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Video: Killer Colours Perfume Collection Pt. 2

Here’s part 2 of my perfume collection video! You can find part 1 here.

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Video: Killer Colours Perfume Collection pt. 1

HOLA BABES! I’m refilming my perfume collection! Here is part 1, part 2 will probably be up tonight or tomorrow.

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Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Room Candle

Overall I’m a bit underwhelmed by this years summer sale, very few stores sold anything desirable, most of it was old stuff they wanted to get rid off. One of the few things I was very happy to find though was this Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Room Candle that I bought at half off from Åhléns, a candle scented with jasmine, sandalwood and chamomille.

The Cowshed candles are made of 100% renewable soy wax and free from GMO, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, palm, paraffine/petroleum waxes plus the natural fiber wick is lead free. That’s one serious cow!

cowshed lazy cow soothing room candle

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Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée 2015

I have posted about my Thierry Mugler Angel collection before, and of course it has expanded since we last saw it. Eau Sucrée 2014 (a silvery blue metallic bottle with sugar texture) was in my collection post, now I have the Eau Sucrée 2015 (clear blue bottle with the same sugar texture) too!

The notes in the original Angel EdP are mainly sour red berries, honey, vanilla, caramel, cocoa and patchouli. A serious smack in the face. In both Eau Sucrée versions which are EdT’s we get red fruits sorbet, caramelized meringue, vanilla and patchouli instead, so a lot sweeter and lighter than the original. The 2014 version of Eau Sucrée was more sugary and meringue-like, 2015 is more bright and fruity. Quite damn far away from the original smack in the face, but hey, I need my Angel fix. Ok?

My bottle is from Grand Parfymeri here in Gothenburg.

thierry mugler angel eau sucrée 2015

The perfume comes in the classic star shaped bottle, this time with sugar textured clear blue glass.


Oh, and Selma said hi! She’s busy sleeping and sorting her paws in size order.

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Byredo x Oliver Peoples

Ljuva nyheter! Svenska nischparfymhuset Byredo teamade nyligen upp med glasögonmärket Oliver Peoples och släppte en parfym samt tre par solglasögon, båda unisex och i tre färgsättningar – indigo, champagne och grönt. Brillor med matchande fume, ja tack. Jag har den indigoblå flaskan här, de är alla vackra så det var väldigt svårt att välja en favorit.

De listade noterna är enbär, citron, patchouli, iris, varm sand, mysk och helichrysum. På min hud öppnar den med klibbig och rätt söt patchouli (ingen hippie-patch, mer sofistikerad) med en en kall enbärsnot i ett par timmar, sedan mjuknar den ner till en myskig varm huddoft kantad av iris. Den är torrare och förlorar klibbigheten så snart basnoterna framträder, så det är där vi har noten av varm sand. Att patchoulin inte höll ut till slutet förvånar mig, den har en tendens att alltid göra det på mig, men eftersom basen är omfamnande mjuk så veknar den inte utan patchen.

Byredo Oliver Peoples är en Eau de Parfum och kommer i flaska om 50 ml, finns på NK nu.


Lovely news! Swedish niche perfume house Byredo recently teamed up with the eyewear brand Oliver Peoples and released a perfume and a pair of sunglasses, both unisex and available in three colour settings – indigo, champagne and green. Shades with matching fumes, yes please. I have the indigo bottle here, they all look gorgeous so it was really hard to pick a favourite.

The listed notes of the perfume are juniper berry, lemon, patchouli, orris butter, warm sand, musk and helichrysum. On my skin it starts off with a sticky and quite sweet patchouli (no hippie patch, way more sophisticated) with a cold juniper note for a couple of hours, then it mellows down to a musky warm skin scent smoothened by iris. It is more dry than sticky once I get to the drydown, so that’s where we have the warm sand. I was surprised that the patch didn’t stay until the end, it always does on me, but as the base is so warm and comforting it doesn’t weaken without it.

Byredo Oliver Peoples is an Eau de Parfum and comes in a 50 ml bottle, out now.

byredo oliver peoples

The indigo bottle. In softer light it looks nearly black but when looked at through a window it turns into this delicate aqua colour.

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