KICKS Lip Lacquer “Miami Beach”

Då drar vi en till snygg läpprodukt tycker jag! Vad säger ni, är det på tiden att jag gör en “najsa läpprodukter ur mina lådor”-serie? Känns som att det hade varit på sin plats.

I alla fall, här har vi Miami Beach från KICKS, ett klarrosa läppglans utan skimmer/glitter som jag lätt skulle klassa som topp tio i min läppglanssamling. Det är mjukt och skönt men ändå klistrigt nog för att sitta på plats mer än en kvart, och täckgraden är alldeles lagom för att ge en tydlig rosa nyans utan att gå på läpparna tjockt som väggfärg. Jag är lite rädd för välpigmenterade gloss eftersom de hamnar every-fucking-where så fort man får ett enstaka hårstrå i det så detta är alldeles lagom för mig. Vill jag ha mer färg än såhär så väljer jag ett läppstift istället. Tumme upp för fruktiga läppar från KICKS! Kostar 99 kr på.. ja. KICKS förstås.


Let’s take a look at another pretty lippie! What do you think, is it time for me to start a “random awesome lip product from my drawers” category? Feels like it would be suitable.

However, here’s Miami Beach from KICKS, a bright pink lipgloss without shimmer/glitter that I would easily classify as top ten in my lipgloss collection. It’s soft and comfortable but still sticky enough to stay in place for more than 15 minutes, and the opacity is perfect to give an obvious pink colour without applying thick like wall paint. I’m a bit scared of pigmented glosses as they tend to go every-fcking-where as soon as you stick a single hair to it so this one is perfect for my taste. If I want more colour than this I choose a lipstick instead. Thumbs up for fruity lips from KICKS! Available at KICKS stores.


kicks lip lacquer miami beach

kicks lip lacquer miami beach

Viola, Killer Colours


Milani Color Statement Lipstick “Flamingo Pose”

Ett av mina favoritläppstift i hela samlingen (på allvar, jag plockar ofta fram det bara för att titta på det) är Flamingo Pose från Milani, ett melondoftande korallrödrosa stift i krämig finish och fantastisk formula. Det har liksom full pott på alla plan. Kolla in Color Statement-linjen om ni är ute efter perfekta färgstarka stift till bra pris. Finns att köpa på CherryCulture!

One of my favourite lipsticks in my whole collection (seriously, I pick it up just to look at it all the time) is Flamingo Pose from Milani, a melon scented coral-red-pink lipstick with creamy finish and a fantastic formula. It really is fantastic. Check the Color Statement line out if you want some cheap colourful lipsticks with great quality. Available at CherryCulture!


milani color statement lipstick flamingo pose

milani color statement lipstick flamingo pose

milani color statement lipstick flamingo pose

Applied straight from the tube onto the lips, no lip liner.



Viola, Killer Colours


Answering your questions: Makeup, hair, perfume

What’s your favourite body lotion?
- Dream Cream from LUSH does the job, I always fall back on it because it’s amazing, simple as that. Smells herbal and moisturizes the skin deeply without making it sticky.

Current perfume favourites and/or new perfume discoveries?
- My perfume babies are Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady and the Thierry Mugler Angel line, the other perfumes differ from time to time (day to day, season to season).

thierry mugler angel

My Thierry Mugler Angel collection. Love you!


Favourite mineral makeup?
- I would probably say Meow Cosmetics on this one. The eyeshadows are mesmerizing, I’ve found so many great shades. The foundations are unbeatable in quality, they come in millions of shades and three different formulas to suit your taste.

How do you avoid getting brush marks when you paint your nails?
- It’s a question of practice! Don’t use too many stroaks when painting is probably my main tip. Here’s a video on how I paint my nails!


My cake eyeliner from Make Up Store smudges even though I wear a primer, how come?
- I would guess that it’s because you only use it with water (which makes it easy to dissolve). Try using a mixing medium instead, that will definitely seal it into place! Illamasqua Sealing Gel is a good alternative.

What’s the best palette of matte eyeshadows?
- The Sleek MakeUP Ultra Matte V1 and V2 are both great matte palettes, one with brighter colours and one with neutrals.

sleek makeup ulra matte v1 v2

Sleek MakeUP Ultra Matte V1 and V2


What’s your favourite organic mascara?
- Lotus Organic Mascara is wonderful, it gives me the most fantastic wispy natural lashes ever.

