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By Terry Ombre Blackstar “Misty Rock”

Okej jag har gått nuts med stiftskuggorna. De är så himla enkla att bara smeta på! Utöver mina tre varmare Laura Mercier-nyanser som jag nyligen bloggat om så har jag på uppmaning av Lily Pebbles tagit mig an kallare By Terry Ombre Blackstar i färgen Misty Rock, en ljusbrun/taupe som glimmar i högblankt silverlila. På någon som är varmare och/eller mörkare i hyn än jag blir färgen mer lila, på mig kikar den varmare basfärgen fram så den spelar mellan brunt och mjukt lila. Perfekt för både vardag (sotningar till vardags for the win) och festligare tillfällen. Finns att köpa på svenska Skin City och brittiska Space NK.

Okay I’ve gone nuts with the stick eyeshadows. They are so simple to just smudge on! Apart from my three warmer Laura Mercier shades that I recently wrote a post about I got convinced by Lily Pebbles to try out cooler toned By Terry Ombre Blackstar in the colour Misty Rock, a light brown/taupe that glimmers with a high shine silvery purple. On someone warmer and/or darker skinned than me this will look more purple, on me the warmer base colour peeks through and it flashes between brown and soft purple. Perfect for both everyday wear (daytime smokey eyes for the win) and evenings. Available at Space NK.

by terry ombre blackstar misty rock

The eyeshadow comes in a golden twist-up packaging.

by terry ombre blackstar misty rock cirque thicker than water

And this is a perfect reason to sneak in a gawjus nail polish! Thicker Than Water from Cirque.

Stiftet är mjukt och silkigt att applicera och precis lika lätt att sudda ut med fingrar eller pensel, efter ett par minuter har skuggan satt sig och rör sig inte ur fläcken trots gnugg och/eller fukt. Jag upplever att jag får vara försiktig första minuterna efter applicering och inte kolla i taket så skuggan veckar sig, första fem minuterna kan den nämligen lägga sig i vecken på ögonlocket, därefter inga problem alls.

The stick is soft and silky to apply and just as easy to blend out with fingers or a brush, after a few mintes the shadow sets and doesn’t budge. I have experienced that during the first few minutes after application I have to be a bit careful, the shadow creases if I look up and fold the lids too much but after it sets there’s no problem at all.

by terry ombre blackstar misty rock swatch

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock smudged all over the lid and around the eye, blended with fingers. It looks so damn dimensional for being this easy to apply!

by terry ombre blackstar misty rock swatch

Here I’m only wearing Misty Rock with mascara. I usually dab a black or dark brown smokey liner on the outer part of my top lid aswell just to lift the outer corner a bit.

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Recension, Skönhet

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ Face Sculpt & Highlight

Filmstar Bronze & Glow från Charlotte Tilbury är en omtalad liten palett. I den gyllene art deco-asken finns ett bronzing/sculptingpuder och en highlighter, pefekta för att ge både dags- och kvällslooken glöd och dimension. Jag kan tala i oändlighet om hur sanslöst fantastisk denna lilla palett är, jag menar har ni på riktigt sett något vackrare? Sen att den är tung, stabil och går igen med ett mjukt klick gör inte saken sämre. Finns att shoppa på

Filmstar Bronze & Glow from Charlotte Tilbury is popular little palette, and that for good reasons. In this golden art deco case you find a bronzer/sculpting powder and a highlighter, perfect to give both day and night looks dimension and glow. I can speak forever about how gorgeous this little palette is, I mean have you seriously seen anything prettier? Then the fact that it’s heavy, non flimsy and closes with a soft click doesn’t make it any worse. Available at

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze & glow

Look at the gorgeous moulded lines in the powders.. So glamorous. Also there’s a big mirror in the lid which is perfect when you’re on the go. Because what would you want to mirror yourself in when on the go? Well THIS palette.

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze & glow

And of course the outside.. Holy shirt. It’s like a 1930′s cigarette case. LOVE!


En halvmatt nyans med hudlik glöd som ligger och väger på gränsen mellan bronzer och sculpting, varm men inte allt för varm. Är du som jag ljus i tonen kommer den agera bättre som bronzer medan en mer gyllene hud kommer kunna utnyttja den för contouring. Den applicerar väldigt jämnt och mjukt men är inte allt för pigmenterad, därav kan man applicera i lugn och ro utan att behöva akta mängden.

A semi matte shade with skin like glow that is right on the border between bronzer and sculpting, warm but not too warm. If you’re fair like me it will work better as a bronzer while a more golden toned skin will be able to use this for contouring. It applies very even and soft but not too pigmented, in other words you can smack it on without having to worry about applying too much.


En gyllene champagnefärgad highlighter med bra tryck i glöden. Nyansen är inte åt det vita hållet vilket jag verkligen uppskattar, det värmer upp huden och reflekterar ljus utan att se ut som frostvita streck på huden. Verkligen en perfekt nyans för såå många hudtoner tack vare den gyllene tonen!

A golden champagne highlighter with a lot of glow. The shade is not leaning white which I really appreciate, it warms up the skin and reflects light without looking like frosty white stripes on the skin. A really perfect shade for soo many skin tones because of the golden tone!

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze & glow swatch

Sculpt and Highlight applied heavily on bare skin.

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze & glow swatch

I’m wearing Sculpt on my cheekbones and temples to give warmth, and Highlight as a C from the cheekbone onto the browbone plus above the brow for a nice highlighting glow.

