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Hidden gems: Products I use every day but rarely show you

Some products are trusty staples for me, you see them in the product lists for my makeup looks all the time but I have never really talked about them. I thought I should gather them all in one post and let you take a closer look.

Some of them are quite battered but that’s what happens with loved cosmetics (I’m looking at you, dog massacred pencil)!

hidden gems


By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer – 1 Fresh Fair

Thin liquid concealer with medium coverage. Has a WONDERFUL texture that looks just like skin, doesn’t crease under my eyes with a dab of powder on top. Steep price but totally worth it. 1 Fresh Fair is a peachy pink which neutralizes undereyes gorgeously without making them appear whitened. No reverse panda eyes for me thanks. Correcting the purple/blue/green tones without brightening looks really soft and “no-makeup-y”!

Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer – Vanilla

A super thick full coverage concealer, perfect for spot concealing. This one I use allll the time but even forget to mention in my product lists. Have used it for eh.. seven years?

Idun Minerals Inliner – Sand

A pale beige eye pencil for the inner rim of the eye. I have very red waterlines so I basically use it daily as a waterline concealer.

hidden gems

By Terry 1 Fresh Fair, Too Faced Vanilla, Idun Minerals Sand.

hidden gems

Too Faced Vanilla, By Terry 1 Fresh Fair, Idun Minerals Sand (different order than above, sorry!).


Illamasqua Masquara – Raven

The mascara that gives me everything I wish for, it works for every look. Length, volume, fluffiness, drama! It’s water resistant so it doesn’t smudge easily but it isn’t waterproof which means it’s easy to remove. Love the wand too.

Illamsqua Brow & Lash Gel

A clear (I promise, it was clear a while ago..) brow gel that combs the hairs in place. Not crunchy, not overly shiny, stays all day. The wand is slim so it doesn’t get gunk all over your face when you comb your brows with it.

INGLOT Eyeshadow – 376

A creamy and super pigmented matte eyeshadow bordering grey/black/brown/purple. Perfect for dark eyebrows or as a soft eyeliner.

hidden gems

Illamasqua Masquara, Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel, INGLOT 376.

hidden gems

Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel, Illamasqua Masquara (another one shown in different order, I’m bad at this today?).

hidden gems

INGLOT 376 applied on bare skin.


Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder – Diaphanous

The best powder ever created? Super finely milled and invisible on the skin. It’s like a classic HD powder (think MUFE HD, By Terry Hyaluronic etc.) but it doesn’t feel tight and weird on my skin like those do on me. Diaphanous feels smoothing, plumping and perfecting! Doesn’t get flat matte either so not the best if you need heavy duty oil control, but it sets makeup beautifully.

hidden gems

Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous


Manasi Makeup Lyster Cream Bronzer

A reddish brown cream bronzer with a strong, smooth shimmer. Any time my skin looks nice and glowy (or I look awake at all) this is why. Looks really scary in the tub but it goes on looking just like sunkissed plump skin! No fake sparkliness or orange splotches, it looks so natural that it works wonders even on bare skin. I have a tub in my MUA kit aswell (less battered than this one) and I would never do a tanned look without it, it works on everyone.

hidden gems

Manasi Makeup Lyster Cream Bronzer

hidden gems

Manasi Makeup Lyster Cream Bronzer

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Cailyn Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Fantasy & Honey

Jag fortsätter mitt utforskande av Cailyn Cosmetics, denna gång med två ögonskuggor! Fantasy är en dammig lavendelnyans med gyllenrosa glöd och Honey är guld/koppar/laxrosa. Båda är ljusa och lite skira i grunden vilket gör dem väldigt flexibla, jättefina både ensamma på ögonlocken och i kombination med mörkare färger. Färgskiftningen i skuggorna är svår att fånga på bild, hoppas ni får en hum i alla fall!

F0rmulan är lite torr som så ofta med lösa skuggor men en dutt foundation, concealer eller primer löser enkelt problemet, de behöver bara lite fukt att bita fast i.

Dessa är från Pure Cosmetic här i Gbg, gå in och kika på nätet eller i butiken.


