Answering your questions! (part 2, q’s in English)

How did you get your eyebrows that arched?
- I have my genes to “blame”, I have quite big and dark natural eyebrows so I have much to sculpt with, you know?

Do you have any tips for growing eyebrows out?
- On some people eyebrows don’t grow back properly after being plucked, so think about that when you go at them at early age (or whenever you’re unsure about what you’re doing!). If you’re lucky and hairs are coming back you could either go cold turkey with the tweezers and just let them grow fuzzy and sparse for a while, or if you’re okay with it taking a longer time but want to keep it more “clean” just pluck so that there’s maybe three hairs width growing back at the same time, and expand the area as it’s starting to look better.

If you had to go to prom now, how would you dress and what make up would you wear?
- I would probably wear a black knee length pencil dress, dressy flats, bright orange red lips, defined brows and my hair down with my natural wave! That would feel very me. Not very traditional, but screw traditional.

A prom look I did for my cousin. Full product list here!

How do you feel about wearing lipstick and eye makeup without any base at all? Too grunge-y?

I probably wouldn’t wear it myself because it would feel like wearing nice pantyhose without a dress/skirt (lol) but it can look fantastic! Julia is my perfect example for that.

How do you get rid of blackheads?
- I use enzyme peelings/masks and clay masks regularly (depending on which one I feel suits my skin best that day) and that’s my biggest help!

How do you take care of your nails, do you buff them?
- I file them as soon as they start feeling a tiny bit ragged so that they don’t start tearing, and I apply cuticle oils as often as I remember. I push cuticles up every day and remove the cuticle fuzz with CND Cuticle Eraser about once a week. I never buff the nail surface more than once. Buffing it makes the nail thinner, not a good thing, but the first and only buffing smoothens any ridges of the surface out, those don’t “grow back”!

Rosy red matte lipstick with a moisturising and light formula suitable for pale skin?
- IsaDora Deco Rose is fantastic!

IsaDora Deco Rose Lipstick applied softly, can be applied heavier for a darker rosy look. Full product list here!

Do you know some brow product – pencil or powder, which suits reddish-brown hair?

- Eyeshadows and lip pencils are classics for red hair, but I know that both Illamasqua and Anastasia does red brow products. Update: ‘Regn’ let me know in the comment section that NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Auburn/Red also is good!

What’s your least favourite thing to do when it comes to beauty/make up?
- Brows I think.. Not because they’re boring but because they take some time. I like being able to do my makeup in just a few minutes sometimes, and I can’t really do my brows any faster than what I do anyways. They just have to be perfect if they aren’t entirely undone! Anything else would feel strange.

Why don’t you make more YouTube videos?
- I really want to, I promise! But I’ve lived in four different apartments this year and never really settled and unpacked until now, so I’ve never felt that my setup is good. And now that I feel “at it” we barely have daylight here in Sweden, but I HOPE that I’m getting back to it soon!!

How are Peggy and Selma getting together?
- Incredibly well! They love each other.

peggy and selma
Are you a cat or dog person?
- See above. ;)

Where to take your ideas for vegan cooking from?
- I like looking at other peoples food (vegan or not) and then making dishes up myself based on what I see. But if I’m following actual recipes I’ve always liked the Swedish sites Vegoteket and Veganmage.

Is it expensive to eat the way you do?
- As with any way of eating, veganim can be super cheap, super expensive or anything inbetween. I like using soy protein in different forms which is really cheap, probably the same cost as those shitty meat products that are made of 70% unknown mass. At the same time my non-dairy creams, yoghurts, milks, cheeses and such are more expensive than animal based alterntives, so I think that it flattens out.

What do you like to cook?
- A dish that includes tomatoes, garlic, (veg) cream, pasta and something pickled is probably as close to heaven as it gets.

Have you tried any Agent Provocateur perfumes and what do you think of them? Favourites?
- The only one that I fell for was the original Agent Provocateur EdP, that one is divine! So dirty sexy.

