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Yay, nail polish!

I’ve gone full on Marvelettes waiting for this Edgy Polish package, and today it arrived! I broke a bunch of nails yesterday so they look like shiet but who cares when there’s pretty nail polish, right?

You find the Edgy Polish webshop at, they offer worldwide shipping.

edgy polish

Pahlish “Olea Europaea”

Holographic olive green. THE perfect shade of olive, it feels both dusty and old gold-ish at the same time. Gorgeous! Good formula, not gunky or hard to apply at all.

Nail Pattern Boldness “Aquamarine”

Deep teal green with magenta glitters. Edgy Polish exclusive. Super creamy formula, and the glitters don’t drown on the nail at all which I honestly expected it to do in a polish like this.

Smitten Polish “Amas Veritas”

Rich hot pink jelly with prismatic pink/magenta glitter. Smitten never ever disappoint me and same thing applies to this shade. It’s a deeper “royal” shade of pink, it feels so fancy!

Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration Basecoat

Ridge filling and moisturizing basecoat infused with argan oil. Tried it once, feels nice, can’t say anything about the quality yet.

Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash Topcoat

Quick drying thick topcoat that isn’t supposed to shrink. Sounds nice, tried once aswell and it gave me super shiny and dry nails, we’ll see how the formula holds up with time!

edgy polish

Olea Europaea, Aquamarine, Amas Veritas. All topped with Digital Flash Topcoat.

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CND Vinylux Flora & Fauna collection for spring 2015

I love me some CND Vinylux polishes. With their special topcoat they wear exceptionally well plus they dry very quickly. Let’s look at the spring collection called Flora & Fauna which is in stores now!

cnd vinylux flora & fauna collection for spring 2015

Clockwise from the top left: Dandelion, Salmon Run, Blush Teddy, Creekside, Thistle Thicket, Field Fox, Wild Moss, Fragrant Freesia

cnd vinylux flora & fauna collection for spring 2015

Dandelion, Salmon Run, Blush Teddy, Creekside, Thistle Thicket, Field Fox, Wild Moss, Fragrant Freesia

As you can see it’s a very calm and nature-esque pastel colour scheme, not very candy like as pastels often go. The ones that I like the most are pale blue cream Creekside, nude-taupe-grey cream Field Fox and the best of them all: Wild Moss which is a dusty green with golden flecks. Which shades did you fall for?

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Chop chop

And gone was a lot of hair! I felt stuck in this “not short but not long” hairstyle so it was time to do something about it. I’ve wanted that classic sci-fi chick hair for such a long time, and then of course it trended and got a name – The Lob (short for long bob). Let’s ignore that fact and remember that it’s more Rebecca Hall in Transcendence or a longer version of my twin sister Milla Jovovich’s classic Resident Evil cut, ok? Haha!

As usual it’s Roger at Cybtekk who stands for the magic, both dye and cut.

chop chop

chop chop

chop chop

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Simple brow magic: Dye!

Åh, brynfärg! Bästa snabblösningen. Genom att hålla brynen välfärgade går det så mycket snabbare att fixa dem på morgnarna, bara några dutt brynprodukt behövs jämfört med när de är ofärgade och jag börjar lockas att måla tjockare och tjockare lager för att få tryck i brynen. Då är det dags att färga om.

Jag använder färg från RefectoCil i nyans 3 Naturbrun. En rik brun färg för mörkare bryn. Du måste köpa till en flaska väteperoxid (finns både som flytande för 59 kr och i krämform för 99, du väljer det du föredrar) men med det och en engångsspoolie alt. tvättad mascaraborste för applicering är du good to go! Förpackningarna räcker verkligen toklänge. Du kan hitta Refectocil på!


Oh, brow dye! Best quick fix ever. By keeping the brows well dyed it’s so easy to save time in the morning, just a few dabs of brow product is needed compared to when they are undyed and I’ll start spackling it on just to get some oomph from my brows. Then it’s time to re-dye.

I’m using dye from RefectoCil in the colour 3 Naturbrun. A rich brown colour for darker brows. You have to buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide aswell (available in both liquid and cream format, you decide what you prefer) but with that and a spoolie or cleaned mascara brush you’re good to go! These bottles and tubes really do last forever. You can find Refectocil on, they ship within Europe!

refectocil naturbrun

RefectoCil liquid hydrogen peroxide and brow dye in 3 Naturbrun.

refectocil brow dye 3 naturbrun

Before, during and after RefectoCil brow dye in 3 Naturbrun. I don’t leave it on for more than a few minutes, I find that it really catches the thin light hairs very quickly.

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Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow “Mango”

Är det inte en OTROLIGT tillfredsställande känsla det där, ni vet när man lite bitterljuvt drömt ihop en pryl/ett scenario/en upplevelse osv. utan egentliga förhoppningar om att de ska existera, och så stöter man faktiskt på dem? Jag hade länge en idé om “den där ögonskuggan” i något slags guldskimrig aprikosorange nyans som ser knallig och glad ut utan att dränera mitt face på färg, rätt motsägelsefullt då blockorange är en svår nyans i allmänhet. VIPS stod jag där på Grand Parfymeri i Göteborg under förra sensommaren och mitt öga fångades av Phyto-Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow från Sisley i färgen Mango. Jag tyckte då att det var befogat att gå och gräma mig över denna skugga i ett halvår, så nu efter jul var det bara dags att ta tag i saken. Jag ska ha gladaste ögonlocken i vår, för jag har den perfekta skuggan för det! Jippi!

Isn’t it INSANELY satisfying to have a bittersweet dream of a thing/scenario/an experience/etc. without really expecting it to exist, and they you find it? For a long time I had an idea of the perfect golden apricot orange eyeshadow that looks bright and happy without draining my face of colour, which is quite a contradiction as block oranges are hard to handle overall. And then, there I stood at Grand Parfymeri in Gothenburg while my eye catched Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow in the colour Mango. I then found it completely logical to whine about this eyeshadow for half a year, so after christmas it was time to do something about it. I’ll have the happiest eyelids ever for spring, now that I have the perfect eyeshadow for it! Yay!

sisley phyto-ombre eclat eyeshadow mango

Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow in Mango

sisley phyto-ombre eclat eyeshadow mango swatch

Swatched on bare skin

sisley phyto-ombre eclat eyeshadow mango swatch

Worn all over the lid with black liner and mascara, simple as that! I love how oranges work with all eye colours. My grey-green-blue eyes seem more grey than usual with this eyeshadow for some reason, and just imagine what it would do to ice blue eyes! Yum!

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