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Face Stockholm Matte Eyeshadow in Inspiration, Nude, Ash & Brunögd

Jag tycker att det är så sjukt svårt att hitta en bra matt baspalett för ögonen. Antingen är skuggorna för mörka (så att ljusaste skuggan blir en mörk nude på mig, ovärt!), genomgående varma/kalla (så alla nyanser slår över i orange/grått), har varannan skugga skimrig (vilket jag såklart älskar, men inte när jag vill kunna fixa bryn, liner och skugga med allihop) eller bara innehåller mystiska nyanser i allmänhet.

På grund av detta eviga sökande knallade jag in på Face Stockholm och plockade ihop en egen baspalett! Tom fyra-palett kan du köpa för 69 kr, matta skuggpannor 125/st. Skuggorna är silkeslena och applicerar så fint! Har du inte en butik nära kan du shoppa på deras hemsida.

Här är mina fyra skuggor och vad de är till för:

  • Inspiration – En persikonyans som kan värma upp de andra bruna eller agera utsuddningsnyans i en sotning.
  • Nude – En nyans snäppet ljusare än min hudton för att highlighta med, använda på ögonlocket i en neutral look eller för att korrigerings-sudda kanterna på en skuggning.
  • Ash – En pigg mellanbrun nyans som ska fungera både som mjuk eyeliner, i globlinjen i en neutral look, som ögonbrynsskugga och som bas för en sotning.
  • Brunögd – En riktigt mörk skugga som känns svart men inte blir blåsvart, mer svärtad kakao. Fungerar som eyeliner, definition i en sotning eller för att ultra-markera vingen på ögonbrynen.
face stockholm matte eyeshadow inspiration, nude, ash, brunögd

Inspiration, Nude, Ash, Brunögd

face stockholm matte eyeshadow inspiration, nude, ash, brunögd

Inspiration (which looks too orange in this swatch! Damn you warm evening light), Nude, Ash, Brunögd

I find it so hard to find a really good matte base palette for my eyes. Either the shadows are too dark (so that the lightest shadow is a dark nude on me, sigh!), warm/cool straight through (so that all the shades lean orange/grey), is 50/50 shimmer (which I of course love, but not when I want to be able to do brows, liner and shadow with all of them) or just contains strange shades overall.

Because of this ongoing search I went to Face Stockholm and composed my own base palette! You can buy an empty 4 well palette for $8 and eyeshadow pans for $18 a piece (prices from the US website). The shadows are so silky and soft! If you don’t have a store nearby you can order from their american website or at Beautybay.

Here are my four shadows and what they’re for:

Inspiration – A peach shade that warms up the other browns or as a blending colour for smokey eyes.
Nude – A shade slightly lighter than my skintone for highlighting, on the lid in a neutral look or as a eraser-type blending colour.
Ash – A fresh medium brown shadow that works both as a soft eyeliner, in the crease for a neutral look, as an eyebrow shadow and as a base for a smokey eye.
Brunögd – A really dark shadow that feels black but doesn’t turn blueish, more of a blackened cocoa. Works as an eyeliner, definition in a smokey eye or as an ultra marked wing on the eyebrows.

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A quick little something to wear in the sticky heat! A quick sweep of mineral foundation, a dab of bronzer+highlighter and groomed brows does the trick for me. Eye and lip makeup is faaaar too uncomfortable..



  • IDUN Minerals Foundation – Saga
  • LUSH Charisma Skin Tint (as a bronzer)
  • LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint (as a highlighter)


  • Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit
  • Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel
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A quick peek at the Sleek MakeUP i-Divine palette “Arabian Nights”

Look what arrived today! July 30th this palette will be on the Sleek MakeUP website, closer to the release I’ll post proper swatches for you. Until then – LOOK AT IIIIIIT!

sleek makeup i-divine palette arabian nights

Viola, Killer Colours


Get yo’ Illamasqua shopping done!

Illamasqua celebrates 200 000 followers on Facebook with 20% off, use code 200KFB in the shop to receive the discount! It’s only available for 48 hours from about now. There’s also a loyalty discount (which isn’t new, but just so you know), after your third order you get a permanent 10% off.

Now remember to order the Brow and Lash Gel, it’s great on freaky brows. And their blushes, OHHH their blushes! They whip any luxury brand up the walls and down again.

Click here to go to!

illamasqua sale

What did I get? Powder Blusher “Tweak”, Brow and Lash Gel, Glamore Lipstick “Glissade”, Masquara “Raven”, Velvet Blusher “Conviction”.

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Swatching 4 random beauties!

Today I went through and picked out some loose eyeshadows from my drawers, all shades that I should use more often! Maybe showing them to you might get me some extra motivation? I know that Teacher’s Pet and Undead are still available, Brad and Salvador Dali might be gone though.. Link to the companies websites in the list below!

eyeshadow nomz

Brad, Teacher’s Pet, Salvador Dali, Undead

MaddStyle Cosmetics – Brad

A silky smooth pale blue shade with soft shimmer. Gooorgeous all over the lid with a black liner for a pretty 60′s/70′s look or as a highlighter in dark blue smokey looks.

Silk Naturals – Teacher’s Pet

“Medium taupe pearl with hints of golden bronze glimmer”
A wonderful neutral shade with both warm and cool tones that harmonizes with most skintones. Super shimmery and lovely, great all over the lid for a quick effect.

Tick:Tock Cosmetics – Salvador Dali

An ultra sparkly dusty purple. Tick:Tock really does make some amazing sparkly shadows!

Glamour Doll Eyes – Undead

A black with red undertones/sheen, however, some have said that it as a maroonish color to it”
Drrrrama! A super silky black with strong cool toned red shimmer. Yum.

eyeshadow swatches

Brad, Teacher’s Pet, Salvador Dali, Undead

eyeshadow swatches

Brad, Teacher’s Pet, Salvador Dali, Undead

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