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International women’s day – why we need it. Yes, I’m talking about my last post.

I went back and forth between whether I should write this post or not but it is far too important to skip, especially on a day like this.

In my last post about the Instagram makeup trend I was cautious about how to put my words, it was me trying a highly discussed makeup style on my own face for the first time and leaving with a conclusion of how didn’t like wearing it. Then a question: what do you think of this heavy makeup trend? The post spiralled away in the comment section and turned into a unexpected virgin Mary marathon of comments saying how tacky, overdone, shallow and bad this makeup style is, even comments aimed towards the people wearing it and how they hide their “real” looks. Discussing trends is one thing, disrespecting people is another.

I am NOT okay with these opinions, they are not what I’m about and neither this blog. 

I’m sorry if you somehow misinterpreted this as critique towards anyone, and I hope you reevaluate if you have these opinions. My opinion is already stated in the sidebar of my blog, I quote myself: Makeup doesn’t have rules. The only person who decides what’s right or wrong and if you’re wearing it or not is you, and that’s where my job as a blogger comes in handy. Use my experience as a guide or an inspiration towards finding your own way.

And in case it feels good hearing me put it in words once again: I’ve always aimed to create a relaxed community of sisters, so please act that way. Hold each others backs and nurture the bond, remember the fact that we are all still afraid to get sexually harassed on the late bus home for the exact same looks that we beat each other up for online. Don’t pretend that we are any different from each other, that the sisterhood doesn’t have bigger problems to stand up against. We need each other.

Like Bikini Kill said back in 1992:

You’re a big girl now
You’ve got no reason not to fight
You’ve got to know what they are
‘Fore you can stand up for your rights
Rights, rights?
You DO have rights!

Thank you.

bikini kill

Bikini Kill, photo by Pat Graham

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Let’s sort through a bunch of new stuff!

I have a bunch of new stuff that I haven’t managed to write about yet, so instead of just starting at one end I just thought why not post pictures of it all and have you decide where to begin. Let me know in the comments what you’re interested in reading about!

kat von d

I went to Copenhagen the other day to take a peek at the Kat Von D Beauty line that launches in Sweden very soon. Got some goodies to try.

h&m revelation

H&M Revelation line. A beautiful line of body care and perfume that just launched. I am OBSESSING over this scent at the moment.

nails inc nailkale superfood base coat

Nails Inc NailKale Superfood Base Coat. As hipster as nail polish will ever get. When will there bee a sourdough version?

anastasia beverly hills shadow couture wold traveler palette

I got this gorgeous Anastasia Bevery Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler palette from Frida the other day, it was the nicest gift ever and I am head over heels in love with it. I’ve worn it every day since I got it! Ahhhh

sweed lashes

Sweed Lashes is a new(er?) Swedish brand with super soft human hair lashes.

nars lipstick

Two new NARS lipsticks moved in here during the last few months, one warm and one cool toned red, both rather dirty in tone and very fall appropriate.

palina star dust

Swedish makeup brand Palina create some beauuuutiful loose eyeshadows.

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Questions? Q&A!

Jag ska snart filma en video där jag besvarar era frågor, så har ni några åt mig? Vad som helst! Jag får troligen fler än vad som hinns med i en video men allt kul, annorlunda, intressant, viktigt etc. snappas upp! Go go go!

I’ll record a Q&A in video form soon, do you have any questions for me? Anything! I’ll probably get more questions than what I can answer, but anything fun, different, interesting, important etc. will be picked! Go go go!


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Meeting your weird Google search words

Att folk googlar på störda saker är ju ingen nyhet, därför tänker jag sammanfatta några googlingar som fört folk till min blogg. Njut av att äntligen få SANNINGEN. Svenska googlingar på svenska, engelska på engelska.

The fact that people google weird shit is nothing new, that’s why I’m now going to round up some google search words that have led people to my blog. Enjoy the fact that you’re finally being told the TRUTH. Swedish google searches in Swedish, English in English.


Koka kronärtskocka – Har jag tyvärr aldrig gjort!
Kuk - Ja det var ju JÄVLA kreativt du.
Jag gillar när - Cliffhanger much?
Vad är en hipster – Fan, ingen vet!
Ja eller nej till madonna truth or dare parfym – JA.
Aldrande knäveck - Gissar att de åldras i takt med resten av kroppen.
Film som klarar bechdeltestet - Obehagligt få, sjukt nog.
Pojkvännen borta i 3 månader – Dra igång Netflix så överlever du!
Killercolours tampong – Använder inte såna, menskopp har räddat mitt liv.
Fuck fula killar – Ja, fuck ‘em!
Förändra en kille - Behöver han förändras så skit i honom.
Ta livet av sig med lustgas - Jorden anropar, kass idé.
Coola boots – Vi vill ju inte ha töntiga boots.
Extremt vuxna som ammar andra vuxna på milk - Lite mysko kanske, ja.
Filmkaraktär med vacker klänning - Angelina Jolie i Changeling.
Glass dåligt för hyn - LÖGN! Vägrar tro dig.
Skoldisco – Vill gå på!
Women kräks on my face – Du förtjänade det säkert, annars stackars.
Pink sugar luktar ägg - Då är den nog bra gammal.
Mjölkgårdar köpes - Har inga att bjuda på tyvärr.

Viola holmgren dragon – I’m a dragon?! OH SHI-
Dark magic death perfume – I recommend Patchouli Patch by L’Artisan.
Killer colours anorexia – Not that I know of.
Lipstick eye make up domina porn - Should film a tutorial!
Matt Damon syndrome – Don’t want that.
Eat the rich - Soylent blue!
Dominatrix killer – Me in a nutshell.
The killer succubus – Me again.
Viola Holmgren sexy - FINALLY!
Men are objects - Not the last time I checked.
Orgasm - Click this link and I’ll provide you with one.
Stop female death in advertising – Sounds like a good idea?
Cow milk 1 litar protein cont – Eim sarry I’m nat drenkin merlk
Bluddy marry – Sarry I dernt hev da rezipe
Stuff to look at when you’re off topic – Other peoples rants?
Creepcraap – Sorry, am I really that scary?
Odeo smas saxy video – I guess you’re in the wrong place.
Sexy colourds mamas on facebook – Probably in the wrong place aswell.
Insta7 animal sexy hot – Okay just.. DON’T.

Bonus babies! xo

Viola, Killer Colours


How bright/dark do you like your reds?

At the moment I usually go for the brighter, shinier reds with a little transparency, but I really want to come back to the deep mattes!

red lipsticks

Yves Rocher “Gelée Cerise”, Chanel “La Fascinante”, Wet n Wild “Cherry Bomb”

Viola, Killer Colours
Killer Colours

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