I keep exploring Cailyn Cosmetics, this time with two eyeshadows! Fantasy is a dusty lavender with golden pink glow and Honey is a gold/copper/salmon shade. Both are light and quite sheer in the base colour which makes them very flexible, lovely both alone on the lids and in combination with darker colours. The colour shift in the shadows is hard to capture in pictures, I hope it gives a hint at least!

The formula is a tad dry which isn’t strange for a loose shadow but a dab of foundation, concealer or primer easily solves the problem, they just need some moisture to cling on to.

These are from Pure Cosmetics here in Gothenburg.

cailyn shimmer powder fantasy & honey swatch

Fantasy, Honey. See that amzing colour shift? Wow!

cailyn cosmetics shimmer powder in fantasy & honey swatch

In bright daylight

cailyn shimmer powder fantasy & honey swatch

In dull evening light, a bad picture but it captures the cool colour shift!

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My Smitten Polish collection – Swatches

Under det gångna året har jag fullständigt förälskat mig i Smitten Polish. Ett nagellacksmärke som bevisligen inte kan göra något fel. Färgerna är klara och simplistiska med ljuvligt multidimensionellt glitter eller holografiska regnbågar, alltid välbalanserat och utan att kännas barnsligt. Drömskt liksom? Precis den typen av lack jag dras till oavsett märke. Som ett extra plus – de är grymma på att göra knalliga snorgröna. Här, ta mitt hjärta!

Smitten Polish finns att köpa på svenska Edgy Polish (de skickar internationellt) eller i Smittens Bigcartel-shop.


Over the last year I completely fell in love with Smitten Polish. A nail polish brand that can’t do no wrong. The colours are vivid and simplistic with gorgeous multidimensional sparkle or holographic rainbows, all well balanced and never childish. Dreamy in a way? Just the kind of polishes I gravitate towards in all brands. And as an extra plus – they’re awesome at making bright snot greens. Have my heart!

You can buy Smitten Polish at Swedish Edgy Polish (they ship internationally) or at the Smitten Bigcartel shop.

smitten polish collection

Alla lack är målade i tre lager här för att helt täcka på den genomskinliga plasten, på mina naglar är nästan alla tvålagers. De är tunna, enkla att måla med och torkar fort, så inga problem om tre behövs (typ på längre naglar). Ett lack saknas i dessa swatches och det är holografiska mörkblå Bifrost. Jag kan inte hitta min flaska, ont i hjärtat!! Jag lade till en bild i slutet där ni ser hur det ser ut på naglarna.

All polishes are swatched in three coats just to get opacity on the plastic tips, on my fingers allmost all are two coaters. They’re thin, easy to apply and dry fast, so no problem if three coats are needed (for longer nails for example). There is one polish missing in these swatches and that’s dark blue holographic Bifrost. I can’t find my bottle, the heartache!! I added a nail swatch of it at the end.

  1. Date Night
  2. Amas Veritas
  3. Glacial Springs
  4. Himalayan Blue Poppy
  5. A Bouquet of Warblers
  6. Audrey’s Rainbow
  7. Shamrock Shake
  8. Girl Sprouts
  9. Not Your Mama’s Easter Grass
  10. Nuclear Sunshine

smitten polish collection swatches

smitten polish collection swatches

smitten polish collection swatches

smitten polish bifrost swatch

The missing bottle, Bifrost.

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Viva la Diva Matte Lips Lipstick – swatches & review

Matte Lips är en ny serie läppstift från svenska budgetmärket Viva la Diva, matt högpigmenterad formula som ska mjukgöra läpparna. För tillfället finns fyra nyanser och dem ska vi kika på nu! Jag hittar dem online på Bubblebox för 79 pix, bör även vara uppe i fysisk butik snart.

