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Dr. Hauschka Novum Lipstick “Maple Glow (08)”

For spring 2016 Dr. Hauschka are re-releasing a bunch of old limited edition customer favourites in a collection of their own, among those products we find Novum Lipstick in Maple Glow (08). I haven’t tried any of the Dr. Hauschka makeup before so I don’t really know what I’m talking about (lol), but this lipstick sure is great, I understand why people miss it! I slapped it on before going to work the other day and really ended up loving it. Hello new staple!

Maple Glow is the perfect darkened rosewood shade for my skintone, it doesn’t lean so pink that it ends up looking rosy but it’s still far from a poopy 90′s brown/taupe. The formula is creamy and opaque, almost waxy, really comfortable to wear and stays well on the lips.

dr hauschka novum lipstick maple glow (08)

Dr. Hauschka Novum Lipstick in Maple Glow (08). It comes in a sleek twist-up tube. The lipstick is said to smell like rose but to me it’s more of a black tea scent, very herbal. It’s mild and pleasant though.

dr hauschka novum lipstick maple glow 08 swatch

A single swipe swatch. Hello opaque!

bare lips

Bare lips

dr hauschka novum lipstick maple glow 08 swatch

Dr. Hauschka Novum Lipstick in Maple Glow (08) applied straight from the tube. By the way, the blush I’m wearing is also from the same collection. Wanna read about that one aswell?

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Lit Cosmetics glitter, swatches & review (how to apply loose glitter without making a mess)

Alltså, glitter. Finns det något som lockar ens i närheten så mycket? Speciellt när det är packat med holografiska regnbågar.. #holosexual

Om vi då ska snacka det bästa av det bästa glittret så är det Lit Cosmetics som gäller. De har ca en miljard nyanser där den ena är vackrare än den andra, och du kan dessutom genom att plocka en siffra mellan 1 och 4 välja hur fint eller grovt du vill ha glittret. Det finns allt från superfinmalet enhörnings-koks (lågt nummer) upp till något som närmar sig storleken av paljetter (högt nummer). Den storlek jag gillar bäst är #3, den ger det där perfekt glesa glamrock-gnistret.

Under black friday lade jag en maffig order eftersom jag förstås inte kunde hålla fingrarna borta från deras buy one get one-kampanj. Jag råkade på tull, en helt sjuk härva där tullen missförstått företagets shipping label så jag fick ringa och maila fram och tillbaka massor innan det var utrett, men SÅ VÄRT DET! Gliiitteeeeeerrrr..

Glittren är beställda från Lit Cosmetics webshop.


Seriously, glitter. Is there anything out there that beats it? Especially when they’re filled with holographic rainbows.. #holosexual

And if we’re gonna talk about the best of the best when it comes to glitter we have to mention Lit Cosmetics. They have a billion different shades where each one is prettier than the last, and you can also choose how fine or chunky you want the glitter by picking a number between 1 and 4. You can find anything between ultra finely milled unicorn coke (low number) up to a size that almost looks like sequins (high number). The size I like the most is #3, it creates that perfect sparse glam rock sparkle.

During black friday I placed a big order as I couldn’t keep my hands off their BOGO offer. My package got stuck in customs and a big misunderstanding where the customs didn’t read the shipping label as it should be read and I had to send e-mails and call a bunch of times back and forth before the problems were solved, but it was SO WORTH IT! Gliitteeeeeerrrr…

These glitters were ordered from the Lit Cosmetics webshop.

lit cosmetics glitter

The jars look like little ice cubes and snap shut really well, I love them! My newer glitters came with sifters inside which my old ones didn’t, you can see the difference in the picture.

First row:

Barbie Shops, shimmer, size #3 (Translucent champagne white with pastel sparkle)
Champagne Wishes, solid, size #2 (Champagne beige with pastel sparkle)
Ella, solid, size #2 (Dirty holographic gold)
Vitamin C, solid, size #3 (Peach with gold and pastel sparkle)
Pink Flamingo, solid, size #2 (Hot pink with blue sparkle)
Kiss, solid, size #3 (Bright red glitter)

Second row:

Gunsmoke, solid, size #3 (Blackened grey glitter)
Superfly, solid, size #3 (Grey with holographic sparkle)
Nightlife, solid, size #3 (Navy/grey with holographic sparkle)
Soul Sister, shimmer, size #3 (Dirty forest green with intense green/gold/orange sparkle)
Rhinestone Cowboy, solid, size #3 (Coppery brown with intense red and holographic sparkle)
Cher, holographic, size #4 (Intense holographic silver)

Third row:

Peacock, solid, size #3 (Blue/turquoise/green glitter)
Caviar Dreams, solid, size #3 (Dark green glitter)
In The Navy, solid, size #3 (Navy blue glitter)
Wonder Woman, solid, size #2 (Magenta purple base with aqua/lavender sparkle)

lit cosmetics glitter

lit cosmetics glitter

lit cosmetics glitter

 How to apply loose glitter without falldown:

lit cosmetics clearly liquid glitter base

The magic glitter helper: Lit Cosmetics Clearly Liquid Glitter Base. Comes in regular and waterproof out of which I prefer the regular one for normal wear, it’s not as sticky once it’s dry. This is a mini bottle, they also come in a big size.

lit cosmetics clearly liquid glitter base

Dip your brush into the glitter base. But don’t smear it on the lids just yet..

lit cosmetics clearly liquid glitter base

Instead dip your brush into the glitter after dipping into the base. As the brush is wet the glitter will stick to it.

lit cosmetics clearly liquid glitter base

Then paint the glitter on the skin as if it was a cream product. Tadaaa, no falldown at all! The time of packing loose glitter on top of sticky stuff and spilling it all over your face is now in the past.

