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Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara review

The Volume Mascara från Kevyn Aucoin är, enligt info, en prisvinnande mascara med en banbrytande formula som separerar och definierar varje frans. Den har en smal borste som inte missar en endaste frans och den adderar längd och volym. Inga klumpar, flagor eller kladd och håller länge på fransarna. Den unika borsten gör att appliceringen ska gå som en dans. Många stora ord! Håller mascaran vad den lovar? Finns att köpa på Beautybay för dryga 250 kronor.

The Volume Mascara from Kevyn Aucoin is, according to info, an award winning mascara with a groundbreaking formula that separates and defines each lash. It has a skinny brush that doesn’t miss a lash and it adds length and volume. It does not clump or flake, it’s smudge resistant and long wearing. The unique styled brush makes application effortless. Many claims! Does it hold up? Available at for example Beautybay for £19.

kevyn aucoin the volume mascara

The wand is super skinny, and so is the sleek metal tube. It feels like a fancy fountain pen! So luxurious.

No mascara

kevyn aucoin the volume mascara

1 coat of Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

kevyn aucoin the volume mascara

2 coats of Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

So what does it do?

Length: 5/5

My lashes aren’t magical when it comes to length, but this mascara definitely makes the best of what I’ve got! It does add that extra little millimeter that few mascaras manage to pack on.

Volume: 4/5
The first coat gives more length than volume, with the second coat the lashes turn thick and lovely. It’s hard to build up to that messy spikey effect on the bottom lashes though, so for that extra fat cartoony effect you might want another mascara.

Definition: 4.5/5
The fibers on the brush makes it very easy to catch every lash and comb through it without packing on far too much product. It does dry quite quickly though so unless I work at a good pace it starts drying and gets harder to manipulate.

Precision: 5/5
Perfection! This mascara brush is eeeverything. It’s thin and sleek which makes it easy to work with and the bristles are very hard to apply too much product with.

Effectivity: 5/5
You barely need to work with this mascara to get a good result, it’s thick enough in formula to really catch on quickly.

Colour: 5/5
Pitch kill-you-in-your-sleep black.

Water resistance: 4/5
This is a tubing mascara, in other words the only thing that can break it down is hot water on a cotton pad pressed against the eye for about half a minute, then it slides off like tiny pair of eyelash pantyhose without leaving any black smudges! You will be able to walk in the rain or even take a swim in cooler water without a problem, it won’t budge.

Longevity: 5/5
Not a single smudge or flake! It looks just the same in the evening as it did in the morning when I applied it. It doesn’t get “sooty” in the lower lashline either, I know many people have that problem but as this one doesn’t break down from oil (eye creams, concealers, foundations, eyepencils, eyeshadows, you know the drill) it doesn’t look any different after a full day.


Conclusion: 37.5/40

Long thick defined lashes that are pitch black, wears perfectly all day and when you want to take it off it slides off the lashes gently without leaving a single black trace on the eyes. This mascara IS expensive so it should perform, and it does! It is a tad crunchy on the lashes but when you get a result this nice I feel bad even opening my mouth about those small things. All thumbs up Kevyn Aucoin!

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Kevyn Aucoin The Bloody Gorgeous Box Set

Ibland dyker saker upp som får hjärtat att pingla. Kevyn Aucoin släppte en blanksvart liten låda med alla produkter i den bordeauxröda nyansen Bloodroses, tillsammans med en prisbelönt mascara och vinröd totebag. The Bloody Gorgeous Box Set. Jag kikade på den gång på gång på gång och när jag kunde beställa hem den till rabatterat pris från Beautybay kunde jag inte hålla mig längre. Klicketiklick och den var min! Snart kommer en makeup där jag inkluderar så många av produkterna som möjligt, tills vidare kikar vi på innehållet!