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Hell yes rainbow nails!

rainbow nails

From purple pinkie to blue pinkie:

Essie – Dj Play That Song
Essie – Bottle Service
Idun Minerals – Korall
Essie – Roarrrrange
China Glaze – Sun Worshiper
Nordic Cap – NP18

Essie – The More The Merrier
Kure Bazaar – Caicos
Essie – Garden Variety
Essie – Bouncer, It’s Me

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Why collect stamps or coins when you can collect Angels?

Jag har ett problem. Eller problem och problem, en bugg i hjärnan kanske? Jag har ingen som helst hejd när det kommer till kultparfymen Angel från Thierry Mugler. Det var en av mina första doftförälskelser och så har det förblivit. Supermånga noter listas men i grund och botten bjuds det på en käftsmäll av syrliga röda bär, honung, vanilj, kola, kakao och patchouli. Originalet är en Eau de Parfum, en Eau de Toilette tillkom för några år sedan samt att doften årligen släpps i limiterade (och ofta rätt svårfunna) specialvarianter. EdP och EdT går att finna i de flesta parfymavdelningar om du är sugen på att dofta.

Efter att ha läst Fröken Rosas Angelknarkade blogginlägg så kände jag att det var dags att lufta min egen änglaarmé, så här kommer de, flaska för flaska!


I have a problem. Or should I call it a bug in my brain? I have no limits when it comes to the cult perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler. It was one of my first perfume loves and it hasn’t changed since then. A bunch of notes are listed but what’s mainly served is a smack in the face with sour red berries, honey, vanilla, caramel, cocoa and patchouli. The original is an Eau de Parfum, an Eau de Toilette was added a few years ago plus every year the scent is releaded in limited (often hard to find) special editions. EdP and EdT are available at most perfume counters if you feel like smelling it.

After seeing Fröken Rosa declare her love to the scent I felt that it was time to bust out my own army of Angels, so here they are, bottle by bottle!

thierry mugler angel collection

They all come in different star shaped bottles, they are all pieces of art, and together.. arghh I can’t handle it!

thierry mugler angel 20th anniversary edition

Angel 20th Anniversary Edition. EdP, original scent (1992) released in a limited edition bottle (2012). It’s actually among my newest Angels, I chose spending money on limited editions rather than the easily acquired original, but when I found this gorgeous 20th anniversary bottle it was time.

thierry mugler angel edt

Angel EdT. Permanent, released in 2011. The fruitier and softer version, yet just as strong as the original. Not at all watered down, more like the same scent with other proportions. Worth a try if you dislike the earthiness of the original, I know some people do.

thierry mugler angel aqua chic 2012

Angel Aqua Chic. EdT, limited edition released in 2012. A really fresh one, bright and crisp with cornflower water and a lot of lemon. It feels like sparkling water, it fizzes! It still has the patchouli and vanilla which keeps its original ID, but it’s low on caramel. This is one of my best hot weather perfumes, all categories.

thierry mugler the taste of fragrance angel

The Taste of Fragrance Angel. EdP, limited edition released in 2011. French top chef Helene Darozze created recipes based on four classic Thierry Mugler scents and perfumes were released with a gourmand note added, a taste enhancer. This version is like the original EdP but PACKED with dark unsweetened cocoa powder. Thick and alluring. My favourite Angel scent out of all.

thierry mugler angel eau sucree

Angel Eau Sucrée. EdT, limited edition released in 2014. A screechy sweet caramelized meringue and tangy berry sorbet. Barely any patchouli or vanilla in this one, not much Angel at all to be honest. My silly nose has a thing for scents like V&R Flowerbomb and Aquolina Pink Sugar Sparks, and this sugary edition fits well into that category. Not the best release Angel-wise even though I really enjoy wearing it.

thierry mugler angel liqueur de parfum

Angel Liqueur de Parfum. EdP, limited edition released in 2013. Aged in toasted oak barrels like fine cognac which adds a warm and super smooth dimension to the scent. It’s also packed with honey which enhances the velvety feeling even further. The sour red berries are replaced with a hint of something ripe and soft without turning sugary sweet. It’s easily the softest Angel I’ve ever smelled, also one of my top picks.

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IsaDora Twist-Up Matt Lips, three new shades!

Tre nya nyanser av IsaDora Twist-Up Matt Lips finns äntligen ute! Så jag längtat efter knalligare färger! Tre ljusa/neutrala släpptes nyss vilka jag redan recenserat, dessa tre nya är helt i linje med de andra så läs recensionen där. Klicketicklick! Dessa är alltså uppvridbara läppstiftspennor, halvmatta i finishen och tunna och sköna på läpparna. Kostar 129 kr/st, dessa tre kommer ut i handeln denna vecka!

Three new shades of the IsaDora Twist-Up Matt Lips are out! How I’ve been hoping for brights! Three light/neutral shades were released recently and those I’ve reviewed already, these three new ones are just like the other so read the review there. Clickety click! So they are twist-up lipstick pencils, semi matte in finish and thin and soft on the lips. These new shades are out this week!

isadora twist-up matt lips

Same matte colour coded packaging as before, looks really nice!

isadora twist-up matt lips

The tips are slanted and really easy to apply with. From the left: Super Pink, Orange Pop, Raving Red.

isadora twist-up matt lips super pink swatch

Super Pink. More up my alley than the previously released pastel pink called Candy Pink, but this is still a tad too weak for my taste! It’s a bit too whitened and soft even though I love the undertone. It’s a question of taste though, many will definitely love this shade!

isadora twist-up matt lips orange pop swatch

Orange Pop. So orange that my camera freaked out. Frickin AMAZING shade, true citrus orange.

isadora twist-up matt lips raving red swatch

Raving Red. The star of the show in my opinion, a.. light red? It’s not a classic red like I thought, it has more of a soft-yet-bright retro vibe. A hint of coral makes it super brightening and happy!

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