My latest iHerb order

Det finns en produkt jag nästan hinner ta slut på innan jag ens öppnat den, och det är flytande handtvål. Mitt favoritställe att köpa från är iHerb, de har (seriöst) typ en miljon olika att välja mellan och med deras eko-fokus är det enkelt att hitta produkter som är veganska, snälla mot huden och dessutom billiga. Så denna gång beställde jag två tvålar, en aloe vera-gelé och ett doftljus! Närmre beskrivningar och första intryck finns under bilden. Alla är veganska.

Om ni själva lägger er första order från iHerb så kan ni använda min rabattkod DIF762 för att få $10 rabatt på ordrar över $40 och $5 rabatt på lägre värde.


There is one prouct that I finish almost before I open it, and it’s liquid hand soap. My favourite place to shop for it is iHerb, they have (like, seriously) a million different ones to choose from and with their eco style it’s easy to find products that are vegan, kind to the skin and also cheap. So this time I ordered two soaps, an aloe vera gel and a scented candle! Closer descriptions and first impressions are below the picture. All of them are vegan.

If you’re placing an order from iHerb for the first time you can use my coupon code DIF762 to get $10 off orders over $40 or $5 off orders with lower value.



Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap “Basil” ($4.16)
I have tried these hand soaps before (Geranium smells like turkish delight) and liked them. Basil doesn’t smell like basil at all though, but it’s fresh and crisp and a little sweet. A really great scent.

Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly ($6.22)
Aloe vera gel is a staple product in my home, so here’s just a new brand for me to try. My skin slurped a big dollop up last night and liked it, so, a regular aloe vera gel!

Aroma Naturals Spirituals Travel Candle “Eternal Love / Fuji & Passion Fruit” ($9.99)
A deep red soy candle that smells heavily of sweet apple and tropical fruit. BF said “our bathroom HAS to smell like this!”. HI HO LET’S GO I answered.

Clearly Natural Essentials Glycerine Hand Soap “Orange” ($3.26)
A thick jelly like hand soap that smells like the meat of an orange, not “zesty” at all, just soft and simple.

Viola, Killer Colours


Peggy update: Summer 2013

Time for a Peggy update! What has my little Italian Greyhound been up to this summer? Let’s take a look!

For more pictures of her you can follow her Instagram account @Peggytheiggy.


Running a lot. Waking up too early.

Eating strawberries. Showing off my sexy pose.

Eating corn cob with Natalie. Trying to stay awake while taking a car ride.

Looking at the rain with Ela. Being over protective.

Playing Monopoly. Warming up in a pile of hot laundry.

Growing new teeth. Trying out a pimp coat.

Running even more. Meeting an Italian Greyhound boy called Pinocchio.

Handling the rain. Froggy posing.

Protesting against the washing of our sofa. Trying to stay awake even harder.

Packing puppy stuff before moving. Got a new shark house.

Doing all important things at once. Buying a panda at a second hand shop.

Photo bombing at a serious level. Growing.

Looking hideous. Sleeping adorably.

Even more adorable sleeping. Smelling the air through the car window.

Sweating in the heat. Looking like Sid from Ice Age.

Loved showing off my new big teeth. Playing games.

Boss of the balcony. Gnawing with company.

Eating cookies in the sun. Growing a white hair on my cheek.

Turning into a zombie. Hanging out with Jalla.

Looking tiny in the bed. Looking cool on the tram.

Celebrating 6 month birthday with cake. Sleeping in a cozy shirt.

Talking a lot. Hanging out with Marlene.

Meeting doggies. Turning into an alligator.

Sleeping fabulously. Looking cute to get peoples food.

Playing with toys. Painting with tails.

Learning tricks. Training my relaxed face.

Looking like a little piggy while warming up in a shared shirt. Because fall is here.

Viola, Killer Colours


IsaDora “Wine Crush”

First polish that I’m trying from the IsaDora Sugar Crush polishes for fall is Wine Crush, a brownish/reddish purple that feels so right for this season. Dark and sparkling! It needed two coats for full opacity and it dried quickly for being worn without a quick dry top coat.


isadora wine crush

isadora wine crush

isadora wine crush

Viola, Killer Colours


IsaDora Sugar Crush nails for fall 2013

New Sugar Crush polishes from IsaDora! I love these fall shades to bits.. I’m not crazy about the gold shade but the rest of them are fab. Most of them needed 3 coats but they dried quickly.

79 SEK a piece, in Swedish stores this week.

Metal Crush, Wine Crush, Emerald Crush

 Chameleon Crush, Gold Crush, Black Crush

Metal Crush, Wine Crush, Emerald Crush, Chamelon Crush, Gold Crush, Black Crush. No topcoat

Metal Crush, Wine Crush, Emerald Crush, Chamelon Crush, Gold Crush, Black Crush. The back of the swatches, so they’re shiny as if they would have been worn with top coat



Viola, Killer Colours


Off the Beaten Path

Idag hittade jag en skitbra läppstift/rouge-kombination! Jag tycker oftast att det är det svåraste med vardagslooker, att hitta läpprodukter och rouge som funkar ihop utan att varken skapa en kontrast eller smälta ihop till en monoton blobb. Av dessa två produkter så har rouget (NARS Boys Don’t Cry) en korallig underton och läppstiftet (NYX Off The Beaten Path, duttat på för en naturlig stain-look) en rosa underton, men de fungerar så himla bra ihop!

Utöver rouge/läppkombon så provar jag en ny foundation, IsaDora Wake Up Make Up, den verkar onekligen lovande! Den har mediumtäckning och ska verka utslätande och upplyftande på trötthetstecken. SPF 20. Jag skriver ihop en grundligare recension om ni är intresserade.


Today I found a great lipstick/blush combo! I often think that’s the hardest part of  the soft everyday looks, finding lippies and blushes that match without creating a contrast or melting together into a montone lump. In this combination the blush (NARS Boys Don’t Cry) has a coral tint and the lippie (NYX Off The Beaten Path, here dabbed on as a soft stain) a pink tint, but they work incredibly well together!

Apart from the blush/lip combo I’m trying a new foundation, IsaDora Wake Up Make Up, it seems really promising! It’s got a medium coverage and it’s supposed to soften and brighten signs of tiredness. SPF 20. Will make a more in depth review if you’re interested.


off the beaten path


  • IsaDora Wake Up Make Up Foundation – Fair
  • Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer – Porcelain (only the concealer)
  • Silk Naturals Vegan Perfection Powder
  • NARS Blush – Boys Don’t Cry
  • Youngblood Lunar Dust – Twilight


  • Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit
  • Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel


  • Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
  • NYX Slide-On Pencil – Jet Black
  • Make Up Store Eye Pencil – Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Meow Cosmetics Eyeshadow – Prophecy
  • IsaDora WigWham Mascara – Black Magic


  • NYX Black Label Lipstick – Off The Beaten Path

Perfume of the day:

  • Elie Saab Le Parfum (jasmine, orange blossom, honey)
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