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NABLA Cosmetics Mascara Le Film Noir review

Mascara Le Film Noir från NABLA Cosmetics ska vara en superblank svart volymmascara med mjuk byggbar formula som är lätt och skön på fransarna. Den har en konformad triangulär borste som ska göra det enkelt att nå varenda frans. Finns att köpa i NABLA’s webshop för €12.50 (ca 115 SEK).

Mascara Le Film Noir from NABLA Cosmetics is supposed to be a ultra shiny black volumizing mascara with a soft buildable formula that feels lightweight on the lashes. It has a cone shaped triangular brush that is supposed to make it easy to reach every single lash. Available to buy at the NABLA webshop for €12.50.

nabla cosmetics mascara le film noir

Mascara Le Film Noir from NABLA Cosmetics comes in a sleek black tube, looks classy! The brush is quite damn big with its wide base, looks like a little christmas tree!

nabla cosmetics mascara le film noir swatch

No mascara, 1 coat of Mascara Le Film Noir.

So what does it do?

Length: 5/5

The brush spreads product evenly all the way to the very end of the lash. The long bristles at the base makes it easy to really comb the outer corner of the eye through and lengthen it.

Volume: 5/5
This mascara is quite thick so it definitely plumps the lashes. A bit too much for some I guess but I love that thick effect. The thickness turns into goop with more than one coat.

Definition: 2.5/5
The thick formula makes the lashes clump up instead of separating them. I love clumpy lashes as long as they feel “purposely” clumpy and that’s exactly what I get with this. Spiky lashes! The roots get thiiick and the ends stay wispy.

Precision: 2/5
The brush is thin and precise but carries a lot of product at the tip, it applies more sparingly at the base but it’s messier because of the wideness. I do get a few smudges when I apply it, especially at the bottom.

Effectivity: 5/5
This mascara barely needs any work at all. A few swipes and the lashes are full, long and as separated as they can get. No layering needed at all.

Colour: 5/5
PITCH black.

Water resistance: 0/5
The formula does not handle water well. A splash of water and it starts running, and with some rubbing the lashes are completely bare. I feel quite uncomfortable wearing a mascara that could go all The Grudge on me.

Longevity: 4/5
Apart from the water part it holds up well during the day. It doesn’t feel heavy or crunchy on the lashes and it holds the curl well. I haven’t experienced any flaking, but I rarely do.


Conclusion: 28.5/40

Frickin awesome Twiggy lashes with barely any work! Pitch black and just the right amount of messiness for my taste. A big minus for not being able to handle water at all, my eyes water too easily for that.

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Lipstick Queen Swatchfest!

Alltså, jag är så himla glad! Minns ni detta inlägg där jag recenserade ett läppstift från Lipstick Queen? Det såg Lipstick Queen själva och skickade mig som tack för recensionen ett paket med fem andra läppstift att prova! Hur gulligt? Jag känner mig som ett barn på julafton. Jag har aldrig provat något från detta märke som jag inte älskat. Du kan botanisera mellan tusen nyanser och formulas av klassiska färger för att hitta ditt personliga önskestift, lyxkänslan är där, och ändå känns märket lekfullt, mångfaldigt och överraskande. Perfekt balans!

Vi går igenom läppstiften i ett samlat inlägg tycker jag! Alla med en liten beskrivning av linjen det tillhör och hur själva stiftet känns och ser ut. Ungefär som vanligt i dessa större läppinlägg alltså.

Lipstick Queen kan ni shoppa på t.ex. varuhuset NK, svenska Cow Parfymeri (butiken i Sthlm/deras webshop) eller brittiska Space NK.


I’m sooo happy! Do you remember this blog post where I reviewed a lipstick from Lipstick Queen? They saw it and sent me a package with five new lipsticks to try as a thank you for the review! How sweet? I feel like a child at christmas. I’ve never tried anything from this brand that I haven’t loved. You can browse between a zillion colours and formulas of classic colours to find your personal favourite, the products feel luxurious and still the brand is playful, diverse and surprising. The perfect balance!

Let’s go through the lipsticks in a collected post! Each and every one of them with a little description of the line and how the lipstick itself feels and looks. Similar to how I usually do the larger lippie posts in other words.

