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One-step guide: How to win my heart

Can you believe that he went out and bought the makeup table I saw (and almost cried over) at a second hand after christmas, then hid it until my birthday? This man is f-ing insane and I’m the happiest makeup hoarder on the planet. Aaaahhhhh

makeup table

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International women’s day – why we need it. Yes, I’m talking about my last post.

I went back and forth between whether I should write this post or not but it is far too important to skip, especially on a day like this.

In my last post about the Instagram makeup trend I was cautious about how to put my words, it was me trying a highly discussed makeup style on my own face for the first time and leaving with a conclusion of how didn’t like wearing it. Then a question: what do you think of this heavy makeup trend? The post spiralled away in the comment section and turned into a unexpected virgin Mary marathon of comments saying how tacky, overdone, shallow and bad this makeup style is, even comments aimed towards the people wearing it and how they hide their “real” looks. Discussing trends is one thing, disrespecting people is another.

I am NOT okay with these opinions, they are not what I’m about and neither this blog. 

I’m sorry if you somehow misinterpreted this as critique towards anyone, and I hope you reevaluate if you have these opinions. My opinion is already stated in the sidebar of my blog, I quote myself: Makeup doesn’t have rules. The only person who decides what’s right or wrong and if you’re wearing it or not is you, and that’s where my job as a blogger comes in handy. Use my experience as a guide or an inspiration towards finding your own way.

And in case it feels good hearing me put it in words once again: I’ve always aimed to create a relaxed community of sisters, so please act that way. Hold each others backs and nurture the bond, remember the fact that we are all still afraid to get sexually harassed on the late bus home for the exact same looks that we beat each other up for online. Don’t pretend that we are any different from each other, that the sisterhood doesn’t have bigger problems to stand up against. We need each other.

Like Bikini Kill said back in 1992:

You’re a big girl now
You’ve got no reason not to fight
You’ve got to know what they are
‘Fore you can stand up for your rights
Rights, rights?
You DO have rights!

Thank you.

bikini kill

Bikini Kill, photo by Pat Graham

Viola, Killer Colours

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Jungle Queen

The first thing I want to say today is THANK YOU for being so kind, so many of you have sent supportive messages and comments, and even though I haven’t replied to all of them I read and feel super thankful for having you. I’m also glad that the fact that I’m bringing up anxiety helps so many of you, I totally agree with you when you say that it needs to be talked about openly. It’s rare to see. I’m sending my love right back at all of you who sit there feeling the same way as I do, I see you!

I decided to show up at the opening of the first Sephora store on the Swedish westcoast (bestcoast) yesterday as a battle against all that anxiety, but got a panic attack on the bus just from trying and it got even worse when I saw the queue wrapping a quarter of the building, so I did a 180 and left. Good times! Now I’m on sick-leave for two weeks and on new medication (that makes me all mentally cross-eyed, explains potential strangeness in this post) so I’m hoping that things will clear up soon.

The look that I wore to the event that I didn’t even attend was this. Haha! I’m loving this coral red lipstick by Lipstick Queen, it’s called Jungle Queen and was made especially to compliment animal prints. Meow!

jungle queen


  • Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation – 100 Beige
  • Manasi Makeup Lyster Cream Bronzer


  • Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01 – 10
  • Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel


  • Lipstick Queen Lipstick – Jungle Queen
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What’s (actually) in my bag?

I thought I should do this semi-tag-thingy by turning my handbag upside down and see what fell out, then writing a blog post based on it! So here it is, what I’ve thrown into my handbag during the last.. three months? I often reach into my drawers just to find the specific shade that goes with my mood that day, so there’s a lot of random stuff in there!

what's in my bag

Lipstick, oohhh lots of lipsticks. Who’s surprised? I often take reds, dark pinks and plums with me just to be able to top if off during the day. I often stop caring about the lighter shades and apply a lip balm instead when they wear off by lunchtime. Laziness deluxe!


Peggy wanted to keep an eye on the situation so that nothing got out of hand. Nothing to see here, move along!

Viola, Killer Colours

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This or that? Answering your questions pt. 2

Okay, you kept asking the funniest, most random questions ever so I had to do a second one. Haha I love you all! You can find pt. 1 here. The bold alternatives are my answers, once again!

Cake or pie?
Coffee or tea?
TV or movies?
Heels or boots?
Bangs or no bangs?
Rock or metal?
Spelt or wheat?
Coke or Pepsi?
Shorts or dress?
Snorkel or scuba?
Chocolate or carob?
Thunder or lightning?
Lipstick or lipgloss?
Spiders or snakes?
Hummus or guacamole?
Bar of soap or body gel?
Argan oil or coconut oil?
Hardcover or paperback?
Perfect skin or perfect hair?
Apple pie or banana bread?
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Fried potatoes or baked potatoes?
Morning person or night person?
Visit Ireland or visit Scotland?
Dwight Schrute or Michael Scott?
Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees?
DIY face masks or storebought face masks?
Xerjoff Mamluk or Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady?
Movies about haunted houses or movies about demonic possession?

Viola, Killer Colours
Killer Colours

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My name is Viola Holmgren and I've been representing Swedish beauty bloggerism (yes. we're a cult) since 2008. I focus on cruelty free beauty and I love the feeling of finding cool products that have gone under the radar.

Makeup doesn't have rules. The only person who decides what's right or wrong and if you're wearing it or not is you, and that's where my job as a blogger comes in handy. Use my experience as a guide or an inspiration towards finding your own way.

And just to clarify, all reviews and opinions are my own, there is no evil baby demon on my left shoulder who is bribing, forcing or possessing me to write. Reviews are best written in honesty!