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Suva Beauty Neutral Necessity Eyeshadow Palette

Another thing I ordered from Glossgods was the Neutral Necessity Eyeshadow Palette from Suva Beauty! A palette that I’ve been lusting after for a long time. Look at that colour scheme! Natural but still interesting. I love that pale rose and intense pink in combination with the warm browns.  Doesn’t it feel like a matte (well except for that pale beige) version of the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette? This one is vegan, plus it has a pitch black which I personally think the Anastasia one is missing.

The swatches below are done on dry skin, no base or primer of any kind. All of them apply well (I mean LOOK at that black!!) for being mattes except for the white which is a tad too soft to adhere well. The softness makes it really intense over a primer though, so it’s a give-and-take situation.

I used this palette for my freaky look the other night if you want to see how that pink and black work on the skin, I’ll do more of a ehh, serious makeup look using it very soon!

suva beauty neutral necessity palette

SUVA Beauty Neutral Necessity Palette

suva beauty neutral necessity palette

The outer packaging looks like a 90′s wind jacket, not sure I dig it. Haha

suva beauty neutral necessity palette swatch

SUVA Beauty Neutral Necessity Palette swatched on dry skin

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Cirque Colors “Midsummer Night”

Ok this is just mean, but I felt I had to share this with you. Cirque Colors Midsummer Night is a rich royal blue jelly nail polish with a pinky copper shimmer that is slightly multichrome, almost leaning green in certain light. And as with all perfect nail polishes: of course not made anymore. Enjoy the picture and keep an eye out for it on eBay or nail polish groups on Facebook!

cirque colors midsummer night


Viola, Killer Colours


Oily Night

After doing that pink smokey eye my fingers were still itching, so I let them loose! I really wanted to dig into my new SUVA Beauty Neutral Necessity Palette (blog post about that one will be up very soon) and just smack it allll over.

The product list is a bit weird as always with these looks, but listed below is what I used on top of what was done in the original makeup look, blog post about that one here.

oily night

oily night

Products used:

  • SUVA Beauty Neutral Necessity Palette – Night Market, Hookah
  • Peggy Sage Shimmering Illuminating Powder – Mirabelle
  • Lit Cosmetics Glitter – Peacock #3
Viola, Killer Colours



Sometimes the simple looks are the most effective ones. The contrasting colour combo I wore yesterday is so electric in itself that the look just finished itself  with only four eye products in total. I applied hot pink lipstick as a base on my eyelids, packed pinky purple eyeshadow on top and highlighted with turquoise. No more, no less!

And that mascara was no joke, I applied multiple coats with the wand then turned to my trusty old Bdellium Tools 731 brush to pack eeeven more on. Blinking was a proper facial workout. LOVE IT.





  • Palina Magic CC Cream – Stockholm
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – Fair Neutral
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder – Diaphanous
  • Peggy Sage Shimmering Illuminating Powder – Mirabelle


  • Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo – Medium
  • Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel


  • Colourpop Lippie Stix – Heart On
  • Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow – Cattleya
  • NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow – Mermaid
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


  • NARS Lipstick – Russian Doll
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre – Ibiza Nights


  • China Glaze – Starboard
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A pretty trio of eyeshadows from Nabla Cosmetics

The other day I went on the Glossgods webshop and snagged (among some other interesting things!!) a few eyeshadows from Nabla Cosmetics. Their shadows are just glorious with a buttery smooth texture and wonderful shade range to pick from. And they aren’t even that expensive! Available at Glossgods for us Swedes, and internationally from Nabla’s own webshop.

These are Eternity, Moonrise and Selfish. Which one is your favourite?

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow eternity, moonrise, selfish

Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow (clockwise from the blue) in Eternity, Moonrise, Selfish

nabla cosmetics eyeshadow eternity, moonrise, selfish swatch

Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow (clockwise from the blue) in Eternity, Moonrise, Selfish

Viola, Killer Colours
Killer Colours

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