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TheBalm Pretty Smart/Read My Lips Lip Gloss “SNAP!”

Ibland fastnar ögat för en produkt och kan inte riktigt släppa den. Precis det hände när jag såg några gloss ur linjen Pretty Smart (eller amerikanska namnet Read My Lips, varför ha två olika ens?) från TheBalm, den krämiga toffeenyansen SNAP! kändes så rätt.

Jag har ofta problem med att hitta beigetonade läpprodukter som inte 1. är heltäckande och plåsterfärgade, 2. slår över för mycket i rosa eller 3. ser likfärgade ut på läpparna. De måste fungera med bronsiga makeuper men ändå kännas “effortless” på min inte-allt-för-gyllene hudton så det är en svår balans. Detta är grymt! Skön konsistens som inte är nämnvärt klibbig, glosset samlar sig inte i läpplinjerna och det luktar lite lätt fruktigt. Färgen är mörk nog för att varken blanka ut läpparna totalt eller ge dem för mycket färg. Bra vardagsnyans!

TheBalm finns att köpa lite överallt nu för tiden, t.ex.


Sometimes you fall for a product and just can’t let go of the thought of it. That happened to me after seeing some glosses from the line Pretty Smart (as it’s called in Europe, american name is Read My Lips) by TheBalm. The creamy toffee shade called SNAP! felt so right.

I often have a problem finding beige toned lip products that aren’t 1. super opaque and band aid coloured, 2. leaning too pink in colour or 3. making me look like a corpse. It has to work with bronzed looks but still feel effortless on my not-very-golden skin tone so it’s a complicated balance. This one is great! A nice consistency that isn’t too sticky, the gloss doesn’t gather in lip lines and it smells a bit fruity. The colour is dark enough to not blank my lips out completely and still not give them too much colour. Great everyday shade!

thebalm pretty smart read my lips lipgloss snap!

The tube is simple and cartoon-like, so sweet! Very sturdy too, doesn’t feel cheap. You can easily see the colour of the gloss through the plastic tube which is a bonus.

thebalm pretty smart read my lips lipgloss snap!

I rarely show you outer packaging but this is so awesome. It has cartoon chicks delivering hilarious quotes all over it. How about “Sarcasm: Now served all day”, “I can only please one person per day, today I choose myself”, “I’m flexible as long as everything goes my way” or “Make me a sandwich”? Died.

bare lips

Bare lips for reference

thebalm pretty smart read my lips lipgloss snap! swatch

SNAP! Applied straight onto bare lips.

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TheBalm Instain Blush “Pinstripe”

New in! TheBalm has a line of blushers called Instain that are supposed to be extra long wearing with a “staining effect”. Sure thing, we’ll see how that works out! Stained cheeks sounds scary but I would guess it’s just a way of marketing an extended wear time.

What I adore is this COLOUR, just look at that dusty dark plum! The colour Pinstripe is unusually grey toned for a shade like this, it will be really interesting to try out. There’s a very soft golden sheen in it aswell which gives it some extra dimension. This really screams 1920′s cheeks, I’m looking forward to wearing it!

thebalm instain blush pinstripe

TheBalm Instain Blush in Pinstripe. Look at that shade, so weird and gorgeous! The packaging has a little mirror aswell so great for travelling.

thebalm instain blush pinstripe

TheBalm Instain Blush in Pinstripe. Look at that cute packaging! Like a little magazine.

thebalm instain blush pinstripe swatch

Swatched on the skin. Here you can see that soft golden sheen aswell.


And grey nosed dog sends kisses.

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NYX Butter Lipstick “Pops”

Senaste veckan har varit superhetsig för mig och det enda jag orkat kasta på läpparna är detta, NYX Butter Lipstick i färgen Pops! En supermjuk och krämig formula som känns återfuktande på läpparna och färgen är sådär plommonbeigerosa som allt ska vara just nu. Ovanligt snällrosa för att vara jag, men eftersom jag är inne i världens brun utan sol-period just nu (??) så blir mjuka rosa toner faktiskt smickrande, när jag har min ljusaste blekblå hudton känns de bara köttiga. Haha.

My last week has been wild and the only thing that I’ve bothered putting on my lips is this, NYX Butter Lipstick in the colour Pops! A super soft creamy formula that feels moisturizing on the lips and it has that plummy beige pink colour that everything has right now. A unusually kind shade of pink for being me, but as I’m in this insane self tanner period right now (??) I feel that soft pinks actually are flattering, when I’m at my palest bluish skintone they just feel meaty. Haha.

nyx butter lipstick pops

Just applied straight onto bare lips, you barely need a mirror.

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Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée 2015

I have posted about my Thierry Mugler Angel collection before, and of course it has expanded since we last saw it. Eau Sucrée 2014 (a silvery blue metallic bottle with sugar texture) was in my collection post, now I have the Eau Sucrée 2015 (clear blue bottle with the same sugar texture) too!

The notes in the original Angel EdP are mainly sour red berries, honey, vanilla, caramel, cocoa and patchouli. A serious smack in the face. In both Eau Sucrée versions which are EdT’s we get red fruits sorbet, caramelized meringue, vanilla and patchouli instead, so a lot sweeter and lighter than the original. The 2014 version of Eau Sucrée was more sugary and meringue-like, 2015 is more bright and fruity. Quite damn far away from the original smack in the face, but hey, I need my Angel fix. Ok?

My bottle is from Grand Parfymeri here in Gothenburg.

thierry mugler angel eau sucrée 2015

The perfume comes in the classic star shaped bottle, this time with sugar textured clear blue glass.


Oh, and Selma said hi! She’s busy sleeping and sorting her paws in size order.

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Nic Cage churning butter one crisp thanksgiving morn

I’m repeating myself: Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01! So versatile! Today I’m wearing all the warmest shades in a messy smokey eye with the soft black as a smokey liner. Plus the lipgloss with the funniest name ever, still can’t handle it.

nic cage churning butter one crisp thanksgiving morn

nic cage churning butter one crisp thanksgiving morn

nic cage churning butter one crisp thanksgiving morn


  • Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation – 1 Classic Beige
  • By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer – 1 Fresh Fair
  • Manasi Makeup Lyster Cream Bronzer
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder – Diaphanous


  • Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01 – 10
  • Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel


  • Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01 – 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9
  • Make Up Store Eye Pencil – Dusty Smoke
  • Illamasqua Masquara – Raven


  • Shiro Cosmetics Lipgloss – Nic Cage Churning Butter One Crisp Thanksgiving Morn


  • Zoya – Arizona
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