Favourite perfume for winter?
I have to say Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady. Once again. It’s the perfect scent!

frederic malle portrait of a lady
Have you found that your taste in perfume is changing as you get older?
- Not very much, actually! The only thing that has happened is that I’ve grown tired of some scents, but my favourites from when I was a kid (Britney Spears Fantasy, Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe/Cat Deluxe At Night), well, I still actually like them! Quirky gourmands and dirty roses have kind of been with me all this time.

Who are your favourite actors?
- I watch anything with Woody Harrelson, Uma Thurman, Adrien Brody, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams and Edward Norton. And my papa Tom Waits of course.

Who do you find inspirational?
- Standard answer, my parents. I often hear their sayings (serious as well as pretty damn childish) in my head when I’m in whatever situations, and it has helped me lots!

What is your most used NARS product?
-I’ve been all over Boys Don’t Cry blush this summer/fall, love it.

nars blush boys don't cry
Have you tried No Poo for your hair, do you like it?
- I’ve tried it and it worked like shitttttt on my hair, sadly. I wanted it to work but all the oils and no SLS shampoos made my oily hair SUPER greasy even after a long wait. So no, my hair actually prefers a squeaky cleaning then a good conditioner afterwards!

What do you ask for when you go to the hairstylist?
- My hair is cut straight but with A-line layers, so it doesn’t have any layers at all in the front. Plus side bangs because I’m growing my bangs out.

If you could live somewhere else other than Sweden where would it be?
- I don’t know, I really don’t want to move! If I would I guess I would move AWAY somewhere, not to some other big city. I’ve always said that when I get tired of everything I’m going to move to Cuba to eat fruit and dance without having to think of commercialism. So yeah, why not?

How many tattoos do you have, and which one is your favourite?
- I don’t know how to count them as some of them are many little ones, but 5 I guess? My favourite is my chest, by far. It’s my favourite jewellery!

Viola, Killer Colours


IsaDora Holographic Nails “Gold Digger”

IsaDora har just släppt en kollektion vid namn Holographic Nails som gnistrar i regnbågens alla färger, men lustigt nog så är de ju faktiskt inte holografiska. lack med regnbågsglitter, precis som dessa alltså, heter i nördtermer prismatiskt, medan ett holografiskt lack är mer metalliskt, slätt och har en framträdande regnbåge som spelar över hela nageln. Typ som dessa lack.

När väl holo-tjafset är utrett så kan vi konstatera att denna “holografiska” kollektion trots allt är värd att kika på! Nio gnistrande lack i olika färger, alla i klar bas. Här har jag tre lager av guldiga Gold Digger vilket fakiskt blev min favorit! Jag brukar inte falla för guld, men undertonen i det är kall och mjuk nog för min smak. Lacken kostar 79 kr/st.


IsaDora just released a collection called Holographic Nails that sparkles with the colour of the rainbow, but silly enough these polishes aren’t holographic. Polishes with rainbow glitter, like these ones, are in nerdy terms called prismatic, while a holographic polish is more metallic, smoother and has a big rainbow fluttering around all over the nail area. Like these polishes!

Apart from that holo business these “holographic” polishes are nice! Nine sparkling shades in clear bases. Here I’m wearing three coats of the golden colour Gold Digger which actually turned out to be my favourite! I usually don’t fall for golds but this one had a cool and soft undertone which I liked.


isadora holographic nails gold digger

isadora holographic nails gold digger

See that rainbow sparkle? Ugly picture, but here you can see the full effect!

Lacket var dessutom himla enkelt att ta bort (ni vet säkert hur glitterlack kan bete sig när removern kommer fram.. HUU!) tack vare IsaDoras nya baslack Peel Off Base (69 kr)! Ett vitt lack du lägger innan glittret, och när det torkat genomskinligt så lackar du som vanligt och när du är less på manikyren så petar du helt enkelt loss lacket i en enda flaga! Min största oro var att det skulle slita på naglarna men det gjorde det inte det minsta. Jippi, nu är jag sugen på att glitterlacka oftare!

