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Video Tutorial: Midnight Blue

I posted a blue smokey eye the other day and today it’s tutorial time! I hope you like it.

midnight blue tutorial


  • Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation – 0 Light Ivory
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder – Diaphanous
  • Make Up Store Bronzing Powder – Shimmer
  • Make Up Store Wonder Powder – Sahara


  • Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01 – 7
  • Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel


  • KIKO Cosmetics Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadow - Glistening Turquoise (04)
  • KIKO Cosmetics Water Eyeshadow - Midnight Blue (215), Graphite (230)
  • Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01 – 7
  • KIKO Cosmetics Colour Definition Eyeliner And Kajal – Darling Butter (01)
  • Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara


  • KIKO Cosmetics Creamy Lipgloss – Pearly Shell Rose (101)
  • TheBalm Pretty Smart/Read My Lips Lip Gloss – SNAP!


  • KIKO Cosmetics Nail Lacquer - Grass Green (391)
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My most worn lip combo at the moment

Jag fastnar ofta i mönster när det kommer till makeup, jag hittar en favoritteknik, produkt, färg, finish, whatever och bara PLÖJER detta under en period tills jag hittar något annat att fastna i. Precis så har det varit under den gångna veckan med denna läppkombo, jag har varit mer eller mindre utan ögonmakeup, applicerat en glowig bas, fluffat upp brynen ordentligt och burit denna glossiga rosaröda läpp till. Det bästa är att den går att variera från ljusaste ljusröd till nästan vinrött beroende på vilka proportioner produkterna appliceras i. Låt oss bryta ner kombon i steg!

I often get stuck in patterns when it comes to makeup, I find a favourite technique, product, colour, finish or whatever and stick to that RELIGIOUSLY for a period of time until I find something else to obsess over. That is the story of this weeks lip combo, I’ve been more or less without eye makeup, applied a glowy base, fluffed my brows up and wore it with this glossy pinky red lip. The best thing is that it can be varied from the lightest red to almost a wine red depending on which proportions the products are applied in. Let’s break the combo down into steps!

isadora twist up gloss stick wine red, charlotte tilbury lip cheat savage rose

IsaDora Twist-Up Gloss Stick in Wine Red (I’m more than half way through it, how often does that happen??), Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Savage Rose.

isadora twist-up gloss stick wine red, charlotte tilbury lip cheat savage rose.

Wine Red looks dark in the tube but goes on like a sheer red toned berry, super glossy! Savage Rose is cool toned as well but leans more towards classic red. It is flat matte and smudge proof when applied alone.


How I apply it:

bare lips

Step 1: Bare lips. Winter is coming (brace yourselves) which means that my lips are drier than ever. With most lipsticks I prep my lips with a balm beforehand, but it is actually not necessary with the IsaDora Twist-Up Gloss Sticks, they feel fantastic on the lips!

isadora twist-up gloss stick wine red

Step 2: IsaDora Twist-Up Gloss Stick in Wine Red. For a super easy everyday lip I stop here, this is the peerrrrrfect sheer pinky red for my skintone, it brightens and brings out colour without looking like lipstick.

charlotte tilbury lip cheat savage rose

Step 3: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Savage Rose. When I want to define and darken a little extra I go in with a lip pencil afterwards, it glides on easily without tugging as the gloss stick is so balmy. I’m not a lip pencil person so I’m happy when I can skip that stiff matte lip pencil feeling.

isadora twist-up gloss stick wine red, charlotte tilbury lip cheat savage rose

Wine Red alone on the left, Right: Wine Red combined with Savage Rose on the right.

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VIDEO TUTORIAL – 60′s Kitten

You loved the makeup look I posted a while ago, so of course it was the perfect look for a video tutorial! It’s such an easy makeup look even though it looks very intricate. Enjoy!