Lipstick Queen is available at for example british Space NK and their own american website.

lipstick queen

I love how all the Lipstick Queen lines come in different packaging, it’s easy to browse through your stuff and find what you’re looking for. These lipsticks are displayed in the same order they’re swatched below.

lipstick queen

Look at the sweet note they sent! And here’s the outer packaging of the lipsticks.

lipstick queen lipstick swatches

Hot Rose Sinner, Saint Scarlet Red, Jungle Queen, Hang Ten, Stella!

bare lips

Bare lips for reference

lipstick queen sinner lipstick hot rose swatch

Lipstick Queen Sinner Lipstick “Hot Rose”. A quite thick, ultra pigmented semi matte formula that feels smooth and comfortable on the lips. The colour is a rich jewel toned pink, a great alternative to a classic red. This colour would suit eeeveryone.

lipstick queen saint lipstick scarlet red swatch

Lipstick Queen Saint Lipstick “Scarlet Red”. A sheer juicy formula that feels like a moisturizing balm on the lips. The colour is a light pink toned red, very summery! Perfect for days when you want a softer but yet bright lip.

lipstick queen jungle queen swatch

Lipstick Queen “Jungle Queen”. A moisturizing and bright coloured lipstick made exclusively to look gorgeous with animal prints. HELLO FANTASTIC IDEA! The colour is the perfect balance between coral, orange and red. Imagine it with a big leopard printed scarf!

lipstick queen endless summer lipstick hang ten swatch

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Lipstick “Hang Ten”. This line is surf inspired, sheer and moisturizing and at the same time summery and bright. The colour is a gorgeous peachy beige, very pale but sheer enough to just look fresh and hydrated. Great everyday lip!

lipstick queen silver screen lipstick stella! swatch

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick “Stella!”. This formula is gel-like, packs a lot of pigment and has a strong scent and taste of peppermint. Feels divine. Stella! is the crazy one of the bunch, a briiiight blue toned purple! It glows with blue shimmer and looks totally amazing on the lips. Wear it if you dare!

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NABLA Cosmetics Diva Crime Lipstick swatches

Nästa spännande hög med produkter från NABLA Cosmetics! Nu drar vi igenom läppstiftslinjen Diva Crime. Enligt beskrivningen är detta en rik och mjukgörande formula med matt finish och mycket pigment. Låter som det perfekta läppstiftet, eller hur? Finns att shoppa för €12.90 (ca 120 kr) styck på NABLA Cosmetics hemsida.

Formulan är helt klart pigmentrik, ett svep ger mängder av färg. Läppstiftet innehåller kameliaolja och candelillavax vilket känns mjukt och härligt (nästan fett) på läpparna, men ger kanske lite väl mycket glid åt formulan? Jag känner att läppstiftet lätt hopar sig och skapar tunnare områden i färgen om jag pressar ihop läpparna hårt efter att ha målat ett ordentligt lager. Det känns även lite läskigt med de klarare/mörkare färgerna då de kommer smeta lättare (min läppglansrädsla kickar in lite!). Med andra ord – detta är läppstift jag vill ha läppenna till för att våga lita på, det ger formulan mer rättvisa! Sen kan vi ju diskutera huruvida de faktiskt är matta också, de har snarare en återfuktad läppbalsam-look på mina läppar, inte glossigt men reflekterar ändå ljus. Trots dessa potentiella minuspoäng så är det så bra tryck i dem att de är värda lite meck tycker jag!


Next exciting bunch of products from NABLA Cosmetics! Let’s go through the Diva Crime lipstick line. According to the description this is a rich and moisturizing highly pigmented formula with a matte finish. Sounds like the perfect lipstick, doesn’t it? Available at the NABLA Cosmetics webshop for €12.90!

The formula is definitely pigmented, one swipe gives loads of colour. The lipstick contains Camellia oil and Candelilla wax which feels nice and soft (almost greasy) on the lips, but maybe it gives the formula a bit too much slip? I find that the lipstick gathers a bit and creates thinner areas if I press my lips together hard after applying a good coat. It also feels a bit scary to wear the brighter/darker shades as they would smudge easier (my lipgloss fright kicks in a bit!) In other words – I would want a lip pencil to trust this lipstick fully, it gives the formula better justice! We can also discuss however it’s actually matte, I would say that it has more of a moisturized balmy look on my lips, not glossy but still reflects light. Even though the lipsticks have these potential drawbacks they have such a good payoff that it’s worth some work in my opinion!

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick

The lipsticks come in a sleek gunmetal grey tube. They’re swatched in the same order they’re displayed here.

