Picture Polish “Frank-n-Furter”

Rött lack? Check. Referens till en av världens bästa filmer/filmkaraktärer? Check. Det fanns med andra ord mycket lite att argumentera mot när jag placerade Frank-n-Furter från Picture Polish‘s Rocky Horror Picture Show-kollektion i varukorgen hos Llarowe. Kollektionen innefattar fem lack som går i klarrött, rosarött, vinrött, mörkblått och guld, alla döpta enligt temat. Nyanserna känns spot on temamässigt men är väl inte så nytänkande att jag ramlar av stolen, så utan filmcrushen eller behov av basnyanser i bra kvalitet (eller bara problem med att inte kunna få nog av en viss färg.. host host) så förstår jag om suget är svalare.

Rocky Horror-ådran pulserar förstås glatt i mig och jag kommer på mig själv med att nynna på soundtracket medan jag skriver, och samtidigt glor jag på naglarna för de är så jävla sexy. Frankie är en superglossig kalltonad röd, perfekt för gemene pantertant och rymdtransa. Två lättlackade lager, torkar snabbt. Finishen är inte för mycket jelly vilket jag ofta upplever röda lack vara, nageltipparna lyser igenom och det ser transparent ut, ni vet. Nej, detta är snäppet mer täckande men har fortfarande den godisaktiga jellykänslan kvar som bidrar till den blankt dekadenta feelingen. Perfektion, perfektion!


Red polish? Check. A reference to one of the best movies/movie characters ever? Check. There was very little talk and a lot of action when I placed Frank-n-Furter from the Picture Polish Rocky Horror Picture Show colection in my cart at Llarowe. The collection contains five polishes in bright red, pinky red, wine red, dark blue and gold, all named after the theme. The shades feel spot on theme-wise but they might not be so innovative that I’m falling off my chair, so unless you have the movie crush or a need for basic shades with good quality (or just a problem with not getting enough of a single colour.. cough cough) I understand if the interest level is lower.

My Rocky Horror vein is pulsating happily and I find myself humming the soundtrack while writing, and at the same time I’m staring at my nails because they are so damn sexxeh. Frankie is a super glossy cool toned red, perfect for any leopard lady or outer space tranny. Two easily applied coats and it dried fast. The finish isn’t too much of a jelly which I often find that reds are, the tips are visible and it looks transparent, you know. No, this is more opaque but still has that candy jelly feel that keeps it looking shiny and decadent. Perfection, perfection!

picture polish frank-n-furter

picture polish frank-n-furter

Viola, Killer Colours


Colors by Llarowe “Single Ladies”

Oh hello sparkly goodness! Three coats of Single Ladies from Colors by Llarowe is what I’m wearing on my nails at the moment, a black jelly/crelly with red and holographic micro glitter. Simple as that. It sparkles like crazy, yet it looks very sophisticated and elegant. I love it!

Bought at Llarowe.

colors by llarowe single ladies

colors by llarowe single ladies

Viola, Killer Colours

Backstage, Livsstil, Skönhet

Some pictures from this weekends photoshoot – behind the scenes!

This weekend I’ve worked on a big photo project for a friend of mind who sews (you will get more info + the final pics as soon as they’re done!) where I both did makeup and modeling. A hard thing to manage as I need to stand behind the camera to see what happens to the makeup, but then at the same time I need to stay focused in front of it. Haha. We were two models who wore the same pieces of unisex clothing, so we wore the same makeup looks aswell.


Day 1 was a series of lookbook studio shots where the look was a bit more simple and calm to not overplay the simplicity of the pictures.

I did a semi-matte reddish grunge eye with a translucent glitter on the bottom lid that catches the light depending on the angle. The skin was sculpted and bronzed, had translucent wet highlights without shimmer and freckles were applied on top to bring back the look of natural skin. Lips were dabbed with a touch of concealer mixed with lip balm and brows were kept soft.


Day 2 was focused on the feeling of the collection, so the pictures were a lot more artistic with harsh coloured lighting that made everything look like freaky sci-fi paintings. It’s sooo awesome, can’t wait to see the end result.

