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Suva Beauty Neutral Necessity Eyeshadow Palette

Another thing I ordered from Glossgods was the Neutral Necessity Eyeshadow Palette from Suva Beauty! A palette that I’ve been lusting after for a long time. Look at that colour scheme! Natural but still interesting. I love that pale rose and intense pink in combination with the warm browns.  Doesn’t it feel like a matte (well except for that pale beige) version of the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette? This one is vegan, plus it has a pitch black which I personally think the Anastasia one is missing.

The swatches below are done on dry skin, no base or primer of any kind. All of them apply well (I mean LOOK at that black!!) for being mattes except for the white which is a tad too soft to adhere well. The softness makes it really intense over a primer though, so it’s a give-and-take situation.

I used this palette for my freaky look the other night if you want to see how that pink and black work on the skin, I’ll do more of a ehh, serious makeup look using it very soon!

suva beauty neutral necessity palette

SUVA Beauty Neutral Necessity Palette

suva beauty neutral necessity palette

The outer packaging looks like a 90′s wind jacket, not sure I dig it. Haha

suva beauty neutral necessity palette swatch

SUVA Beauty Neutral Necessity Palette swatched on dry skin

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A pretty trio of eyeshadows from Nabla Cosmetics

The other day I went on the Glossgods webshop and snagged (among some other interesting things!!) a few eyeshadows from Nabla Cosmetics. Their shadows are just glorious with a buttery smooth texture and wonderful shade range to pick from. And they aren’t even that expensive! Available at Glossgods for us Swedes, and internationally from Nabla’s own webshop.

These are Eternity, Moonrise and Selfish. Which one is your favourite?

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow eternity, moonrise, selfish

Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow (clockwise from the blue) in Eternity, Moonrise, Selfish

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow eternity, moonrise, selfish swatch

Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow (clockwise from the blue) in Eternity, Moonrise, Selfish

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Estelle & Thild BioHydrate All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer – 01 Light

“This lightweight certified organic tinted moisturizer blends into the skin seamlessly for evenly toned skin with a natural healthy glow. The custom all-in-one formula provides natural coverage, hydrates the skin and infuses it with radiance. Protect the skin against harsh environmental elements and boost skin balancing vitamins. Diminish skin imperfections, minimize the appearance of pores and even your skin tone. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and a blend of vitamins it’s the perfect first step in your daily beauty routine. This essential tinted moisturizer is suitable for all skin types.”

That’s how Estelle & Thild (accurately) describe their BioHydrate All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer. This little gem has been a solid favourite of mine over the last few weeks, it makes my skin look plumped and renewed, like after a good facial! It has barely any coverage but still manages to colour correct and minimize sallowness (it makes me look like I have been sleeping well when I haven’t), it gives a visible moisture boost and blurs the skin. I asked Jerry if he could see a difference between the before and after shot below, and he asked if the right one had a blur filter. GOOD EYE, JAY! As it is a tinted moisturizer it won’t set on the skin, but it has this gel-like consistency that my face basically drinks up, leaving it looking super glowy without being slimy to touch. Could use a liiittle powder along the T-zone if you don’t want the all over glowy look.

The only thing we need now: More shades! 01 Light is neeearly too dark for me but thanks to the sheer finish it doesn’t matter. With only 2 shades in the range there won’t be an alternative for dark skinned people sadly.

Swedish webshop KICKS offer 25% off this right now for members (happy coincidence!).

estelle thild biohydrate all-in-tone tinted moisturizer 01 light

Estelle & Thild BioHydrate All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer in 01 Light

estelle thild biohydrate all-in-one tinted moisturizer 01 light

Before, after. See the smoothing effect? Less red, less splotchy, less textured, yet 100% natural finish.

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar RTW in Indrid & Artifact

A while ago Madlady were kind enough to send me (not sponsored just to clarify, I haven’t written a sponsored post in years) a couple of shades from the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (known as OCC) Lip Tar RTW range they just launched, and I’m SO EXCITED! I have tried Lip Tar many times over the years but as they came in squeeze tubes which you need a lip brush for naturally I didn’t get much use out of them. About a year ago (was it?) OCC released the classic formula in a lipgloss tube with a wand applicator and named it RTW (as in Ready To Wear) and it’s their smartest move ever.

The Lip Tar formula is glossy, balmy and super pigmented with a slight minty scent. It isn’t a liquid lipstick as in kiss proof crinkly cat butt (we’ve all seen it), but a true liquid vinyl lip colour. Apply in thin layers (thick ones will start bleeding along the edges in minutes!) and pair it with a lip pencil for securing the product. Many of the shades have matching lip liners in the range, so check it out if you know you’re like me and everything glossy starts moving fast.

Available at Swedish webshop Madlady or the American OCC website.

obsessive compulsive cosmetics (occ) lip tar rtw indrid swatch

OCC Lip Tar RTW in Indrid. This one is a taupe grey with a bright pink glow, a true ghost lip that makes me look like an actual corpse, but if you’re one of those unicorn humans that can wear shades like this, GO FOR IT. It’s amazing.

obsessive compulsive cosmetics (occ) lip tar rtw artifact swatch

OCC Lip Tar in Artifact. This one is the exact colour of my hair! A slightly metallic caramel shade with gold shimmer. Looks weirdly 90′s on me but still super tonal because of the perfect colour match. Will do something fun with this very soon.

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RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek “Illusive”

I did a super exciting shoot last week (out spring 2017, more info later!) and for one of the looks makeup artist Linda Öhrström used the most perfect warm rose cream product on my cheeks and lips. I went straight home and bought it, simple as that.

Lip2Cheek from RMS Beauty is a coconut oil based cream product that you can use on both cheeks (for a luminous glow) and lips (for a more natural finish). Comes in 9 shades, all cream finish so that you can layer it with their Living Luminizer if you want to add shimmer. Because of the coconut oil base it really is moisturizing on the cheeks, so if you’re super oily I would advice you to powder well on top for it to not slide around. It is quite solid and waxy in texture which definitely helps extend the wear time.

The colour Illusive is as mentioned the most perfect burnt rose shade with a drop of plum, it enhances cheeks and lips in the most delicate Jane Eyre-esque way without even looking like makeup.

I bought mine at Swedish webshop Hudoteket, you can also find them at the RMS Beauty website.

rms beauty lip2cheek illusive swatch

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Illusive

rms beauty lip2cheek illusive swatch demo

Left: Tinted moisturizer. Right: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Illusive applied with fingers to cheeks and lips.

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