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick swatches

Ombre Rose, Paloma, Portrait, Panta Rei, Domina, Vertigo, Across The Universe, Alter Ego, Rouge Mon Amour


De färger som betedde sig allra bäst i min mening är Ombre Rose, Portrait, Vertigo och Rouge Mon Amour, de lade sig bäst på läpparna. Sämst är helt klart Domina, ni ser ju på bilderna hur flammig den är jämfört med de andra färgerna. Kan tänka mig att den är bra över en riktigt mörk penna däremot, för mjuk och skön känns den ju.

The colours I found worked the best are Ombre Rose, Portrait, Vertigo and Rouge Mon Amour, they applied the best. Worst is definitely Domina, you can see in the pictures how uneven it is compared to the other shades. I can imagine it being nice over a really dark pencil though, I mean it does feel really comfortable on.

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick ombre rose swatch

Ombre Rose. A mauve toned neutral shade, perfect for those of you who like the whole 90′s mauve beige thing that’s going on right now. I can’t deny the fact that it’s pretty damn flattering!

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick paloma swatch

Paloma. A warm toned pale beige. So stark and whitened in colour that I feel a bit awkward wearing it full on, but dabbed on the lips with a 60′s smokey eye this will be goooorgeous. Can’t wait to wear it.

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick portrait swatch

Portrait. A orange toned light coral. Also a bit too whitened when applied thickly for my taste, so this one would also look nice dabbed on thinly. The undertone is beautiful and quite unusual, a lot better on me than pinky corals!

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick panta rei swatch

Panta Rei. And here it is, the bright pinky coral! Ultra traditional summer colour, a favourite of many but a colour that I really dislike on myself. If it’s your kind of colour – go for it! It’s gorgeous.

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick domina swatch

Domina. A dark brownish berry red. Sheer and splotchy, definitely needs a lip liner. Pretty colour and awesome name though! I just wish that the pigmentation was consistent with the other lipsticks.

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick vertigo

Vertigo. A bright purple toned pink. This colour is 100% awesome, holy bajebus!! Slightly more whitened than what I would normally wear but it totally works. Hello bubblegum crazy land! No formula problems with this one.

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick across the universe swatch

Across The Universe. A classic jewel toned bright pink. A really beautiful shade, you can’t go wrong with it!

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick alter ego swatch

Alter Ego. A red toned pink. Great tweak if you want an alternative to a classic red! It gathered up on the lips a bit though so I would wear it with a lip pencil.

nabla cosmetics diva crime lipstick rouge mon amour swatch

Rouge Mon Amour. The classic red! Another fantastic colour, I really really love this one. Very bright and saturated! None of that gathered up unevenness in this one at all.

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NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow – Mega swatch!

Idag fick jag ett MEGAPAKET fina saker från NABLA Cosmetics, ett italienskt sminkmärke jag inte ens visste fanns. Billiga, fria från djurtester och så vitt jag sett schysst koll på ingredienserna. Jag visste knappt var jag skulle börja, enligt er input var skuggorna sjukt bra så det fick bli med dem!

Holy shiiiite vad bra skuggorna är! Allt ni ser nedan är swatchat på bar hud, formulan är oförskämt bra på de skimriga, de matta är också bra men kan inte mäta sig med skimren. €6.50 (ca 60 SEK) betalar du för en refillpanna du kan stoppa i en magnetisk palett eller så betalar du €7.90 (ca 75 SEK) och får skuggan i en plastdosa. Paletterna jag stoppade mina i fick jag också, det finns två storlekar som var rymmer 6 eller 12 skuggor. Dessa ligger på €6 och €10.

Ni kan shoppa NABLA på, all info om fraktkostnader finns här.


Today I got a MEGA PACKAGE from NABLA Cosmetics, a Italian makeup brand that I didn’t even know existed. Cheap, free from animal testing and as far as I’ve seen quite clean ingredients. I had no clue where to start, according to you the eyeshadows are da bomb so that’s where I ended up!

Holy shiiiite these shadows are good! Everything you see below is swatched on bare skin, the formula on the shimmery colours is so good it’s rude, the mattes are also good but they can’t compare to the shimmers. A loose pan that you can put in a magnetic palette is €6.50 and they’re €7.90 if you want the shadow in a plastic compact. The palettes I put mine in I also got, there are two sizes available where you fit 6 and 12 shadows, these are at €6 and €10.

You can shop NABLA at, all info about shipping is available here.

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow

Here you can see the two palette sizes and how the separate eyeshadow compacts look.

