Eylure Lash Extend & Definition No. 120

When I was in London last fall I was really happy to find some Eylure lashes! They have a really thin lash band and are comfortable to wear, so even I who barely wear false lashes can stand them. Plus the styles are unusually nice in my opinion, most are dramatic but not completely nuts. I find most false lashes too thick, too long, too shiny and just.. too perfect. I want my makeup to feel “hyperrealistic”, perfect lashes would just look strange. These two are totally up my alley though!

Lash Extend lashes are single lashes, not three lashes shaped like little broomsticks like “single lashes” often are but actual single lashes. These are perfect for adding an extra something without going all in with the fakies. You get both short, medium and long ones in a pack which makes it easy to create a fanned out look. Mine are in black, they come in brown too.

Definition No. 120 is a full strip lash with tiny thickening lashes and some long wispy ones that create a spiky look. I got such a 70′s vibe from these, I really should stick ‘em on an do some kind of 70′s photo model look, right?

Swedes, Eylure lashes are now available at KICKS. Otherwise available at

eylure lash extend & definition no. 20


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I Love… Lemons & Limes Bubble Bath & Shower Crème

I love sniffing through all of the sorrowless products by I Love…, crazy fruity and sweet which I like as a perk-me-up now and then. This is Lemons & Lime, a sweet and sour citrus shower gel. I remember some kind of tangy candy from my childhood, it was like a Banana Skid but sour and tasted of lime? This shower gel brought me back!

The shower gels are 2 for 100 SEK at Åhléns right now!

i love... lemons & limes

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How to pretend that your face doesn’t feel dry and tight day in and day out: Ultra glowy unpowdered makeup. Voilà!



  • Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation – 000 Beige
  • By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer – 1 Fresh Fair
  • Manasi Makeup Lyster Cream Bronzer
  • NARS Blush – Orgasm
  • KIKO Mosaic Highlighter


  • Lumene Long-Wear Eyebrow Powder – Medium Brown
  • Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel


  • Illamasqua Masquara – Raven


  • KIKO Creamy Lipgloss – Apricot (111)
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IsaDora Eyeshadow Quartets: new formula and design! Cappuchino & Pink Dream – swatch & review

IsaDora Eyeshadow Quartet har varit med sedan.. ja.. länge. Jag minns att jag under mina tidiga tonår hade en väl älskad i lila. Nu har IsaDora hottat upp formula och design plus släppt två nya färgkombinationer! Den ena är rosalila Pink Dream som ni ser i detta inlägg, den andra är Dragon Fly vilken är mer tropiskt turkosblå. Skuggorna är mindre torra nu och glider på betydligt bättre, samt de är superenkla att tona ut i kanterna. Helt klart ett steg framåt formulamässigt! De dammar kanske lite väl när man rufsar runt med borsten i dem, men det påverkar inte appliceringen.

Rekommenderat pris är 169 kr, ska finnas i butik nu!


IsaDora Eyeshadow Quartet has been around since.. well.. forever. I remember having a purple in my early teenage years which I loved. Now IsaDora have tweaked the formula and design plus released two new shades! One is the purply pink Pink Dream which you see in this blog post, the other one is Dragon Fly which is more of a tropical turquoise blue. The shadows are less dry now and they glide on a lot nicer, also they are really easy to blend out at the edges. A solid step forward in formula! They are a bit dusty when you fluff your brush around in them, but it doesn’t make a difference for application.

Recommended price is 169 SEK, out in stores now!

isadora eyeshadow quartet cappuchino, pink dream

Cappuchino is an oldie but goodie, three shimmery shades and one matt, all neutrals. Pink Dream is purple and pink with a pop of gold, all shimmery. At first sight I didn’t like it but after swatching I felt that it was actually quite fun! The gold shade creates a nice balance and takes it down a notch.

isadora eyeshadow quartet cappuchino pink dream swatch

Top row: Cappuchino. Bottom row: Pink Dream. Swatched on bare skin. Looks promising, eh?

isadora eyeshadow quartet pink dream swatch

All four shades from the Pink Dream palette worn on the eyes. I’m wearing a black liner with the purple shadow patted on top. I love full on shimmer looks so the fact that there are no mattes doesn’t bother me at all, but I know a lot of people want mattes with their shimmers.

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Sigil Inspired eyeshadows – swatch & review

Igår dök mina ögonskuggor från Sigil Inspired upp i brevlådan, åh vad jag längtat efter detta paket! Åtta ljuvliga lösa skuggor i spännande nyanser. Såklart kastade jag mig över dem direkt, så vi kikar! Vill du shoppa själv så finns Sigil Inspired på Etsy.