60's kitten makeup tutorial

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara review

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara är en omtalad liten sak, mycket tack vare det cheeky namnet. Mascaran har en timglasformad borste som ska ge fylliga separerade fransar i svartaste svart. Ju fler lager du bygger på desto flashigare ska fransarna bli. Too Faced är exklusivt för Sephora på svenska marknaden nu för tiden, så det är dit ni får pallra er om ni vill shoppa! Vi hoppas på Sephora-webshop inom en snar framtid för er som inte bor i Sthlm/Gbg/Malmö. Mascaran ligger på 230 kr.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is a rumoured little thing, much thanks to the cheeky name. This mascara has a hourglass shaped wand which is supposed to give separated plump lashes in the blackest shade of black. The more coats you apply the flashier your lashes are said to be. Check your local Sephora to shop for this gem! The mascara is $23 in the US for reference.

too faced better than sex mascara

The wand is hourglass shaped which helps deposit a lot of product, but makes it harder to apply without smudging. The top part of the tube has a silly amount of weight to it, I don’t really understand why. The wand is heavy and the tube is lightweight! Feels weird.

no mascara

No mascara

too faced better than sex mascara 1 coat

1 coat of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

too faced better than sex mascara 2 coats

2 coats of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

A makeup tutorial where you can see the mascara in action:

So what does it do?

Length: 5/5

This mascara gives me a solid extra millimeter or two.

Volume: 5/5
Dayum, those are some fat lashes! They easily get a bit clumpy, but I like that look. For someone who wants “cleaner” looking lashes this might be a bit much.

Definition: 4/5
This mascara manages to give thick lashes aswell as, uhh you know, more than three! Look at the bottom lashes for example, they ARE thick and a bit clumped but they definitely stand out! In other words – pick another mascara if you want it to look dainty.

Precision: 2.5/5
This is the biggest drawback for this mascara. The shape of the wand, more specifically the outer blob, makes it hard to apply without smudging, especially on my lower lashes. If the wand was shaped like a christmas tree it would have been pure magic.

Effectivity: 5/5
This mascara catches on in a second, you barely have to work with the brush to get intense lashes. You can build up a couple of coats in less than a minute!

Colour: 5/5
Black as the Babadooks soul.

Water resistance: 5/5
This mascara is waterproof. It has that gummy waxy feeling on the lashes that waterproof formulas tend to have, and it doesn’t break down unless you use an oil based remover.

Longevity: 5/5
This mascara holds the curl and stays in place all day. It doesn’t flake off or soot in the lower lashline at all! The only thing I get sometimes is “sun rays” on my top lid where the lashes touch my browbone on days when I don’t have a lot of eye makeup, but that always happen to me with waterproof mascaras. They break down with oil so any concealer, foundation or such will make the lashes leave a little print on the lid. It’s easily removed with a finger though, and doesn’t affect the look/wear time of the mascara. It doesn’t happen if I wear an eye primer and/or matte eyeshadows, so it’s just a matter of priming correctly.


Conclusion: 36.5/40

Fat lashes, no excuse. This is a mascara for heavy lash days, it’s great with smokey eyes! Or just with ehh, anything, if you’re like me. I’m totally into the ragged heavy lash look as I’ve mentioned a million times so as soon as I got a little better at handling that irritating brush I just started reaching for it all. the. time. For really natutal lash days I choose something else, but this no mercy product seriously makes me happy. I will most definitely get a new one when I run out!

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Video Tutorial: Hazy Smokey Eyes

Time for a video tutorial! Today showing you how I do my soft and hazy smokey eyes. I’m using the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette for this look, it’s so gooood! I will post a review soon.

hazy smokey eyes


  • Lumene Nude Perfection Fluid Foundation – Classic Beige (1)
  • Lumene Beauty Base Dark Under Eye Concealer
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder – Diaphanous
  • Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder – Bronze 03
  • Make Up Store Wonder Powder – Sahara


  • Cailyn Cosmetics Eyebrow Duo – Brunette
  • Lumene Blueberry Eyebrow Shaping Wax – Blond (3)


  • Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer
  • Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette – Bon Bon, Coconut Crème, Frosting, Hot Fudge, Butter Pecan
  • KIKO Cosmetics Colour Definition Eyeliner And Kajal – Darling Butter (01)
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


  • Make Up Store Artist Plexi-Gloss – 100P


  • Cirque Colors – Book of Shadows
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