Photoshoot with Jenny Blad & Tanja Behram

A few days ago I did a photoshoot with Tanja and Jenny, it was cold as heck but the pictures turned out quite cool! There might be more coming up later aswell.


Photo: Jenny Blad
Makeup + styling: Tanja Behram / Beauty By Tanci
Model: Viola Holmgren

Viola, Killer Colours


Things I’m curious about right now

Zoya Pixie Dust for summer 2013 – Matte glitter polishes with an interesting structure, they sparkle like gemstones! There are loads of beautiful shades in this collection, I’m especially curious to try Destiny, the coral one. Swatches of the entire collection at Vampy Varnish.

St. Tropez Skin Illuminator – I want blingy legs for summer, and the Rose or Violet version of this body shimmer, well.. you’re welcome to move in! Available at Beautybay.

LUSH BIG Shampoo – I’m nearly out of my Karma Komba shampoo bar and now I’m thinking about giving BIG a go. It was really good when I sampled it last summer, plus it smells lovely!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Stained Gloss – A new line of GLOSSY lip tars will be released soon, I can’t WAIT! Sneak peek here, it sold me completely.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Harem & Venous – Saw them both at Temptalia recently and fell in love. The Illamasqua polishes are le bomb, totally worth every penny. Available at the Illamasqua website.

Burt’s Bees Sugar Scrub Mango & Orange – I have nearly ended my Cranberry & Pomegranate tub which I adore, so now I want to try a different scent. It’s really scrubby and oily, makes the skin feel wonderful.



What products/lines do you rest your eyes on at the moment?

Viola, Killer Colours


KICKS Skin Treat Sugar Scrub

Ni var många som ville läsa mer om sockerskrubben från KICKS nya linje Skin Treat (läs mer om dem här), så jag tänkte dra lite kort vad jag tyckte om den!

KICKS Skin Treat Sugar Scrub är en kroppsskrubb som hjälper till att ta bort död hud och få fram lystern i huden. Jag upplever den en aning mildare på kroppen än vanliga sockerskrubbar eftersom den löddrar tjockt när man skrubbat med den en stund, löddret dämpar rivet en aning. Så ni som inte vill ha de vassaste av skrubbar men ändå vill ha ett bra resultat bör kolla in. Skrubben innehåller oliv-, makadamia- och aprikoskärnolja vilket ska återfukta huden, den lämnar inte huden sådär gött inoljad som vissa skrubbar gör (världens skönaste i min mening, men det är ju en smaksak!), men inte heller att jag är uttorkad efteråt. Skrubben doftar mjukt och rent av något aprikosliknande.

Finns i KICKS butiker eller på hemsidan för 129 kr.


Many of you wanted to read more about the sugar scrub from the new KICKS Skin Treat line (read more here), so I thougt I should mention my opinions on it!

KICKS Skin Treat Sugar Scrub is a body scrub that helps remove dead skin and bring out the lustre of your skin. I find it a bit more gentle than regular sugar scrubs because it foams when you’ve been scrubbing a little, the foam softens the scratchiness a bit. So those of you who don’t want very harsh scrubs but still a good result should check it out. The scrub contains olive macadamia and apricot kernel oil which is supposed to moisturize the skin, it doesn’t leave it nice and oily like some scrubs do (best feeling ever in my opinion, but that’s a question of taste!), but it doesn’t dry me out either. It smells soft and clean with a hint of apricot.


Viola, Killer Colours


3 new indie polishes!

Idag fick jag äntligen hem min senaste order från Llarowe! Llarowe har restock-datum och tider då de nyaste kollektionerna från indienagellacksmärkena ryker upp, och som vanligt när det gäller limiterade lack så får man slåss för att få tag på det man vill ha. Självklart satt jag där med kallsvettigt klickfinger och hoppades på det bästa. Jag fick tag på de tre jag ville ha denna gång så jag är tokglad!


Today I finally received my latest Llarowe order! Llarowe restock at certain dates and times where the newest collections from the indie nail polish brands get available. As usual when it comes to these limited polishes you’ll have to fight to get what you want. Of course I sat there with my e-shopping finger ready hoping for the best. I got the three bottles that I wanted so I’m super excited!




Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

David Bowie’s Bulge

Shoot the Butterfly

Viola, Killer Colours


L’Occitane store opening @ Frölunda Torg

1) Yesterday Peggy and I went to our first event together.
2) It was the L’Occitane store opening at Frölunda Torg here in Gothenburg! Browsing through fancy skincare and meeting all the lovely local beauty bloggers was great as always.

3)The store concept is wonderful, it’s so fresh to openly see the products in proud, country-styled rows. Very french!
4) Julia is taking a look at the mens line which actually is rather impressive.

5)Here’s the shea line which smells amazing, creamy and soft. I fell badly in love with the Ultra Rich Face Scrub. 220 SEK.
6) I love the L’Occitane packaging, the bottles and jars look thought through without being overdone. Trustworthy!

7) The bestselling Almond Shower Oil, really nice way to cleanse dry skin. 190 SEK/250 ml.
8) I have a thing for hard soaps, it feels so luxuous.. I want the purple lavender one! 40 SEK.

9) And the Verbena line, the Citrus Verbena Fragrance is amazing, promise me you’ll hunt it down if you like lemon, ok? 495 SEK.
10) The Peony line comes in super cute bottles.

11) My favourite foot cream ever! Shea Butter Foot Cream + a pair of socks + a good nights sleep = baby feet. 225 SEK.
12) And probably my favourite packaging, the Almond Milk Concentrate! How pretty is that? 395 SEK.

13 + 14) After the event we went home to capture the last rays of sun for the day. And some deep sleep for the little one.

Viola, Killer Colours
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