The look for this shoot was heavier than what we wore the day before but still along the same lines. This time I focused on applying products that would contrast and catch the light in an interesting way, as the colour schemes wouldn’t show up as well in the artistic lighting.

Skin was paler, even more freckled and had a heavy champagne gold highlight underneath the dewy glossiness. Eyes were bolder with a nearly black base that had soft mascara smudges, turquoise micro glitter and even more of the big round opalescent glitters that we wore the day before, now on both top and bottom lids.

Viola, Killer Colours

Politik/samhälle, Skönhet

Fight for your rights!

Happy May 1st red hearted sisters and brothers! Keep your fists held high and stand your ground. Stand up for the silent ones, take pride in your strength!

Viola, Killer Colours

Recension, Skönhet

Histoires de Parfums 1889 Moulin Rouge EdP

The night blankets the city of Paris. A colorful beam of light bursts from the Moulin Rouge. Inside, the cabaret comes to life. People begin to whisper, abuzz with anticipation. Champagne glasses clink and the curtains rise. The music builds, and in a cloud of feathers and sequins, the dancers make their entrance. Let the spectacle of senses begin!
Spicy Cinnamon warmly mixes with Sugar and melts into Absinthe, while Rose of Damascus releases her sensuality, playfully seducing each spectator with her allure. The audience and dancers each play different roles but the music ties them together for a night of revelry and excitement. The enchantment never stops – time stands still in the Moulin Rouge.
The show ends and the curtain falls, but the party never ends. Backstage, mirrors reflect silhouettes laughing. The smell of Iris Powder and Lipstick float out to the streets on a cloud of Musk and Patchouli. The memory and scent of this unforgettable night lingers through the morning.

Med de orden beskriver Histoire de Parfums doften 1889 Moulin Rouge, inspirerad av Cancanens Mecka – det parisiska nöjesetablissemanget Moulin Rouge med den stora röda väderkvarnen på topp, grundad år 1889. Doftens toppnoter är mandarin, plommon och kanel, hjärtnoterna absint och damascenerros och basnoterna iris, patchouli och mysk.

En perfekt tolkning av burlesk Cancan med stay ups på sned, kajal på kinden, absint i håret, svettiga pälskappor och våldsamt läppstiftshångel. En karikatyr i doftform, klassiskt vintage då den centrerar kring en mäktigt vaxig läppstiftsartad iris men tack vare söta plommon, kryddig kanel och kroppsvarm mysk får doften en toklycklig sensuell attityd olik de svala irisdofter jag tidigare haft att göra med. Så mjuk och varm i intrycket, inte en enda utstickande vass not. En attitydhungrig vintagedröm med glitter i blicken och en shot innanför västen, precis den person jag vill ha en spark i röven för att känna mig riktigt lik.

Grand Parfym (markbutik finns på Kungsgatan och Frölunda Torg i Göteborg) har just plockat in Histoires de Parfums i dofthyllorna, och har nu även till och med imorgon (27/4-14) 20% rabatt på allt i butiken. Shoppa loss!

histoires de parfums 1889 moulin rouge


With the words written in red at the start of the post Histoires de Parfums describe the scent called 1889 Moulin Rouge, inspired by the Mecka of Can-can – the Parisian cabaret called Moulin Rouge with the big red windmill on top, founded in 1889. The top notes of the scent are mandarin, prune and cinnamon, heart notes absinth and damask rose and basenotes iris, patchouli and musk.

A perfect interpretation of the burlesque Can-can with wonky stay-ups, eyeliner on the cheek, absinth in the hair, sweaty fur coats and furious lipstick kisses. A scent caricature, a classic vintage because it works around this huge waxy lipstick iris but thanks to sweet plums, spicy cinnamon and warm musk it attains this optimistic sensual attitude unlike the chilly iris scents that I’ve encountered earlier. It is so soft and warm, not a single harsh note. A vintage dream hungry for attention with sparkly eyes and a slight buzz, that’s the exact person I want a kick in the ass towards feeling like.

histoires de parfums 1889 moulin rouge

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