IsaDora Sugar Crush nails for fall 2013

New Sugar Crush polishes from IsaDora! I love these fall shades to bits.. I’m not crazy about the gold shade but the rest of them are fab. Most of them needed 3 coats but they dried quickly.

79 SEK a piece, in Swedish stores this week.

Metal Crush, Wine Crush, Emerald Crush

 Chameleon Crush, Gold Crush, Black Crush

Metal Crush, Wine Crush, Emerald Crush, Chamelon Crush, Gold Crush, Black Crush. No topcoat

Metal Crush, Wine Crush, Emerald Crush, Chamelon Crush, Gold Crush, Black Crush. The back of the swatches, so they’re shiny as if they would have been worn with top coat



Viola, Killer Colours


Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss “Kiss You”

The Ultra Plush Lip Gloss line from Benefit is one of my favourites, it’s super soft and not sticky at all so they’re really comfortable on the lips for everyday wear. This is one of the newest shades, Kiss You, which is a sheer lavender purple without shimmer or glitter. It looks crazy in the tube but it goes on like a cool candy pink, so lovely!

Available at Right now you can use code LFNEW to get 10% off your order.


benefit ultra plush lip gloss kiss you

Love the white art deco details on the tube, and the fact that it stands like a little statue by itself!

benefit ultra plush lip gloss kiss you

Speaking of art deco.. That outer packaging is the prettiest I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

benefit ultra plush lip gloss kiss you

Here you can see how it warms up once it’s applied on the skin. It gets a tad warmer than this on my lips because of their natural pink tone.



Viola, Killer Colours


NARS Blush “Boys Don’t Cry”

Tidigare i år släppte NARS en limiterad kollektion tillsammans med designern Pierre Hardy, kollektionen innehåller två rouge och detta är ett av dem, knallkoralliga Boys Don’t Cry. Mitt absoluta favouritrouge just nu.

På ytan av rouget finns en guldig overspray i grafiskt rutmönster, detta borstar man bort på första användningen och lämnas med ett matt rouge. Inte mig emot, jag är helförtjust i den matta finishen, men man ska inte låta sig luras om man är sugen på guld. Jag har ofta problem med att rouge försvinner snabbt men på mig håller detta hela dagen!

Finns fortfarande att shoppa på NARS hemsida, och så vitt jag vet även på Sephora om du har en butik nära.


Earlier this year NARS released a limited collection with the designer Pierre Hardy, the collection contains two blushes and here’s one of them, bright coral Boys Don’t Cry. My absolute favourite blush right now.

There’s a graphic square pattern sprayed on top of the blush which will disappear once you put your brush in it, so you’re left with a matte blush. I really like it this way, but if you’re hoping for gold shimmer you shouldn’t expect it. I often have problems with blush not wearing well but this one stays on my cheeks all day! 

Still available at the NARS website.



nars blush boys dont cry

nars blush boys dont cry

nars blush boys dont cry

Here’s what it looks like on my cheeks, this intense colour works just as well on my skintone as it would on someone much darker.

Viola, Killer Colours


KICKS Sugar Lacquer swatches

The structure polish trend has now reached Swedish KICKS, here are three of the shades available! They cost 79 SEK for 10 ml.


KICKS Sugar Lacquer in Sugar Cane, Royal Velvet and Moondust.

No Topcoat

Top coat on the right half of the swatches



Viola, Killer Colours


Swatching: IsaDora Color Chock collection – lip products

Med höstens Color Chock-kollektion från IsaDora kommer en hög roliga läpprodukter, bland annat Glossy Lip Stain som är ett gloss med stainfunktion, alltså när glansen gått ur så sitter färgen kvar på läpparna. I det stora hela är de ett djurtestfritt och budgetvänligt alternativ till motsvarigheterna från YSL och L’Oréal. Äntligen!! Jag gillar dem som tusan och hoppas att utbudet som nu ligger på 5 nyanser utökas allt eftersom.

Utöver lip stainsen så kommer även ett vanligt gloss, ett stift och en ny penna med kollektionen. Varenda en är superb. Vi kikar på alltihop här nedan!


With the Colour Chock collection for this fall IsaDora released a bunch of fun lippies, for example Glossy Lip Stain which is a staining gloss, so when the shine wears off the colour is still there. Overall it’s a cruelty free and budget friendly alternative to the versions from YSL and L’Oréal. Finally!! I like them as heck and hope that the range which is at 5 shades now will get bigger.

Apart from the lip stains there’s also a regular gloss, a lipstick and one new lip pencil. All of them are superb. Let’s take a look at them all!


isadora color chock collection lippies


IsaDora Multi Vitamin Gloss “Raisin” (119 SEK)

A plummy rose colour that slightly deepens the lip colour without making a huge change. A perfect semi sheer lip colour for fall, or a great shade if you want to get used to wearing darker colours. These glosses aren’t overly sticky but wear quite well. Said to be unscented but smells sweet? Hmm..

isadora multi vitamin gloss raisin


IsaDora Color Chock Glossy Lip Stain – Chic Coral (129 SEK)

A vibrant pinky-coral-red shade that goes on really smooth and glossy. These ones are also said to be unscented but these definitely smell like caramel candy.

isadora color chock glossy lip stain chic coral


IsaDora Color Chock Glossy Lip Stain – Foxy Fuchsia (129 SEK)

A purple tinged pink, not quite as easily applied as the coral shade but with a little work it’s wonderful.

isadora color chock glossy lip stain foxy fuchsia


IsaDora Perfect Matt Lipstick – Deco Rose (119 SEK)

Probably my favourite from the whole collection, a dusty rosy red lipstick that goes on smooth and soft for being matte, definitely an original shade in my lipstick drawer. In this blog post I wore it dabbed on as a stain, so it looks good both full on and applied sheer!

isadora perfect matt lipstick deco rose


IsaDora Perfect Lipliner – Fuchsia (69 SEK)

A longwearing matte lip pencil that’s 100% kiss/smudge proof. It glides on evenly and doesnt tug much for being waterproof. It’s a perfect jewel tone pink that looks super hot for fall.

isadora perfect lipliner fuchsia

Viola, Killer Colours
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