This sparkle monster was also very easy to remove (I guess you know how glitter polishes can act up when you remove them, EW) thanks to IsaDoras new Peel Off Base basecoat! A white polish that you apply before your glitter, and when it has dried clear you just apply your polish as usual and when you’re tired of the manicure you just lift it up at the nail bed and rip it off in one single bit! My biggest worry was that it would screw my nails up but it didn’t do anything bad to them at all. Yay, now I feel like wearing more glitter polishes!


Viola, Killer Colours


Answering your questions: Makeup, hair, perfume

What’s your favourite body lotion?
- Dream Cream from LUSH does the job, I always fall back on it because it’s amazing, simple as that. Smells herbal and moisturizes the skin deeply without making it sticky.

Current perfume favourites and/or new perfume discoveries?
- My perfume babies are Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady and the Thierry Mugler Angel line, the other perfumes differ from time to time (day to day, season to season).

thierry mugler angel

My Thierry Mugler Angel collection. Love you!


Favourite mineral makeup?
- I would probably say Meow Cosmetics on this one. The eyeshadows are mesmerizing, I’ve found so many great shades. The foundations are unbeatable in quality, they come in millions of shades and three different formulas to suit your taste.

How do you avoid getting brush marks when you paint your nails?
- It’s a question of practice! Don’t use too many stroaks when painting is probably my main tip. Here’s a video on how I paint my nails!


My cake eyeliner from Make Up Store smudges even though I wear a primer, how come?
- I would guess that it’s because you only use it with water (which makes it easy to dissolve). Try using a mixing medium instead, that will definitely seal it into place! Illamasqua Sealing Gel is a good alternative.

What’s the best palette of matte eyeshadows?
- The Sleek MakeUP Ultra Matte V1 and V2 are both great matte palettes, one with brighter colours and one with neutrals.

sleek makeup ulra matte v1 v2

Sleek MakeUP Ultra Matte V1 and V2


What’s your favourite organic mascara?
- Lotus Organic Mascara is wonderful, it gives me the most fantastic wispy natural lashes ever.

Do you know of any good waterproof mascaras?
- I don’t dig the waterproof ones that dry sticky like glue, I like waterRESISTANT mascaras that won’t run if you get wet but will start to smear a bit if you rub your eyes. Those are easier to get rid of and they feel less harsh on the eyes. In that case I love both the Lotus Organic Mascara mentioned above and Oriflame Hyperstretch for more dramatic lashes.

How do you make your lashes look polished and separated?
- In my opinion – it’s all about finding the right mascara for you. Most mascaras look shitty on my lashes, that’s why I don’t vary my mascaras a lot. I’ve gone through soooo many and ended up with only a few that I really dig.

oriflame hyperstretch

Oriflame Hyperstretch Mascara makes my lashes look just like I want them. Full makeup look here.


You used to have thinner eyebrows and now they’re thicker, how did you grow them out?
- I must be honest and say that I was just lucky to have them grow back with full force. I haven’t done anything special, just let them grow!

What hair dye do you use (the one you’ve got right now)?
- My hair is dyed by my hairdresser Roger at Cybtekk, I know that it’s a Davines permanent dye in the roots and Davines Finest Pigment in the lengths/ends.

How do you do the pinup bandana hairstyle?
- I do it in two different ways, either just a folded flat piece that I wear tied around my head with the knot on top, or the Rosie version (starts at about 4:50):


Do you have any tips on how to wear lip products with confidence?
- Practice wearing them at home. When you’re not used to seeing yourself in the mirror wearing lippies you’ll feel unsafe wearing them out. So just whip ‘em out and try them on! Maybe start with a soft colour close to your lips if you want to be very gentle on your soul? Or just go fullblown crazy with your favourite look right away, you’re the one who decides, no one else!

What to do when you eat or drink while wearing something on your lips?
- I try not to wear the darkest of colours, like dark wine shades or so, when I know that I will be eating lots. Drinking is easier because it only affects the inner rim of the lip (and even less if you lick the glass before drinking, great tip!) which is easy to touch up even without a mirror. When you know you’ll eat greasy food (which dissolves lip products) or stuff that might go all over your face, then stay close to your natural lip colour if you want to feel safe. Or just skip the lippies, I tend to do that. I don’t want to get bothered while eating yummy food.

