The eyeshadow colour that always lures me in

Det finns en typ av ögonskuggor jag aldrig slutar sukta efter, nämligen ljusa neutrala nyanser med skimmer. Allt ifrån en mjuk och lugn beige med lite lyster i till en hudnära aprikos som gnistrar i grönt, eller varför inte en genomskinlig skugga som glöder i klarlila på huden?

Dessa nyanser är ett perfekt val om du vill ha något som piggar upp blicken bara genom ett svep, och kanske till och med tillför någon knäpp färg utan att på långa vägar vara lika läskig som en skugga i låt oss säga knallgrönt. De riktigt skimriga varianterna brukar även ändra nyans beroende på vilken färg du applicerar dem över, testa dutta dem över en kajalpenna eller krämskugga och se vad som händer!


There is one type of eyeshadows that I never stop craving, it’s the pale shimmery neutrals. Everything from a soft and calm beige with some sheen to a close-to-skin-toned apricot that sparkles with green, or why not a translucent shadow that glows bright purple on the skin?

These shades are a perfect choice if you want something that brightens the eyes with just a sweep, and maybe even adds some freaky colour without having to feel as scary as let’s say a basic green eyeshadow. The really shimmery ones often change colour depending on what you apply it on top of, try dabbing them over an eye pencil or cream shadow and see what happens!

neutral shimmer eyeshadows

To find the really magic ones I often go for loose mineral shadows. The pressed ones are often more calm and neutral. Both perfect in their own way!

1. NARS Cinematic Eyeshadow – Mississippi Mermaid

Warm toned shimmery champagne. Can double as a face highlighter. Sold out limted edition Update: a few ones are available here though, hurry up and snatch it!

2. Milani Powder Eyeshadow – Pearl

Light neutral champagne with a sheen. Sheer, perfect for both eyes and face highlights.

3. KIKO Cosmetics Water Eyeshadow – Rosy Taupe (201)

Cool toned rose with a soft sheen.

4. Madd Style Cosmetics – Fire & Ice

Super pale yellow with red shimmer. Sadly discontinued.

5. Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Amber Eyes

Light peach with bright green shimmer.

6. Madd Style Cosmetics – Unicorns & Glitter

Light peachy pink with a strong gold shimmer.

7. GOSH Effect Powder – Meringue

Pinky beige with a silvery shimmer.

8. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Loose Colour – Datura

Transparent eyeshadow with a bright BRIGHT purple pink shimmer.

neutral shimmer eyeshadow swatches

neutral shimmer eyeshadow swatches

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Recension, Skönhet

BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 “The Top Shelf”

BareMinerals Ready-linje har världens bästa ögonskuggor. Japp. Jag har aldrig använt en formula som går på så mjukt, är så pigmenterad och håller så länge på ögonlocken utan primer. Mitt hjärta sjunger över att ännu en palett har landat i min samling! Här kan ni snabbkika på min gamla favvo-quad The Truth.

Denna gång är det dags för en duo vid namn The Top Shelf. Skuggan till vänster heter Mixologist och är en ljus persikorosa perfekt för att bära över hela ögonlocket eller att highlighta med, finishen är skimrig åt det metalliska hållet men mildast av de två. Till höger i paletten har vi Cognac, en gyllene kopparbrun skugga blank som en spegel. Den har samma färg som mitt hår! Båda skuggorna är som sagt i fantastisk kvalitet och applicerar fånigt mjukt och jämnt.

Shoppa på brittiska Feelunique eller svenska Bangerhead.


The BareMinerals Ready line has the best eyeshadows in the world. Yep. I’ve never used a formula that applies this soft, is this pigmented and wears this long on the eyelids without a primer. My heart is singing for the new addition to my collection! Here’s a peek at my old favourite quad called The Truth.

This time it was time for a duo called The Top Shelf. The shadow on the left is called Mixologist and it’s a pale peachy pink perfect to wear all over the lid or for highlighting, the finish is shimmery leaning metallic but mildest of these two. On the right we have Cognac, a golden coppery brown shadow reflective as a mirror. It has the same colour as my hair! Both of these shadows have, as I mentioned, a fantastic quality and applies so soft and evenly that it’s nearly a joke.