Now and then you see stuff that makes your heart sing. Kevyn Aucoin released a shiny little black box containing all products in the bordeaux red shade Bloodroses, paired with an award winning mascara and a wine red totebag. The Bloody Gorgeous Box Set. I looked at it multiple times and when I had the opportunity to order it at a reduced price from Beautybay I couldn’t keep my hands off it anymore. Clickety click and it was mine! Soon I’ll do a makeup look with as many of the products as possible, until the. let’s take a peek at the contents!

kevyn aucoin the bloody gorgeous box set

The box came stuffed with bordeaux red paper which hugged the golden products beautifully. I rarely get stunned by how luxurious things are presented, but this was so nice!

kevyn aucoin the bloody gorgeous box set

And what was inside the golden packaging didn’t look any worse.. Drool!

kevyn aucoin the volume mascara

Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara. Award winning volume mascara that “will not flake, drip, smudge, clump, or melt” according to info. It has a slim brush that should make application effortless. I can imagine it being fantastic for lower lashes or reaching those tiny inner corner lashes!

kevyn aucoin the flesh tone lip pencil bloodroses

Kevyn Aucoin The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in Bloodroses. A bourdeaux red lip pencil containing vitamin E and jojoba seed oil that is supposed to nourish the lips and give brilliant colour and definition.

kevyn aucoin the expert lip color bloodroses

Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Lip Color in Bloodroses. A deep crimson red lipstick that was made to flatter all skin tones. The finish is really smooth, feels lovely!

kevyn aucoin the lip gloss bloodroses

Kevyn Aucoin The Lip Gloss in Bloodroses. A sheer brownish red non-sticky lip gloss with sunflower seed oil. The patented applicator is shaped to mimic the finger of a makeup artist. How cool?

kevyn aucoin the eyeshadow single 109

Kevyn Aucoin The Eyeshadow Single in 109. A dusty wine red matte eyeshadow with a really smooth texture, the pigmentation seems promising.

kevyn aucoin the creamy glow duo 1 nuelle/bloodroses

Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow Duo in 1 Nuelle/Bloodroses. A flushed beige/wine red cream colour duo for the cheeks, can double as a lip product aswell.

kevyn aucoin the bloody gorgeous box set swatches

Swatched in the same order as they’re shown above. Lip pencil, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, creamy glow duo.

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Racked the newly opened Sephora – what did I get?

As mentioned earlier Sephora finally opened here in Gothenburg last week, I was far too anxious to be able to go there on the opening day but yesterday I popped my ear plugs in, smeared my brightest red lipstick on and did some mayhem shopping that was done in ten minutes tops. What did I get? Let’s take a look!

If there’s something you would like to see a closer review of just let me know!

make up for ever artisan brush 156 flat round blush brush, 144 precision highlighter brush

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes in 156 Flat Round Blush Brush and 144 Precision Highlighter Brush. Synthetic, fluffy and with a nice density. This line is super promising.

make up for ever artisan brush 144 precision highlighter brush, 156 flat round blush brush

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes in 144 Precision Highlighter Brush and 156 Flat Round Blush Brush

make up for ever artist plexi gloss 203p

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 203P. A peachy pink with gold shimmer.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss 203p

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 203P

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss 203p

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 203P

benefit gimme brow medium/deep

Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep. A tinted brow gel with a TIIINYYYY brush! Makes me all giggly.

marc jacobs shameless bold blush outspoken

Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Outspoken. It’s the most gorgeous lavender colour with a soft sheen.

marc jacobs shameless bold blush outspoken

Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Outspoken. Also the packaging is to die for.

marc jacobs shameless bold blush outspoken

Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Outspoken

marc jacobs genius gel super-charge foundation 10 ivory light

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation in 10 Ivory Light

sephora pomegranate & green tea eye mask

Sephora Pomegranate and Green Tea Eye Mask. Single-use sheet masks for your undereye area. Sounds amazing on tired eyes.

nars audacious lipstick michiyo, audrey

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Michiyo and Audrey. I have a few of these lipsticks already and love them to pieces, super creamy, long wearing and look gorgeous on. Michiyo is a bright blue toned pink and Audrey a muted red currant shade.

nars audacious lipstick michiyo, audrey

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Michiyo and Audrey

nars lip gloss orgasm

And a little bonus gift, a mini NARS Lip Gloss in Orgasm. Classic peach shade with intense golden shimmer.

nars lip gloss orgasm

NARS Lip Gloss in Orgasm

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Highlighter smackdown!