Matte Lips is a new line of lipsticks from the Swedish budget brand Viva la Diva, a matte highly pigmented formula that is supposed to moisturize the lips. Right now there are four shades available, let’s take a look at them!

viva la diva matte lips lipstick

The lipstick comes in a rubberized twist up tube with a clear cap. You can clearly see on the tube which shade is which, a detail that I love seeing in makeup packaging.

viva la diva matte lips lipstick swatch

301 Velvet Nude, 302 Pink Powder, 303 Soft Cerise, 304 Red Carpet.

viva la diva matte lips 301 velvet nude swatch

301 Velvet Nude. Classic band aid beige, SUPER matte, not flattering on my naturally textured lips. Not very kind on dry lips either, even though it has such high coverage that it masks some of the dry patches it feels really tight on the lips because it’s so matte. If you have really smooth lips naturally – go for it.

viva la diva matte lips lipstick 302 powder pink swatch

302 Powder Pink. Okay first of all – I’M SORRY that you had to see this. HAHA. This is a pale pink with a formula that’s chalky and greasy at the same time. It has a really weird silicon slip to it that makes it super patchy, it shows things I didn’t even think I had on my face? Just horrible in every way. Trashcan alert, save your money and your soul.

viva la diva matte lips lipstick 303 soft cerise

303 Soft Cerise. And now our luck is turning! This is a softened hot pink shade, a looot more forgiving on the lips than the previous shades. It’s also much thinner in formula than the beige which makes it comfortable to wear. Double the price on this one and I wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow. Get it now!

viva la diva matte lips lipstick 304 red carpet swatch

304 Red Carpet. A classic neutral red. Along the same lines as the hot pink shade, thin and smooth on the lips, very forgiving on dry/textured areas and looks amazing overall. If you’re looking for a nice classic red – buy it!

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Lipstick Queen Saint Lipstick “Deep Red”

Här är det till slut! Läppstiftet jag burit massor på sistone. En skir röd historia med kall underton som är perfekt för dagar då matt pangrött känns för mycket, eller som så ofta för min del: för tidskrävande.

Läppstiftet är från Lipstick Queen och ur serien Saint, blanka mjuka stift med 10% pigment (bonus: alla nyanser finns även i heavy-formulan Sinner med 90% pigment, välj själv utifrån önskad effekt). Hållbarheten på läpparna är sisådär men komfortnivån, trots att den är orsaken till kortare hållbarhet, gör det så jäkla värt det. Stiftet är som läppbalsam och läpparna känns fantastiska efteråt!

Färgen Deep Red är som sagt kall i undertonen och upplevs lite rosa, den känns däremot inte bärig vilket många kalla röda ofta gör. Rätt mörk i hylsan men den skira pigmenteringen får den att se ut som jelly på läpparna. Med en skir formula gillar jag lite mörkare nyanser, de ser så mumsiga ut! Bra extragrej: Jag har burit den som krämrouge flera gånger och älskar resultatet.


Here it finally is! The lipstick that I’ve been wearing a lot lately. A sheer red with a cool undertone which is perfect for days when matte intense reds feel too much, or the most usual problem for me: too time consuming.

The lipstick is from the Lipstick Queen line called Saint, shiny soft lipstick with 10% pigment (bonus: all shades are also available in the heavier formula Sinner with 90% pigment, choose depending on your desired effect). The longevity on the lips isn’t the best but the comfort level, even though it’s the reason why it isn’t long wearing, makes it totally worth it. The lipstick feels like a balm and my lips feel amazing afterwards!

The colour Deep Red is cool toned as I mentioned, turns a little pink on but doesn’t feel like a berry shade which cool toned reds often do. Quite dark in the tube but the sheer formula makes it look like jelly on the lips. With a sheer formula I like darker shades, they look so yummy! Another good thing about it: I’ve worn it as cream blush multiple times and I love the result.

lipstick queen saint lipstick deep red

The lipstick comes in a matte gold/copper tube, strangely rubberized in texture.

lipstick queen saint lipstick deep red swatch

Deep Red layered onto the lips. Multiple swipes gives this juicy semi-opaque look.

lipstick queen saint lipstick deep red swatch

A look where I’m wearing Deep Red a bit sheerer. See how yummy it looks? So fresh! Link to blog post about the look here.

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