Livsstil, Skönhet

What’s (actually) in my bag?

I thought I should do this semi-tag-thingy by turning my handbag upside down and see what fell out, then writing a blog post based on it! So here it is, what I’ve thrown into my handbag during the last.. three months? I often reach into my drawers just to find the specific shade that goes with my mood that day, so there’s a lot of random stuff in there!

what's in my bag

Lipstick, oohhh lots of lipsticks. Who’s surprised? I often take reds, dark pinks and plums with me just to be able to top if off during the day. I often stop caring about the lighter shades and apply a lip balm instead when they wear off by lunchtime. Laziness deluxe!


Peggy wanted to keep an eye on the situation so that nothing got out of hand. Nothing to see here, move along!

Viola, Killer Colours

Livsstil, Skönhet

This or that? Answering your questions pt. 2

Okay, you kept asking the funniest, most random questions ever so I had to do a second one. Haha I love you all! You can find pt. 1 here. The bold alternatives are my answers, once again!

Cake or pie?
Coffee or tea?
TV or movies?
Heels or boots?
Bangs or no bangs?
Rock or metal?
Spelt or wheat?
Coke or Pepsi?
Shorts or dress?
Snorkel or scuba?
Chocolate or carob?
Thunder or lightning?
Lipstick or lipgloss?
Spiders or snakes?
Hummus or guacamole?
Bar of soap or body gel?
Argan oil or coconut oil?
Hardcover or paperback?
Perfect skin or perfect hair?
Apple pie or banana bread?
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Fried potatoes or baked potatoes?
Morning person or night person?
Visit Ireland or visit Scotland?
Dwight Schrute or Michael Scott?
Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees?
DIY face masks or storebought face masks?
Xerjoff Mamluk or Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady?
Movies about haunted houses or movies about demonic possession?

Viola, Killer Colours

Livsstil, Skönhet

This or that? Answering your questions

I asked on Instagram for “this or that” questions, then bunched them all up in a blog post. The bold alternatives are my answers!

Beauty related questions:

Pink blush or peach blush?
Short nails or long nails?
Nail polish or lipstick?
Pink lipstick or red lipstick?
Foundation or BB Cream?
No makeup or no animal friends?
Corpse paint for a week or Nicki Minaj Starhships look for a week?
Dark and vampy lips or bright and colourful lips?

Personal/random questions:

Movies or books?
or chocolate?
Tattoos or piercings?
Umeå or Gothenburg?
Dress/skirt or jeans/trousers?
Fall/winter or spring/summer?
Scarlet Johansson or Natalie Portman?
Black and white tattoos or coloured tattoos?
Get bitten by a snake or hit by a bull?
Living in the city or living in the countryside?
Travelling alone or travelling with partner/friends?
Coffee with Tom Waits or coffee with David Bowie?
Working for money or working for pleasure with less salary?

Viola, Killer Colours


Soaking in this starstruck-ness a liittle bit more

Photo by Letsfaceit from last weeks event with Real Tecnique/the Pixiwoos!

real techniques + pixiwoo

Viola, Killer Colours

Livsstil, Skönhet

What have I been up to this spring?

I’m in Stockholm about now so yesterday I picked this blog post together (which is today now that I’m writing, TIMECEPTION!!!) showing some stuff that I’ve been up to since the end of April! All of it is from my Instagram @KillerColours, so if you follow me already, here’s a recap!

1. Had amazing vegan birthday cakes from Two Little Birds. 2. Wore red for May first.

3. Drank beer with my favourite. 4. Worked.

5. Matched socks and shirt. 6. Gave up on my hair.

7. Had a zillion cups of coffee in the sun. 8. Because it’s starting to look like summer!

9. Received alien contact. 10. Fed people carrot soup.

11. And if it wasn’t coffee or beer it was earl grey. 12. Wore yellow and tropical leo!

13. THESE TWO. 14. Got bling, who’s face should I glue them to?

15. Ate red. 16. Peggy made sure everything tasted well.

17. Cherry Culture! 18. Selma showed grace.

19. Once again, grace.. 20. Anamma fillets with warm salsa and ruccola.

21. Kissed Peggy in the sun. 22. Voted with my heart.

23. Wore the dots again and again. 24. Loved our beautiful Gothenburg in it’s rainbow outfit.

25. Worked on my kit lipsticks. 26. Roger packed my hair with even mooore copper, I <3 Cybtekk!

27. Adorned my pretty babies. 28. And got pure evidence of who is the evil one.

29. Gothic stewardess. 30. Wore bright pink nails, matched just about nothing in my wardrobe.

31. I want your skulls, I need your skulls. 32. Garlic crostinis with red fruit, Violife cheese and olive oil.

33. Pea salad. 34. Indian with le luvv.

Viola, Killer Colours
Killer Colours

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