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Vita Liberata Capture the Light Opaque in Latte Light & Buttermilk

Capture The Light from Vita Liberata is like a BB cream for face and body. They come in five shades - Buttermilk, Gold, Latte Light and Latte, and you have the option to pick Opaque for some coverage or Translucent if you want it to be more see-through. All of them are very moisturizing, also they have a slight sheen that doesn’t look glittery. Doesn’t make my face break out either.

Here I have Latte Light and Buttermilk, both in the Opaque formula. These have been fantastic this summer! I’ve used Latte Light on my face and decolletage while I’ve been self tanning to make the skin look extra plump and even in tone, not turning it orange at all. Buttermilk is great for giving luminosity and enhancing the beauty of fair skin. I barely have any pigment naturally so the Buttermilk one is fantastic on areas where the skin appears bluish and transparent, just to even out the pigment a little.

These are available at who ship throughout Europe.

vita liberata capture the light opaque latte light & buttermilk

They come in handy pump bottles where you clearly see how much you’ve used.

bare legs

My bare legs in close up. The official fair skin blotchiness!

vita liberata capture the light opaque buttermilk, latte light

Left: Buttermilk. Right: Latte Light. See how they even the skin out, both in texture and in colour? They’re so great! Just pick the shade you like and go nuts.

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KIKO Cosmetics Rebel Romantic collection for fall 2015

KIKO Cosmetics levererar en fantastisk höstkollektion i år, Rebel Romantic heter den och temat är romantiskt och dramatiskt då skimmer möter matt, mjukt möter hårt. Rosiga toner för både ögon, läppar och kinder samt en ljuv pop av skimrigt mörkblått och juvelgrönt till ögonlocken. En väldigt användbar och lättarbetad färgskala där de lite mer utstickande färgerna känns självklara.

Det jag har att visa er här är en av de fyra Reckless Spirit-skuggpaletterna, alla sex Metallic Shine-skuggorna och två av de sex Colour Definition-ögonpennorna. Jag valde inga läppisar, förvånade va?! Det finns mängder av produkter i denna kollektion så ta en titt i KIKO’s webshop och se vad som lockar er! Frakten till Sverige är inte den billigaste men den sjunker i pris ju större din order är.


KIKO Cosmetics deliver a fantastic fall collection this year, it’s called Rebel Romantic and the theme is romantic and dramatic when shimmer meets mattes, soft meets intense. Rosy shades for both eyes, lips and cheeks and a lovely pop of shimmery dark blue and jewel green for the eyelids. A very useful colour scheme that’s easy to work with, and the more intense colours don’t feel intimidating.

What I have to show you here is one of the four Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palettes, all six Metallic Shine Eyeshadows and two of the six Colour Definition Eyeliner And Kajal shades. I chose no lippies, aren’t you surprised?! There are loads of products to choose from in this collection so take a look at the KIKO webshop and see what catches your eye!

kiko cosmetics rebel romantic collection

A part of the KIKO Cosmetics Rebel Romantic collection. This colour scheme is to die for..

kiko cosmetics rebel romantic collection

The outer packaging varies in quality, the Metallic Shine Eyeshadows feel super sturdy and luxurious, same with the Colour Definition Eyeliner And Kajal which feel nice and glossy and have a sturdy twist-up function. The Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette on the other hand is rattly and flimsy.

kiko cosmetics metallic shine eyeshadow

KIKO Cosmetics Metallic Shine Eyeshadow. Top Row: 02 Absolutely Rose, 04 Mysterious Sapphire, 06 Dynamic Taupe. Bottom row: 01 Superb Beige, 03 Strong Chocolate, 05 Charming Sage. (Sorry for the zig-zag layout!). These are budget friendly cruelty free dupes for the Clarins Ombre eyeshadows, right inbetween a cream and a powder. They are like ultra creamy powder eyeshadows, not mousse-like as many eyeshadows hybrids. They don’t have any falldown at all and they blend very easily. And whatever you do – you HAVE to get that green!!

kiko cosmetics reckless spirit eyeshadow palette 2 fiery rose

KIKO Cosmetics Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Fiery Rose. The packaging may be flimsy (and why waste money on producing those applicators when everyone throws them away? Derp!) but the content is lovely! Four rosy shades perfect for creating a soft semi-smokey eye look. The formula is very silky and the shadows are delicately sheer but build up beautifully. Great everyday palette!

kiko cosmetics colour definition eyeliner and kajal 03 warrior violet 01 darling butter

KIKO Cosmetics Colour Definition Eyeliner And Kajal in 03 Warrior Violet, 01 Darling Butter. I’m SO happy to have found a true matte burgundy eye pencil that doesn’t just look brown or black, I will wear the hell out of it! And the beige one will replace my Idun Minerals Sand which has been a true champ, it even got chewed on by Peggy when she was a puppy (and she turns 3 soon, haha oh lord) so replacing it is just common sense by now. These pencils are twist-ups so you won’t need to sharpen them, plus they’re smudge proof!