Viola, Killer Colours


CND Cuticle Eraser + How I take care of my cuticles

Cuticle Eraser från CND är en AHA-syrabehandling som löser upp dött rugg på nagelbanden och får dem att se friska och rena ut. Ett absolut måste i min nagelrutin.

Nu har jag gått igenom min miljonte (okej kanske inte miljonte, men tionde?) tub Cuticle Eraser, och denna gång var jag äntligen klok nog att köpa jättetuben. Varför har jag inte gjort det tidigare? Bra fråga. Jag köper dem på Ebay, och allt som oftast från säljaren Beautyzone2007 som har en massa roliga grejer och skickar toksnabbt. Med frakt kostar 15 ml-tuben ca 70 kr, och 50 ml-tuben 115.


Cuticle Eraser from CND is an AHA treatment that dissolves dead tissue on the cuticles and makes them look healthy and clean. A must in my nailcare routine.

Now I’ve gone through my millionth (okay not millionth, maybe tenth?) tube of Cuticle Eraser, and this time I was good enough to buy the big tube. Why haven’t I done that before? That’s a good quesion. I buy them off Ebay, and mostly from the seller Beautyzone2007 who has lots of fun stuff and ships quickly.



Så, hur tar jag hand om mina nagelband?

1. Styr upp nagelbanden varje dag. Svar ja, det är skitviktigt för att hålla dem i skick! Gör de ont eller spricker när du styr upp dem? Då är det för att du gör det för sällan, det kommer gå över. Gör det till en vana, använd bara en nagel på andra handen och fippla lite när du sitter på bussen eller står i duschen.

2. Använd Cuticle Erasern så fort nagelbanden börjar se lite ruggiga ut. Detta blir ca var fjärde dag för mig. Applicera på naken nagel, inget lack på klorna! Lägg en (inte allt för sparsam) klick på varje nagel och sprid över nagelbandet, roten på nageln och sidorna där hud och nagel möts. Låt vila i typ tio minuter.

3. Nagelborsten! När Cuticler Erasern fått vila styr du upp nagelbanden lite extra och sedan skrubbar du naglarna med torr nagelborste, det peelar bort det döda joxet. Sedan tillsätter du varmt vatten och handtvål och fortsätter skrubba. Tadaa, rena naglar! Glöm inte nagelborsten senare heller, använd den varje gång du tvättar händerna. Lika mycket för snygga nagelband som för rena händer.

4. Återfukta ofta. För nagelbanden (olikt nageln) krävs inga särskilda oljor, då räcker en bra handkräm. Smidiga återfuktade nagelband spricker inte lika lätt!


So, how do I take care of my cuticles?

1. Push the cuticles up every day. YES, it’s super important if you want them to look nice! If they hurt or crack when you do it that means you don’t do it often enough. That phase will pass. Make it a habit, just use a nail on the other hand an fiddle with it on the bus or in the shower.

2. Use the Cuticle Eraser as soon as the cuticles start looking ragged. This is probably every fourth day for me. Apply on a naked nail, no polish on your claws! Put a dot (use a good amount) on each nail and spread it across the cuticle, base of the nail and the sides where nail and skin meets. Let it rest for about 10 minutes.

3. The nail brush! When the cuticle eraser has rested you push the cuticles up a little extra and then scrub them with a dry nail brush, that peels the dead tissue off. Then you add warm water and hand soap and keep scrubbing. Voilà, clean nails!  Don’t forget the nail brush later either, use it every time you wash your hands. Both for nice cuticles and clean hands.

4. Moisturize often. For the cuticles (unlike the nails) you don’t need any special oils, a good hand cream is enough. Soft, moisturized cuticles don’t crack as easily!


