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IsaDora Flashing Volume Mascara, Review & Close ups

Nytt från IsaDora, Flashing Volume Mascara! Jag som använt All Day Long Lash från samma märke riktigt länge nu fick förstås höga förväntningar när det denna gång utlovats fet volym i vattenresistent (ej vattenfast) formula. Jag prioriterar helt klart volym framför längd samt älskar en vattentålig formula som inte känns som lim på fransarna så tummar är hållna.

Första överraskningen – borsten! En rak liten pytteborste som är ihålig i mitten och därav kan bära mer produkt än en “vanlig” borste. För vad sitter på borsten? Jo hysteriskt mycket produkt. Det är som att hålet i tuben inte skrapar av nog mycket utan lämnar borsten helt igenkleggad. “Whatever, det kan fungera” tänker jag och börjar smeta på.


News from IsaDora, Flashing Volume Mascara! I’ve used their All Day Long Lash for a really long time now so of course I got high hopes when they promised fat volume in a water resistant (not waterproof) formula. I easily pick volume over length plus love a  water resistant formula that doesn’t feel like glue on the lashes so I’m hoping for the best.

First surprise – the brush! A straight tiny brush that’s hollow which is supposed to help it contain more product than a “regular ” brush. Then, what do we find on the brush? An insane amount of product! It’s as if the hole in the tube doesn’t scrape enough off and leaves the brush all gunked up. “Whatever, it might work” I thought and started gunking it on.

isadora flashing volume mascara

Tineh tineh brush with loads and loads of product.

Andra överraskningen – Haha jävlar vad fransarna ser ut. Men jag GILLAR DET! De blir fullkomligt igensmetade med mascara, sådär på ett risigt sexigt sätt. Tänk 60talsfransar, eller något mer punk-hot, lite Gucci hösten 2011! Ingen nämnvärd längd-effekt men de blir maffiga och lacksvarta. Jag måste börja med överfransarna på båda ögonen för att sedan gå över till undre, allt med samma doppning i tuben, annars blir det så mycket produkt att det är ohanterbart.

Vid dagens slut sitter mascaran fortfarande på plats utan att ha smulat, fransarna känns mjuka och mascaran är vattenresistent nog för att ha hållit sig kvar men ändå släpper lätt när det var dags att tvätta av den.

Second surprise – Haha dang, my lashes look insane. But I LIKE IT! They get completely bathed with mascara, in a sleazy sexy way! Think of 1960′s lashes, or something more punk hot, a bit Gucci fall 2011! No lengthening effect worth mentioning, but the lashes get fat and vinyl black. I need to start with my top lashes on both eyes and then apply it on my bottom lashes, everything with the same dipping in the tube, otherwise the amount of mascara gets unbearable.

At the end of the day the mascara is still on without flaking, the lashes feel soft and the mascara is water resistant enough to have stayed in place but still lets go easily when it’s time to wash it off.

isadora flashing volume mascara

Bare lashes vs. IsaDora Flashing Volume Mascara. Would normally wear a smudgy brown shadow along the lashlines with it (see the next picture!).

Så, slutsats? Troligen maffigaste fransarna jag fått av en mascara! Värsta Twiggy-smetet som kanske inte gör sig bäst till en lätt och fräääsch makeup, utan snarare till en sotning eller när du bara vill överspela fransarna. Helt rätt känner jag då jag varit sugen på sådana här fransar på sistone. Finns på Åhléns, nu till kampanjpris (129 kr, vanligtvis 149). Ut och testa om du också gillar looken!

So, bottom line? Probably the heaviest lashes that I’ve gotten from a mascara! The perfect Twiggy gunk that might not be the best for a light and freeeeesh makeup, more like for a smokey eye or when you really want to overplay the lashes. It’s great in my opinion as I’ve had a thing for lashes like this lately. Go try it if you like the look!

isadora flashing volume mascara

How I wore this mascara yesterday. Some brown shadow along the lashlines, bright pink lips and a flushed cheek.

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Yay, my Illamasqua order arrived!

Den 25e lade jag en order hos Illamasqua eftersom de hade en göttig rabattkod (utöver den permanenta loyalty-rabatten) och redan den 31a hade paketet masat sig hit från Storbritannien! Jag kan inte minnas att det någonsin tagit mer än en vecka för ett Illamasquapaket att dyka upp hos mig. Zoom zoom!

Så, vad beställde jag då? Beskrivningar finns under första bilden! Lägg märke till färgskalan, mörkare ädelstensrosa nyanser är vad jag varit sugen på nu det senaste. Känns fräscht i utbyte mot allt rött som jag oavbrutet badade i hela våren och försommaren. Älskar att variera standardfärgskalan emellanåt!


The 25th I placed an order at Illamasqua because they had a generous coupon out (plus the regular loyalty discount) and already at the 31st the package had made its way from Britain to Sweden! I can’t remember one time when it took me more than a week for an Illamasqua order to arrive at my place. Zoom zoom!

So, what did I order? Descriptions are under the first picture! If you look at the colour scheme you get a good hint of what I’m into now – deep jewel toned pinks. It feels fresh as an exchange for the reds that I bathed in all spring and early summer. I love switching my standard colour scheme up now and then!


Glamore Lipstick “Glissade”, Brow & Lash Gel, Masquara “Raven”, Powder Blusher “Tweak”, Velvet Blusher “Conviction”

Glamore Lipstick – Glissade

“A colour intense lipstick with a long lasting satin finish. Bold pink.”

