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Stamping plate heaven!

I’ve been thinking so much about nail stamping lately! I did it now and then a few years ago, did one manicure this spring and now it’s frickin time to get it rolling! A few months ago Born Pretty Store were kind enough to send me some stamping plates, so I picked the four below. I’m more into large patterns that will cover the nail than little figures, flowers and that kind of stuff, so my plates are mostly patterns but if you want it the other way around there are loads of plates to choose from.

These square plates from Born Pretty Stores own line have very clear and crisp engraving with lots of detail, that’s a very important thing as a less defined plate will give you an uglier stamp.

Plates plus stampers/scrapers (I prefer a regular plastic card instead of those scrapers, btw) are all available at the Born Pretty Store webshop.

If you’re wondering about how nail stamping works I’ve posted a video at the bottom of the post.

born pretty store stamping plates

Many stamping! Such pretty! Very pattern!

born pretty store bp-l 003 stamping plate

BP-L 003.  I mainly picked this one for the first two on the top row, the one in the center and the last two on the bottom row. I’m aaaall for the art nouveau/deco as you will see.

born pretty store bp-l 005 stamping plate

BP-L 005. This one also has a lot of nouveau/deco prints which I love, the majority of these are nice! Those deconstructed squares on the bottom row for example, yum.

born pretty store bp-l 006 stamping plate

BP-L 006. On this one we have a lot of basic patterns like stripes, dots, checkered, tartan, houndstooth, chevron.. Very useful! Those bottom row (except for the snowflake on the far right maybe) is hella ugly though if you ask me.

born pretty store bp-l 013 stamping plate

BP-L 013. On this one we have more nice basic patterns like the polka dots and chevrons, plus those little drops are SO cute.

twilight manicure

My Twiligt bath bomb inspired manicure, using the stars on the BP-L 006 plate. Blog post about the manicure here.

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Celestial Cosmetics “Sea of Tranquility”

Nothing gets me like delicate pastel blue nail polish. The fact that this one is holographic aswell doesn’t make a thing worse.. Sea of Tranquility from Celestial Cosmetics needs three coats to get full opacity, the slight sheerness is what makes it look so glass-like, so it’s totally worth it.

My bottle is from Edgy Polish who ship worldwide.

celestial cosmetics sea of tranquility

Indirect sunlight

celestial cosmetics sea of tranquility

Direct sunlight

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Shleee Polish Porn

There’s only one thing to say: Holy shit.

I found Shleee Polish browsing around on Etsy about a week ago, I had never heard of them before so I placed an order just to see if those sparkly polishes were as beautiful as they seemed. I SQUEALED when I opened the package, holyshitholyshitholyshit.

Available at the Shleee Polish etsy shop.

shleee polish

Top row: Vision 2.0, Cosmic Frosting, No Floods 2.0, Chitauri Scepter (part 1). Bottom row: In A Galaxy Far Far Away, Phanaeus Vindex, Wallace

shleee polish

Clockwise from the bottom left corner: Vision 2.0, Cosmic Frosting, No Floods 2.0, Chitauri Scepter (part 1), Wallace, Phanaeus Vindex, In A Galaxy Far Far Away

shleee polish

Top row: Vision 2.0, Cosmic Frosting, No Floods 2.0, Chitauri Scepter (part 1). Bottom row: In A Galaxy Far Far Away, Phanaeus Vindex, Wallace

shleee polish swatch

Vision 2.0, Cosmic Frosting, No Floods 2.0, Chitauri Scepter (part 1), Wallace, Phanaeus Vindex, In A Galaxy Far Far Away

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Cirque Colors “Nympho” (plus an update on my nail reaction!)

Do you remember the nail reaction I mentioned having? Burning sensation, nails becoming loose half way in.. It was because of a Mentality nail polish, they have recalled all nail polishes with a certain base that gave multiple people this allergic reaction, so in case you’ve bought any Mentality nail polish over the last few months you should contact them or your retailer and they’ll guide you!

I decided that I should keep away from nail polish for a month to begin with, now that a month has passed my nails still look like shit but without any more reactions apart from the first days I figured that it should have healed quite well by now, so I just started wearing polish on my short little nails again.

During this naked month I bought this nail polish so that I had something nice to look forward to once I was back on track. Nympho from Cirque Colors is a warm toned neon pink, a SUPER happy colour! I’m not big on neons overall but a sizzling hot pink just frickin gets me. I applied three coats to get it really even, no application problems at all and it dried quite fast. Really great for being a neon! My bottle is from Edgy Polish.

cirque colors nympho

cirque colors nympho

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A peek at the IsaDora fall 2015 collection – Rock & Romance

IsaDora are ON FIRE this fall! With Xenia Deli as their new face they are delivering three looks in total. Dark Romance with smokey ashy greens and dark bourdeaux, Rocker Edge with smokey bluish greys and shades of wine, and at last Bohemian with soft beige/browns and rose pink. These three looks are wrapped up under the name Rock & Romance.

In all it’s an incredible collection with both neutral and bold offerings (and the perfect inbetweeners, just LOOK at that green eyeshadow quad!), definitely the best that they’ve released in a long time. In stores this week.

isadora rock & romance

These are all the new products launching, there are a few repromotions like a brown smokey eye palette and two eye pencils in grey and brown that aren’t featured here.

isadora rock & romance perfect moisture lipstick dark romance, bohemian rose, cool cashmere

Perfect Moisture Lipstick in Dark Romance, Bohemian Rose and Cool Cashmere

isadora rock & romance wonder nail dark romance, bohemian rose, urban green

Wonder Nail in Dark Romance, Bohemian Rose and Urban Green.

isadora rock & romance perfect matt lipstick nude pink

Perfect Matt Lipstick in Nude Pink

isadora rock & romance eye shadow quartet moon rock, urban green

Eye Shadow Quartet in Moon Rock and Urban Green

isadora rock & romance smoky eye liner dark green, perfect brow kit brown duo

Smoky Eye Liner in Dark Green, Perfect Brow Kit in Brown Duo

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