KIKO Cosmetics Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Fiery rose. Colour Definition Eyeliner And Kajal in 02 Darling Butter, 03 Warrior Violet.

kiko cosmetics metallic shine eyeshadow

KIKO Cosmetics Metallic Shine Eyeshadow 01 Superb Beige, 02 Absolutely Rose, 03 Strong Chocolate, 04 Mysterious Sapphire, 05 Charming Sage, 06 Dynamic Taupe.

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NARS Blush in Exhibit A

I praised this blush in a blog post a few days ago, mentioning how versatile a matte firetruck red blush is. Exhibit A from NARS is 100% panic red and super pigmented, but applied sparingly it turns into the most flattering shade that works with just any makeup look. This colour works on the fairest of the fairest up to very very dark skin, just by altering the amount you apply.

Definitelyt try it out, it’s not as scary as it looks!

nars blush exhibit a

A blush that will last you a lifetime. Haha.

nars blush exhibit a swatch

Here we can see the colour faded from full force to nothing. See how flattering that sheerest colour is on me? Not warm toned, not cool toned, not pink, not orange, just like flushed skin. The darker your skin is the further to the left of this swatch you would be and get the exact same flattering look.

nars blush exhibit a swatch

NARS Blush in Exhibit A applied on the apples of the cheeks. Gives a lovely “no makeup makeup” look even though it looks completely nuts in the pan. Link to blog post about the makeup look here.

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Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 100P & 203p

Det är så sjukt svårt att hitta bra läppglans, eller hur? De kan inte vara så skira att färgerna inte går att skilja från varandra, men ändå inte så pigmenterade att det blir ett färgklet som känns läskigt att bära. Inte heller kan de vara för klibbiga för då vill jag ba grina, men är de för ickeklibbiga sitter de inte på plats som de ska.

När Sephora just öppnat här i Göteborg köpte jag ett av de nya Artist Plexi-Gloss från Make Up For Ever, ärligt talat bara på grund av färgen, men kom verkligen att gilla det. Nu har jag två! Formulan är åt det klibbigare hållet, men känns snarare lackat och “bouncy” än sådär att läpparna smetar ihop och trådar sig (hej MACgloss). De blir inte heller klibbiga som snor efter några timmar (vi alla vet känslan, så många gloss blir sådär!) utan håller sig blanka och ljuva även när hälften har nötts bort. Grymma gloss, ni måste kolla in!


It’s so damn hard to find good lip glosses, right? They can’t be so sheer that the colours all look the same, but they can’t be so pigmented that it turns into a colour goop that you’re just afraid to wear. They can’t be too sticky either because that just makes me want to cry, but not too non-sticky either as that makes them slide around and wear off quickly.

When Sephora just opened here in Gothenburg I bought one of the new Artist Plexi-Gloss from Make Up For Ever, honestly just because of the colour, but I really ended up liking it. Now I’ve got two!  The formula is on the stickier side, but it rather feels like a bouncy lacquer than a stringy goop (hello MAC glosses). They don’t turn into sticky snot after a few hours either (we all know that feeling, many glosses do!), they just stay shiny and lovely even when half of it has worn off. Great glosses, you have to check them out!

make up for ever artist plexi gloss 100p, 203p

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 100P, 203P. The packaging is nice and sleek, and I love the lip logo at the bottom of the tube.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss 100p, 203p

The applicator is interesting, I have no clue why it has that little slit on the side, but the flexible spatula shape makes it super easy to apply evenly and quickly! One or maybe two pumps is enough to give a nice opacity on the lips.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss 100p, 203p swatch

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 100P, 203P

bare lips

Bare lips for reference

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss 100p swatch

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 100P. A light neutral toned beige with soft shimmer. A wonderful shade that brightens without making the lips look whitened, It doesn’t have that “makeup-y” feel either, I’ve worn it with minimal makeup and it looks totally effortless. It matches the pale tone I have at the outer parts of my natural lips, I think that’s why it doesn’t feel “fake” on me.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss 203p swatch

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 203P. A rosy pink with golden shimmer. I was drawn to this colour immediately when I saw it, I don’t even know how! Pink glossy lips is not my style at all but this shade just mimics the natural pinky tones I have towards the inside of my lips, so when it’s applied all over the lips it makes them appear super full and fresh! Aaahh such a gorgeous shade.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss 100p swatch

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 100P. Blog post with full product list here.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss 203p swatch

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 203P. Blog post will full product list here.

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H&M Beauty, let’s swatch the lippies!

H&M sopade härom veckan ut det gamla och lanserade ett helt nytt smink, hår- och hudvårdskoncept under namnet H&M Beauty, såklart är jag snabbt på bollen så ni vet vad som är värt att spendera stålarna på! Nedan följer läpprodukterna, jag har även ett rouge och några lack vi kan kika på. Priserna på läpprodukterna ligger mellan 49 och 99 kr.

