Glitter Gal “Teal Green”

Nu dags för ett vackert lack jag bar för några dagar sedan, Teal Green från Glitter Gal! Ett holografiskt grönt lack (teal, grönt, teal?) som beroende på ljus upplevs både mörkare, ljusare, varmare och kallare. En riktig kameleont. Vi kikar på en hög bilder i olika belysning så får ni förhoppningsvis en uppfattning! Tre lättlackade lager var det här i alla fall, troligen bara två om man har kortare naglar.

Min flaska är från Nail Mail men det finns fortfarande på Llarowe.


Now it’s time for a beautiful polish that I wore a few days ago, Teal Green from Glitter Gal! A holographic green polish (teal, green, teal?) that depending on light can look both darker, lighter, warmer and cooler. A real chameleon. Let’s look at a bunch of pictures in different lighting and you’ll hopefully get the idea! Anyways, it was three easily applied polish, probably only two needed if you’ve got shorter.

My bottle is from Nail Mail but it’s still available at Llarowe.


Under a soft lamp light (what it mostly looks like)

Dimmed natural light

With flash


And as a bonus, some pretty f*ing good words.

Viola, Killer Colours
  1. Jen writes

    Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I’m a sucker for teal shades in general, but the holo glitter really makes this something special :)


  2. Shirin writes

    I’ve been keeping up with your posts for a few months now but have never commented before. I had to today because that video you posted is GREAT. Succinct, honest and real. Thanks for the boost, I’ll be sharing it with friends.


  3. Nail it - En blogg om neglelakk writes

    I love it! And I love your long and rounded nails :) You really suit them!


  4. Danny writes

    Wow! What an amazing polish!


  5. Helena writes

    Helt ljuvligt!


  6. Nailtastic writes

    Åh, så vackert! Och vilka fantastiskt fina bilder på det!


  7. Matilda writes

    Shit vad fina naglar du har! Är det dina riktiga eller har du något slag av lösnaglar? :)


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