Super silky and highly pigmented lippie, a looot softer than the regular Illamasqua lipsticks! Serious formula improvement. The colour is gorgeous, a darkened yet vibrant fuchsia pink that will look fabulous for fall/winter.

Brow & Lash Gel

“Perfect for separating and defining lashes, and creating flawlessly finished brows.”

The best brow gel on the planet! The brush is thin and sleek, the formula is thin but still holds brows like a champ, it doesn’t flake, the brush doesn’t pick up too much product.. Just perfect. Have no words.

Masquara – Raven

“A formula that lengthens, defines and dramatises lashes to extremes. Midnight black.”

A mascara with a fluffy, soft bristled brush. I wore it yesterday and it was really nice, but it basically disappeared from my lashes at the end of the day? No obvious smudges or flakes, but my lashes were half naked at the 14 hour mark. So strange! Will have to give this a few more tries.

Powder Blusher – Tweak

“Colour-intense and highly pigmented, use it to shade, brighten, enhance and define the shape of your face. Deep hot pink.”

Illamasqua makes the best powder blushes that I’ve ever used. They are highly pigmented, look nice and even on the cheeks, doesn’t wear off during the day and the colour range is genious. I’m happy to add a hot rosy pink to my collection!

Velvet Blusher – Conviction

“The lightweight cream texture delivers a velvet soft cream to powder finish. Bold pink.”

I’m sad to see the old cream blush formula go (I’m guessing that’s what’s up, they came in a zillion shades a few years ago and now they don’t), but this new Velvet formula seems good aswell so I will settle. Especially with a colour like this! It feels silky and applies very evenly, it felt like it would cling to unevenness in the skin but luckily it doesn’t!

illamasqua swatches

Glamore Lipstick “Glissade”, Velvet Blusher “Conviction”, Powder Blusher “Tweak”

illamasqua brow & lash gel

Brow & Lash Gel

illamasqua masquara raven

Masquara “Raven”

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Cirque Colors “Dear Dahlia”

Cirque Colors just released info about their Kontiki Collection, three beautiful brights with interesting shimmer that are out August 5th. The shade that I ended up wearing first was Dear Dahlia, a hot pink jelly with green/gold shimmer. Gorge! Three coats was needed and I still see my nail tips a bit, but I like it, my fingers look like raspberry jam!

Where to buy? See the Cirque Colors stockist list here!

cirque colors dear dahlia

cirque colors dear dahlia

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Flick it

Todays look was 1960′s inspired! heavy smokey eyeliner wings, nude lips, soft brows, plain skin.

I’ve reviewed the lipgloss in this blog post, the Nic Cage Churning Butter One Crisp Thanksgiving Morn (HILARIOUS!), remember it? it’s probably the most perfect nude lipgloss ever. A plain beige that still doesn’t make me look dead. LUVV IT!

The eyeliner on the other hand.. I’ve used these eyeliners before and now I tried the black one, heck.. they still aren’t the shit.. The tip is too stiff and the formula is kind of dry-ish, not very easy to handle. When you try to touch up an area where it applied patchy it kind of gunks up and gets a little flaky, so strange. It IS waterproof though, so it wears quite well during the day I definitely prefer the IsaDora Flex Tip Eyeliner when it comes to these pens though.

flick it


  • Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer – Vanilla
  • BareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener – 1
  • IDUN Minerals Foundation – Saga


  • Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit
  • Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel


  • Sleek MakeUP Flick It Eyeliner – Black
  • Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Palette – Curaçao (the matte black shadow)
  • Face Stockholm Matte Eyeshadow – Ash, Brunögd
  • Idun Minerals Eyeliner – Sand
  • IsaDora Precision Mascara – Black


  •  Shiro Cosmetics Lipgloss – Nic Cage Churning Butter One Crisp Thanksgiving Morn
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Sleek MakeUP i-Divine palette “Arabian Nights” – Swatches & review

Här har vi den i detalj, nya Arabian Nights-paletten från Sleek MakeUP! En laddning juveltoner för riktigt mörka sotningar.

Kvalitén är som vanligt amejsing när det kommer till Sleeks skuggor, alla förutom den varma lila med stora glitter nere i högra hörnet är som smör i konsistensen. De två ljusaste nyanserna är tyvärr inte ljusa nog för att agera highlight på hudtoner lika min, jag har alltså problemet jag nämnde kort i gårdagens palettinlägg. Jag känner behovet av att plocka in ytterligare en ögonskugga utifrån för att kunna göra en komplett makeup med highlights när jag använder denna palett. Tråkigt! Paletten är å andra sidan så himla fin att jag glatt står ut med det. Himlar vad jag ska bada i denna i höst.

Paletten släpps på Sleeks hemsida den 30:e juli, dvs nu på onsdag!


Here it is in detail, the new Arabian Nights palette from Sleek MakeUP! A load of jewel tones for really dark smokey eyes.

The quality is, as usual when it comes to Sleek eyeshadows, amazing. Every one except for the warm purple with big glitters down in the righthand corner are like butter. The two lightest shadows aren’t light enough to act highlight on my skin sadly, in other words I have the problem that I mentioned shortly in yesterdays palette post. I feel the need to add another eyeshadow to be able to create a complete makeup with highlights when I’m using this palette. Too bad! The palette IS on the other hand so damn pretty that I feel totally fine with that. Damn, I’m gonna swim in that palette during the entire fall..

The palette is released on the Sleek website the 30th of July, which is this Wednesday!

sleek makeup idivine eyeshadow palette arabian nights

sleek makeup idivine eyeshadow palette arabian nights

sleek makeup idivine eyeshadow palette arabian nights

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