Idag är det, precis som jag pratade om gällande contouringpaletter, skitpoppis att highlighta ansiktet tills det lyser som ett stoppljus. You go for it babe! Jag är helt klart mer för highlightande (ljusa/skimrande produkter där du vill framhäva höga punkter) än skulpterande (mörka/gråbråna produkter där du vill skapa insjunkna områden) när det kommer till ansiktsmakeupen. Låt oss säga att vi är i dåliga ljusförhållanden, en skulptering blottar lätt smutsbruna fläckar i ansiktet medan en highlighter bara inte reflekterar ljus lika starkt. Det är mycket mer fool proof att gå nuts med highlightern! Sedan det faktum att formgivning av ansiktet med hjälp av highlighters nyligen återuppfunnits under det nya namnet “strobing” kan vi ju fnissa lite åt. Det har sysslats med i årtionden!

Today it’s, just like I mentioned in that post about contouring palettes, super popular to highlight your face into glowing like a stoplight. You go for it babe! I’m much more partial for highlighting (light/shimmery products where you want to enhance high points) than sculpting (dark/greyish brown products where you want to create sunken in areas) when it comes to facial makeup. Let’s say we’re in bad lighting, sculpting easily shows dirt brown patches on your face while a highlighter just doesn’t reflect the way that it was inteded to. It’s a lot more fool proof to go crazy with the highlighter! We can also take a moment and giggle at the fact that shaping the face with highlighters recently got reinvented under the new name “strobing”, something that has been done for decades!

cream highlighters

Cream highlighters

powder highlighters

Powder highlighters

Let’s swatch them all and see what finish and colour you prefer!

highlighter swatches

Top row = creams, bottom row = powders

LUSH Feeling Younger (Ung Igen) Skin Tint

Fluffy cream highlighter with a strong peach/pink flash. Very smooth without any visible glitter particles, feels like a moisturizer on the skin. One of my absolute favourites!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination “Sea of Tranquility”

Liquid highlighter in a pale pink colour, almost whitened. Looks good with very intense looks, a tad too gritty in the sparkle for my taste but I know I’m a bit harsh. Sinks in to the skin very nicely.

Illamasqua Gleam “Aurora”

Solid cream concealer in a golden beige colour. Very brightening on the skin but still looks smooth and natural like moisturized skin, shimmer particles are very very fine. Feels velvety on the skin. Also a favourite.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

Solid cream concealer in a pinky blue colour, very whitened. Looks good on the skin with small shimmer particles and a moisturized finish but feels like sticky glue on the skin. Not one of my favourites to wear, but good for shoots! highlighter swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

A pressed powder duo with a bronzer/sculpting powder and a highlighter. The highlighter is a warm peach with a soft non-sparkly golden sheen. Maybe not the first choice for Snow White complexions, but FANTASTIC on anyone darker than that.

KIKO Cosmetics Mosaic Highlighter

Pressed powder highlighter with multiple shades that turn into a pale soft gold when swirled together. Very delicate yet effective, great for everyday wear. Doesn’t look glittery on the skin at all. One of my favourites.

TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer

Pressed powder highlighter in a golden champagne colour. SUPER strong effect. A very very popular one, but strangely not that good I think? It applies like a shimmery eyeshadow, not finely milled enough to feel “lit from within”, it’s definitely makeup-y. Looks good with a super intense look though, but just with the Rouge Bunny Rouge one it’s a bit too gritty for me.

Meow Cosmetics Eyeshadow “Prophecy”

Loose powder highlighter with a strong strong strooong golden peach glow. Sorry for rubbing this one in your face as it’s an old limited edition but I wanted you to see how it looks compared to other products. It’s a super solid sheen that looks like molten metal on the skin, quite similar to Illamasqua Aurora in tone and LUSH Feeling Younger in effect.