Now let’s enjoy some glitter porn!! Swatched in the same order as the list above.

lit cosmetics glitter swatches

lit cosmetics glitter swatches

lit cosmetics glitter swatches

And of course a moving swatch to really justify that sparkle..

A few makeup looks using these glitters:

lit cosmetics glitter gunsmoke #3

Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Gunsmoke #3. Link to full blog post here.

lit cosmetics glitter ella #2

Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Ella #2. Link to full blog post here.

lit cosmetics glitter peacock #3

Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Peacock #3. Link to full blog post here.

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Laura Mercier Daring By Night Palette

Här är en palett jag fotograferat för superlänge sedan men aldrig kom till skott med att posta, NU är det dags! Daring By Night från Laura Mercier släpptes inför julen och är den perfekta paletten för en standard Viola-sotning. Du får tre matta skuggor i vitt, svart och grått samt två skimriga i smutsig oliv och supergnistrande mörk silver. Utöver det får du även ett roséguldigt skimmer för kinderna. Allt jag kan önska! Formulan är ofelbar på varenda produkt, allihop är superpigmenterade och mumsiga även utan någon som helst bas, till och med glittret appliceras jämnt i Silver Fox! Alla tummar upp för ett genialiskt palettsläpp. Finns på NK och Cow Parfymeri.

Here’s a palette I photographed really long ago but never managed to post, NOW it’s time! Daring By Night from Laura Mercier was released for christmas and it’s the perfect palette for a standard Viola smokey eye. You get three matte shadows in white, black and grey plus two shimmery shades in dirty olive and super sparkly dark silver. You also get a rose gold shimmer for your cheeks. Everything I need! The formula of every single product is just immaculate, all of them are super pigmented and yummy even without a base of any kind, the glitter even applies evenly in Silver Fox! All thumbs up for a genius palette release. Available at Sephora for you americans.

laura mercier daring by night palette

laura mercier daring by night palette

The outer packaging is not too sexy, thankfully the inside is.

laura mercier daring by night

Look at those shadows, they go on SO smoothly on bare skin. That black is the blackest thing I’ve ever seen. Big plus for the gorgeous rose gold cheek shade!

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Everyday 60′s

I always do big cat wings whenever I wear liner, it feels refreshing to wear something else now and then! Today that ended up being a wing-less eyeliner that just tapers off at the end of the eye. I messily dotted some brown eye pencil on the lower lashline before applying mascara aswell, it gives some extra choppiness to the lashes without turning into cartoony drawn on Twiggy spikes. Plus the pale lid with a greyish crease and pale lips.. Can you sense my 60′s vibe?

everyday 60's

everyday 60's


  • Lumene Nude Perfection Fluid Foundation – 1 Classic Beige
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder – Diaphanous
  • Make Up Store Bronzing Powder – Shimmer
  • Viva la Diva Dream Cheek Palette – Spring Break
  • TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer


  • Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01 – 7
  • Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel


  • Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01 – 4, 7, 9, 10
  • Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner – Ultra Black
  • IsaDora Perfect Contour Kajal Waterproof – Dark Brown
  • KIKO Cosmetics Colour Definition Eyeliner And Kajal – Darling Butter (01)
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


  • KIKO Cosmetics Creamy Lipgloss – Pearly Shell Rose (101)
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Lumene Nude Perfection Glow Foundation

Dags att kika närmre på en av mina vardagsräddare! Nude Perfection Glow Foundation från Lumene är en lystergivande serumlik foundation som mjukgör och jämnar ut huden en aning. Med betoning på “en aning”, denna är mer som en färgad dagkräm eller BB cream då den inte täcker mycket alls. Jag gillar att applicera den med händerna och sedan dutta på lite concealer där det behövs, det är toppen för dagar då jag vill ha något lätt som inte kladdar. Min vintertorra hud absorberar denna foundation snabbt och jag känner inget behov av att pudra efter. Den har SPF 15 också, inte mycket att skryta med men alltid bra liten extragrej att putta i. Finns att köpa på KICKS, Åhléns och liknande för dryga 169 kr. (Edit: KICKS har 20% rabatt på Lumenes foundations just nu!)

Time to take a look at my daily saviour! Nude Perfection Glow Foundation from Lumene is a luminous serum-like foundation that moisturizes and evens the skin out a bit. With emphasis on “a bit”, this one is more like a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream as it doesn’t cover much at all. I like smoothing it on with my hands and dabbing some concealer on where ever I need that little extra, it’s perfect for days when I want something lightweight that doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. My winter dry skin absorbs this quickly and doesn’t even need any setting powder! It also has SPF 15, not a lot but it’s always a good little extra.

lumene nude perfection glow foundation

Lumene Nude Perfection Glow Foundation comes in a squeeze tube. I use the shade 1 Classic Beige most often as it gives a little warmth, but I also like the shade 0 Light Ivory.

bare skin

Bare skin

lumene nude perfection glow foundation 1 classic beige

Lumene Nude Perfection Glow Foundation in 1 Classic Beige. Doesn’t give much coverage at all, but it evens out the skintone nicely.

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