Smitten Polish “Bifrost”

Todays manicure is Bifrost from Smitten Polish, a holographic night sky blue. It’s really beautiful, very vibant and glowing for being so dark! It doesn’t even look dull in softer light like holographic polishes often do.

The formula isn’t perfect as it’s a tad sensitive to dragging, when you apply you have to do it in a few strokes to not pull away any polish, but it’s far from a pita. Just be aware of it when you apply it and you won’t have any problems.

Go get it at Edgy Polish!

smitten polish bifrost

In daylight

smitten polish bifrost


smitten polish bifrost

Under a lamp

Viola, Killer Colours


Ellis Faas, a peek and some quick swatches!

För ett tag sedan kontaktade Ellis Faas mig och frågade om jag ville prova några produkter, jag pep av glädje då jag under lång tid varit väldigt nyfiken på märket. Igår dök paketet upp innehållandes allt på min önskelista, lycklig, tacksam och lite förälskad är vad jag är!

Ellis Faas har ett intressant koncept där de flesta produkterna i linjen är “human colours”, med andra ord färger som kroppen själv producerar, vilket ska underlätta jakten efter produkter som matchar huden fint. Inga produkter är doft- eller smaksatta. Märket har även en grym djurtestpolicy. Är du sugen på att shoppa så kan du göra det på Ellis Faas hemsida.

Låt mig veta om det är någon särskilt nyans ni vill se en djupare recension på!


A while ago Ellis Faas contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their products out, and I squealed a little because I’ve been so curious to try this brand for a long time now. Today they arrived and I found everything from my wishlist in the package. Happy, thankful and a bit in love is what I am!

Ellis Faas has this interesting concept where most products from the line are “human colours”, in other words colours that are produced by the body itself, which is supposed to make it easy to find shades that match your skin. None of the products have any scent or taste. The brand also has a fab animal testing policy. If you’re curious you can do your shopping at the Ellis Faas website.

Let me know if there’s a special shade that you would like to see a deeper review on!

ellis faas

The products come in colour coded packaging.

ellis faas

All the products are kept in the same sleek twist-up pencils.

ellis faas

At the bottom you can see the product name and a colour swatch.

ellis faas

And if you take the cap off you can see that every product comes with an applicator ideal for the specific product.

ellis faas swatches

From the left: Light E302 (eyeshadow), Blush S302 (blush), Milky Lips L203 (lipstick), Creamy Lips L101 (lipstick), Hot Lips L404 (lipstick)

Light “E302″ – A green gold smudgeproof cream eyeshadow. Feels a bit crispy-flaky when dried, we’ll see how it wears on the eyes.

Blush “S302″ – A fresh coral cream blush. Applies and blends like a dream, just the right amount of pigment. Slight shimmer.

Milky Lips “L203″ – A plum coloured liquid lipstick. Feels thin and balmy yet gives good colour payoff, the colour is 1920 in a nutshell.

Creamy Lips “L101″ – An “Ellis Red” liquid lipstick. A tad thicker and glossier, this blood red shade is just insanely beautiful.

Hot Lips “L404″ – A fluo pink lip stain/lipstick. Thickest and most pigmented out of these. An insane colour with insane opacity.

Viola, Killer Colours

Backstage, Skönhet

A look from yesterdays Aagard Design fashion show

Here’s one of the looks from yesterdays Aagard Design fashion show! Pale skin with plastic-y highlights, matte nude lips and the grungiest asymmetric smokey eye with a bunch of bling (it all ties up with the looks from our photoshoot, blog posts here and here!). Our beautiful model is Linnéa Saaranen, do I need to explain how much I want that waist length candy hair?

It’s harder than one could think to create a messy look! Deciding on which edges to leave unblended, where to put smudges and where to keep eyeshadow falldown just to get the desired look. It’s a fun way to work!

aagard design

Viola, Killer Colours


A bunch of new stuff from KICKS

Jag är inte den som brukar posta pressbilder, men så mycket som jag gillar KICKS egen makeuplinje så är jag verkligen superexalterad att få ett mail som rapporterar om breddning av sortimentet! Vecka 21 släpps detta, dvs denna vecka!


Viola, Killer Colours

Recension, Skönhet

Emite Make Up Vitamin E Lip Gloss “Lava”

I was so happy when I found this beauty in a drawer, I used to love this Vitamin E Lip Gloss in Lava from Emite Make Up! I still find it just as awesome, a warm, soft dark nude lipgloss that feels silky and comfortable on the lips. Looks scary in the tube but it’s fantastic on. No scent or taste.

Available in Emites Swedish webshop for 170 SEK!

emite make up vitamin e lip gloss lava

emite make up vitamin e lip gloss lava

Viola, Killer Colours
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