Make Up Store Wonder Powder “Sahara”

Loose powder highlighter in a light beige colour. I bought this one specifically for that “non highlighted highlighted look”, as this formula is totally non-sparkly and creamy yet reflects so much light, and the colour is not a cartoonish white. PERFECT everyday highlighter to just dust on and go. highlighter swatches

Makeup looks featuring some of these highlighters:

KIKO Cosmetics Moisaic Highlighter. Link to blog post with full product list here.

LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint. Link to blog post with full product list here.

Make Up Store Wonder Powder “Sahara”. Link to blog post with full product list here.

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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow swatches & review

Äntligen är det dags, nu ska vi kika på mina ögonskuggor från Makeup Geek! Ett stadigt samlande jag sysslat med i många år nu. Skuggorna kommer förpackade i ett litet papperskuvert, färdiga för att du ska kunna stoppa den nakna metallpannan i en magnetisk palett. Jag har länge gillat Z-palette med sitt stora fönster på ovansidan som gör det enkelt att se vad som finns i, så jag har köpt mig en Extra Large där det ryms en ordentlig mängd skuggor (35 Makeup Geek-skuggor, samma storlek som t.ex. MACs metallpannor). Just nu huserar den MUG-skuggorna men framöver ska jag mixa upp favoriterna härifrån med andra märken så jag har alla mina favoriter på samma ställe. Det är det som är så fint med dessa magnetiska paletter, de går att göra om gång på gång på gång.

Makeup Geek har två skuggformulas, först den klassiska varianten som de haft i många år ($5.99 styck, ca 50 SEK) och nu senast tillkom Foiled, en linje krämiga skuggor med superreflektiv metallicfinish ($9.99 styck, ca 85 SEK). Vi ska kika igenom alla jag äger så får vi se vilka ni faller för. Skuggor och palett går alla att köpa på Makeup Geeks hemsida.


It’s finally time to take a look at my Makeup Geek Eyeshadows! I’ve collected these steadily for years now.. The shadows come packaged in a little paper envelope, ready for the naked pans to be popped in a magnetic palette. I’ve loved the Z-Palettes for a long time because of the big window that lets you see what you have in them, so I got a Extra Large where there’s place for a solid amount of shadows (35 Makeup Geek shadows, same size as for example MAC). Right now I have my MUG favourites in here, but soon I’ll rearrange and put all my favourites from mixed brands in here for a easy-to-find everyday palette. That’s what’s so nice with these magnetic palettes, you can rearrange them over and over and over again.

Makeup Geek has two eyeshadow formulas, the classics that they’ve had for many years ($5.99 a piece) and recently they added the Foiled shadows, a line of creamy ultra reflective metallic eyeshadows ($9.99 a piece). Let’s go through all shades I have and we’ll see which ones you fall for. Shadows and palettes are all available at the Makeup Geek website.

makeup geek eyeshadow + z palette

makeup geek eyeshadows


Time for swatches! Applied on bare, dry skin.

makeup geek eyeshadow swatches


Shimmery peachy pink. A great everyday shade if you want a pink that doesn’t look like eczema. The formula is soft, smooth and pigmented, no application problems at all. Conclusion: Buy it if you like pinks.

In The Spotlight (Foiled)

Foiled pale peach. Beauuuuutiful shade to wear all over the eyelid or as a inner corner highlighter. More warm toned than Starry Eyed. Very versatile shade that would flatter any skintone. Applies buttery soft and very pigmented. Conclusion: Buy this one or Starry Eyed!

Magic Act (Foiled)

Foiled pale gold. The perfect metallic gold for for pale skin! It won’t look like bronzed pee on the lids (we’ve all been there). Great highlighter for darker skin. Applies buttery soft and very pigmented.
Conclusion: Buy it!

Starry Eyed (Foiled)

Foiled pale peachy pink. Also a great shade to wear all over the lid or as a inner corner highlighter. More cool toned than In The Spotlight. A versatile shade that would be most flattering in cool toned looks. Applies buttery soft and very pigmented.
Conclusion: Buy this one or In The Spotlight!