Ett problem jag måste nämna redan från början: Skuggorna kommer i helt omärkta burkar. D’OH! Jag har läst att folk beställt stacks (alltså burkar som är ihopskruvade som en stapel) och att de varit omärkta, så jag plockade de separata burkarna och trodde att jag då åtminstone skulle få etiketter. Nä, inga då heller. Jag har nu suttit och jämfört mina burkar mot webshopens bilder, och jag hoppas nu att jag har rätt om nyanserna, men de gröna känns det som att jag eventuellt pusslat fel på (vilket jag mailat Tammy bakom märket för att kolla upp, uppdaterar om jag får hjälp med detta). Så himla dumt att jag smäller av. Snälla fixa detta!

Utöver det så är skuggorna överlag av bra kvalitet. Några bottennapp är det och dem nämns längre ner. Men formulan är mjuk och smidig utan att kännas torr, och trots gnistrande nyanser blir det förvånansvärt lite nedfall vid applicering. Inte blir de fula heller när de tonas ut. Topp!


Yesterdays my eyeshadows from Sigil Inspired showed up, oh how I’ve longed for this package! Eight lovely loose eyeshadows in interesting colours. Of course I dug in immediately, so let’s take a look! You find Sigil Inspired on Etsy.

A problem that I need to mention from the start: The shadows come in unlabeled jars. D’OH! I’ve read that people have ordered stacks (jars screwed together into stacks) and they were unlabeled, so I made sure to get the separate jar thinking that I would get labels on them. Nope, none at all. I’ve been sitting here comparing my jars to the pictures in the webshop and now I hope I got the shades right but the greens could be mixed up (which I’ve sent an e-mail to Tammy behind this brand about, will update if I get help with this). Suuuch a stupid problem to have to deal with. Please fix it!

Apart from that the eyeshadows are overall of good quality. There are a few bad ones but those are mentioned below. But the formula is soft and smooth without being dry, and even though some shadows are quite sparkly they create surprisinly little fallout during application. They don’t get ugly when blended out either. Yay!

sigil inspired eyeshadows

Top row: Nomad Queen, Fortune-Teller, Sun Warrior, Talking With Maple. Bottom row: River Stopper (?), Home Keeper (?), Stone Witch-Doctor (?), Mountain Herbs Collector (?)

sigil inspired eyeshadows

The jars are square and labeled with the brand on top, but bare on the bottom. Good for seeing the shadow, bad for knowing the name of it. Haha

sigil inspired eyeshadows

Swatched on a thin layer of foundation: Nomad Queen, Fortune-Teller, Sun Warror, Talking With Maple

Nomad Queen – A super intense greenish copper. Smooth formula and a GLOWING colour. Not super original as I’ve seen shades like this by a few other eyeshadow brands but if you don’t own anything like it then you must have it!

Fortune-Teller – Shown in the store as a hot pinky purple colour with a purple sparkle. Felt chalky, was hard to apply and the purple sparkle clings together and wipes off during application. No-go.

Sun Warrior – Shown in the store as a copper orange with a strong pink duochrome, no duochrome at all visible for me, just a carrot orange with slight shimmer. A total letdown as it seems amazing in the shop pictures. Very misleading picture or did I get the wrong product? Formula was ok. No-go.

Talking With Maple – Pale beige with a soft peachy golden shimmer. Ahhh you know I’m weak for colours like this! The formula is good and it has a gorgeous sparkly shimmer that really shines. GORGEOUS, get it now.

sigil inspired eyeshadows

Swatched on a thin layer of foundation: River Stopper (?), Home Keeper (?), Stone Witch-Doctor (?), Mountan Herbs Collector (?)

River Stopper(?) – A dark greyish forest green with rich golden green sparkle. Lovely shade, applied well for being so sparkly. The name could be mixed up with Home Keeper.

Home Keeper(?) – A almost greyed out base with olive green shimmer. Applies smoothly. My favourite of these two darker greens. The name could be mixed up with River Stopper.

Stone Witch Doctor(?) – A medium beige with a pale seafoam green shimmer, super smooth application and stunning shade. Doesn’t actually match any of the colours I ordered according to the shop, blarghhh.

Mountain Herbs Collector(?) – A dark earthy green with strong pinky red sheen, my absolute favourite of all these shadows. So original and beautiful. The name cold be mixed up with Stone Witch Doctor.

sigil inspired eyeshadows

Stone Witch-Doctor(?) all over the top lid, River Stopper(?) in the crease, Mountain Herbs Collector(?) on the bottom lashline and Talking With Maple on the inner corner. The eyeliner is Becca Neo Classic.

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