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Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick “Fluttering Sighs”

Rouge Bunny Rouge har ofta milslånga men fina namn på sina produkter/produktlinjer, och detta Succulence of Dew-läppstift i nyansen Fluttering Sighs kan jag inte påstå är ett undantag. Det är en skir aprikostonad nude som inte får mig att se ut som ett lik, och det lätta skimret ger en fin plumpad look.

Läppstiften i denna linje har en ovanligt mjuk formula, de smälter direkt det rör läpparna vilket ger en alldeles ljuvlig glosseffekt, men det medför även att de går av väldigt väldigt lätt. Jag bröt av mitt andra stift ur linjen redan första gången jag använde det. Aj. Till ett pris av 230 kronor (finns på Beautybay) så gör det lite ont i själen, men jag fortsätter använda dem försiktigt och får i värsta fall stuva ner dem i en liten burk och applicera med pensel, för de är så himla fina och bekväma på läpparna att det är värt det.


Rouge Bunny Rouge are known for having insanely long names on their products/product lines, and this Succulence of Dew lipstick in the shade Fluttering Sighs is no exception. It’s a sheer apricot toned nude that doesn’t make me look like a corpse, and the slight shimmer gives a nice plumped look.

The lipsticks in this line have a unusually soft formula, they melt as they touch the lips which gives a beautiful gloss effect but it also makes them very prone to breaking. I snapped my other lipstick from this line the first time I ever used it. Ouch. When a lipstick costs £22 (available at Beautybay) it really hurts my soul, but I’ll keep using them with caution and worst case scenario is that I’ll have to pop them in a little jar and apply them with a brush, they’re so lovely and comfortable on the lips that it’s worth it.


rouge bunny rouge succulence of dew sheer lipstick

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Throw your fists in the air, it’s International Women’s Day!

Visit your closest womans shelter and leave that extra bottle of shower gel you got for free at the supermarket. (illustrations: Moa Dunfalk)

Visit your closest womans shelter and leave that extra bottle of shower gel you got for free at the supermarket. Someone will be thankful. (illustrations: Moa Dunfalk)


Go to and support tougher laws on sexual violence in Sweden with an awesome totebag, sweatshirt or necklace.

Or buy a lovely necklace from FabulouslyFeminist on Etsy to show some vag pride?


No one is allowed to step on you for your gender or sexual identity. You are never too loud, you are never too much. Women before us fought for our rights which gave us what we have now, keep fighting for our and every unborn womans rights to live in a gender equal society. We are one!

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New nail polishes from KICKS, IsaDora & Gina Tricot

Jag har lyckats slita ut mitt minneskort till kameran (fyskiskt utslitet, jag stoppar dem i och ur minneskortsläsare/kamera tills de bokstavligen går av på mitten) så sitter för tillfället utan, tills vidare blir det lite ajfån-bloggande!

Nu tänkte jag visa er lite lack som ramlat ner i min brevlåda på sistone, nämligen några lack ur KICKS vårkollektion som är full av krämiga glada nyanser (ute i butik nu eller mycket snart), IsaDoras vårkollektion Sugar Nails Pastels som bjuder på isigt bleka pasteller i gnistrande sockerfinish (ute i butik nästa vecka) samt fyra lack ur Gina Tricots egen linje.


I’ve managed to wear out the memory card for my camera (physically outworn, I put them in and out of memory card readers/camera so much that they break down the middle after a while) so I haven’t got one right now, until then I’ll post some eyepheuuwnn pictures! 

I thought I could show you some polishes that have made their way here lately, some polishes from the KICKS spring collection which is packed with creamy happy shades (in stores now or very soon), the IsaDora spring collection called Sugar Nails Pastels which gives us icy pale pastels with a sparkling sugar finish (in store next week) plus four polishes from Gina Tricots own line.


kicks nail polishes spring 2014

KICKS Spring 2014: Water Lover, Greek Mosaik, Waterfalls, Cloudy Mist, Beach Sunset, Mango Milkshake, Flirty Skirt

isadora nail polishes spring 2014

IsaDora Sugar Nails Pastels: Lemon Soda, Peach Nectar, Macaron, Bon Bon, Cotton Candy

new gina tricot nail polishes

Gina Tricot Nail Polish: Blue Bug, Deep Ocean, Candy Mint, Purple Mint

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What was I wearing last March?

Last March I had a crush on Flamingo Pose lipstick by Milani. Makes total sense, I’m still crazy about it! Here’s the old “face of the day” that I posted back then. Click here to read the full blog post I wrote!




  • By Terry Cover Expert Foundation – Fair Beige
  • Sephora Smoothing & Brightening Concealer – 02
  • MIYO Doll Face Compact Powder – Vanilla (01)
  • Sleek MakeUP Face Form Palette “Fair” (blush & highlighter)


  • IsaDora Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof – Light Brown
  • Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel


  • IsaDora Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof – Light Brown
  • IsaDora Eyebrow Lifter (on the waterline)
  • Oriflame Hyperstretch Mascara


  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick – Flamingo Pose

Perfume of the day:

  • L’Artisan Parfumeur – Bois Farine (nutty, creamy, woody)
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How bright/dark do you like your reds?

At the moment I usually go for the brighter, shinier reds with a little transparency, but I really want to come back to the deep mattes!

red lipsticks

Yves Rocher “Gelée Cerise”, Chanel “La Fascinante”, Wet n Wild “Cherry Bomb”

Viola, Killer Colours
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