Whimsical (Foiled)

Foiled pale pinky purple. So icy it leans white, so probably most suited for fairer skintones, on darker skin it would look more like a metallic white (then go for Daydreamer instead!). Not very unique in shade but more intense than anything else I’ve tried. Applies buttery soft and very pigmented.
Conclusion: Buy it if you’re on the fairer side.

Daydreamer (Foiled)

Foiled light purple. Unicorn eyeshadow! A nice shade for all over the lid or as a inner corner highlighter in darker looks. Applies buttery soft and very pigmented.
Conclusion: Buy it!

Mesmerized (Foiled)

Foiled dark brown with a purple sheen. A lovely smokey shade that would work on most skintones, it’s cooled down with that purple sheen but still neutral at the base. Just pat all over the lid and go! Not super unique though. Applies buttery soft and very pigmented.
Conclusion: Buy it unless you have something similar already.


makeup geek eyeshadow swatches


Metallic deep burgundy. So so so rich in colour and perfect in one swipe, not unique in colour but the formula is. Applies soft and smooth like velvet!
Conclusion: Buy it unless you have something similar already.


Metallic deep yellow bronze. A VERY unique colour, intense and dirty at the same time. Like an ancient Egyptian artefact! I don’t have anything that even reminds me of it. Very pigmented and applies super softly.
Conclusion: BUY IT or you’ve lost your marbles!!

Bleached Blonde

Sparkly sand gold. A shade that I had VERY high hopes for, super unique in tone with its dirty sandy tone! The formula is dry, applies very dusty and glitter flies everywhere.
Conclusion: Don’t buy it. :(


Metallic silvery taupe. One of my old favourites, perfect shade for a light and glamorous smokey eye. More silvery than I usually find this kind of shades, doesn’t have that earthy feel. Super smooth in formula and the pigmentation is top.
Conclusion: Buy it!

Prom Night

Shimmery purple/taupe/silver. A new favourite, I have worn this all the time lately! Sooooo perfect, the dimension of the colour makes it look like three colours in one. A unusual shade that I have only found in By Terry Misty Rock (which I LOVE). Very creamy and smooth in texture, nicely pigmented.
Conclusion: HOLY SHIT BUY IT. NOW!


Shimmery warm purple with glitter specks. Beautiful in theory, horrible texture. Very dry, applies unevenly and the glitter just flies everywhere. Make it creamier and it would be lovely!
Conclusion: Don’t buy it.


makeup geek eyeshadow swatches

Peach Smoothie

Matte pale apricot. A shade that Everyone loves, so I listened to this Everyone and got it. My pan feels like it’s packed with flour! The pigmentation is great and even though it’s chalky it applies evenly, but hello, just by rubbing the surface I kick up dust enough for five applications. Would be scared to travel with it because of the fragile formula.
Conclusion: Hate to say it but don’t buy it (unless I got a bad batch?).

Yellow Brick Road

Shimmery pale golden yellow. Very happy and candylike. Another perfect shade for pale skin, quite an unusual one aswell! Will be GREAT as an eyelid or inner corner shade with coppers and golds. Soft and smooth in texture, no application problems.
Conclusion: Buy it!!

Pixie Dust

Shimmery golden lime. A luxurious shade of crazy! Can’t say anything bad about it, perfect in formula, colour, pigmentation, texture, application, everything. This just waits to be worn full on with a hot pink lip.
Conclusion: Buy it if you like intense shades!


Shimmery light/medium silver. A bit dirty in tone, great for all over the eyelid. Not your average silver. Like with Pixie Dust I can’t say anything bad about the formula, application or anything!
Conclusion: Buy it.


Shimmery medium graphite grey. Classic shimmery grey, I got it just because I don’t have one in a good formula, so nothing spectacular at all but for the formula, definitely worth it.
Conclusion: Buy it if you don’t have anything similar.