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow

Row 1: Daphne N°2, Rust, Glitz, Sandy. Row 2: Tribeca, Entropy, Camelot, Mimesis. Row 3: Petra, Caramel, Narciso, Antique White

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow swatches

Daphne N°2, Rust, Glitz, Sandy, Tribeca, Entropy, Camelot

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow swatches

Entropy, Camelot, Mimesis, Petra, Caramel, Narciso, Antique White

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow

Row 1: Cattleya, Grenadine, Ground State. Row 2: Citron, Madreperla, Zoe

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow

Fossil, Aurum, Christine

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow swatches

Cattleya, Grenadine, Ground State, Citron, Madreperla, Zoe

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow swatches

Citron, Madreperla, Zoe, Fossil, Aurum, Christine

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow swatches

Sandy on the eyelid, Camelot in the crease and on the top lashline, Tribeca on the lower lashline, Madreperla on the inner corner. I’m wearing their Mascara Le Film Noir aswell.

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow swatches

Sandy on the eyelid, Camelot in the crease and on the top lashline, Tribeca on the lower lashline, Madreperla on the inner corner. I’m wearing their Mascara Le Film Noir aswell.

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TheBalm Instain Blush (all shades!), Betty Lou-Manizer & Mary Lou-Manizer

Jag visade er TheBalm Instain Blush i färgen Pinstripe i förra veckan, nu ska vi kika på alla sex nyanserna! Detta är första gången jag verkligen hänförs av en rougeformula sen jag provade mitt första rouge från Illamasqua för fem eller sex år sedan. Vet redan nu att dessa kommer vara ett stadigt förstahandsval framöver. Jag älskar utbudet av nyanser, texturen är supermjuk utan att vara kritig eller bösa ner hela sminkbordet (samma formula genomgående i hela linjen, ovanlig grej att se) och de är riktigt välpigmenterade. Plus för dödssöt förpackning.

TheBalm finns att shoppa ca överallt just nu, tipsar främst om som är bra och pålitliga. Knatar du runt i Gbg så kika in på Grand Parfym och shoppa där!


I showed you the TheBalm Instain Blush in Pinstripe last week, now it’s time to look at all six shades! This is the first time I got purely amazed by a blush formula since I tried my first Illamasqua blush five or six years ago. I can tell already that these will be a steady first choice from now. I love the shade range, the texture is super smooth without chalkiness or fallouts (same formula in all shades, an usual thing to see) and they’re very pigmented. Plus the packaging is so dang cute.

thebalm cheek candy

All that cuteness, I love TheBalm packaging!!

thebalm instain blush

This is the outside of the blush compacts. They look lite little magazines! From the top left: Lace, Argyle, Toile, Swiss Dot, Houndstooth, Pinstripe

thebalm instain blush

From the top left: Lace, Argyle, Toile, Swiss Dot, Houndstooth, Pinstripe

thebalm instain blush swatches

Natural light. Lace, Argyle, Toile, Swiss Dot, Houndstooth, Pinstripe

thebalm instain blush swatches

With flash. Lace, Argyle, Toile, Swiss Dot, Houndstooth, Pinstripe


Och så kan vi ju förstås även passa på att visa dessa, glowiga bronzern Betty Lou-Manizer samt kanske planetens mest hypade highlighter Mary Lou-Manizer. Känns konstigt att inte ha provat någon av dem sedan tidigare, men nu var det dags! Formulan på dessa är riktigt mjuk och skön (inte lika slående som rougen ovan, men fortfarande grym) och pigmenteringen är nästan att skratta åt. Helt klart svåra att fega med, de går på som väggfärg! Yeehaa!

And let’s take a look at these aswell, the glowy bronzer Betty Lou-Manizer and Mary Lou-Manizer which probably is the most hyped highlighter on the planet. Strangely I haven’t tried any of them before, but now it’s time! The formula is smooth and soft (not quite as stunning as the blushes above, but still great) and the pigmentation is almost laughable. Definitely hard to go easy with, they go on like wall paint! Yeehaa!

thebalm betty lou-manizer & mary lou-manizer

The packaging is amazing on these aswell. Read the text on the compacts, haha aaahhh so great!

thebalm betty lou-manizer & mary lou-manizer

Betty Lou-Manizer, Mary Lou-Manizer

thebalm betty lou-manizer & mary lou-manizer swatch

Natural Light. Betty Lou-Manizer, Mary Lou-Manizer

thebalm betty lou-manizer & mary lou-manizer swatch

With flash. Betty Lou-Manizer, Mary Lou-Manizer

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