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What’s (actually) in my bag?

I thought I should do this semi-tag-thingy by turning my handbag upside down and see what fell out, then writing a blog post based on it! So here it is, what I’ve thrown into my handbag during the last.. three months? I often reach into my drawers just to find the specific shade that goes with my mood that day, so there’s a lot of random stuff in there!

what's in my bag

Lipstick, oohhh lots of lipsticks. Who’s surprised? I often take reds, dark pinks and plums with me just to be able to top if off during the day. I often stop caring about the lighter shades and apply a lip balm instead when they wear off by lunchtime. Laziness deluxe!


Peggy wanted to keep an eye on the situation so that nothing got out of hand. Nothing to see here, move along!

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NCLA “LAX Jet Setter”

I’ve had this idea of the perfect gunmetal grey nail polish for a while, and I ran into NCLA LAX Jet Setter on sale at Grand Parfymeri which totally fulfilled my dreams! A darkened silver metallic that looks clean enough to glow and dirty enough to not look blingy. Two coats gave perfect opacity and no brush strokes worth caring about. Purrrrfection!

ncla lax jet setter

Viola, Killer Colours

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Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain “Cabaret Blend”

Ska vi slå vad om att jag kan ge er köpsug nu? Jag blir nämligen alldeles nipprig bara av att se bilderna själv.

Milani släppte för, om jag inte minns helt fel, drygt ett år sedan massa nya läpprodukter. Däribland Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain, ett tjockt mjukt gloss i klickpenna med lång hållbarhet på läpparna. Inte fullt så mjukgörande som de sägs vara, men de känns inte uttorkande. De är dessutom lite svåra att måla på plats då de är lite tröga och penseln kanske inte är optimal, men bajeebuz vilken LACKEFFEKT när de väl är på plats! Kolla bara bärröda Cabaret Blend som är döglammig och på gränsen till vamp-svärtad, helt klart gångbar i många sammanhang. Bär genomskinlig läppenna runt kanterna för att förhindra de mörkare nyanserna från att blöda ut i kanterna under dagen and you’re good to go. Finns att shoppa på Beautyjoint!


I bet you I can tickle your shopping nerve right now! I get all happy just by looking at the pictures myself.

I believe it was about a year ago Milani released a big bunch of new lip products, among those Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain, a thick soft gloss in a clicker pen with long wear time on the lips. Not as moisturizing as they’re said to be but they don’t feel drying on the lips. Also they’re a bit hard to apply because the thickness and the brush is not really optimal, but once it’s on the lacquer effect is FLAWLESS! Just look at the deep berry red Cabaret Blend which is super glamorous and right on the border of looking blackened and vampy, definitely useful in many situations. Wear the darker shades with a clear lip liner to keep it from bleeding out along the edges during the day and you’re good to go. Available at Beautyjoint!

milani power lip lasting & moisturizing gloss stain cabaret blend

It comes in a sweet little clicker pen, very tiny but packs a punch!

bare lips

Bare lips

milani power lip lasting moisturizing gloss stain cabaret blend

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain in Cabaret Blend swatched on bare lips

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IsaDora Eye Color Bar “Smoky Mauves”

IsaDora barely released their Eye Color Bar in Nude Essentials before another shade was out, this is Smoky Mauves which is cooler in tone without leaning greyish or too much pinky purple. The formula is great (swatched with fingers on bare skin below) and the variation of the shades is a bit bigger than in the last palette. Thumbs up!

isadora eye color bar smoky mauves

IsaDora Eye Color Bar Smoky Mauves

isadora eye color bar smoky mauves

Quickest swatch possible, still shows some serious potential!

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Yay, nail polish!

I’ve gone full on Marvelettes waiting for this Edgy Polish package, and today it arrived! I broke a bunch of nails yesterday so they look like shiet but who cares when there’s pretty nail polish, right?

You find the Edgy Polish webshop at, they offer worldwide shipping.

edgy polish

Pahlish “Olea Europaea”

Holographic olive green. THE perfect shade of olive, it feels both dusty and old gold-ish at the same time. Gorgeous! Good formula, not gunky or hard to apply at all.

Nail Pattern Boldness “Aquamarine”

Deep teal green with magenta glitters. Edgy Polish exclusive. Super creamy formula, and the glitters don’t drown on the nail at all which I honestly expected it to do in a polish like this.

Smitten Polish “Amas Veritas”

Rich hot pink jelly with prismatic pink/magenta glitter. Smitten never ever disappoint me and same thing applies to this shade. It’s a deeper “royal” shade of pink, it feels so fancy!

Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration Basecoat

Ridge filling and moisturizing basecoat infused with argan oil. Tried it once, feels nice, can’t say anything about the quality yet.

Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash Topcoat

Quick drying thick topcoat that isn’t supposed to shrink. Sounds nice, tried once aswell and it gave me super shiny and dry nails, we’ll see how the formula holds up with time!

edgy polish

Olea Europaea, Aquamarine, Amas Veritas. All topped with Digital Flash Topcoat.

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