You can find these at British Feelunique for example.

bareminerals ready eyeshadow 2.0 the top shelf

BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Top Shelf, comes in a sleek black rubberized packaging with a mirror. Plus a sponge applicator for some reason.

bareminerals ready eyeshadow 2.0 the top shelf - mixologist, cognac

Mixologist, Cognac. Applies like a dream even without a primer.

bareminerals ready eyeshadow 2.0 the top shelf - mixologist, cognac

Strangest swatch picture ever, but this sheered out swatch really shows the magical sheen and smooth application!

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YouTube/Product Tip: A perfect demonstration of my bronzing technique + a new exciting product from Charlotte Tilbury

I rarely see someone bronze in a way that’s similar to mine both in style and with the same kind of products, but here’s a great quick tutorial by amazing Charlotte Tilbury that shows a technique close to mine! You can also see why I prefer cream bronzers to powders, see the skin-like “wet look” glow it gives? Wowza.

With that said, and as if someone doubted the fact, I’m totally craving the new Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks. Oh my gosh! Available at for £30 each.

charlotte tilbury beach sticks

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks in Las Salinas, Ibiza, Es Vedra, Moon Beach and Formentera

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Let’s take a look at some Shiro Cosmetics products!

Efter att ha sett ett Junes Abstracts-Julia skriva detta och detta blogginlägg var det väldigt enkelt, nördiga Shiro Cosmetics skall utforskas. Här har jag en radda grejor som jag och en vän beställde tillsammans, alla Cage-produkter förutom nudeglosset är hennes så dem kan vi inte kika närmre på än såhär, men för resten är det bara att ropa så fotar+skriver jag ingående recensioner! Klicka på varje produktnamn så hittar ni produkten i shopen.

After seeing Julia at Junes Abstracts write this and this blog post it was a very easy decision, nerdy Shiro Cosmetics had to be explored. Here’s a bunch of stuff that I ordered with a friend, all the Cage products except for the nude gloss are hers so we can’t look closer at them than this, but with the rest just yell and I’ll take better pictures and write an in depth review! Click each product name to find it in the shop.

shiro cosmetics

Cages Through The Ages Lipgloss ($2.00 – $8.00):
Nic Cage Churning Butter One Crisp Thanksgiving Morn
Nic Cage Doing the Charleston in a Bustling Speakeasy
Nic Cage Posing for a Calendar with Shiny Bright Red Cars

Hysterical collection, hysterical names. Dying over these!! Super soft and moisturizing lip glosses, each one with their own scent but only the nude is strong (honey). It quickly disappears though. The dark ones will probably bleed out a bit during the day so wear a lip pencil underneath.

Eyeshadow ($1.00 – $5.00):
Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon

Dark brown with gold and red sparkle, pigmented but a bit dry so wear it with a sticky primer!

shiro cosmetics

Intertubes ($5.00):
Why Not Zoidberg?

Super creamy coral red lip balm, can’t detect a scent. My Futurama heart is beating so hard, I would love this even if it wasn’t a great product, but luckily it is! Sadly these are discontinued (why??) so snatch it immediately!

Tinted Balm ($5.00):
Who Swallowed a Star

Another super moisturizing lippie, this one in bright pink, smells kind of like vanilla. The fantastic Miyazaki reference is great aswell!

Eyeshadow ($1.00 – $5.00):
Girl on Fire

Ok, last nerd chill – Hunger Games! This is a fire orange eyeshadow with gold shimmer. Amazingly beautiful but a bit dry aswell so wear with a sticky primer.

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Recension, Skönhet

GOSH Effect Powder “Meringue”

Jag kan aldrig få nog av halvskira bleka skuggor med intensivt skimmer (borde jag kanske jämföra sådana nyanser i ett blogginlägg?), speciellt om de är rosa- eller guldtonade. Nom nom nom! GOSH Effect Powder i färgen Meringue är precis det, det är en perfekt blekrosanude för att bara kasta på ögonlocket med lite mascara! Jag köpte min på Matas i Köpenhamn, vet tyvärr inte riktigt var de går att hitta i övrigt.

I can’t get enough of semi sheer pale eyeshadows with an intense sheen or sparkle (should I maybe do a blog post comparing such shades?), especially if they’re pink or gold tinted. Nom nom nom! The GOSH Effect Powder in Meringue is exactly that, it’s a perfect pale pinky nude for all-over-lid looks! I bought mine at Matas in Copenhagen, sadly not sure where else to get them.

gosh effect powder meringue

The packaging is HIDEOUS though, it spills everywhere.

gosh effect powder meringue

Applied on dry skin, I love the beautiful sheen.

Viola, Killer Colours
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