The other week H&M got rid of the old and launched a completely new makeup, hair- and skincare concept under the name H&M Beauty, of course I’m quickly on it so that you have a hunch about what to dive into! Below are the lip products, I also have a blush and some nail polishes that we can take a closer look at. The lip products span from £3.99 to £7.99.

h&m beauty

The packaging has been updated. Overall they feel okay, the lipsticks are a bit flimsy but the rest is nice. Big minus for having big-ass floppy stickers where the names and ingredients are listed! Those are loose and will gather dust and dirt and eventually fall off. Just print it on the packaging pleeeeease.

hm lip definer au naturel

H&M Lip Definer in Au Naturel. “A creamy, medium-soft lip pencil that defines and perfects the natural shape of the lip. The rich formula is easy to blend and won’t bleed or feather. How to use: Apply on the lip contours and gently blend into your lipstick for natural results.”

h&m lip colour-to-go bonne vivante

H&M Lip Colour-To-Go in Bonne Vivante. “A lipstick pencil with a comfortable, moisturising formula and a great colour pay-off. Available in a range of vibrant shades and effects, the jumbo pencil format makes this extra easy to apply for go-anywhere convenience. How to use: Apply on clean lips either alone or after lip primer.”

h&m cream lip colour rosehip jam, deco ruby

H&M Cream Lip Colour in Rosehip Jam and Deco Ruby. “Our classic lipstick. The rich and creamy formula offers medium coverage, gliding on smoothly for full-bodied lips. With an inspiring palette of highly pigmented colours to choose from, it’s easy to match your mood and look. How to use: Wear it alone, after lip primer for extra punch and staying power, or underneath a gloss to add shine.”

h&m velvet lip cream pep talk

H&M Velvet Lip Cream in Pep Talk. “A vivid liquid lipstick offering a super-matte, high-coverage finish. Glides on easily, leaving lips enveloped in dramatic, velvety colour. How to use: Apply on clean lips either alone or after lip primer.”

h&m gossamer lip stain leading lady

H&M Gossamer Lip Stain in Leading Lady. “A lip stain with a weightless formula that dries down quickly for a soft finish. Glides on easily, leaving your lips hydrated with elegant colour. How to use: Apply on clean lips either alone or after lip primer.”

h&m beauty swatches

Swatched in the same order as above.

bare lips

Bare lips for reference.

h&m lip definer au naturel

H&M Lip Definer in Au Naturel. A light beige with a peachy undertone. WONDERFUL formula, it just glides on without any skips at all, super pigmented and dries down to a matte smudge proof finish. Will be great paired with neutral glosses or lipsticks, definitely kicks the asses of many expensive cult offerings (Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, I’m looking at you). Verdict: Definitely buy it!

h&m lip colour-to-go bonne vivante

H&M Lip Colour-To-Go in Bonne Vivante. A glossy pink mauve. This pencil glides on with a slick cushiony feeling, very smoothing and without the slightest greasiness. Doesn’t feel like it would smudge very easy either! This formula is so spot on, sell this formula four times as expensive and I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. The shade is just beautiful too! Can’t wait to get more of them. And oh, they smell of.. tropical fruit or something? Only when you just apply it, then it goes away. In case you have an opinion on that. Verdict: BUY IT!! You’d be crazy not to.

h&m cream lip colour rosehip jam

H&M Cream Lip Colour in Rosehip Jam. A somewhat dirty (brown toned?) warm red, the exact colour rose hips! The formula is very pigmented but slippery, as you can see it is very glossy. Feels amazing on the lips, but for a long day at work or a night out I would pair it with a lip liner just to feel safer from smudges. This colour is worth it though! Quite unusual in my stash. The lipsticks smell a tiiiny bit, I think it’s vanilla? Verdict: Buy it for the colour, not for the formula. Or stay with the paler shades that are less smudge-sensitive.

h&m cream lip colour deco ruby

H&M Cream Lip Colour in Deco Ruby. A dusty dark reddish plum. Gorgeous fall colour! Same formula pros and cons as the colour above. Verdict: Same as the previous one!

h&m velvet lip cream pep talk

H&M Velvet Lip Cream in Pep Talk. A warm toned ultra hot pink. This is a liquid lipstick so you paint this creamy product on and it dries flat matte and smudge proof. Sure did, but I LOATHE THESE LIQUID LIPSTICKS! I seem to be the only one on this planet, but it’s impossible to apply them evenly on my quite textured lips. With a second coat it just crusts up and blergh! Do I need to mention that I redid this lip swatch four times to get this result? Hmpf. It stayed on like a trooper though, so that’s not the issue.. I really wanted to love this just because of the colour! The applicator is great though, need to mention. Very easy to create crisp lines with. Verdict: If you like matte lip stains then go for it, you will probably like these aswell! Personally I’d skip it.

h&m lip stain leading lady

H&M Lip Stain in Leading Lady. A medium-dark red with a strong pink undertone. This formula is gel-like and leaves a heavy stain after the gel like gloss wears off, very similar to the asspensive YSL Glossy Stains. Super comfortable and juicy looking! But hello, why this furry applicator? It paints little fuzzy strokes along the lip line, I needed to even the lip line out over and over again and ended up with overdrawn lips just because of that. Formula-wise it’s glorious! Verdict: Buy if you are okay with applying/perfecting with a separate lip brush, it’s worth it.

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