Do you know of any good waterproof mascaras?
- I don’t dig the waterproof ones that dry sticky like glue, I like waterRESISTANT mascaras that won’t run if you get wet but will start to smear a bit if you rub your eyes. Those are easier to get rid of and they feel less harsh on the eyes. In that case I love both the Lotus Organic Mascara mentioned above and Oriflame Hyperstretch for more dramatic lashes.

How do you make your lashes look polished and separated?
- In my opinion – it’s all about finding the right mascara for you. Most mascaras look shitty on my lashes, that’s why I don’t vary my mascaras a lot. I’ve gone through soooo many and ended up with only a few that I really dig.

oriflame hyperstretch

Oriflame Hyperstretch Mascara makes my lashes look just like I want them. Full makeup look here.


You used to have thinner eyebrows and now they’re thicker, how did you grow them out?
- I must be honest and say that I was just lucky to have them grow back with full force. I haven’t done anything special, just let them grow!

What hair dye do you use (the one you’ve got right now)?
- My hair is dyed by my hairdresser Roger at Cybtekk, I know that it’s a Davines permanent dye in the roots and Davines Finest Pigment in the lengths/ends.

How do you do the pinup bandana hairstyle?
- I do it in two different ways, either just a folded flat piece that I wear tied around my head with the knot on top, or the Rosie version (starts at about 4:50):


Do you have any tips on how to wear lip products with confidence?
- Practice wearing them at home. When you’re not used to seeing yourself in the mirror wearing lippies you’ll feel unsafe wearing them out. So just whip ‘em out and try them on! Maybe start with a soft colour close to your lips if you want to be very gentle on your soul? Or just go fullblown crazy with your favourite look right away, you’re the one who decides, no one else!

What to do when you eat or drink while wearing something on your lips?
- I try not to wear the darkest of colours, like dark wine shades or so, when I know that I will be eating lots. Drinking is easier because it only affects the inner rim of the lip (and even less if you lick the glass before drinking, great tip!) which is easy to touch up even without a mirror. When you know you’ll eat greasy food (which dissolves lip products) or stuff that might go all over your face, then stay close to your natural lip colour if you want to feel safe. Or just skip the lippies, I tend to do that. I don’t want to get bothered while eating yummy food.

Viola, Killer Colours


IsaDora “Ocean Crush”

För att återgå till en annan serie lack jag ännu inte är klar med så river vi av Ocean Crush från IsaDora! Sugar Crush-lacken är glitter som torkar med textur, de känns alltså gryniga på naglarna och får en finish som påminner om strösocker. Fantastiskt snyggt tycker jag! Just denna nyans är en turkosblå med guldigt skimmer, en riktig sjöjungfrufärg. Två lager krävdes och man har alltså inget överlack på om man vill behålla strukturen. Kostar 79 kr/st.


To get back to another nail polish line that I haven’t finished, let’s get to Ocean Crush from IsaDora! The Sugar Crush polishes are glittery and dries with texture, they feel gritty on the nails and have a finish that reminds of sugar lumps. Really pretty in my opinion! This shade is a turquoise blue with golden shimmer, a true mermaid colour. Two coats were needed and you skip the topcoat if you want to keep the textured finish.


isadora ocean crush

Viola, Killer Colours


Bella Bamba

Todays look! Soft smokey eyes with a coral gleam and glowing skin.

bella bamba


  • Beauty Without Cruelty Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation – Sheer
  • Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline Foundation – 1-Sleek Siamese
  • Manasi Makeup Lyster Cream Bronzer
  • RMS Beauty Living Luminizer


  • Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit
  • Illamasqua Brow & Lash Gel


  • Inglot Eyeshadow – 344, 378, 407
  • IsaDora Slim Brush High Performance Precision Mascara
  • RMS Beauty Living Luminizer


  • Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss – Bella Bamba

Perfume of the day:

  • Thierry Mugler – Angel Taste of Fragrance (dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel, patchouli, soft fruit)
Viola, Killer Colours
Killer Colours

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