? what was your parents’ reaction on the fact that you don’t eat… well, many things from now on?

    if you could have an own makeup brand, what kind of products would you make?

    what kind of products do you miss from the regular drug store lines?

    is there anything on your current makeup wishlist you don’t buy because it’s extremely expensive? how much is too much?

  8. Sara writes

    Hi Viola!
    Since you always write about makeup my questions will be more ‘personal’ and regard everything but makeup :)

    1. What are your hobbys/interests apart make up and beauty?
    2. Do you want to live in Sweden for the rest of your life, or would you like to try living in a foreign country for some time?
    3. At what age did you become vegan? Was that hard for you? I’d love to read a bit more of this.. I do love your receipts, though! :) (and, obviously, are there any furry friends in your house?)
    4. Best movie/album of 2012?

    Xo from Italy!

  9. Elena writes

    Hi Viola! ^_^ I adore completely your blog, you always wear looks so fresh, natural and healthy and it’s amazing!
    Here I comes with my question: What vegan makeup brands are your favourite? or simply brands that don’t test on animals!

    Thank you so much and continue with your lovely blog! ^_^

  10. Josefine writes


    Först och främst, din blogg är helt fantastisk! Ger mig alltid så mycket inspiration att kika in här och se alla dina fina sminkningar.
    Min fråga:

    - Hur noggrann är du med att välja vegan-godkänt smink? Hur tänker du kring dina val av sminkmärken? För om jag har förstått det rätt så är du vegan? Du brukar ju lägga upp lite recept och sånt, och sedan brukar du ju skriva om godkända märken, men ser också att du använder lite från Mac osv. :) XX

  11. Anna writes

    Först vill jag tacka för en fin och välskriven blogg! Gillar den skarpt och du är så fin. Jag undrar hur man bäst sminkar riktigt hängande ögonlock snyggt (som ser ut ungefär såhär Det finaste jag vet är cat eye makeup men det är totalt omöjligt för mig eftersom mina ögonlock hänger för mycket. Finns det något liknande man kan göra om man har hängande ögonlock? Undrar även hur man bäst sminkar bort stora porer? Primer gör igen skillnad och ju mer smink jag har på desto mer framhävs porerna. Hopplöst känns det.

  12. Daniela writes

    Hi :) I love following your blog and your youtube channel (and your tumblr and your twitter– stalker much? lol). Anyway, here are some questions for you:
    -What genres of music do you like? What are your favourite swedish artists?
    -Your favourite movies?
    -Do you like Sweden? What would you say to someone who’s thinking about moving to Sweden for a while?
    -How many languages do you know?
    -What’s your favorite make-up product? I mean, what do you enjoy the most? Is it applying mascara or lipstick? Perhaps foundation or nail polish? (does this only make sense in my head? lol)
    -Bright lipstick or bright eyeshadow?
    -Has someone ever criticized you for being so interested in make-up?
    -When did you become vegan? Did you become a vegetarian first and then decided to become vegan or did you become vegan straight away?
    Thanks in advace if you decide to answer to my questions? xo

  13. Sia writes

    Jag har letat som en tok efter en perfekt skugga, rouge och/eller ögonskugga, som ser ut just som en naturlig skugga skulle se ut, har du några tips? Jag är ganska blek och rosahudad ;)

  14. Josephine writes

    Hej Viola!

    Jag är väldigt nyfiken på hur det funkar för dig att äta ute när man är vegan? Är det svårt? Jag bor också i Göteborg och undrar vad det finns för ställen som har veganska alternativ? När du umgås med folk, tar det lång tid att hitta ställen där man kan äta tillsammans eller är dina vänner också veganer? :)

  15. Mila writes

    Vilken är din favorit primer och foundation?
    Hur “förbereder” du ditt ansikte innan du applicerar din bas, vilka produkter?
    Bästa tipsen på att få en jämn och fin fondation som ligger snyggt på huden?

  16. whispyr writes

    hi, firstly thank you for running this blog, its my favourite beauty blog :) and my question is about perfume. When have you started wearing perfume and do you wear it everyday? Do you have any tips for beginner at perfumes? im simply afraid to wear it because im not feeling it will suit me.
    and second question is similar but with lipstick! Would you wear it at university for example? like in everyday life ;)

    thank you and keep going with blog Viola, its very inspiring for me! :)

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