Hugo & Debra Naturals Liquid Hand Soap “Creamy Coconut”

I’m so silly when it comes to hand soaps, it’s easily my favourite hygiene product! I love trying new ones out and switching scents. The one that I’ve got in my snot green soap dispenser at the moment is Creamy Coconut from Hugo & Debra Naturals, a cruelty free, gluten free, soy free, vegan liquid soap that’s supposed to keep your hands soft. I don’t know about that last part as my hands are dry whatever I wash with but it smells lovely!

I bought my bottle on iHerb, if you haven’t before you can use my code DIF762 while checking out to get $10 off orders over $40 and $5 off smaller orders.


hugo & debra naturals liquid hand soap creamy coconut

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3 invisible lifesavers

ArtDeco Clear Lash & Brow Gel
Being without a clear eyebrow gel that combs the brow hairs into place and makes them glossy and fresh is a no-go for me. This one from ArtDeco is good, maybe not as fantastic as Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel but it’s close! The formula isn’t flaking, it’s not stiff as glue on the brows and the brush is a good size.

Scratch Nail No Dry Nail
A clear polish that you apply as a base coat (or underneath your basecoat if you’re picky like me) which moisturizes the nails and makes them more flexible and durable. A great boost during the crappy winter.

Gilda Cosmetic Perfect Eye Cream
A lightweight eye cream enriched with vitamin A (amongst other things, skincare is not my strongest side!) that plumps and calms the eye area. It’s supposed to be anti ageing but as it’s quite lightweight I guess it’s best suited for someone who only wants to do something about dryness around the eyes or very slight wrinkles. It feels fantastic on my dry eye area.


3 invisible lifesavers

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Short Cirquit

Finally it was time to wear Short Cirquit, a bright orange red lipstick from the NARS Guy Bourdin collection (see my lippie swatches here!). It’s smooth, thin, shiny and so comfortable on the lips, I wore it for a few hours and didn’t have to reapply at all. When it was time to wipe it off to eat my mango-salsa-coconut-mushroom-wrap it didn’t leave much of a weird stain at all, plus my lips felt just as moisturized as they did before the lipstick. This line is soo gooooood!


short cirquit


  • GloMinerals GloProtective Liquid Foundation Satin II – Natural-fair
  • Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer – Porcelain (the concealer)
  • Make Up Store Aqua Cooling Powder
  • Make Up Store Blush – Coral Lace


  • Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit
  • ARTDECO Clear Lash & Brow Gel


  • Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit
  • IsaDora All Day Long Lash Mascara


  • NARS Cinematic Lipstick – Short Cirquit

Perfume of the day:

  • Kenzo – Amour (soft vanilla, rice and frangipani)
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5 yummy fall perfumes that are easy to find

Att hitta riktigt bra parfym är inget du behöver söka långt efter. Med en petig näsa kan lätt stora delar av det som hittas i våra svenska varuhus dofta syntetiskt och enformigt, men det är verkligen inte värt att ge upp jakten för det. Här är fem utmärkta högkvalitativa dofter (goda enligt min smak då!) som finns att köpa på ditt närmsta Åhléns eller KICKS. Dessa är av det tyngre, mumsigare slaget så de passar perfekt i höstkylan.

You don’t have to search far to find really great perfumes. With a picky nose it’s easy to find a big chunk of the scents found in regular stores, at least here in Sweden, smelling synthetic and stereotypical, but it’s definitely not worth giving up for. Here are five great high quality scents (that smell good according to my taste!) that you should be able to find very easily. These are of the creamier, yummier kind so they’re prefect for fall.


5 fab perfumes that are easy to find


Kenzo Amour EdP

Vanilla, rice, frangipani, cherry blossom, heliotrope, musk, white tea, incense, wood.
Creamy, fluffy goodness with a spicy twist. Comforting and a must have for any vanilla lover. Insane longevity.

Elie Saab Le Parfum EdP

Jasmine, orange blossom, honey, patchouli, cedar, rose.
A glamorous honey dripping vamp, a modern Marilyn Monroe. Very romantic.

Versace Crystal Noir EdT

Gardenia, coconut, black pepper, sandalwood, cardamom, amber, ginger, musk, orange blossom, peony.
A sexy creamy floral with a hint of coconut, a gothic Morticia beach scent? Better and more refined in EdT than EdP.

Prada Candy EdP

Caramel, benzoin, musk.
A warm and powdery grown up caramel, like a modern vintage scent. Not even close to as silly as the name implies!

Thierry Mugler Angel EdT

Patchouli, praline, red berries, pink pepper, vanilla, musk, cedar, bergamot.
A complex classic, sweet, sticky and dirty at the same time. EdT is fruitier than the EdP which I prefer, both still have great longevity.

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NYX “Soft Teal” + LA Girls “Splatter”

I have four polishes from the LA Girls Splatter collection standing here, they are matte or metallic glitters in one colour paired with matte white, so they give a wonderful speckled finish. I just had to try the black and white one called Splatter immediately when they arrived, soon I’ll write a full swatch post with all the shades that I have! Bought at Cherry Culture.

Here I’m wearing two coats of Soft Teal from the NYX Salon line with a coat of LA Girls Splatter on top. I love this non-sparkly glitter look!


nyx soft teal la girl splatter

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