China Glaze Hopeful, blog post here

Viola, Killer Colours


Sephora spring -13 press event in Denmark

Ni som läst ett tag har nog märkt att jag inte är den som brukar blogga om pressvisningar, och jag har varit rätt säker i det. Jag har tyckt att det känns lite överflödigt eftersom andra bloggare gör det så fånigt bra (eh Purity?), och känslan av att dokumentera saker “bara för att” i hopp om att någon annan än jag ska vilja se det. Igår åkte jag till Köpenhamn för att gå på ett roligt event med Sephora gällande vårens produkter och fick något slags uppenbarelse, liksom fan, jag testar att göra det på mitt sätt! Något slags “trendspaning” där ni helt enkelt får se det själv verkligen tyckte var kul. Jag testar även på ett nytt format (som ni sett i ett inlägg förr) med två bilder i bredd och korta bildtexter som jag håller på engelska nu när det är ett internationellt märke för att ha kollagefeelingen i fokus.

Låt mig veta hur ni känner kring alltihop! Är det kul att se/läsa om sådant här, gillar ni formatet, funkar det att läsa utan svensk text? Puss!


Those of you who have read my blog for a while might have noticed that I’m not the one who writes posts about press events, and I’ve been quite secure with that. I’ve felt that it’s a bit unnecessary when there are bloggers who do it excellently already (eh Purity?), and the feeling of documenting stuff “just because”, in case someone else would want to see it. Yesterday I travelled to Copenhagen in Denmark to attend a fun event with Sephora about spring 2013 and I got some kind of revelation, heck, I’ll try and do it my way! Some kind of falcon eye view where only show the stuff that I found interesting for real. I’m also trying out a new format (which you’ve seen in one post before) with two pictures in width and short captions only in English now that it’s an international brand to focus on the collage feeling.

Let me know what you think about this! Is it fun to see/read about this, do you like the format, and is it working well with the language? xo!

1) Arrived early (how often does that happen with Swedish trains?) in a rainy Copenhagen, went for a walk.
2) Finally bought the NUXE Cold Cream High-Nutrition Hand Cream! (pic taken post-Sephora, see hand)

3) Had a soy latte at Baresso to get warm and dry.
4) Went to the Sephora event. Look at their awesome new skincare visual! So freaky, I love it.

5) Awesome visuals as I said. This one for makeup. I LOVE IT!
6) Peeked at the new single pan Colorful Eyeshadow (90 SEK) that you can pop out and put intoooooo..

7) …palettes of three! You will be able to buy the flat tin with three shadows of your choice + the palette.
8) Super sparkly ashy purple called Colorful Fireworks. Schmokeey!

9) Bright lagoon blue with heavy shimmer called Curacao Punch. Totally tropical.
10) Stick-on nail designs with Nail Patch, from the Valentines collection. Love the one with hearts!

11) It-Palette (250 SEK) from the Pastel Pop spring collection. The shimmers are “topcoats”, interesting concept.
12) And on the skincare side, Targeted Eye Remover Swabs (40 SEK) that you snap and they’ll soak themselves. Fun idea!

13) 3D Sponge Precision, the egg shaped foundation sponge! Sephora catched the trend train.
14) And of course, Benefit! Everything is so pretty..

15) Here are their new little mini kits, sad that Benefit often include animal hair brushes though. Please don’t..
16) The World Famous Neutrals palette in Sexiest Nudes Ever, also comes with two cream shadows. MEGA CRAVE!

17) The new Fake Up concealer for undereyes. It has a ring of moisture and a coloured core. Felt loovely on the skin.
18) Event is over, and I just had to go to Illum and visit their big Sephora store. To see it all in action you know!

19) The cute Benefit stand. I love their quirky vintage look.
20) Did a little shopping. Undereye brightener, two eyeliners (hello YELLOW!), shower gel sample and shower poof.

21) Went to the accessories and bought the PERFECT bombshell hat, how I’ve been searching for it..
22) And of course, had to dive in at Agent Provocateur. All for the sake of drooling with a dropped jaw.

23) Ran in at Urban Outfitters to get the double folded cards that I’ve seen on their website. HILARIOUS.
24) Managed to push down 14 pieces of sushi at the train station, then it was time to go home. Thanks for a great day!



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