Review: Maria Nila Palett True Soft Colour Guard Shampoo & Conditioner

Maria Nila är ett ny bekantskap för mig, ett svenskt hårvårdsmärke med fokus på färgbevarande och vårdande egenskaper, allt tillverkat i Helsingborg. Jag har fått hem schampo (350 ml), balsam (300 ml) och inpackning (250 ml) ur True Soft-serien att testa, varav jag har hårdkört schampot och balsamet såpass att det är dags för en recension! True Soft-produkterna ska motverka torrt och sprött hår tack vare arganolja som kapslar in fukt i håret, reparerar hårsäckar och fräschar upp hårtoppar skadade av t.ex. färgning. Trots de återfuktande egenskaperna ska det inte tynga ner håret. Ska skydda håret mot UV-strålning & fria radikaler.

Produkterna går att köpa på för 169, 179 respektive 199 kr.


Maria Nila Palett True Soft Colour Guard Shampoo

+ Veganskt
+ Sulfat- och parabenfritt
+ Producerat i Sverige
+ Sprids lätt ut i håret
+ Håret känns superrent men blir inte gnissligt
+ Balanserar väl ut oljiga rötter och torra toppar

- Luktar gurkvatten
- Innehåller silikoner
- Inte lika drygt som balsamet
- Kräver dubbel schamponering för att håret ska kännas rent

Betyg: 4/5


Maria Nila Palett True Soft Colour Guard Conditioner

+ Veganskt
+ Sulfat- och Parabenfritt
+ Producerat i Sverige
+ Tynger inte ner mitt hår
+ Drygt
+ Ger bra glans
+ Får inte mitt hår att kännas mättat på silikon efter några tvättar

- Luktar som Therameds rosa barntandkräm
- Innehåller silikoner

Betyg: 4.5/5

maria nila palett true soft colour guard shampoo & conditioner


Maria Nila is a new friendship for me, a Swedish haircare brand focusing on colour protecting and nourishing properties, everything is produced in Helsingborg Sweden. I received shampoo (350 ml), conditioner (300 ml) and mask (250 ml) from the True Soft line to try, out of which I’ve worked the shampoo and conditioner hard enough to review! The True Soft products are supposed to prevent dry and brittle hair thanks to argan oil which seals moisture into the hair, repairs follicles and helps ends damaged by for example dyes. Even though it’s moisturizing it’s supposed to not weigh the hair down. Protects it from UV rays and free radicals.

If you live in Europe you can order these products at


Maria Nila Palett True Soft Colour Protect Shampoo

+ Vegan
+ Sulphate and paraben free
+ Produced in Sweden
+ Spreads easily in the hair
+ Makes the hair really clean without feeling squeaky
+ Balances dry ends and oily roots well

- Smells like cucumber water
- Contains silicons
- Will run out before the conditioner
- Needs two shampooings to make the hair feel clean

Rating: 4/5


Maria Nila Palett True Soft Colour Protect Conditioner

+ Vegan
+ Sulphate and paraben free
+ Produced in Sweden
+ Doesn’t weigh my hair down
+ A little goes a long way
+ Gives nice shine
+ Doesn’t make my hair feel silicon packed after a few washes

- Smells like kids toothpaste
- Contains silicons

Rating: 4.5/5

maria nila palett true soft shampoo & conditioner

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Throwback: Summer! Bright lipstick! Freckles!

I just stumbled upon this look from last summer and got all excited for NEXT summer when I’ll be able to wear lipsticks like this again! Bright lips against naked or nearly naked skin is totally lush. Feels so-so with my tired blue-white February skin though, so I’ll let the classic red lips and powdered up winter face rule a little longer..

Here I’m wearing Flamingo Pose from the Milani Color Statement line, the perrrrfect pinky/coral red colour.


milani flamingo pose

Viola, Killer Colours


My current quick base routine

I’m totally into this base routine right now! It’s done quickly and it looks natural, flawless and dewy at the same time.

1. Sleek MakeUP Be Beautiful Blemish Balm – Fair
Applied with hands or a brush, the brush gives a little more coverage.

2. GloMinerals Pressed Base – Natural-Fair
Dusted very softly on top with a fluffy face brush.

3. Illamasqua Powder Blusher Lover
Applied on cheeks and temple, a wonderful pale orange blush with a hint of pink in it.

4. Any face mist (or water in a spray bottle)
Spray on top to get rid of the powdery feeling, the GloMinerals Pressed Base comes to life with some moisture on top.


quick base

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5 peachy pink nail polishes for early spring

Every year I decide that it’s spring here in Gothenburg around mid-February. With spring feelings comes spring colours, but I don’t really feel like busting out all the brightest summery neon corals just yet. Here are five peachy pink nail polishes that I like during the transition from winter to spring!

5 peachy pink nail polishes for early spring

1. CND – Guava (a medium fruity guava pink)

2. NARS Sharplines Duo (a light peachy apricot. Comes in a set of two polishes, I hope it’s still available!)

3. Deborah Lippmann – Tip Toe through the Tulips (pale apricot)

4. Orly – Prelude to a Kiss (pale warm pink)

5. Lumene – At the Crack of Dawn (light peachy pink)

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Selma update

Nu var det länge sedan jag uppdaterade er om Selma! Lilla fröken Devon Rex flyttade in i vår familj i höstas och har sedan dess varit Peggys bästa kompis. De tvättar varandras öron, biter varandra över huvudet så de skriker, ropar och söker efter varandra i lägenheten, springer runt så tapeterna flyger och somnar sen i en hög i sängen. Hon är en riktig axel-apa som ska följa med överallt och kan skrika så det räcker för fyra katter. Världens bästa knäppo!

I haven’t updated you on Selma in a long time! Little miss Devon Rex moved in with us this fall and since then she’s been Peggys best friend. They wash each others ears, bite the other one straight across the head until they scream, search and yell after each other in the apartment, run around until the wallpaper rips down and then fall asleep in a pile in bed. She’s a little shoulder monkey who follows us everywhere and she yells enough for four cats. Worlds best wacko!



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