The story of Chanel N°5 and N°5 Eau Première

What does sparkle smell like? The sparkle of champagne glasses, diamonds and glistening snow. If it isn’t Chanel N°5 I don’t know what.

In 1921 Coco Chanel had an idea of creating a fresh, clean perfume with lasting power that would embody the modern woman. Freshness was usually created with crisp citrus fruits, beautifully scented but would not give the punch that she so desired. Perfumer Ernest Beaux then experimented with aldehydes, a synthetic component that has an incredibly strong, crisp scent that best resembles glitter. A smack in the face with soapy, sparkly glitter. There it was! The note that among 80 others would give N°5 its groundbreaking character. That year on March 5th history was made, Chanel N°5 was released. The mothership of perfumes.

The perfume has kept making history through the decades having multiple celebrities fronting and appreciating this little masterpiece. Most known is probably the quote by Marilyn Monroe, saying that the only thing she wore to bed was a few drops of Chanel N°5. Could it get fancier?

However, to many modern noses this beauty is quite a heavy hitter. You either love it or loathe it. In 2007 Chanel reformulated N°5 and named the new version N°5 Eau Première, a soft and airy version of the old classic. Like a friend of mine so beautifully wrote the other day, it’s N°5 painted in aquarelle. The aldehydes have softened and the animalic base has evaporated leaving a veil of creamy ylang ylang and jasmine on the skin, sparkling like diamond encrusted carbonated water. A delightful reincarnation once again fitted for the modern woman.

chanel no5 eau premiere

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My most worn lip combo at the moment

Jag fastnar ofta i mönster när det kommer till makeup, jag hittar en favoritteknik, produkt, färg, finish, whatever och bara PLÖJER detta under en period tills jag hittar något annat att fastna i. Precis så har det varit under den gångna veckan med denna läppkombo, jag har varit mer eller mindre utan ögonmakeup, applicerat en glowig bas, fluffat upp brynen ordentligt och burit denna glossiga rosaröda läpp till. Det bästa är att den går att variera från ljusaste ljusröd till nästan vinrött beroende på vilka proportioner produkterna appliceras i. Låt oss bryta ner kombon i steg!

I often get stuck in patterns when it comes to makeup, I find a favourite technique, product, colour, finish or whatever and stick to that RELIGIOUSLY for a period of time until I find something else to obsess over. That is the story of this weeks lip combo, I’ve been more or less without eye makeup, applied a glowy base, fluffed my brows up and wore it with this glossy pinky red lip. The best thing is that it can be varied from the lightest red to almost a wine red depending on which proportions the products are applied in. Let’s break the combo down into steps!

isadora twist up gloss stick wine red, charlotte tilbury lip cheat savage rose

IsaDora Twist-Up Gloss Stick in Wine Red (I’m more than half way through it, how often does that happen??), Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Savage Rose.

isadora twist-up gloss stick wine red, charlotte tilbury lip cheat savage rose.

Wine Red looks dark in the tube but goes on like a sheer red toned berry, super glossy! Savage Rose is cool toned as well but leans more towards classic red. It is flat matte and smudge proof when applied alone.


How I apply it:

bare lips

Step 1: Bare lips. Winter is coming (brace yourselves) which means that my lips are drier than ever. With most lipsticks I prep my lips with a balm beforehand, but it is actually not necessary with the IsaDora Twist-Up Gloss Sticks, they feel fantastic on the lips!

isadora twist-up gloss stick wine red

Step 2: IsaDora Twist-Up Gloss Stick in Wine Red. For a super easy everyday lip I stop here, this is the peerrrrrfect sheer pinky red for my skintone, it brightens and brings out colour without looking like lipstick.

charlotte tilbury lip cheat savage rose

Step 3: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Savage Rose. When I want to define and darken a little extra I go in with a lip pencil afterwards, it glides on easily without tugging as the gloss stick is so balmy. I’m not a lip pencil person so I’m happy when I can skip that stiff matte lip pencil feeling.

isadora twist-up gloss stick wine red, charlotte tilbury lip cheat savage rose

Wine Red alone on the left, Right: Wine Red combined with Savage Rose on the right.

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Palina Star Dust eyeshadow swatches

A while ago I got some products from the Swedish makeup brand Palina, these loose Star Dust eyeshadows immediately catched my eye so I had to swatch them for you! They are available at the Palina webshop (who I guess only ship within Sweden) for 195 SEK. Very expensive for mineral eyeshadows I must say, but they do work well.

The shadows are swatched on bare skin below, no primer or foundation. All of them adhered beautifully except for the pink one called Christina, that one is more on the matte side and will need something to stick to. But just look at the other four! Yum! Especially Corurtney and Alicia captured my heart.

palina star dust

Palina Star Dust in Courtney, Alicia, Marilyn, Christina, Oprah

palina star dust swatch

Palina Star Dust in Courtney, Alicia, Marilyn, Christina, Oprah

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My most used bronzers

I list the same bronzers over and over in my product lists without actually showing you how they look, so I picked together my six most used to swatch and compare!

All of them have varying levels of shimmer, but even the shiniest don’t look glittery on the skin. They all just give a lovely glow. Same with the warm toned ones, those shades often lean orange on the skin but these are more peachy, golden or yellow in tone which I find more flattering.


Manasi Makeup Lyster Cream Bronzer. A cream bronzer with intense shimmer. The red tone of this makes it look just like natural sunkissed skin.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder – Bronze 03. A powder bronzer that leans matte, it still has that soft shine which helps the skin from looking flat. A great neutral undertone.

Make Up Store Bronzing Powder – Shimmer. A powder bronzer with a warm glow. It has a slight peach undertone which makes it great for fair skin.

KICKS Bronzing Powder – Summer in the City. A powder bronzer with the slightest shimmer. The darkest and warmest of the bunch, great for more of a statement bronze.

Soap & Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick. A powder bronzer with intense shimmer. This one has a very peachy undertone so it doubles beautifully as a warm glowy blush.

TheBalm Betty Lou-Manizer. A powder bronzer with intense shimmer. A peachy bronze undertone with warm golden shimmer. Another very warm one that leans more into statement land.

my most used bronzers

Top row: Manasi Makeup, Laura Mercier, Make Up Store. Bottom row: KICKS, Soap & Glory, TheBalm

my most used bronzers

Swatched in the same order as shown above

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Fall lipstick favourites from NARS – Afghan Red & VIP Red

I’ve worn these two lipsticks all the time lately, NARS are known for making beautiful reds and these are no exceptions. Both are very dirty in tone and on their own side of the red colour spectrum.

Afghan Red is a muted, garnet red. Definitely cool toned but not at all leaning purple. A really different colour that doesn’t look like anything else I own! It makes me feel like a 20′s hottie in disguise? The formula has a slight translucency and shine which makes it look extra effortless, great semi-dark everyday red. This is a permanent shade, satin formula.

VIP Red is a muted brick red. Very warm toned and leaning towards brown but it doesn’t give me that 90′s anxiety I so often get. Sure thing, we all feel the nod towards 90′s Drew Barrymore but it feels updated and like a new take on the (in my opinion very scary) trend. Less poopy, more matte and dusky! This is a limited edition shade which is part of the fall 2015 collection, semi matte formula.

nars lipstick afghan red, vip red

NARS Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red, Semi Matte Lipstick in VIP Red

nars lipstick afghan red, vip red swatch

NARS Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red, Semi Matte Lipstick in VIP Red

nars satin lipstick afghan red swatch

NARS Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red

nars semi matte lipstick vip red swatch

NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in VIP Red

nars semi matte lipstick vip red swatch

A quick snapshot on the train wearing VIP Red.

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