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Wanna know more about my most worn pieces of clothing, my fashion no-gos, how long I’ve been with my partner or a bunch of stuff about Peggy & Selma? Obviously, so here are the answers!

On my nails:
China Glaze “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”

Viola, Killer Colours


Throw your fists in the air, it’s International Women’s Day!

Visit your closest womans shelter and leave that extra bottle of shower gel you got for free at the supermarket. (illustrations: Moa Dunfalk)

Visit your closest womans shelter and leave that extra bottle of shower gel you got for free at the supermarket. Someone will be thankful. (illustrations: Moa Dunfalk)


Go to and support tougher laws on sexual violence in Sweden with an awesome totebag, sweatshirt or necklace.

Or buy a lovely necklace from FabulouslyFeminist on Etsy to show some vag pride?


No one is allowed to step on you for your gender or sexual identity. You are never too loud, you are never too much. Women before us fought for our rights which gave us what we have now, keep fighting for our and every unborn womans rights to live in a gender equal society. We are one!

Viola, Killer Colours


IsaDora “Chelsea Red”

The other day I wore a classic red manicure, it’s so damn classy, I love red nails! I paired it with this makeup and, as you can see, a bright blue shirt. Electric!


isadora chelsea red

Viola, Killer Colours


Spring photoshoot with Cybtekk

This spring I had a photoshoot with my hair stylists at Cybtekk at the Botanical Garden here in Gothenburg, Here are two pictures.



Photo: Naures Sager
Retouch: Jonathan Mattebo Persson
Hair: Fábio Miguel Amaral, Cybtekk hair studio
Makeup: Anna K
Styling: Sidsel Löyche
Model: Viola Holmgren
Viola, Killer Colours

Mode, Skönhet


Outfit of the day! I bought new shoes from Monki today and I friggin love them. Dressy yet comfortable, weird yet classy, and of course synthetic so that I won’t have to wear my animal friends. I had a good hair as well, I like breaking strict looks up with trashy waves. My official hair muse: Alexa Chung!

// Top: Whyred // Pants: Zara // Jacket: Åhléns // Shoes: Monki // Bag: Acne // Glasses: Beyond Retro // Nails: IsaDora Love Crush //

Viola, Killer Colours
Killer Colours

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