Shimmery dark grey. Slightly cool toned without leaning blue, a very sophisticated take on greys! This is my favourite out of these three silvers, if you can’t choose between them then I would say go for this one. Great formula, applies very smooth and pigmented.
Conclusion: The best out of these silvers, buy it!

Bada Bing

Matte dark brown with gold glitter. One of my least favourite MUG shadows. Dry, chalky, glitter flies everywhere. I don’t get why companies make matte shadows with glitter in them, it never works.
Conclusion: Definitely skip it.


makeup geek eyeshadow swatches


Matte warm pink. A shade that is perfect for blending out darker shades, looks gorgeous at the edges of a smokey eye! Not a shade that I would wear all over, but great for framing others. Smooth formula, nice pigment, applies evenly.
Conclusion: Buy it if you like layering and bledning your eyeshadows!


Matte deep maroon red. Another one that people love, so I got it because of the hype. Not very pigmented at all, applies patchy and feels very dry. You don’t feel that as much when you just use it for blending out other shades, but it wouldn’t be easy to wear as a stand alone shade.
Conclusion: Hate to say it with this one aswell, but don’t buy it.

Purple Rain

Matte dark dirty purple. Has a eggplant-ish undertone so it is faaantastic on green eyes! A bit dry in texture but not as bad as others, it would need some work to be worn all over the lid but it’s a dream for deepening the outer corners or lash lines. Very calm and framing shade!
Conclusion: Buy it if you can excuse slight formula difficulties.


Matte medium purple. Also slightly dirty in tone so not very bright. This one doesn’t flatter me at all so I have worn it very little, but it works well! A bit dry like most of these mattes but no application problems worth mentioning.
Conclusion: Classic purple lovers, sure, buy it! Otherwise skip it.


Matte pale lavender purple. Here’s a bright one! Th

is one has been reformulated in 2015 and my pan is easily three years old, so not sure if it’s identical in colour. The colour is awesome but formula a bit dry and chalky. Probably done better now!
Conclusion: Check if the colour of the new one is just as nice, and if so, buy!


Matte medium/dark peacock teal. Holy eyeshadow Batman! This colour is INTENSE, and the formula is so creamy! Probably the best out of all these mattes. It goes on super evenly and doesn’t look green along the edges. Yeaass!
Conclusion: If you like intense colours – BUY IT!


makeup geek eyeshadow swatch

Barcelona Beach

Satin finished light/medium sandy brown. Woooonderful everyday shade, very mild in tone but builds up nicely. Great for blending other shades, great for all over the eyelid. The sheen makes it stand out from other light browns I think. Soft formula that is delicately sheer.
Conclusion: Definitely buy it!

High Tea

Matte taupe with a olive undertone. Said to be a grey undertone but this one is definitely greenish! Super odd colour, along with Pretentious and Prom Night this is one of the most unique shades. It’s not green enough to look green, but it will be GREAT for smoking out other colours or on the outer corner of the eye. Has the same delicately smooth and semi-sheer formula as Barcelona Beach.
Conclusion: BUY BUY BUY!!


Matte blue toned grey. A matte creamy sharky colour. I really dislike this one just because of the colour, I really don’t like these lighter sharky blue colours on me, it makes my skin look like green zombie snot. Haha. If they flatter you then it’s the perfect formula for it! Very smooth and pigmented!
Conclusion: Buy if the colour might suit you.

Sea Mist

Shimmery turquoise. As easy as it sounds! A super creamy softly shimmery shade of turquoise, creamy enough in formula to manage to hold these small glitter particles and not spread them all over the world.
Conclusion: A wet (lol) dream for any intense colour lover, buy!


Final conclusion:

The ones I really love are In The Spotlight, Pretentious, Yellow Brick Road, Moon Dust, Prom Night, Barcelona Beach and High Tea. Get them all and you will most definitely love them!

The shitty ones are Bleached Blonde, Sensuous, Peach Smoothie, Bada Bing and Bitten. They’re all dry, chalky and weird so I wouldn’t miss them at all.

The rest are hit and miss depending on what shades you’re personally drawn to. Which ones did you like?

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